My Cuckold Life

My name is Aniket and my wife is Priyanka. I am 32 and Priyanka is 30. I work in an IT company and Priyanka works in a call center. We both stay in Thane. We have been married for 8 years. We are a happy couple although our sex life isn’t that great. Although Priyanka has never complained to me, sometimes I can’t satisfy her with my small 5 inch cock. And it was this inferiority complex that first seeded cuckold fantasies in my mind. Initially I just chatted in the chat rooms about being cuckolded. Priyanka knew about this, but she just laughed about it. She didn’t take it seriously; she thought this kind of idea is absurd and impossible to follow in practical life. But she didn’t stop me from chatting.

This went on for almost a year before I finally met Javed Shaikh. Javed was a businessman from Thane. He had lot of construction business in and around Thane. He was quite rich and had lot of powerful political connections. He was 38 and divorced and stayed alone in a 3 BHK flat in Hiranandani estate Thane. We chatted for the first time and unlike most of the other chatters, he sounded very decent to me. All the other chatters just wanted to see my Priyanka’s pictures, chat about her and they wanted her number. But Javed came across as a very decent person and he didn’t even asked for my wife’s pictures. We chatted on normal topics although Javed was well aware of my cuckold fantasies. We chatted regularly for about 3 months and Javed just wanted to know more about both of us. After chatting for almost 3 months, Javed finally asked me for Priyanka’s pictures. And I knew right from that he was hooked on to her. I was watching him on the web cam and his reaction said it all.

Priyanka is a bit healthy and plump. She is a bit like south Indian actresses. She has big 36 D boobs and she is quite healthy at 36 30 38 figure. Her thighs are big and fleshy. Javed was quite clearly hooked on to her as I watched her on the web cam. He said that he had never liked skinny women and he thought Priyanka and perfect sexy woman. And as he talked about her lovely boobs and her sexy ass, my cock was erect as I watched him talking about my wife’s assets.

After around a month or so, when we were chatting, Priyanka suddenly came in the room and for the first time saw Javed on the web cam. She didn’t show any emotion, but asked me who he was. I told her about Javed’s background and praised him a bit. Javed was as handsome as they get. He was dark, but had a muscular body. His chest was covered with thick black hair and his stomach was flat unlike my potbellied one. He was very large man standing at 6’2″. For a moment, Priyanka looked on the web cam and then turned away. But even I knew that Javed has struck a chord with my wife.

It was Monday evening and I didn’t get chance to chat with Javed till Friday evening. I logged on Friday night just after we had finished dinner and started chatting with Javed. To my utter surprise, Priyanka walked in the bedroom and sat beside me. She was wearing a pink colored satin night gown. It was sleeveless and very transparent. Her breasts were almost half visible through it and she was not wearing any bra under it. So the shape of her breasts was quite clearly visible from the gown. I was sitting on the bed in front of my laptop as she sat down beside me. Her lovely black hair was open and spread on one side of her shoulders.

“What do you chat with him?” She leaned against me and slowly kissed me. I turned towards her and smiled at her.

“Why do you want to know?” I had just logged into the yahoo messenger now and messaged Javed. He was online now.

“Well considering you chat about me, I have a right to know, isn’t it?” She had a point there and I conceded it.

“Well mostly he just wants to know about you and me. He wants to know what you like, what do you eat, what you wear etc. etc.” I was waiting for Javed’s reply.

Priyanka looked in my eyes and was a bit sharp when she replied.

“You mean to say that you have been chatting with him for almost 4-5 months and all you have talked to each other is what I like, what I wear? That’s it?” She had a sarcastic smile on her face. I wondered what I should tell her. Recently our chats had not exactly been platonic. He had expressed his desire for Priyanka’s body and in so many words had expressed his desire to fuck her. He had expressed his desire to bury his head in her big breasts and suck them till she screamed in delight. And he had expressed his desire to fuck and pleasure my wife with his massive 9 inch thick cock till she screamed in pleasure. And I had had a raging hard on as I imagined Javed’s massive cock buried deep in Priyanka’s cunt.

“Well he is kind of interested in you. He thinks you are absolutely sexy and hot woman. He wants to meet you socially.” Now Javed had messaged me back. I noticed a distinct blush on Priyanka’s face as I told her.

“He is interested in meeting with me socially? Do you really believe that this rich handsome businessman really wants that? Impossible, don’t forget our middle class background” She was a bit incredulous as she said this.

“Well he is interested in meeting you personally as well, but then I told him that you have to agree for that.” I took my breath in and waited for her reaction. To my utter surprise, her reaction was very calm. She was looking straight into my eyes.

“So you don’t mind if I meet him personally? Are you really serious about your cuckold fantasies? What do you do if somehow I want to turn them into reality?” I really couldn’t believe that our conservation was going this way. I swallowed and then replied.

