My Best Friend’s hot hindu mom CHAPTER 2

Part 1:
The rest of the day I found Menoka in different places in the house and continued my kissing lessons. I also used every opportunity to caress her tits, but didn’t go any further. It was clear to me, that this hot mature woman also became aroused by our intimate relations.

The last time as just before bedtime, where I had told Menoka to meet me in my bedroom just before she was off to bed. As she came down to my room she was wearing a tight silky white nightgown that showed off her ample cleavage. Menoka’s round firm breasts strained against the material and her nipples were clearly outlined. The dress were long and she wore a matching cover up that were buttoned and but did little to hide the gown.

“I don’t know if we should this Shaikhul. Both Debjit and Gourab are upstairs.”

“Let’s just kiss for a couple of minutes, then you can leave.”

“Okay,” Menoka said and settled down beside me on the bedside.

I put my left arm around her and bent down and kissed Menoka on the lips. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips tightly as I pressed my lips to hers. With my tongue I tried to part her lips and almost instantly she open her mouth. Soon my tongue was wrestling with hers. As I kissed her my right hand slid up her body and cupped one of her firm breasts through the fabric of the dress. Menoka gasped at the feeling of my hand on her breast but kept on French kissing me. While I caressed her breast Menoka’s hands was holding onto my shoulders.

I got my right hand inside the dress and began fondling the hard nipple on Menoka’s left breast. She didn’t object to this and as we were locked in a passionate kiss, I could feel Menoka stroking and rubbing my leg with one of her hands. Instantly I became hard as steel and my cock sneaked down one of the trouser legs almost seeking Menoka’s tiny hand. She continued rubbing my leg but after some time it was as if she became aware of the fact, that she no longer only was stroking my leg but also was rubbing my long hard pole.

As Menoka got the notion of what she had been touching for the last couple of minutes she suddenly jerked free of my embrace and got up.

“I’ve got to go to bed,” she told me shakily as she scrambled off the bed looking chocked down towards my trousers.

With a grin I said, “Okay, and thanks for a wonderful first date.”

My words and the fact that my ten-inches cock were clearly outlined by my trousers made Menoka blush and she almost ran out of my room.

I couldn’t help to think about what she would tell Debjit about her absence, so I decided to take a walk in the backyard to see if I could peek into their bedroom. I left my bedroom, went to the kitchen and opened the door at the back, and slipped outside.

It was a moonlit night. I took a deep breath and immediately noticed the lights from Debjit and Menoka’s bedroom. I looked for an opening through the windows. After a little snooping around, I was able to find an opening through the drapes. I positioned my eyes at the opening and peeked inside their bedroom.

Hiding behind the window, I watched Debjit laying on their bed while he was talking to Menoka. I couldn’t hear anything but in didn’t take long for Menoka to get to bed. Debjit turned off his bed-lamp and settled for sleep, but Menoka wanted it differently. She started to caress his back and when Debjit turned his face around, she quickly kissed him. Debjit seemed surprised but kissed his wife back. They kissed for some time before Menoka got rid of the sheets. Now I had a clear sight of Debjit’s cock and he was clearly exited. I felt a little sorry for him, because I thought even in erect form, his dick was kind of small.
Menoka were obviously quite horny, because before long she got a condom from the drawer in the nightstand and rolled it expertly on Debjit’s erection. Then she was straddling him and began to ride him. After a couple of minutes I could see that Debjit was cumming. All the time Menoka had had one hand down between their body’s apparently rubbing her clitoris and a minute later she gave a small shudder. Menoka bent down and kissed Debjit and then got out of bed and moved to the bathroom. Promptly Debjit began to sleep and a moment later Menoka got back into bed and turned her bed-lamp off.

I walked back to my room and was kind of awestruck from what I had witnessed. I couldn’t resist grinning. It was clear to me, that Menoka and my make-out sessions, had made her horny and she had used her husband to get some kind of satisfaction. But if what I had witnessed were a reflection on the lovemaking, she was used to, and then she would be in for a surprise, when we began to get more involved.

