Musl!m man helps h!ndu girls earns reward

This is a true incident that happened when I was traveling to another state in a bus. The bus was going through Moradabad, it stopped in Moradabad and along with a few other passengers a healthy looking bearded muslim man also entered the bus. He looked totally different from the crowd. He was in white pathani kurta pajama and also had a skull cap on his head.

He sat next to me as the seat was vacant. Behind us two hindu girls were sitting. They both were friends. They were in jeans and top and were constantly bitching about its so hot in here. It was afternoon time, there was no AC in the bus and it was summer so whenever the bus used to stop it got very hot inside.
Both the girls were talking with each other and we could hear their voice.
Now the bus was moving. One of the girls said she is so thirsty and there is no water here, the other one also said she is also very thirsty, when will the bus top she said.

To my surprise the Muslim man stood up, he asked the conductor to stop the bus in order to fetch some water he said the girls are thirsty. The hindu conductor of the bus turned his request down that (aise beech mai bus nahi rokte hum) we cant stop the bus in the middle. The muslim man got angry, he was even ready to fight, wo choda ho gaya. Only when he angrily and assertively told him to stop the bus then the conductor got the bus stopped at the side of a shop from where he purchased a bottle of water with the money which the muslim man gave him.

The girls were ecstatic they thanked the musalman mard for the water. After sometime one of the girl siting behind us left the bus. The seat became vacant and that musalman man stood up and sat next to the hindu girl just behind my seat.

I tried to listen, the musalman man started talking with her. He asked if she is from Moradabad, he said agar Moradabad mai koi problem ho to mujhe call kar dena. He gave her his number said if you face any problem in moradabad then call him.

I couldn’t hear everything only bits and pieces in between, in the middle of the conversation he even asked for her number and she gave him her number. I was so stunned to see the prowess of the musalman mard.

Now what will happen I’ll tell you.
That girl looked pretty with nice face and figure. Now the muslim man will captivate her. Ab uske paas uska number hai ab wo us hindu ladki ko asaani se set kar lega.
Fir wo muslim mard uske saath sambhog karega. Us hindu laki k saare kapde utaar kar pura maza lega, aur kyu ki wo well educated aur modern hone k saath saath hindu ladki hai isilaye wo musalman ka lund lene se bilkul bhi bhed bhav nahi karegi, lekin ek baar us katmulle ka bada lund uski chut mai jaayega uske baat wo bhed bhav karegi, kaise karegi ? uske baat wo sirf muslim ka he lund prefer karegi.

Aur yehi nahi uske zariye wo musalman mard uski aur hindu female friends ki setting apne aur musalman bhaiyo se karwa dega aur fir khub maza lele kar pelene uske saare musalman yaar hindu ladki ko.

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  1. ye Sab normal h.meri bahan to married h fir bhi ek Muslim se affair h uska.khub Pelta h meri bahan ko apne room pr le jakar.

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