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Muslim Migrant Zahir And White European Girl

In recent years, the crisis in Syria led to thousands of refugees flooding into Europe for a chance at a better life and for security reasons. Zahir and his family moved to Germany last year and my family took them in as part of their relocation program. He was not the most talkative of lads but, to be honest I rarely noticed much other than his dashing good looks and his easy going personality.

Zahir was tall, olive toned with hazel eyes that complimented his soft, brown hair. The Muslim family did not always agree with our way of life but, they respected us and kept their opinions to themselves for the most part. That began to change when Zahir and I began to get closer. It was obvious that we had raw sexual chemistry but his conservative Muslim folks were not too happy for their son to explore said chemistry. They preferred that he marry a nice Muslim gal and not an adventurous, tanned, blue-eyed blonde who had little to no religious ties whatsoever.

Sensing his keenness to get closer to me, I often walked around the house in a tight crop top and dangerously short minis when we were home alone. We had not slept together yet for fear of being caught but for months, teasing him with my outfits was fun enough.

After two years of living with Zahir and his family and enjoying the secretive make out or two, I was ready to introduce him to a world he had never experienced before. He was now 21 years old and I was just 19 but, I was sure that I had done more kinky things that he could imagine.

“Hey Zahir, how would like to go on a camping trip with my brothers and I. You can invite your sister and we can all just…you know, hang out!” I whispered to him as his eyes traced the movements of my lips. This was a fool proof way of getting Zahir away from the watchful gaze of his parents. By going with my older brothers and his older sister, we could convince our parents that we had someone to supervise us.

Sure enough, my plan worked and our parents agreed to let us go camping for the weekend. My brothers and his sister knew what was going on between Zahir and me but they did not care one bit. In fact, all they wanted to do was to go about their own ways and handle their own business.

My brothers invited their girlfriends and Zahir’s sister called up her boyfriend. If our parents found out they would be mad but, we didn’t care at all.
We got to the camping site and set up our stuff before heading in opposite directions with our significant others. Zahir and I decided to skinny dip in a nearby lake…or rather, I convinced him to.
“Come on baby, just take you clothes off and jump in!” I bit my lip seductively as I urged him to join me in the cold water.

“Ok. But please, do not ever tell my parents that I swam naked with a girl. They would not be very pleased with me.” He responded as he shyly got undressed and jumped into the water.
It annoyed me that he cared so much about what his parents thought and I was determined to help him come out of his shell and be his own man today.

I swam up to him and wrapped my legs around his waist, rubbing my soft skin against his body. I could feel his cock getting bigger as I planted a wet kiss on his lips. Zahir breathed heavily, excited by our contact and he squeezed my ass to signal his pleasure.
“I brought a towel so we can make love right on the shore.” I managed to whisper between hot kisses and soon, we were out of the water and devouring each other with sweet passion on the towel. What is more fun that open air sex?
I took control and lay the young Muslim boy on his back before wrapping my juicy lips around his firm cock. In his culture, he was not used to women being so assertive and in control but today that was all going to change. I was going to show Zahir just how to fuck.

I sucked his dick passionately while simultaneously rubbing it with my hands. He groaned with excited pleasure and it was not long before he shot his seed down my throat.
“Wow!” he marvelled, as I swallowed every last drop of his cum. I straddled him and grinded his cock with my pussy lips before sliding it into my warmth. Zahir moaned with pleasure as I began to ride him slowly, steadying my movements by holding on to his chest.

“Want me to go harder baby?” I asked and all I got was a short reply signalling that he was ready to be fucked hard. I got into the frog position and began bouncing up and down his cock. Zahir had never felt anything like this before.
I got back into cowgirl position and pinned his arms down as I rode him to a powerful orgasm. Nearly an hour passed as we fucked each other raw and by the time we returned home, I had introduced Zahir to a world of sexual pleasure that he never wanted to leave.

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