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Muslim men have higher sex drive

muslim men sex drive

How they wonder the secret to muslim sex drive and power.

What that guy mentioned in that yahoo question that question is 4 years old, something similar in this post which is quite recent example this guy was in the hospital this muslim guy with high sex drive demands sex openly.

Sexual power and Muslim tradition

One thought on “Muslim men have higher sex drive

  1. So true…my name is mythili and I got arranged married to a Brahmin when I was 20. I was very unhappy for many years with the marriage due to low sex drive and uncut cock. I had so much built up sexual urges but couldn’t release…we moved to Dubai and I was able to meet a Pakistani laborer there…we talked and got along really well…being desperate we had sex and it was the greatest moment of my life..I left my husband and moved with him to uk…my parents ex communicated me but it doesn’t matter I am happily married to a Muslim hunk and have 3 children and our sex lives are amazing….

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