“Well I don’t mind it as long as you are fine with that.” Priyanka slowly moved and she sat in my lap.

“So tell me, how is Javed? That’s his name, isn’t it?” She turned and looked at the web cam. I rested my hand around her waist and then slowly kissed her neck. Her sexy half naked breasts were raising and falling in front of my eyes.

“Yes, his name is Javed. He is a nice person.” Priyanka wrapped her hands around my neck and looked into my eyes.

“Just nice? That’s it? I know that you have chatted with lot of men, but he is the only one you are still chatting with. What is so special about him? She moved her finger in her hair and slowly tucked a band of hair behind her ear.

“Well you have seen him, isn’t it? He is dark and handsome. He has quite a powerful personality. He is rich and powerful. He is quite dominant and aggressive person. And I know that you have always liked dominant men. You often say that I am too timid and shy person. Yes that’s true “she replied”

He is aggressive and quite talkative person too. You can say he is quite opposite to me.” She moved a bit closer to me as I smelled her perfume.

“You really fancy seeing me with him, isn’t it?” She was breathing very heavily suspecting that there is a real chance to

do that with him. I am sure she must be feeling my hot breath on her cleavage too.

“Well, I don’t mind if you went around with him.” I looked up to her eyes and said heavily. My eyes once again slid down to her lovely breasts. She moved her hand and put it below my chin and raised it so as to look into my eyes.

“Does going around with him also include spreading my legs for him? I mean would you mind if I can’t control my self and end up spending time with him in his beds?

She had a cheesy smile on her lips as she said this.

“Why are you asking me that? You were never interested in getting physical with anyone apart from me.” I slowly caressed her back.

“Well let’s just say I am quite impressed with that guy and I have changed my decision.” “Don’t forget that I am a human Being too”. “Does it really excite you to see me naked with someone else?” Can you handle it?

She slowly pushed me back on the bed so that I was lying down on the bed. She then came on top of me as her breasts were staring in my face.

“Yes darling, it excites me to imagine you naked with someone else.” She didn’t remove her nighty, but pulled out both of her breasts removing two upper most buttons.

Then she slowly adjusted them so that they were hanging just above my face. Then she took her left breast in her hand and slowly bent forward. I eagerly opened my mouth as she fed her breast in my mouth. I slowly licked her thick uneven nipple as I made it wet with my saliva.

” can you handle the situation if you saw I am allowing him to suck on my nipple like this? Won’t you be jealous when I feed my breasts to him rather than you? “I couldn’t believe that my Priyanka was talking this dirty with me.

She had always been somewhat conservative and shy. But somehow Javed’s sight seemed to have turned her into a shameless woman. She had never talked like this before. I kept licking her nipple and then switched from right to left.

“Honey, I would like you to be happy and satisfied.” I said before stuffing her tit in my mouth again.

“So why do you think you can’t satisfy me?” She slowly moved her hand behind her and touched my already erect dick. It was already making a tent in my pants. She slowly inserted her hand inside my pant. I was not wearing any underwear and she slowly moved her hand and put it on my dick. The naked touch of her hand on my dick stirred a horny feeling in me. She slowly caressed my dick with her soft hand.

“Is it because this is too small and doesn’t stay long?” She laughed as she shook my small penis with her hand.

I moaned as mouth was still feeding on her breasts, but I nodded to her in agreement. She slowly pulled her hand out and then put it behind my neck and pulled out her breast from my mouth. I looked up in her eyes.

“I don’t know from where you got that idea, but sometimes I feel like agreeing with you. So is Javed very big down there?” She had a very sexy smile on her face. Both of my hands were slowly caressing her ass.

“He says he is. He says its 9 inch.” Her eyes twinkled for a moment. She smiled and slowly ran hands through her open hair. Her lovely big breasts bounced in front of my eyes as she tied a hair with a chop that was lying on the bed.

“So you won’t feel jealous if we spend time in bed. What if he starts enlarging the gap between my legs with his big tool ”

She tied the hair and then once again pressed my chest with both her hands and caressed it lightly.

I understood she was deliberately making me excited so that I did not back out from my decision of allowing her to enjoy some extra martial fun.

“Darling, I want to see you satisfied and happy.” I moved my hands to her breasts and slowly squeezed them. Priyanka looked in my eyes for a moment before replying.

“So is he really interested in meeting me? I mean the kind of money and power he have he must have many other beautiful women around him. I can’t understand why he is showing interest about a middle class woman like me who is also a married woman.”

“Because of your beauty darling, your beauty” I whispered

“She moaned as I pressed her nipple between my fingers.

“He has explicitly told me that he wishes to be naked in bed with you. But I never thought you would agree, so I never told him anything.” Her lips were dry and there was a pink color on her cheeks.

“So if you are really ready from inside then when will you introduce us?” She playfully hit both my hands as I was playing with her breasts and moved them aside.

