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Muslim Master Conquers Russian Blonde

russian blonde fucked by muslim

Natalia was a Russian police officer from Moscow. On that one fateful day war broke out, she was too scared to fight the oncoming hordes of Muslim men, beckoned to take over the nation in a triumphant glory.

After a month or so, war was still ongoing. Natalia was however trapped in her home with no escape as Muslim armies swept through the Nation. Muslim Forces entered the empty homes, to find nothing. Until the General of the Muslim army stumbled upon her house.

Natalia was scared, the brutish looking warrior was brazen and confident, she felt scared and worried, her heart beat fast, as though she was going to suffer from a heart-attack, her lungs took in air as she breathed heavy hiding under her bed in her room.

Commander Kilij Arslan, entered her room, as she stood inside her closet her mouth tightened around her pink lips and mouth. His footstep was heavy as the floorboard creaked. A testament to his strength and size. Natalia peered through the closet door gap, as she feared being found. Her eyes keeping track of his movement.

Kilij looked around lifting the bed, before flipping it back, before he came to the closet door. “I smell perfume”, Natalia couldn’t believe her stupid dumb luck, as she had put on perfume a moment before. But Kilij took a step back. Before he spoke in a deep harsh tone. “If you don’t want to be dragged out, I suggest you come out willingly”.

Natalia froze, her blue azures fixated upon his dark brown eyes, scared and in fear, her hands trembled. His authoritative tone beckoned her nature to obey him, like she was a toy in the palm of his hands. A few seconds passed and Natalia just couldn’t handle it, her hands shook like they where on vibrate, as she opened the closet door. Her eyes looked up at the towering Muslim commander, who gave off a aura of power and dominance.

Natalia looked at him, before her voice trembled at the sight of him, but nonetheless she was able to muster up some sound in her throat. “Please don’t hurt me”. she sounded pathetic to herself, she was a cop, she knew how to have courage and how to be brave, but this was different, the Man wasn’t Russian, his skin Dark bronze his clean big beard, she couldn’t help but stay quiet like a innocent women.

“Hurt you, why would we hurt war booty like yourself, we aren’t barbarians”. He gave a smirk. Before he looked at her as though inspecting his property and goods. “You do not speak unless spoken to understand, nod your head if you understand”. Natalia did as he ordered, without a second thought like a trained dog. “You are a police officer correct”, his grin grew as he looked at her uniform.

Natalia took a deep breath before answering,
“Yes I am a Russian police officer”. Her throat trembled.

“Are you apart of the local resistance I was bought to crush around these areas, I suggest you do not lie to me, I do treat my prisoners somewhat humanly when time calls for it”. His face now more serious.

This was the very question Natalia feared it was true she was apart of the Local resistance, she was sent as a scout, but she was caught up cleaning up in the shower forgetting to do her job. As he asked her that so fearful question she shook more then ever, her face trembling a she didn’t know whether to lie or not. But she couldn’t lie, not to him, she was to scared to. “I….I…….am……sir”

“I thought so, well you told me the truth, guess hurting you would be useless after all, However, now that I want every single information, every piece of detail, and IF YOU DARE LIE, I WILL MAKE YOU REMEMBER AND REGRET THIS DAY, do I make my self clear”. His loud voice echoed in her ear, and so did his whisper.

“yes sir, I’m sorry, I’ll tell you everything, don’t hurt me”. After 10 minutes of talking Natalia spilled everything. Kilij ordered his second in command to leave and make preparations. Before he moved his attention to Natalia, who looked guilty of being a traitor to the resistance. “It seems your usefulness as a traitor is by-gone, what should I do with you”.

Natalia looked in horror, hoping he wasn’t suggesting of killing her, “Please don’t kill me I beg you”. Kilij laughed at her, before he grabbed her shoulders and stood behind her, his firm callused hands big enough to cover her shoulder. “Kill you, I don’t kill women that can be used, however what I will do to you, is far better”, he paused before leaning into her ears his body towering hers, before whispering in her ear. “I’m going to fuck you, breed you, make you mine, my slave, my fucktoy all your holes will be used to service me, my slave. and you call me master understand”

Natalia’s face went red, she felt humiliated and degraded. If a Russian man said that to her, she wouldn’t think twice about hurting him, but Kilij was different, a man of different calibre, a warrior.

Kilij tore her uniform off her body before she could react, tearing off her clothes and underwear, with the flick of his wrists without inputting even a ounce of strength. Before he forced her down, roughly on the bed. “ma…master…please……can’t…do…this”, she said remembering him to call him master, but he ignored her, before undressing himself. Showing off his muscular body, his abs and war scars a sign of great pride for himself.

She Turned her head, her eyes gazing into his. He leaned over with a demonic grin of lust and addiction. Natalia, felt his warm breath caress her soft well kept skin on her back and neck, her beautiful hourglass figure. Quite appealing to his eyes like the fuck-meat she was going to be for him.

Soon the real test began. As Kilij buried his cock into her without wait, stretching her pussy walls, before he gave off a loud grunt of pleasure. “GRRR I knew you’d be tight”. Natalia’ eyes grew asunder as she panted hard, breathing like it was her last, screaming out, unable to take her eyes off him, she let out a pleasured but yet painful moan. “~~~AHHH….STOP…WAIT….PLEASE….AHHHHHH~~~”. But he didn’t listen as he continued, thrusting into her without remorse nor pity tearing into her almost. Natalia felt as though she was splitting in half. Before Kilij stopped thrusting and leaned over to her ears, giving her breasts a tight squeeze and then grabbing her throat. “Remember one thing pet, don’t think your other holes are safe, I’m going to make full use of you, for as long as I like, Russian slut”.


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