My Beautiful Wife Divya

Arun Kumar 28 year Old Husband, My Wife is Vidya age 25, & we have 1 boy .My wife is fair with 34 size ass 36 size Boobs, with brown Nipples. We had been Married for 4 Years, till this date i had not given my wife good Sexual Pleasure. Since my Penis Size is little less than 4 inch it has not gone deep inside her Pussy . If I Bang Harder It ll Go inside few times but it makes me cum soon. She always end up little unsatisfied.

I saw many Guys seeing my wife, touching her in Public Places and even guys younger than her telling her she is Cute, Beautiful . All those gave me erotic feel inside me of my wife getting fucked by another Man . I asked my wife to watch Porn Videos with me & showed her Threesome, Gangbang , Cuckold Video . From Fucking my wife 4 times a week , i reduced once in 2 week i made her horny , i refused her several times when she asked for sex.
I Gathered Courage & I started Talking with my Neighbor & Childhood friend Sadiq Basha (1.5 year younger Than me ) after long time. He is Unmarried but he was in love with 2-3 girls before but due to his Low salaried Job he is unmarried. He is good helpful But little week on women .I started calling him to my house often & My wife slowly after some days got along with us & I started calling him to Restaurants, Cinema with Me & my wife. My wife also accepted because during Night time i said it ll be safe to have him with us . After some days i asked him to drop my wife in her office but first she was little hesitant because our neighbor might think Bad about her but i made her to go with him. Sadiq started Flirting with my wife , He Started talking with me about my wife . He started saying my wife is cute , asking me what she is doing. praising her etc & he droped her in office many times
I had a Official trip for 4 days and my wife also had to go out for Relatives Marriage, Purchase & other Places . My penis got Hard when she told she ll go with Sadiq to those places and i left for the trip and returned after 4 days
After some days i saw my wife started texting & video Calling him in late nights. she started going to his house often almost daily. she cooked for him special dish & . He brought my wife dresses which she tried to hide from me. She also started telling him to do some helping work instead of me.
One day afternoon my wife went to Sadiq house to give him special dishes she cooked. I also decided to see what is happening but instead of entering the house i went around the house . i saw through Window Gap My wife riding on top Sadiq dicks without Saree , Jacket Bra only with pavadai. he was graping my wife ass & my wife rubbing his face on her boobs & moaning.& Sadiq parents are not in there house . i returned back to my house . I was little bit worried & i Had fear , when my wife returned she noticed i was little upset & dull . she asked me but i said work pressure, i went out for few hours i worried think what might happen
For 2 -3 entire day i was afraid worried but i decided it should not affect us.then after some days my Dick started Hard seeing my wife & Sadiq together .Now i can see my wife not getting upset when i cum soon & my daily helping work to my wife also reduced. after that i saw my wife getting fucked by Sadiq twice.It is going on for last 10 Months.

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