Muslim manhood and sexuality makes other men anxious

muslim men white christian girls

muslim men in garba

I read those lines on it was a book written by someone named ‘indian believer’

Well it is natural for lesser men to feel envious and anxious to see their women with other men ( Muslims in this case).
It just shows that they are nervous about Muslim man’s superior sexuality and virility which lures their women who willingly marry and befriend Musalman mards.

The fame of Muslim manhood, sexual prowess and charm is not just confined to one country but it is kinda universal. They know it would be difficult for their women to resist those charming muslim men when the opposite poles come in contact with each other.

white men nervous

muslim sex power

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  1. As an inferior white male I did feel anxious in the past, but once I fully accepted the total inferiority of my useless white penis I became at peace with it. I now fully embrace it and truly love it when white penis like mine is ridiculed, laughed at, denied and rejected by white females. This is the way it should always be.

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