I was extremely horny so I stripped and lay on my bed. My cock began to grow and as I fantasized about Menoka and I started to jack of my large cock, as I began to visualize myself deep inside of Menoka, and pounding my huge cock in and out of her pussy, as she kept on climaxing. As I got more and more turned on, my stroking picked up and got louder. Before long I shot my load high up in the air as I came long and hard.

The next morning I got up for a run and when I came back, Debjit and Gourab were sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast. They both greeted me as I went to the sink and drank some water. After a some small talk I walked downstairs and got into the shower. As I rinsed off I wondered how Menoka was going to act around me. When I was finished with my shower I walked back to upstairs to the kitchen and got some breakfast while talking with Debjit and Gourab.

After some time Menoka came into the kitchen and Debjit said, “Good morning honey, it’s about time you woke up though. You’re gonna waste the whole day.”.

“Well, good morning to you too, darling. I just felt like sleeping in today, so I indulge myself.”

“You look as if you are going somewhere,” Debjit relied and he was right. Menoka’s attire looked really hot on her. She was wearing a green sun dress with shoulder straps and matching sandals. It came about half way down her thighs and her lovely legs were really on display. She had also done her hair in a fancy way on the top of her head; provide free access to her neck.

“Oh, honey. I told you yesterday I have brunch with my girlfriends,” She replied with a laugh.

“Right, sorry honey,” Debjit said.

After giving Debjit a kiss Menoka left for her brunch meeting. She had barely acknowledged my present in the kitchen.

“Well, two can play that game,” I thought to myself and began to make plan our next date.

Gourab and I had gone to play some basketball in the afternoon and as we walked into the kitchen I could hear pots and pans clanging.

“Dinner about ready?” Gourab asked his mother.

“Yeah, just about.” Menoka replied.

“I’ll just go and take a quick shower,” Gourab said and walked upstairs.

Alone in the kitchen with Menoka I said, “Well, hello there pretty lady…”

“Stop it Shaikhul,” Menoka hissed at me.

I ignored her and walked right up to her and wrapped my arms around this hot milf and gave her a tight hug. After some time I let her go, and Menoka went to the sink while I sat on top of the counter. As Menoka went about her cooking task I comment on how nice she looked. Menoka couldn’t hide a small smile at my compliment but kept on ignoring me.

As she was standing at the sink I jumped down from the counter and walked up behind her and looked over her shoulders.

“Thanks for your help yesterday, Mrs. M.” I said placing my hands on Menoka’s bare shoulders.

She looked back over her shoulder and after a little pause she said, “Glad I could help. It was actually not as bad as I had expected. But don’t you think we are even now?”

“No, no, Mrs. M. 19 more dates to go. I want to take you to a drive in movie tomorrow. I know Gourab have a date and Debjit has to work late. So our second date is tomorrow where we’ll drive to the drive in and you can teach me some more stuff about dating.”

“I don’t really think…”

“It’ll be all right, Mrs. M. We’ll drive to a place, where no one will know us.” I interrupted her and continued, “Remember to dress sexy as if you were a teenage girl.”

“But…,” Menoka clearly intended to come with another objection but stopped as Gourab walked back into the kitchen.

I had heard him before he entered the kitchen and had taken some steps away from his mother. I just grinned at her and went to sit at the table.

A little while later dinner was ready and after-wards I went to my room, making sure that Menoka didn’t have a chance to turn down my proposal.

The next day at school I sat in my chair contemplating about how I could get Menoka to take the next step in our relationship. I was inattentive to the lecture going on and was more concerned with planning my next date with Menoka.

After school Gourab and I drove home to his place and played some video games. Later on he got ready for his date and with a huge grin on his face, he walked out of the door.

I hadn’t seen Menoka all day, so I called out in the hallway, “Hey Mrs. M. Gourab’s gone — so are you ready for our next date.”

“Just a minute,” Menoka called back.