“Well you have never shown interest in anyone else. So I have been halting him even though he has shown keen interest in meeting you.” Priyanka once again bent forward and slowly rubbed her soft breasts against my face.

“Yes, but now I would like to meet him. So can you introduce us?” She bit her lips as I extended my tongue and licked her nipple. I stopped licking her boob and looked up in her beautiful eyes.

“Why don’t we go for a dinner with him? He has often invited us for dinner. If you want, we can go for dinner tomorrow.” She looked down on me with surprise

“Where do we go?” I wanted to get down to feasting on her tits, but stopped myself.

“He has often suggested we go to Mahesh Lunch home.”

She smiled at me.

“So do we go tomorrow?” I nodded once again and pulled her down to bury my head between her lovely breasts.

I was very hard by now and wanted Priyanka to finish what she had started. But instead she pushed her breasts back in her nighty and got up.

“Hey what happened? Don’t you want to have sex?” She laughed as she started butting up her nighty.

“Well now that you are going to be a cuckold, you better learn how to control your desires. From now on, I decide whether I will sex with you or not.” She gave me a mischievous smile and then went out of the room and I was left wondering what would be the future. So that was the end of that and I had to stuff my cock back in my underwear.

After she had gone out, I called up Javed on phone and asked if he was ok with meeting us tomorrow for dinner. He was absolutely thrilled and agreed to meet us at Mahesh Lunch home. We decided to meet at around 7 so that we have some time to spend with each other. After settling this, I hung up the phone.

Our first meeting in hotel was fairly casual. Priyanka is somewhat conservative. So even though I had asked her to wear some sexy western dresses, she had never worn it. She always preferred to wear salwar kameej or sari occasionally. She even didn’t wear sleeveless dresses. It was a real pity as she has nice fleshy fat arms and she looks absolutely sexy when she wears sleeveless.

She was wearing a red colored Punjabi dress that day. Even though it covered her entire body, it was a bit tight and hugged her body tightly and her curves were clearly visible. All through the evening, Javed’s eyes were just on my wife’s curves. Priyanka is a bit plump, but Javed had said that he liked plump women. And all through the evening, his eyes were assessing my wife’s curves and fleshy tits. Every now and then his eyes would rest on her breasts. Soon even Priyanka became aware of his gaze on her tits and she blushed every time he looked on her boobs. But to my surprise, Priyanka even encouraged him by pulling her dupatta high up towards her neck so that it was not covering her breasts. Normally whenever we went out she used to cover her breasts with dupatta, but here she was giving Javed a blatant view of her breasts.

All through the evening, they talked to each other and I was somewhat sidelined although I didn’t mind it. Initially Priyanka was a bit shy, but soon she became comfortable with him. In fact as I noticed, she even started enjoying his company. Javed was quite talkative and attractive. She smiled up at him all the time and laughed at all his jokes. Javed ordered non-veg for himself while we ordered veg. We finished our dinner and they were still talking to each other. After we had finished dinner, Javed suggested that we look at his new car and Priyanka responded enthusiastically for this.

She had always loved a car, but right now we couldn’t afford it as we had a home loan to repay. But Priyanka had always wanted a car. So the moment Javed suggested seeing his car, she agreed enthusiastically and we all went towards the parking. Javed’s car was a brand new Passat. It must have cost him at least 30 lakh. It was shining black in color and absolutely wonderful. As he started showing each feature to Priyanka, she was very excited and asked him lot of questions. Javed answered them with interest and Priyanka also showed very keen interest in his car. This went on for almost 15 minutes before Javed finished.

And it was at that moment I realized something about my wife that I did not realize in all our married life. Power and money excited her like nothing else. She was attracted to powerful men with money. We had often spoken about any other men, but all of them were normal middle class people like me. Javed was the only one who was rich good-looking and powerful. It was no wonder that she had agreed to meet him only. Javed was a builder and he was obviously very rich. He also had lot of political contacts and wielded considerable power. I suddenly remembered how Priyanka’s views had changed the moment I had told her about Javed’s background.

Javed suggested that he will drive us home and Priyanka once again readily agreed, So Javed opened the doors and I got in the back seat. Priyanka was about to enter when she thought for a moment. Then she said to me.

“Aniket, I will sit in the front seat with Javed. I hope you won’t mind. It won’t look good if we both sat in the back seat. He is not our driver.” I melted away in the brilliant smile she gave me and nodded. She closed the door and then went towards the front seat and opened it. She slid beside Javed in the front seat and closed the door. Her lovely hair was open and spread on her back. Javed smiled at me for a moment and then asked her to fasten the seat belt. She struggled to fasten the belt, so Javed quickly leaned towards her and helped her. As he was doing it, her boobs were pressed against his body and I felt Priyanka blush. So we started and Javed dropped us home in about 15 minutes as there was no traffic. Once again Priyanka needed Javed’s help to unfasten the belt. Then we both got out and said bye to Javed and reached home.

