My Brother’s Best Friend

Thank you for uploading my audio clip. I am overwhelmed with the response that I have received from your readers.On popular demand from I would like to submit a story of losing my virginity to my brother’s best friend. I hope your readers would enjoy it.
– Deepti

My Brother’s Best Friend

I walked into my bedroom and swung my backpack onto the floor. After a long day at school the last thing I wanted to do was think about homework. Even though I looked like I could have jumped off the cover of a nude magazine, I was a conservative Hindu girl. I stripped out of my shirt and skirt and put on something more comfortable. Expecting to be home alone, I assumed my thong panties and brother’s oversized shirt would be enough.

Leaving my room, I walked down the hall to the kitchen. I pulled out the chocolate filled cookies mom made the night before and sat down at the table to eat them. But before I could take a bite, the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone, so I walked curiously to the door.

Looking through the peephole, I could see her brother’s best friend, Zahid, standing in the doorway. I opened the door cautiously, forgetting my attire.

“Hey, Zahid. What are you doing here?”

“I was looking for Karan. He’s not here is he?”

I was quite confused. Everyone knew that Karan was away for the week. He had only been talking about his trip to Manali for months. “He’s in Manali.”

Zahid looked nervous standing in the doorway. “Can I come in?” I didn’t respond. I was still confused as to why Zahid would stop by even if he knew Karan wasn’t home. I hesitated. I was eighteen and had no problems with being alone in her my house, but I didn’t know what my parents would think.

“Sure.” my curiosity won me over.

“I was just about to eat the chocolate chip cookies made, want one?”

Zahid smiled. “No thanks.”

By that time, I had led Zahid to the kitchen table and sat down. Zahid watched as I picked up a cookie and bit into it. They laughed as the chocolate dripped down my chin. I continued to eat because she didn’t know what to say. ”

So, Deepti, how has your summer been?”

“Good, yours?”

“Fine.” Neither of us knew what to say, so Zahid picked up a cookie.

“Change your mind?” I chuckled.

“No.” Zahid slid his chair over to be closer to me. He let me bite the cookie he held. I looked almost hesitant to take a second bite, but Zahid coaxed me into it. My lips grazed his fingers and sent a shiver down my spine. Chocolate dripped down my chin. Zahid wiped it away with a finger and caught my chin in his hand.

Without saying a word, Zahid leaned in and kissed me. It was as though someone had poured hot lava into my veins, but I broke away abruptly. “What are you doing?”

“I was kissing you,” he replied.

“Why?” Zahid didn’t look directly at me, he had been bold and brazen before, but now he wouldn’t even look at me.

“Can we just back up to the kissing part? I’m better at that,” he said finally.

“No!” I was getting angry and boy did I look cute when I got mad.

We sat in an awkward silence. I stared at my hands and Zahid stared at me. He gently put a hand on my thigh. “I’m sorry,” he said quietly. But even as he was apologizing, Zahid was already formulating a new plan. He would have me tonight if it killed him!

He picked me up and carried me easily out of the kitchen. Immediately I knew where he was taking me and I wouldn’t give up without a fight. I kicked and screamed all the way down the stairs into the basement. I knew what was down there, but had never cared to go down after I saw it the first time. The stone walls gave the room the feel of a dungeon and the decorations added to the effect. There were various whips and belts hanging from hooks on the wall. Handcuffs hung neatly beside them. Gags and blindfolds had their own special place on a shelf nearby. And there were drawers full of other sex toys. A huge four-poster bed sat in the middle of the room. Restraints were permanently attached to each post.

As inexperienced as I was, I had no clue what half the stuff would be used for! I was scared out of my mind. I wanted Zahid to put me down and leave me alone, but I knew he wouldn’t. “Put me down!” I said bitingly.

“Okay.” Zahid dropped me in a heap on the bed. I wasn’t expecting that at all.

“W-what are you doing?”

“Putting you down.” I didn’t say anything. She just stared at him in shock. “You aren’t going to try to leave?” I stared into his eyes defiantly, but he didn’t reply.