I waited for some time and the she came into the room looking hot but not in a cheap way. Tonight, she was dressed in a classic white blouse. But she had let the first two buttons undone revealing a fair amount of cleavage. Under the blouse she had a white push-up bra that really advertised her cleavage and breasts. She also wore a tight knee-length white skirt hugging her wonderful figure. This snug fit clearly outlined her panties. She had completed her outfit with white high-heels and was a sight to behold. This mature Bengali milf dressed in pristine white made my cock throb.

“Wow, you look really hot, Mrs. M. Not as a teenage girl, but definitely hot,” I complimented her as I walked over to her and kissed her lightly on her moist lips.

Menoka blushed but didn’t say a thing.

“Let’s get going,” I said as I took her arm and smiled down at my mature date

“I’m not sure about…,” Menoka started to say.

I looked down into her gorgeous face and interrupted her, “We’ll be back before midnight, and if asked we’ll just tell Debjit and Gourab, that we were bored and went to see a movie together.”

I walked Menoka to my car and as we drove to the movies, I couldn’t help it and kept peaking at my best friend’s mother’s fabulous figure. Menoka was silent as we drove on, so I asked, “What are you thinking about?”

“Me, ohhhh…, nothing much.” She answered hesitating.

“You have to be thinking about something.” I said.

“I’m thinking about our arrangement. I don’t think we should continue dating. It feels like I’m cheating on my husband,” Menoka almost whispered.

“Relax Mrs. M. I know how much you love Debjit, but I don’t think this could be considered cheating. You’re just teaching me how to be a fantastic date. It doesn’t differ much from you teaching me Bengali,” I replied.

“I don’t really think you could compare those two things, Shaikhul.” Menoka replied.

“We’ll you know that I’m not going to do anything that will hurt you. But on the first date you really taught me some things and I have to learn much more, so I can be a better date in the future. So we just have to go on with our arrangement. But I’ll promise you, I’ll respect your boundaries.”

“I just can’t see, why you couldn’t do this with a girl at your own age. I think they would like to be dating a handsome guy like you,” She said.

“Oh, thanks. But I will rather be good at dating, before I try it with a girl my own age, ” I said as I looked into Menoka’s eyes.

We arrived at the drive-in just before 7 and began to drive around, looking for a good spot. Menoka pointed to a spot between other cars, but I decided upon a dark area off by itself where no other cars were parked. I parked us in the darkened area near the back corner of the lot. We were pretty isolated, and I shut off the engine. I put the audio-box in the window just as the movie started.

“Do you want a soda or something else?” I asked.

“No, get you some though if you want.” Menoka replied.

“I’m okay.” I said.

I had decided on the drive-in movies because I had a bench seat in my truck, so there would be no problems cuddling with this hot milf.

“Why don’t you move over and snuggle with me as a start?” I asked Menoka with a little smile.

Looking a little bit troubled Menoka scooted over next to me. I wrapped my right arm around her and felt how she snuggled a little bit closer, until I could feel her side and back against me. She got out of her high heels and put her shapely legs on the seat.

For some time we both concentrated on the movie, then I bent down and whispered into Menoka’s ear, “Let me get a little bit more comfortable,”

She just looked at me as I got rid of my shoes and moved my right legs up on the seat, so Menoka had to sit between my legs. I grabbed hold of her and moved her gently, so her back was against my front and her tight ass was snuggling against my groin.

“Have you been to a drive-in with a date before?” I asked Menoka as we once again began to focus on the movie.

“Why do you ask, Shaikhul?” Menoka replied nervously.

With a laughter I answered her, “Because everyone knows, there are a lot of other things you can do in a drive-in besides watching a movie.”

“Ohhhhhh,” Menoka just said sounding quite skittish.

“I guess I’m ready to practice my dating skills,” I grinned down at her while saying, “Why don’t you take the initiative this time?”