From next day, we often started meeting each other. Sometimes we met in hotel for dinner, sometimes for movie. We had already agreed that we will meet together and so I would always with Priyanka whenever they met. This went on for almost 6 months. But after that I started to notice that there was a clear sexual tension between Javed and Priyanka. Sometimes Priyanka would touch him to clear a speck of dust from his shirt. Sometimes he would touch her mid riff while walking besides her

Also, what I had been trying to achieve all through my married life, somehow Javed achieved in just 6 months. Soon after we had met Javed, she bought 5 new salwar kameej. She didn’t attach sleeves to any of those. Also she bought 4 sets of top and jeans. 2 of those 4 were sleeveless and she also bought 4 saris with sleeveless blouses for those. This was a real sea change for a shy conservative woman like her. From then on, whenever we met Javed, Priyanka would always wear either western or sleeveless and made sure that Javed had all the view of her sexy fleshy naked arms. And I could clearly sense the sexual tension between them although nothing had happened till now.

One Monday morning though, I got a call from Javed. I was in office at that time.

“Hi Aniket, How are you? Where are you now?” Javed asked me.

“I am in office. Is something wrong?” I moved away from my desk to avoid anyone hearing our conversation.

“I was wondering if you and Priyanka would like to come on a 3 days vacation with me to Alibaug. You know next Monday is a holiday and we 3 could spend great time together. We will go there on Friday evening and come back Monday night. I don’t think Priyanka will mind.” I smiled at the way he took Priyanka granted. But then I also knew that he was right.

“I guess so. I will talk to Priyanka and call you in half an hour. Is it ok?” I walked towards the cafeteria and sat on an empty table. There was no one else in there, so I could talk freely now.

“Yes sure. I will wait for your call.” I ran a hand through my hair.

“But we will need to book a hotel room there.” I thought about that.

“Oh don’t worry about that. I own a bungalow right on the beach. It has 8 rooms, a swimming pool as well. We will stay there and we can order food from any of the hotels outside.”

“I am sure Priyanka would love it.” I said and then said bye to him and disconnected the call. Then I immediately called up Priyanka and asked her if she would like this. She seemed more than enthusiastic to the idea and agreed immediately.

After confirming this, I called up Javed once again.

“Hello Javed, Priyanka is ok with Friday evening. But how will we go there?” I knew that Javed would bring his car along, but I just wanted to confirm it.

“Umm we can go by my car. But I had thought of another plan if you are ok with it. Do you know how to drive car?” I had learned it and even had a driving license.

“Yes, I can drive the car.” I replied him.

“Well, then why don’t you drive the car? I will come with Priyanka on my new bike. I have imported it from U.S.A just few days before and wanted a long ride with it. Priyanka was very much interested to ride on it. You know how much she likes new car and bike. Is that ok with you?

“The thought of my sexy wife sitting behind Javed and both her hands wrapped around his waist lit up in my mind.

“I am ok with it. I will tell Priyanka about this.” We both talked for a few minutes before I disconnected the call.

In the evening, I went home and then told Priyanka about our plan of travel and even thought she didn’t show it, I knew that she was somehow excited that she would be traveling alone with Javed. The week end arrived pretty quickly and soon it was Friday. When I reached home, Priyanka opened the door for me and simply bowled me over.

She was wearing a white colored sari with floral designs on it. It was fairly transparent and see-through. She was wearing a block colored sleeveless blouse under it. Her hair was tied using a chop and spread on her back. She was wearing a gajra in her hair and she had her lips painted red bright with lipstick. She was wearing a soft perfume and was wearing lots of jewelry. She was wearing steel colored bangles matching the color of her sari. She was wearing a set of lovely ear rings and a mangalsutra. She was also wearing one more necklace above mangalsutra and she looked absolutely sexy with her arms naked.

“Hi, you are very late. Go and get ready. I have already packed our suitcase.” She closed the door behind me. I turned around and looked at her from head to toe. She noticed my gaze and smiled at him.

“So how do I look?” She came near me and wrapped her hands around my waist.

“You look stunning” I said. But In my mind I said “You look like a woman who is all decked up to get fucked by a Muslim hunk. ” I touched her naked skin on her stomach. But she quickly slapped my hand and smiled. Then she slowly moved her hand to touch my cock which was already stirring. I tried to kiss her, but she stopped me.

“Hey don’t spoil my lipstick.” She pushed me away. I smiled at her and then went in the bathroom and showered. Javed had agreed to drive to our home in his new bike and one of his drivers will bring the car. After meeting He was going to ride with Priyanka and I will have to drive the car behind him.

