My bhabhi’s marriage and affair with a muslim man

I am a 28 year old submissive hindu here is more about me
Few years back my brother found out about his wife Niharika’s affair, she was 31 then. My brother’s wife (bhabhi) was a well educated woman. She was also good looking. It was a love marriage, my brother met her when he was in the college. He never treated her badly or abused her.

After the marriage she started working as a school teacher. Tension gripped my family when we heard about her affair. That day my brother almost slapped her in front of the family but somehow stopped himself.
My brother threatened her with divorce but still she couldn’t keep himself away from that Muslim divorcee, his name was Zubair.

My family finally decided to act my brother got drunk that day and slapped Niharika. He also gave her divorce papers which she refused to accept.

Two days later we came to know that Niharika had filed a case of domestic violence and dowry against our family. She also got woman’s group involved as we started facing the heat. The case turned against us my brother stopped going to work because of the tension and so much trouble. The woman’s group troubled us a lot they had all the laws in their favor. We got calls on our landline number from those women I picked up the phone a few times once a woman said “if you even think about touching that girl (my brother’s wife) we would destroy your lives.”

I think Zubair was also helping her from the outside, he used to work at the secretariat. Our lawyer advised us to compromise and do out of court settlement if we want to end this matter soon.
My brother finally decided to end it, he payed her 5 lakh to settle the issue and take back all the cases. She accepted it and after that they had a smooth hassle free divorce.

After two years Niharika married Zubair. Surely she had fallen for the circumcised muslim cock. I think most Hindu women would never go back after they get fucked by a virile Muslim male. My be if she would have got fucked by some muslim man during her college days she wouldn’t have married my brother and all this would never have happened.

After it was over my parents started warning me not to fall for such girls.
Now they insist that they would find a girl for me themselves preferably a “less educated girl” from their ancestral village or from a lower middle class family. I don’t want to get married but I guess in the end I would have to accept what my parents say. May be its good that I am pussy free because even if I had someone, after all this my parents would never have allowed me to marry her.

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