Muslim Tailor

A hin guy cautioning h!ndu girls by mentioning the dangers of going to a musalman tailor, implying that muslims take great interest in opening up saree, bindi, chudi (bangle) and other shops where h!ndu girls are the primary customers.

A H guy says its very difficult to enlighten or advise h!ndu girls because they favor muslims.

In the pic a hindu with a mangalstura can seen with the muslim tailor.
She is clearly enjoying the touch of the muslim man.

I am a hindu girl and our family tailor happens to be an old muslim man. He has 3 sons and a year ago one of his sons took over the shop. He looks really nice and smart like a typical muslim guy. When he measures my body I really enjoy his touch, it warms me up. Once he asked for my mobile number so that he could inform me when the dress is ready. I gave him straight away.
Once I was drunk, had some beer. I was thinking about him, his name is Sohail, since I had his number I messaged on whatsapp and in an instant I got his reply. From there we started chatting. I started getting more and more hungry for him especially the days when I was ovulating. I could sense something happening to my ovaries. On one such day I just couldn’t help myself, I started talking about sex which soon turned into an intimate sex chat. He also liked me and he told me that I gave him an instant hardon. I said I want to see your hardon. He replied do you really want to see. I had made up my mind.

He showed me his dick, thick, long and circumcised just like I saw in some of the porn videos. That day I fingered myself intensely. I just craved to get my hands on his dick which he showed me and it was only a matter of time as we finally had sex a week later. His muslim meat was between my legs as I trembled in the beginning with excitement but needless to say that I loved that dick of his and I truly became enlightened after that experience.

5 thoughts on “Muslim Tailor

  1. हिंदू औरतें मुस्लिम टेलर से ब्लाउज की नाप देने के बहाने अपनी बडी बडी चुची मसलवाती है फिर साडी पेटीकोट उठा कर मुस्लिम टेलर कै आगे निहुर जाती है तो मुस्लिम टेलर हिंदू औरतों की कमर पकड के हिंदू औरतों की बुर चोदने लगते है

  2. Kya galat kiya agar muslim Taylor ne hame chod bhi liya to. Mulle chod chod k chut dhili karte hain tab hamare hinduo ki andar ja pati hai..
    Kik: deviarti

  3. Meri bivi bhi Apne muslim tailor ke pas jati he wo bhi alag alag tailor se nap Lene deti he aur must muslim Lund se chudati he uski chut aur boobs must sexy he kuchu tailor to sidhe Hi boobs par Apne hath rakha dete he aur Chalu ho jaye he bivi ko chodane

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