I had made my intentions very clear and now Menoka knew that the ball was in her court. She was still for a moment as she looked up into my eyes. As she breathed, her warm breath blew softly across my cheek and I felt a throb in my groin thinking about what was going to happen. This gorgeous mature woman was pressed up against me, and as she turned her head away from me again, in what I guess was a vain attempt at peeking out of the car to check if there were any cars close to us. I used the opportunity to look down her cleavage. The up-close and personal view that I was provided with showed a great display. I was able to see all the way down her blouse to her full round breasts, confined quite snugly in a lacy white bra. Oh, how I lusted after getting my hands on these breasts and I felt my cock starting to inflate.

“I don’t think I can do it,” Menoka whispered to me, her breath blowing across my lips.

“Yes, you can Mrs. M. Come on just give it your best shot,” I replied.

As Menoka kept on looking into my eyes, she slowly started to run her fingers gently down my arm. “Shaikhul, I hope you understand, that I love Debjit and I don’t want to cheat on him,” she said quietly.

I was becoming quite hard in my pants and I knew, I just had to override her fears, so I said, “Let’s just kiss for awhile and then take it from there…”

After a few seconds Menoka lifted herself up and her full moist lips met mine. I moaned lightly as my best friend’s mother kissed me once again. After about half a minute the kiss ended. Menoka’s eyes were closed and her chest was rising and falling very fast. My eyes moved away from her face, my gaze crawling downwards, following the graceful line of her neck before finding its way to her breasts. The tight blouse made her tits strain against her bra and the buttons were fighting valiantly to hold the two sides of her blouse together. I could definitely see her white bra and the olive tanned flesh of her tits made a spectacular display of cleavage from the top opening of her blouse, teasing me with their firm roundness. The soft, upper slopes of her breasts rose and fell as she breath quite fast.

Menoka had a confused look on her face before she open her eyes and looked into mine. A gasp erupted from her lips and her brown eyes showed an insecurity and a lot of confusion.

She once again looked around, seemingly worried that someone in the drive-in would see her kissing a boy young enough to be her son. Thankfully, it didn’t seem to be the case.

I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe that I again had kissed my best friend’s mother. I decided to press my luck, so I leaned down and kissed Menoka. After a few seconds this time however I opened my mouth a little and touched her lips with my tongue. Menoka responded hesitantly but after some time she opened her mouth and now I was French kissing my best friend’s mother. The kiss lasted much longer this time. I could feel Menoka was beginning to getting turned on by our kissing and as she attempted to better balance herself by putting her hand on my leg, she broke the kiss with a gasp. Her hand had accidentally touch my huge member as it was outlined in my pants, stretching halfway to my knee.

“Oh, my,” Menoka whispered as we both sat quietly breathing heavily.

Eventually I spoke. “I’m sorry Mrs. M. I just couldn’t control myself.”

“Ooohh, I didn’t mean to touch your…I mean….this has gotten out of hand. I think we’re through here. Let’s drive home,” Menoka replied.

“Not so fast, that doesn’t mean a thing. Let’s continue our kissing. You’re not of the hook yet,” I almost growl as I pulled Menoka towards me.

“Shaikhul, I like you very much but the fact of the matter is I’m married. I can’t….I just can’t have sex with you.” Menoka said looking at me.

“Well, Mrs. M. A deal is a deal. I have promised you, that we wouldn’t have sex but I have also said, that we had to make-out a lot. So once again I’ll promise you, that I will not force you into full-blown intercourse. But while dating me you’ll have to accept the fact, that we’ll do something more than just kissing.”

“But Shaikhul,…”

“No buts. You’ll be my date in every matter besides actually intercourse.”

“I know I have promised you that. But Shaikhul, you’ll have to swear to me this will never be known by anyone except us” Menoka said sounding unsure about what she’d just accepted,

“You have a deal. Now come kiss me again,” I grinned at the hot housewife.

