Muslim men give more pleasure [anand] to H!ndu girls said by a h!ndu activist

muslim hindu girls

It might not have surprised you but it was a bit surprising for me since I didn’t expect a man in public position to say something like that. Words can’t be taken back, what’s said is said.

Giriraj Kishore who is a padma award winner many years ago said that “There is a physical reason Muslim men can seduce Hindu girls. They give them more sharirik anand (physical pleasure) because they have a surgery, Hindus don’t.”

He implies that Muslim men are circumcised (surgery) and give more physical pleasure to Hindu girls.

I think apart from physical pleasure there is also a mental aspect, for many, the emotions run high when having sex with a musalman guy. The taboo nature of the union makes it even more spicier. Some get butterflies in the stomach while thinking about this along with the huge burst of sexual energy and arousal, which makes is very alluring.

It seems that the writer of that book (Dibyesh Anand) did some field work ( 2005 to 2006). He talks to various people and narrates those conversations in his book.
Another h!ndu activist at Nagpur office (his name is hidden) in a personal interview said “Muslim men are sexy because they have hard forehead due to circumcision and this is preferred by Hindu girls and this is why we need cultured Hindu girls who think of their family and not sex”

muslim dickhead
Hard Forehead of muslim penis

Hindu girls should not think about sex is a fallacy (not possible) unless she is an Asexual.
Moving to the other thing which he said “Muslim men are sexy because they have hard forehead due to circumcision and this is preferred by Hindu girls” I can buy that argument. Do Hindu girls prefer it ? Yes many of them have a fetish and fantasy regarding it.

The (forehead) dick head or supada of the muslim penis is hard. Why ? Because a musalman guy gets circumcised at a young age. His supada or dick head remains exposed, he plays , walks around does everyday activities the supada or the head of his dick constantly rubs against and comes in contact which the underwear or pants if is is not wearing an undergarment. This process continues for years. His supada toughens up on the other hand the head of the uncircumcised penis is very sensitive and soft, which is one reason why circumcised dick lasts longer without ejaculation. The sensitivity of the uncircumcised penis comes down after months or even years of masturbation and sex. If the uncircumcised penis suffers from a medical condition known as phimosis and paraphimosis then it makes matters worse.

Without the foreskin, the dick head becomes dry and thickens considerably due to continued exposure. So the Supda (head) of the muslim penis kind of swells and thickens due to exposure.

In the early days of human kind foreskin was needed for example in a tropical environment (with sharp thorns, bushes, stones or other protrusions, etc.) and men walking around essentially naked, to have the protection of the foreskin sheath.
In the present day, with men walking around the streets of hot, humid cities in Eastern Africa, South Asia, etc, wearing underwear and polyester pants…there, it may no longer offer the same “evolutionary” protection; in fact, may be health-impeding rather than protective, at least in certain aspects (infections, HIV, etc.)

According to a UCLA study, 63% of women prefer circumcised cocks, 22% prefer uncircumcised cocks, and the rest have no preference. According to (Women’s Health website mag) over 54 percent of women said they prefer a circumcised penis. Of the other half, 33 percent of women said they had no preference and only 3 percent preferred an uncircumcised guy.
Doctors in India call for promotion of circumcision to fight some forms of cancer

Hard to resist the forehead

Though it was a political book and I went through it only because of the sexuality part. These were the only things that interested me.
Muslims are believed to have rampant sex. Muslim hypersexuality is ascribed to religion, diet, culture, physicality and living pattern. Most of the views about Muslim sexuality have been gleaned from personal conversations and interviews carried out by the writer himself.

The writer had a private conversation with a policeman named SS (name is hidden and changed) in 2005. He said muslims eat non-vegetarian diet (especially beef) which increases body heat.
Well, it does boost sex drive and vigor due to the nature of nutrients it has and is considered a Tamasic food in Hinduism since it stimulates desires like sex.
Beef was associated with hyper-sexuality of Muslim men by some people in the book.
SS had also brought a sexual organ into the picture as an explanation for “the Muslim.” The penis- rather the circumcised penis came up a number of times in private conversations in response to my question as how do you explain the alleged Muslim overfertility.
Muslim men apart from everything else are even seen as seducers and hence even greater threat to Hindu men according to the book.

Tanika Sarkar pointed out “there is also a perpetual fear of a more virile Muslim male body that lures away Hindu girls, a kind of penis envy and anxiety.”
Talking about penis envy some white men also have penis envy. Reminds me of the obsession with African cocks penis envy mixed with some racism. Which is also a backbone of white women and black men interracial fantasy and fetish.

10 thoughts on “Muslim men give more pleasure [anand] to H!ndu girls said by a h!ndu activist

  1. i kind of agree and also dis agree with the article.

    all the talk about circumsized head being strong and all is true and also the stamina and all.

    But personally for me its not just about sexual powers. its something social, spiritual, religious deep satisfaction a hindu woman gets after letting a muslim nail her.

    if given choice in between a hot tall muscular hindu or white guy with a big cock vs a random muslim guy lets assume has a smaller cock etc etc. i would still get more satisfaction being a muslims bitch. being a H their is a sense of need to submit to a muslim let him be a strong and handsome or weak . it doesnt matter.

  2. It is 100% right. Hamari hindu bahano ko musalman k laude se apni chut chudwane me jyada maza milata h. Muslama k supade k ragad k liye hamari hindu bahane apne pati ko devorce dene k liye bhi redy ho jati h bus ek bar Muslim supada unki chut me chala jaye fir koi bhi nahi rok sakata hamari hindu bahano ko musalman k pass jane se.

  3. Ys aarti muslim lund jyada maza deta h hamari hindu bahano ko. Is liye meri married hindu didi apne se kai sal bade ek musalman k pass jati h. Aur fir dusare din hi wapas aati h.

  4. It is more than just the circumcision. America still has a high rate of circumcision and the girls that spread for Muslim men keep spreading for them.

  5. Sahi kaha hai… Musalman mard ka supada ek part hai par jis tarah se musalman hindu ladkion ko noch noch ke chod te hai us se jo mental satisfaction milta hai wo ek ajjeb ananad deta hai..
    Dusri chij ye hai ki musalman jab piche lagte hai to apne roop ka jawani pe garv sa mahsoos hota hai.

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