He was going to release his driver because I was going to drive his car. Just as I finished wearing my clothes, I heard my cell phone ring. Just as I entered the hall, I heard Priyanka answer it.

“Hello Javed, where are you?” She adjusted her sari a bit and ran her hands through her hair. Javed must have told her.

“OK, can you wait for us on the bus stop on the same road? I am sorry, but our society is very gossip oriented. If I sat behind you on a bike, it will raise lot of eyebrows and there will be lot of gossip. So I hope you won’t mind waiting there. We will be there in 10 minutes. And once again thanks for understanding.” She smiled as she disconnected the call.

I was almost ready now.

“Hey let’s go. Javed is waiting for us on the Bus stop. I have already packed everything we need for 3 days.” She went in the bedroom and then brought a bag in the hall.

I nodded and picked up the bag. Priyanka picked up the keys to our flat. We both got out and she locked the door behind us. Then we got in the lift and went down. It took us hardly 5 minutes to reach the bus stop. We saw Javed’s car there and then I stopped. Priyanka spotted Javed in his bike and smiled at Javed.

The moment Javed’s eyes rested on my wife, his eyes lit up. “Wow, you are looking sexy in this sari.” He said as he eyed my wife from head to toe. Priyanka blushed as she noticed Javed’s eyes hovered on her breasts. Her sari was very transparent and Javed could easily make out shape of her breasts.

“Thanks, you are also looking nice “.

“Can you help me put this bag?” She said to me

She extended her bag to me. I took it from her hand and passed it to Javed’s driver. After putting the bag in proper place Javed’s driver got out of the car from the other door and gave the keys to me.

“Hi Aniket, how are you? Are you ready to drive?” Javed said from the bike. I replied to him as I took the keys.

“I am good. How are you? Have you thought about dinner?”

“We will be there by around 9. Once we get there, we can order it after getting fresh. I hope you won’t mind if we order dinner at about 10:30.” He turned towards my wife as she stood there. Priyanka smiled and replied.

“Of course, I don’t mind. Even daily we have dinner at about 10. Half an hour won’t make much difference.” She was adjusting her chop in her hair and her naked armpits looked sexy.

“Great, then we will order dinner once we get there. Don’t worry about us Aniket. We are on bike, so we may be able to avoid traffic easily. Don’t worry about catching up with us. We will go ahead and you can catch us later.” I nodded and then got in the front seat and started the car. Priyanka attached a pin on the pallu of her sari and attached it with her blouse so that wind wouldn’t blow it away. The she waived a hand at me and got on the pillion of the bike. She smiled at me as I started the car and then to my surprise wrapped both of her hands around Javed’s waist. She had never done that for me. She always used to put her hand on my shoulder lightly for support. She surprised me even more when she then moved closer to Javed and rested her head on his shoulder and then smiled seductively at me. Her breasts must be pressed hard against Javed’s back and every time he would put the brakes on, her breasts would have rubbed against Javed hard. Javed also turned and waived at me and then they rode away and I started to follow them.

As Javed had mentioned, because they were on bike, they were able to cut through the thick traffic easily, but I was left behind. It took me almost 9:00 to reach near Alibaug. I ringed her in her mobile phone but she did not take it. After 10 more minutes I reached Alibag. I didn’t know where to go. So stopping at a point, I called up Priyanka’s cell again. This time after a few rings, she answered the call. As she was answering I herd a continuous water falling sound that is more like a shower. She must be in a bathroom.

“Hello Aniket, where have you reached?” I looked around to see any landmarks and I noticed a big hotel immediately.

“I have reached Alibaug. I am standing just next to a big hotel named Kala. It’s a big building.” I looked at the road ahead.

“Ok, I now it. It’s just near to the beach and Javed’s bungalow. You just follow the same road towards the beach and take one left turn. Once you take left, Javed’s bungalow is second as you go in. It’s named Jannat. It’s a big white colored building. That’s’ the only white one. So you can’t miss it.” I looked ahead and noticed that it was a fairly short road for a car.

“OK, I will come there.” I got in the car once again and started the car.

“Just drive straight in and park the in the parking lot. There is one lot there just as you come in and then come to the bungalow. I will keep the door open for you. You shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.”

“Ok, I will be there.” I disconnected the call and started to drive the car. I followed Priyanka’s directions and was entering Javed’s bungalow in hardly 5 minutes. It was a sprawling bungalow with a nice landscape. I went in and parked the car. I locked it and then went towards the bungalow. As Priyanka had mentioned, the door was already open.

I entered and then closed the door behind me. It was very posh bungalow with 2 floors. I looked around and there was no one. Then I heard my wife laughing and it sounded like it was coming from the second floor. I followed the voice and could hear her clearly now. In a moment, I was near at a half closed door. I looked in and was shocked even though this was what I had wanted all my married life.

