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Muslim masculinity

Speaking as a UK white boi, I believe that the reason why Hindu and white European women are attracted to Muslim males is that they are simply perceived as being more masculine, virile strong and brave. Muslims have a historic image as conquerors which appeals to Females who are naturally drawn to Alpha males. I grew up in a UK town in the 1970`s we white bois were very arrogant in those days and if I`m honest a bit racist too. Also we jealously guarded `our` females from the Pakistani boys we encountered. `Our females were the white girls from the Catholic school up the road – often in the town`s great public library we would see the Pakistani youths admiring our girls – who didn`t seem to mind these attentions. We did a lot of tough talking but when one day a group of Pakistani boys ran at us we fled – there were four of them and eight of us, but we ran like rabbits. And like rabbits they hunted us all over that labyrinth of a building. Don`t get me wrong – we had intended to fight them, but when they charged us, our legs just took us away. I and two others escaped them by hiding in the Ladies` toilets. We didn`t come out until one of `our` girls came in and told us it was safe. The English girls were all laughing – they thought it was hilarious, and after that we were just considered a joke. And the Pakistani girls used to taunt us `You ought to be going to a girls` school – you are girls compared to our boys!` We weren`t so arrogant after that. This is an early example of something that is now happening now all over Europe.

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