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Muslim refugee demands sex in front of white woman reporter

It is quite fascinating when the women reporter asked him “what was the problem” he answers by pointing his finger towards his Dick, says “problem here” and laughs. The superior arab muslim male seems so confident.
The woman reporter got more curious and says “Problem there” as if she very much wanted to solve his problem by sucking his arab muslim cock. I wouldn’t  be surprised if she did that.

This video was widely shared on the internet and it was largely the white guys who wrote negative comments while on the other hand white women are quite happy to have more arab cocks close to them in their country.

More white women should come forward to satisfy the sexual needs of muslim men in Europe. Many white women are already taking up the initiative of satisfying superior arab muslim men who need more sex but there are millions of muslim refugees the number is quite large so we need more white women like this to come forward to serve them.

This is the dawn of a new era most of these arab muslim cocks are gonna go into the white pussy and the idea of arab muslim men fucking white women as a part of a conquest makes many white women wet and horny.

white girls arab men sex

I see this is an opportunity for white cuckolds to make their wives or girlfriends serve their muslims cocks, they could film and share it.

6 thoughts on “Muslim refugee demands sex in front of white woman reporter

  1. muslims men are so sexy hungry white women should satisfy their urges otherwise we might see more incidents like the once that happened in cologne

  2. My daughter works as a volunteer at a migrant centre. She is 19, blonde, pale skin and very pretty and petite. When I drop her off there, I see all the Middle Eastern and North African men, they are so virile and confident. I hear the stories so of course I worry about her with them, especially when she starts to date them.
    She has been with a few muslim men now. It made me angry the first time I saw her in the arms of a bearded older man, I thought he was being disrespectful to her but….I just didn’t understand. I have to admit to listening to her in her bedroom with them. Muslim men are like animals in bed, I was shocked, but my daughter begged him for it and as he serviced her, the way she gasped and moaned under him, I have never heard anyone so happy. She has always had attitude with me, but she was obedient with him…she did everything he demanded and worked hard to please him.
    I am slightly ashamed as a white man that we cannot have this power over women. My friends tease me that I have lost my daughter, but I know what she needs now. I am happy to let any muslim man have her and its exciting to know that the way she is going, she will probably be impregnated soon.

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