Priyanka was sitting on the bed and Javed sitting right behind her. Javed’s hands were wrapped around her waist and he was kissing her neck. She was wearing a new sari and looked very fresh. She must have showered few minutes ago because her hairs are still slightly wet. Javed had changed into a Bermuda shorts. But his upper portion was naked showing all the glories of his muscular body and deep chest hairs. Priyanka’s eyes were closed and she was sighing as Javed kissed her. He then moved both his hands to cup my wife large breasts and slowly squeezed them. She stiffened a bit and pushed her breasts forward, but Javed again pulled her back.

“Oh Javed, squeeze them slowly na. It hurts.” She now opened her eyes. She once again pushed her breasts outside of his grip for a moment and kept it like that as if she was showing them off to me. Then she slowly pulled them back.

“Priyanka ji, try to get used to it quickly.” Javed roughly squeezed her breasts once more and then slowly moved his hands on her naked arms and slowly rubbed them. “Yes, I know but it will take few more days to get used to of your big hands. Till that point, please squeeze them slowly. My husband never roughed me up like this. He is too soft. So I will need some time to get used to your manly rough methods. ” She laughed and then slowly leaned back against Javed. Javed also laughed loudly.

“Yes, I know Aniket is such a soft and innocent guy. You need some rough stud like me to satisfy you.”

“Don’t say like this about him. That poor guy is my husband for god shakes” She laughed again loudly after saying this.

As they hurled these humiliations at me, to my surprise instead of feeling ashamed, I was feeling horny.

Priyanka then told Javed “Javed ji my husband will be coming at any moment. Don’t waste time. Please go to the bathroom and take a shower. Let me prepare the bed in the mean time. It looks like a mesh. If my husband comes and sees this mesh he will definitely understand that we were fucking in this bed. Javed was not ready to leave her. But she forced him to release her saying “com on Javed ji, you have just completed fucking me. We are going to spend 3 days here and I am not running out from you.” Javed understood this time and went towards the bathroom. I returned back to the ground floor quietly. I called her up from the stairs. She shouted “come to the top floor, I am here”. When I entered in the room Javed was in the bathroom taking his shower and the bed was perfect. Priyanka greeted me normally like nothing had happened. She showed me my room and removed my casual dresses from my bag. I asked abut her new sari and she said that Javed gifted it to her. I asked her when they reached. She said that they had reached just half an hour ago. But I knew that’s not true.

We took our dinner and went to bed early because we were all tired. I was in a deep sleep. I opened my eyes at around 7-O-clock in the next morning. Priyanka was not in my bed. I herd her voice from the kitchen. I went near the kitchen quietly. She was preparing our morning tea and chatting with Javed. Javed was sitting in a chair just beside her. I once again noticed that Priyanka already took her bath and she was wearing another old sari of her. I quietly returned from there and went to Javed’s room. Its door was open. I entered in the room without making any sound. I checked the bed and found nothing. Then I thought about something and entered in the attached bathroom. And I found what I was looking for. The sari, petticoat and blouse that Priyanka was wearing yesterday night was laying in the corner of the bathroom floor with one Barmuda. My god… Priyanka and Javed fucked again. I figured out that they either did it at mid-night or in the early morning. I sat there and started inspecting their clothes. Oh my god, a portion of her petticoat was still wet and sticky in Javed’s semen. Suddenly my eyes stuck on another mark. I found few red marks of blood on another side of her petticoat. I understood Priyanka used her petticoat to clean her cunt just after the fuck. That’s why the semen and blood came in her petticoat. Priyanka was used to my small 5 inch dick. In their new found excitement they must have fucked each other very hard. Javed’s enormous 9 inch cock made Priyanks bleed slightly. I looked around on the other side of the bathroom and found a waste box. I checked it. OH…shit. My cock stood stiff when I found one used condom with full of semen.

Nothing unusual had happened that day. We all chatted a lot, traveled a lot in Javed’s car and spend some quality time with each other. That night we took our dinner late, at around 11-O-clock. We went to bed at 12-O-clock. It was midnight when I got awake somehow and found that Priyanka was not in my bed. I quickly went near Javed’s room. It’s door was locked but one windows was slightly open. I looked inside eagerly. Yes they ware doing it again. But this time the movie had just started. I sawJaved grabbed Priyanka’s hair roughly and kissed her lips hard. Priyanka was startled, but she opened her lips for Javed and soon her lips were locked with Javed’s. Javed’s tongue entered her mouth as she opened it for him. She kept licking on his tongue. Priyanka was moaning softly as she kissed him hard. Javed ran his hands through her hair a few more times and then broke the kiss. Priyanka seemed a bit disappointed, but brightened quickly as Javed moved his hand towards her breasts and then removed the pallu of her sari aside. Javed wrapped his hands around her waist and then buried his head in her breasts. Priyanka threw her head back and moaned as she felt Javed’s rough beard rubbing in her cleavage.

