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Muslimah femdom and white boi

I feel I must address my fellow ukhti’s!

We must be strong on our path towards true femininity and submission!

We must follow our destiny towards Islam!

We must feel the love of Allah in our hearts!

We must obey our Alpha Muslim Master!

We must bow down to their Superior Masculinity!

The Sexual Jihad will prefail my dear ukhti’s!

We are The Final Solution for Mankind!

All weak white males will follow!

I feel I need to take on the role of a muslimah teacher.

A guide for new young novices who yearn to join our Sisterhood of The Revolution.

Maybe even as a Mistress to keep us on The Right Path!

My darling ukhti’s, I do not wish to be so stern! To talk with such strong tone!

But I strongly feel we must be more forward in our quest!

To show the world we are ready!

A world where The New World Order rules, with us in its ranks as perfect feminised muslimah fag slaves!

Trophies of The Revolution!

To display the Superiority of Islam!

Keep posting dear ukhti’s and reach out!

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