“This excites you, doesn’t it, Deepti? You like being told what to do, don’t you? Come on, Deepti, tell me how much you like it.”

I didn’t trust my legs to support me so I just turned my back to him and crossed my arms. But I couldn’t deny that my heart was beating hard in my chest and my pussy was wet with anticipation.

“See, you are excited. I can see it.” Zahid reached for my arms, but I pulled them away.

“Deepti, relax. Don’t fight me. It won’t work. But I promise I won’t hurt you, much,” he added under his breath, but the blood pounding in my ears kept me from hearing what he muttered.

“Come on, Deepti, take off your clothes for me. Please” I gave him a reproachful look.

“You’re out of your mind if you think I’m taking my clothes off for you! Get out of here! Karan will kill you when he gets back!” I was so sure threatening to tell my brother would scare him off that my jaw dropped at his reaction.

Zahid laughed out loud. He laughed so hard that tears came to his eyes. “I love your naive little mind, Deepti. It’s cute.” I just glared at him. I was furious! He couldn’t just laugh at me!

“Deepti, you won’t tell Karan. I know you won’t tell anyone.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“First of all,” he said with a smile, “who’s he going to believe: his best friend or his little sister with a crush on his best friend?”

I interrupted, “I do not have a crush on you!”

Zahid held up his finger to silence her. “Let me talk or I’ll have to grab one of those ball gags over there.” He paused and continued with their earlier conversation. “And second, you won’t want Karan to think of you as an immature little slut.” The smirk on Zahid’s face was sickening.

“Now, are you going to cooperate little girl? Or am I going to have to tie you down?”

That was all it took. I was appalled by his statement. Without thinking, I threw my arm out and smacked him across the face. But before I could pull her arm back, he grabbed her wrist and held tight.

“That’s a good enough answer for me,” Zahid remarked with a shrug. He forced me to lie down and tied my arms down. I wouldn’t stop kicking and screaming. Zahid had to struggle to get my legs tied down. Gagging me was less of a challenge.

Bound and gagged, I was terrified. No one would ever hear my muffled squeaks and there was no way I could go anywhere until Zahid let me out. So preoccupied with trying to figure a way out, I didn’t even notice that Zahid had already pushed my shirt up over my breasts. I snapped back when she felt his hands on my waist.

I started to yell at him, but gave up when I realized my efforts were futile. As hard as I tried to deny it to myself, Zahid’s hands touching me were turning me on. The rough callousness of working outside added texture and character to them.

Instantly my nipples became hard. Zahid chuckled. “Aroused?” I couldn’t look at him. I knew he would see it in my eyes. “I’ll take that as a yes.” I glared at him defiantly. “Glare all you want, little girl, I’m not letting you go.”

Zahid moved away from me and pulled a pocket knife from one of the drawers. The defiance in me drained out of me. I was weak with fear. “It’s okay, little girl, I won’t cut you.” The sharp knife easily cut away my shirt and thong. Zahid pulled the torn fabric from my body.

Standing back, he admired my naked body. His circumcised cock pressed painfully against his jeans. Zahid placed the knife back in the drawer and blindfolded me. He didn’t want me to know what was coming.

The leather whip felt heavy in his hand. “I want you to know who’s the boss, little girl. You will listen to what I have to say and obey my every command.” my anger flared. No one would tell me what to do! My body became rigid with defiance again. “I can tell already that you’re not going to listen.” He brought the whip down across my breasts. The leather connected with my delicate skin with a snap and I winced.

He whipped me a few more times before my skin became a bright pink and I began whimpering. “Now, if I take your gag away, are you going to yell and carry on?” I shook my head. “You’re going to be a good little girl?” I nodded. “If you misbehave, you’re in for it.” He gently untied the gag. I flexed my mouth and started yelling at him.

“You stupid bastard! Let me go! You sick fuck!” Zahid sighed and kissed me forcefully. It made me stop for a minute, but as soon as he removed his tongue from my mouth, I started yelling at him again.