“Oh Javed Ji, I have dreamed of this for a long time ago. Priyanka moved both her hands and then wrapped them around Javed’s head.

“Priyanka Ji you have the sexiest pair of breasts I ever saw. You husband is a real wimp, I don’t know how he allowed me to have fun with you.” She laughed loudly, “Yes Javed ji, he is a perfect pathetic wimp. I don’t know from where he got this “cuckold” idea. But when we got the chance we should make use of it as much as possible. They again started laughing loudly.

He doesn’t even deserve to touch your lovely breasts. A strong and rough stud like me should handle your breasts.”

Javed moved both his hands towards her breasts and moved his head away. He then grabbed both her breasts and roughly massaged those making Priyanka squirm. Then he unhooked all the hooks of her blouse quickly. Priyanka eagerly raised both her hands to allow him to remove her blouse. Javed removed her blouse quickly and then turned to remove her sari as well. He plucked out sari from her where it was attached to her waist and then pulled it away. Priyanka allowed him to remove it completely and then threw it away on the bed. Now Priyanka was in undergarments. She slowly moved closer to Javed and kissed him once again. As they kissed, she moved her hands under Javed’s T shirt and slowly pulled it up. Javed raised his hands and Priyanka pulled it out of his shoulders. She then looked in Javed’s eyes and kissed him once again. His chest was covered with thick dark hair. She ran both of her hands across his chest and then slowly placed her head on his shoulder. “Oh Javed ji, you are so hairy. I love it jaan. This is more like a man that I want.” She caressed his chest as she kissed his neck. She kept caressing his chest with her hands. Javed was kissing her breasts once again as his hands moved to her back. He was still sucking on her breast when he unhooked her bra from behind and then tried to remove it. Priyanka raised her hands to help him and Javed pulled it out. Then he threw it and smiled.

Priyanka once again caressed his chest and kissed it once before she finally moved her hands behind Javed’s neck. Then she firmly pulled his mouth towards her breasts. Javed obliged her as he grabbed one breast and took the other one in his warm wet mouth.

“Oh Javed ji, it feels great, my breasts belong to you from now on. Please lick my tits hard. Please suck them, make them wet with your mouth.” Then she closed her eyes and slowly started rubbing her hands on Javed’s naked back.

“Oh Javed ji, please bite them harder with your lips. I love it when you bite my breasts like this. I want to see your bite marks on my breasts. I want my cuckold husband seeing them every time I change clothes and removed bra in front of him.” Javed didn’t say anything, but he switched from one breast to another and took her other breast in his mouth. As he was feasting on her breasts, he slowly turned around with Priyanka sitting in his lap and her legs wrapped around his waist. Then he slowly pushed her forward so that she was lying on her back and he was sitting on her hips.

Priyanka opened her eyes and licked her lips. Javed’s hands were on her stomach and he was slowly caressing it. She smiled at him and took both of his hands and pulled them on her tits. She slowly squeezed them on her breasts and then closed her eyes once again. As Javed continued mauling her big breasts, she moved her hand across her body and slowly reached out for Javed’s crotch. It was already making a tent in his shorts. She slowly rubbed it with her hands tentatively first over the cloth of his shorts. She looked in his eyes seductively for a moment before she pulled his shorts down. It took me by surprise as Javed’s huge dick popped out of his shorts as Priyanka pulled it down. Javed was not wearing any underpants. Priyanka pulled his shorts down and Javed got down from her stomach and sat beside her on the bed. Then he slowly sat on his knees so that his huge cock was staring Priyanka right in the face.

Priyanka extended her hand slowly and touched his cock. She looked at it once and then slowly started caressing it with her palm. It was smooth and hard. Its head didn’t have any skin as Javed was Muslim and his cock was circumcised.

“Oh Javed ji, your cock is so much bigger than my husband’s. Seeing this, I think his one is so useless. I feel I have wasted all my married life.” She looked at Javed and Javed also laughed hearing her.

“Yes Priyanka ji, his small dick is no match for me. He really can’t satisfy you with his small dick. What you need is a big fat 9 inch cock in your cunt to and stretching it to satisfy you. Now come here and make it wet with your mouth. I want you to lick and suck it till it’s lubricated properly so that it enters smoothly in your cunt.” Priyanka slowly got on all fours facing Javed’s cock.

She slowly caressed whole length of Javed’s cock with her palm slowly once again. Then she closed her eyes and then slowly moved her face so that her cheek was touching Javed’s cock. Then she slowly started rubbing her face against Javed’s cock. She moaned as she caressed her cheeks with Javed’s cock.

“Oh Javed ji, your cock is so wonderful, so big and hard.” Javed moved his hands to Priyanka’s naked breasts and slowly started mauling them with his big hands. Priyanka continued to rub Javed’s cock against her cheek for some time.

