Musl!ms Enjoying Dandiya Raas With Hindu Girls

In the above pic a musalman photographer Shoaib Khan takes a pic of hot hindu girl in backless choli during the hindu cultural religious event Dandiya raas or garba. In her instagram post the the h!ndu girl was thanking shoaib for the pic. Some say why musalman men go to dandiya, what do they got to do with it, well well.

If there is any other cultural event or festival apart from eid that Muslims are excited about its, Dandiya.

Dandiya takes place in most of India and in this event Hindu girls take part in large numbers. They wear sexy cholis and deep back low waist sarees in this event.

Muslim males on the other hand are attracted to this like bees to honey. Its well known fact which was reported in the media that in some dandiya events musalman males were stopped by jealous males from entering the event in order to curb so called love jihad.
The h!ndu girls on the other hand themselves invite musalman mards to Dandiya and supported musalmans going to dandiya.

Overall its impossible to stop musalman mards from going to Dandiya and hindu girls have no problem with musalman mards in dandiya, so why shouldn’t musalmands go to dandiya and promote harmony. Just as hindu girls enjoy eid with musalman mards the musalman mards enjoy dandiya with hindu girls.

In many parts the musalmans themselves organize these garba events were hundreds of hindu girls take part and some musalman mards have even become garba dandiya dance teachers.

This year in a dandiya event musalman mard Aly (Ali) Goni with Hindu girl Bharti.

Mohsin Khan enjoying dandiya with cutest H!ndu brahim gf Shivangi

Intermingling is common during the dandiya (garba) events.
IBN Live reported: Fest Boom: Surat condom sales soars during Navratris The exuberance of Navratri and the unhindered gaiety and celebration during the festive season can sometimes evoke basic instincts among most young people. After all, if one throws young, eligible, and brightly dressed young people together for nine continuous nights, there’s bound to be a lot of love in the air. And in many cities in Gujarat, like Surat, that love leads to a unique festival trend, something that could easily be considered the side-effect of festivities. “Pregnancies and abortions are rising, that has been the observation by doctors and gynecologists over the last few years,” says Surat-based sexologist Mukul Choksey. Sexual activity, doctors say, is at its peak during this time.
More about this here

The musalman male would usually be ready for sexual encounter with a willing h!ndu girl which is not hard to find in this social event. He usually will have a condom ready in case he encounters a willing Hindu girl or he wouldn’t use a condom at all.
The fuck session as expected would be so rocking with the hindu girl dressed in traditional clothes. In the middle of the event or after it the musalman mard would take her to his place or book a room in the hotel were they would make out whole night with multiple cumshots and organisms.

A friend of mine Shivalika had a one night stand with a muslim guy whom she met at a local dandiya event. Shivalika and I share cuckold relationship she is my soulmate and she is into muslim men since her college days. She told me what happened that night just after a few hours of meeting each other Zubair took her to the nearby hotel were he booked a room. He lifted her choli and fucked her from behind like a bitch. He released his cum load on her exposed back from outside her stringed back choli. She thought it was over but she was wrong it was just a warmup for Zubair after which he stripped her naked and kept fucking her again and again with short breaks in between all night long.

One thought on “Musl!ms Enjoying Dandiya Raas With Hindu Girls

  1. Muslims organize dandiya events where top stars are invited. That makes the entry to such events extremely expensive, especially stag entrt. That’s why single Hindu boys don’t go to these events. However, women and couples have to pay less for entry. That’s why many single Hindu women go to these events (added attraction of movie stars).
    Now the muslim organizers give free passes to their friends, the single Muslim mards. These mards easily impress hindu girls and they play dandiya at night in the bed. 😍

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