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Muslim Takeover White Race

White men love being faggotized by muslim men, there are thousands of white men on tumblr who are enjoying the blogs where white man is submitting himself to arab muslim men and is fantasizing about muslim cocks. The Muslim men faggotize white men and then breed white women peacefully without any intervention whose men love watching the pretty sight, their wives and daughters riding superior muslim cock and ofcourse white man’s woman finds the difference as she bites her lips as the real man nails her pussy hole. The white man is now adjusting to his new role, he is adapting to the changing scenario and demographics.

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9 thoughts on “Muslim Takeover White Race

  1. It’s cool that muslim men are taking control.But it is best they are supreme over white women to lay claim over everything permanently.

  2. Mmm, yes!
    I would love for those strong superior Muslim men to come to America and force me to become their pathetic faggot whore and take great pleasure in sexually abusing me while I am made to watch them aggressively taking possession of my lovely wife as their infidel sex slave pig.

  3. I am a white male that already dresses as a muslim female and is ready to submit totally to Muslim men. I will serve them in any way they see fit.

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