I pulled her over to me and this time she was straddling my legs. Then I started to kiss her. She didn’t pull away when my lips began moving on hers once more so I started to really kiss her. I lost track of time so I don’t know how long we were necking. But my tongue was inside Menoka’s mouth and I continued to kiss her while I felt the gentle caress of Menoka’s hands against my neck and chest.

At one time I broke the kiss and looked at Menoka but she just smiled sweetly at me. I kissed her again and this time I didn’t hesitate to reach both hands down and grab her ass, pulling her closer to me. Menoka reached her arms up and wrapped them around my neck as we embraced in a long soul-full kiss.

I continued to caress her tight ass as we made out. Menoka was clearly getting into this as her legs shifted a bit, and she was now practically lying on top of me. I stopped kissing her a couple of times to whisper some praises into her ear and she just smiled and kissed me back.

My hands moved up from her ass and slipped under her blouse. We continued kissing and my hands were roaming all over her smooth back. After some time I tried to pulled up on her blouse.

“Oh, no. Not here Shaikhul,” Menoka said uncertain.

“Relax, Mrs. M. No one can see us, as we’re parked in the back. Come on, don’t be shy. I know I’m not too rough and if you had been a girlfriend you would have done it already,” I challenged her.

Without further objections Menoka lifted her arms up and allowed me to remove it completely. We resumed kissing and my hands reached up and fumbled with the clasp of her bra. I could easily unclasp it myself, but I wasn’t interested in leaving Menoka with the impression of a skilled seducer. So I kept on fumbling for some time, before I said, “Oh, shit. I’m sorry Mrs. M, but please help me.”

Menoka leaned away from me and giggled, “At least you just didn’t try to rip it open.”

Expertly she reached back and did it herself. I pulled it up off her body and tossed it over to the backseat. For the first time ever I saw this mature housewife’s tits in all their naked glory. I sat staring wide-eyed at her full round breasts for some time as they sat proudly above her flat and toned stomach. I was in awe, because there were barely any sagging in those beautiful mounds. I slid closer to Menoka and cupped her tits with my hands and then I gently squeezed them together.

Menoka moaned at my action and before long she leaned back down and kissed me again, wrapping her arms around my neck, still straddling me.

Our kissing became even more passionate as we started to moan into each other’s mouths. I kept on caressing those fine tits while we kissed. After some time I broke our kiss and said, “Let me taste your beautiful breasts, Mrs. M.”

Menoka first looked kind of nervous before she put her hand behind my head and pulled me closer, “Go ahead Shaikhul, just don’t bite.”

I leaned forward and began licking around one of Menoka’s brown nipples, then the other before sucking gently. I kept on sucking for some times and Menoka started to moan lightly as she kept her hands on the back of my head encouraging me.

“Oooooooohhh Shaikhul, Ummmmm, yeah,” I heard her moan. It was apparent that she liked what I was doing to her full round breasts.

I felt my cock twitch happily as I squeezed Menoka’s tits more forcefully. I leaned back and with my palms and fingers I explored her luscious breasts. Her nipples were hard and Menoka were obviously getting turned on. I continued massaging her tits, testing their weight in my hands and feeling their firmness. Menoka breath now came in gasps, and her nipples were incredibly hard.

I let out a groan of pure lust as I realized that I really had turned on my best friend’s mother. Menoka looked into my eyes and her eyes shone with worry, apprehension, and a building fire that seemed to smolder, flaring up in intensity as the sensation of my caress of her sensitive breasts continued. Her lovely lips parted as she let out a long, shuddering breath, which inflamed my lusts even more. Menoka began to moan out loud as I kept on sucking and licking her breasts, while she arched her back to push more of her full round tits into my mouth. Seeing those magnificent brown nipples mounted on each mound made me hard as steel. I began to lick her left nipple forcefully, transferring to the right nipple, licking and sucking it with my tongue with a flicking motion on the hardened nipple. Menoka’s body trembled and she grasped my hair as a sign of her pleasure.

