Musl!m vlogger who has a hindu wife gets negative comments for his message

Musl!m vlogger became a target of some haters for his message on green pollution free diwali which is supported by majority of celebs.. The trolling began with a comment on his video from Rithu Sharma which clearly was a fake profile. It was probably some male hiding behind that name.
Mr. Mohammed replied to the haters that his mother and his wife both are hindu and he celebrates diwali.
The hater replied so you converted two Hindu women, same as all Muslims do. Shame on your mother and your wife for leaving the religion of India.
The hater commented about his wife being hindu and how these muslims marry hindu girls.

He got support from more real and genuine people.

Mr. Mohammed and his wife

Mohammed’s wife is a progressive liberal h!ndu girl and not a convert.

Mohammed is a handsome hunk

Wanna check out more of this hot couple.
Follow the link https://imgur.com/a/cuYf9

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