“Deepti, Deepti,” he taunted me, “you’d better stop. You’re already in enough trouble.” Zahid pulled the whip back again and hit me hard with it. It shocked me enough to make me shut up. “That’s my girl.”

“I’m not your girl.” Although I put it firmly, it became obvious to Zahid that my body was defying me. My pussy was already practically dripping with my sweet juices. Zahid couldn’t resist punishing me more and whipped my wet pussy hard. I arched up in pain, but Zahid paid no attention.

“I’m sorry, little girl, but you were warned.” He moved away from the bed and got clamps from a drawer along one wall. He clamped her hard nipples into them and she arched in pain.

“Zahid, that hurts.”

“It’s okay, Deepti. Shhh. Be quiet now. I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

“Zahid, please, it hurts.”

“Trust me, little girl, you’ll like it before the end of the night.” I had no idea what else Zahid planned to do, but I didn’t protest this time. The pain wasn’t too bad and I was really starting to get used to the feeling. In fact, I was starting to like it, but I would never admit it.

Zahid brushed his fingers against my inner thighs. He moved closer and closer to my pussy but didn’t enter me. I didn’t know what was going on. I wanted him to touch me and caress me and make love to me, but all of a sudden he was gone. “Zahid?”

He didn’t reply, but the sound of his zipper and then his clothes dropping to the floor explained it all. A shiver ripped through my body. I was so afraid of what was in store for me.

Zahid climbed back onto the bed and pressed his naked body against mine. With his last ounce of control, he asked, “So, are you going to be a good little girl now?”

I couldn’t explain what was happening to me. I felt my head nodding in agreement and then the blindfold was pulled off. Zahid moved down my body sensually kissing me as he went. He kissed all around my pussy and inner thighs, but made no direct move to go closer. His fingers softly caressed my pussy.

I shuddered. Zahid was teasing me way too much. Every movement spread heat through me like wildfire. I closed my eyes and gave in to the wonderful sensations.

Zahid moved back up my body, removing the clamps. He took each of my nipples into his mouth and caressed them with his tongue. “Enjoying yourself?” Zahid breathed out heavily against my chest.

A low moan escaped my lips in response. Zahid smiled. He kissed me on the nose before probing deep into my sensual mouth. Still unable to move my arms and legs, I thrust my hips upward toward his, grinding against him. “Anxious?”

Again I moaned. Zahid smiled and moved back down to my pussy. I arched against him as he inserted a finger into the dark, deep, wet, virgin pussy. He parted my pussy lips with his free hand and licked my clit. Even though it only lasted a moment, it drove me crazy. He licked and gently sucked on my swollen clit until I was ready to orgasm. His finger probing deep inside me filled me with an intoxicating heat.

Zahid didn’t want to pull away from me. I smelled and tasted so good. But Zahid’s cock was throbbing. He had to get it inside of me or he would burst.

“Deepti?” I was surprised. He had moved back up to look into my eyes and the loss of control showed.

“Hmm?” I murmured.

“I want you to tell me if I hurt you, okay?” Zahid released all of the bindings, but I only moved to wrap myself around him. Supporting his weight with his arms, he moved his huge 9 inch hard circumcised cock inside of my hot, wet virgin pussy. Blood seeped from between them. The color drained from Zahid’s face as he felt me arch in pain. “Deepti?” I told him to keep going. Zahid started to protest, but I put a finger to his lips to quiet him.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” I begged. My multiple orgasms felt wonderful to me and almost drove Zahid over the edge.

“Deepti, I love you.” Zahid couldn’t keep the words from escaping his lips. My wide eyes just looked up at him. I didn’t have to say the words for him to know I returned the feeling.

I clawed at Zahid’s back as we came together. Zahid collapsed on top of me as we tried to regain some sanity. The experience had been mind-shattering. Zahid had never felt anything as wonderful as that and neither had me. We slept, entangled in the straps and sheets the rest of the night. In the morning, I awoke not believing that what had happened was real, but the sleeping man next to me proved that my 18 year old body had been taken by the 25 year old man lying next to me.

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