I continued my teasing for a few more minutes before I decided it was time to get this mature woman to take it to another level. Before Menoka could say anything I started to unzip my pants. Soon I was sitting butt naked in the front seat of my car and after I threw my pants into the back seat I turned towards Menoka. She was staring at me with her hands covering her mouth and her eyes wide open, showing a shocked expression.

“What?” I asked innocently but I knew what made this hot milf stare.

“Ohhhh, Shaikhul…your…Look at you. It’s massive…,” Menoka stuttered astonished.

“Thanks Mrs. M. I haven’t really compared myself to anyone else but I just think it’s matching my rather large frame,” I said with a smug smile.

“I’ve never seen a penis so big before. It’s huge…,” Menoka marveled.

I took hold of one of her hands and moved it toward my long fat cock. As she touched my rock hard shaft Menoka let out a loud gasp as it pulsated. I kept pressure on her hand and she grabbed hold of my shaft and together we started to stroke my erection.
“Oh my god, Shaikhul. I have never ever seen or felt anything like this.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. M. Just handle it with care,” I smiled at her as she got up onto the seat on her hands and knees to take a closer look at my ten inches circumcised meat-pole.

Once again I kissed Menoka passionately and as our tongues twirled I could fell both her tiny hands grabbing hold of my hard-on. I moaned into her mouth as she started to stroke my thick shaft.

After a few more minutes of passionate kissing I broke the kiss and said, “I like your touch but why don’t you also try to use your mouth”

“I really don’t know, Shaikhul…,” Menoka began saying but I interrupted her, “Come on Mrs. M. I’m so turned on and it’s often when the girls uses their mouth, they complain about me being rough. So you have to help me…”

It seemed as if I had given Menoka an acceptable excuse for going down on me, because she accepted it without any more quarreling.

Menoka moved closer to my cock and her face were placed only a few inches from the big mushroom head. Her lovely lips parted as she let out a long, shuddering breath, the warmth of which touched the tip of my cock and only inflamed my lust even more. It was really a turn-on to see that the small hands of my best friend’s mother barely could close around my girth. She then started to lick the tip of my cock and almost at once it started to leak a load of precum as she let her tongue make circles around the opening in the head. Slowly she opened her mouth and bent down and placed the tip of the head between her full moist lips. I felt the soft lips of her mouth envelop my cock. Slowly, purposefully, she began to slide her mouth up and down over the shaft of my cock. Her warm saliva quickly began to drip down to my balls.

I growled and began pushing my shaft into Menoka’s mouth. I could see that she opened her mouth as wide as it could. I fed her a few more inches until it hit her throat. She started to gag and pulled away from my cock. She then turned her head and looked into my eyes and said, “Don’t be so rough, Shaikhul. You have to get used to let the girl take control of the action. It’s not an easy task to suck on a massive penis like yours.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry Mrs. M. Please continue,” I groaned.

She began to flick her tongue to the underside of my cock and I felt I became even harder. With my right hand I reached around her chest and cupped one of her tits gently and with the palm of my hand I began to tease her hard nipple. I heard her moan with pleasure as she continued to suck on my cock.

Once again this hot mature milf welcomed my massive shaft into her warm mouth. This time I tried to let her control the action and was clearly enjoying myself. I watched in amazement as this married woman’s moist lips slid up and down on my hard cock. I brushed her black hair to the side so I could see how she reacted to having taken control over the action.

“Is this better Mrs. M? Do you like my cock? It’s not too big is it?” I asked in an attempt to make her aware of the fact, that I was much bigger than her husband.

“Ummmm, much better. I think I’m getting use to its size, but I’m definitely not used to keeping my mouth open so wide for so long time,” Menoka said while slurping on my meat.

I decided to take a chance so I said, “I know I’m quite large, but I’m not fully grown yet. I doubt, I’m much larger than Debjit.”

“Oooohhh, I shouldn’t talk about it, but your cock is a lot bigger than anyone I ever have had in my mouth. Believe me. Debjit just doesn’t match up to you.” Menoka replied bathing the head of my cock with her tongue.

For the next couple of minutes the car was silent except for the occasional slurp or moan. Menoka really got into the action as she started to suck me even harder and continued to stroke my meat with both hands wrapped around it. For some minutes I fought the urge to cum in her mouth, doing my utmost to prolong the sensations she was giving me. But after awhile I had to capitulate. A flick of Menoka’s tongue at the opening at my glans was all it took to send the muscles around my balls into convulsions. I grabbed hold of the steering wheel with both my hands as my hips lurched, and I felt the tip of my cock probe deeply into her throat as a stream of cum flew out of my cock.

As my cock erupted in a violent explosion, expelling my white milky cum up and out with the force of a cannon. The first shot into her throat caught Menoka by surprise. She started to retch and moved her mouth away from my massive pole as the second barrage came barreling out from my meat-cannon. This time it hit this Bengali milf in the cheek, the large volley splattering up and covering the right eye. Menoka tried to get her face away from the line of fire but the next two volleys also hit her face. My remaining explosions simply hit the bottom of her jaw, the warm white liquid splattering and collecting along her neck to run in rivulets down her breasts.

I trembled as the eruptions slowed down, my body shaking as I came down from the powerful orgasm that had just assaulted me. It was definitely the best cum I’ve had ever had.

Menoka looked shocked at the volume of my cum.

“Sorry,” I said grinning.

I had to admit, though, she did look really damn hot covered by my thick, white fluid. I took a closer look at her and fuck I had made a mess out of her. Her cheeks, eyes, and lips were splattered in large blots of white cum. There was even a rather huge glob of it hanging from one of the loose strands of her black hair. Her neck and tits were absolutely shiny with my cum. I had really cum a lot.

Before Menoka could say anything, I grabbed a handful of her hair and gently but firmly pulled her lips towards mine. “Fuck, you’re so gorgeous” I said just before I kissed her deeply tasting my own cum. Menoka moaned into my mouth. When I released her, Menoka started to wiped eyes and chins with her hands and then looked thoughtful at me.

“That was too rough Shaikhul. You have to warn a girl before you’re going to cum. Look at me, I’m covered in your cum,” Menoka said in an aggravated tone.

“I’m so sorry, Mrs. M. I have never felt anything like this and it took me by surprise. Please forgive me. Next time I’ll warn you.”

“You better, it’s a lousy thing to do if you haven’t told the girl about it. Maybe we’ll practice this on a later date.”

“Wow,” I thought to myself, “Menoka was already thinking of the next date.”

Out loud I said, “You’re so right and I also think we should practice it on our next date. Now please let me help you clean up my mess.”

I got up and used some napkins from the glove box to remove my cum from this beautiful housewife.

“Shaikhul, I think it’s time to go home,” Menoka said as we finished cleaning up.

“But what about you. I should reciprocate your favor.” I replied.

“I don’t think so, not on this date,” Menoka said and continued, “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

“All right, Mrs. M.” I said and we both got our clothes on and drove home to the Roys.

We were the first to arrive at home and went our different ways. Before long I heard both Gourab and Debjit arrive at home. As I laid in my bed I thought about Menoka and smiled. Then a thought hit me, “What if she had been so turned on, that she once again sought satisfaction by her husband.”

I quickly got up and left my bedroom, went to the kitchen and opened the door at the back, and slipped outside. Once again I noticed the lights from Debjit and Menoka’s bedroom and I peeked inside their bedroom.

Menoka had obviously been really horny, because she had already started to ride her husband. Apparently it was the standard position of their lovemaking. After a couple of minutes I could see that Debjit was cumming. All the time Menoka had had one hand down between their body’s apparently rubbing her clitoris and a minute later she gave a small shudder. Like the last time Menoka bent down and kissed Debjit and then got out of bed and moved to the bathroom. Promptly Debjit began to sleep and a moment later Menoka got back into bed and turned her bed-lamp off.

I walked back to my room grinning, because Menoka had made louder sounds when we had stimulated each other…

To be continued……………

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