Priyanka ji, please open your mouth and take my dick in that lovely moist and warm mouth.” Priyanka smiled at him.

“I will do anything to satisfy and please you Javed Ji.” Then she obediently opened her mouth to accept Javed’s cock. Strands of her hair were brushing against her face. She slowly tucked it behind her hair. Javed tilted her face upwards and then slowly inserted his huge cock in her waiting mouth. Priyanka’s mouth was stretched open, but she accepted Javed’s cock in her mouth without a whimper. Even after she had taken it completely in her mouth, still almost half of his cock was outside.

Then she slowly started moving her mouth up and down his massive cock. Javed groaned and threw his head back as Priyanka’s mouth sucked his cock. I could see his cock getting wet with her saliva as she licked and sucked its length. Javed also started stroking her face with his hand and then slowly started fucking my wife’s mouth with slow rhythmic motion.

Priyanka was now moaning loudly as she sucked Javed’s cock. Even I could see her rolling her tongue around his cock. Now Javed grabbed her hair roughly once more as he increased pace of his fucking. With his one hand, he held Priyanka’s face steady and with his other he grabbed her breast as he fucked her mouth furiously. Priyanka also was steady allowing Javed to fuck her mouth properly. Her eyes were closed and she was groaning loudly. Her lovely black hair was spread on her naked back as her mouth moved forward and backward on Javed’s cock. Now Javed was panting heavily and his entire body was covered with small droplets of sweat. He stopped suddenly and then pulled his cock out of my wife’s mouth.

“Get down on your back.” He ordered my wife in a commanding voice. Priyanka licked her lips for a moment and then obediently lay down on the bed beside me on her back. She then spread her thighs wide. Her cunt was wet and moist and smelled strongly. She spread her thighs and waited for Javed to take control. Javed quickly moved in and he gripped my wife’s thighs. Then he slowly adjusted his huge cock on my wife’s cunt. He put his hands below her waist and then slowly started pushing his cock inside her cunt. Priyanka cried out loudly as Javed pushed his cock in her cunt. Even though it was wet, his cock was still pretty big for her. She bit her lips as Javed slowly started stroking his cock in her cunt. She moaned as she felt Javed pushing his cock further and further in her cunt with small swift strokes.

“Oh Javed Ji, please fuck me slowly jaan. You are hurting me with your big cock, I may bleed again like yesterday.” Priyanka cried out as Javed roughly pushed his cock further in. But instead of listening to her, he extended his hand and roughly slapped her breasts.

Priyanka cried out as Javed started fucking her violently. Priyanka’s mouth contorted with pain as Javed’s huge cock ripped her cunt apart. But Javed kept fucking her roughly as he grabbed her breasts for support. Priyanka was moaning loudly now as Javed’s strokes hurt her, but to my utter surprise, she was also matching his strokes with her own. She was moving her pelvis back and forth as Javed fucker her. Her head was falling from one side to other and she was biting her lips every now and then.

Priyanka extended her arms and started caressing Javed’s chest as he fucked her.

“Oh maa, please fuck me harder Javed ji. Hurt me as much as you want. I am yours now. Do whatever you want with me.” I knew Priyanka had pretty tight cunt and Javed’s huge cock must be stretching her badly. But the look of pleasure on her face was very clear. Now Javed had picked up speed and her fucking her hard. Also, he was roughly slapping her breasts and stomach with every stroke. But to my surprise, Priyanka was enjoying this hurt and pain. It was almost as if his slaps on her breasts was giving her as much pleasure as sex. Javed bent forward into her and Priyanka wrapped both of her legs around Javed’s waist. Then Javed once again started fucking her furiously. Now Priyanka was crying out wildly without any worry.

She was twisting and turning in bed and moaning with pleasure. Javed was also panting heavily and his back was wet with sweat. Suddenly Javed stiffened and Priyanka also cried out as Javed’s body stiffened. His body shook violently in spasms and I knew that he was flooding my wife’s cunt with his cum. Priyanka also opened her eyes wide and her body was also shaking.

“Oh Javed ji, I have never had this kind of orgasm before with my husband.” Javed laughed as he pulled out his cock put of Priyanka’s cunt and they both lay on each other panting.

I am going back to my room Javed Ji. Aniket may get awake.

Yes you have shouted to much this time.

“You have fucked me like an animal today, what can I do” Priyanka laughed as she cuddled up to Javed.

I returned quickly to my bed. She returned after a few minutes and went straight to the attached bathroom. She cleaned herself and took a shower. She came to my bed after another 10 more minutes. How was he I asked her whispering?

She was surprised initially but she managed quickly. She answered “Awesome. I have enjoyed every moment of it”.

“So what is your next plan?”

I am not going to share it with you. It’s a secret between me and Javed only.

“So I have been sidelined by both of you.”

She stopped for a moment, and then she rolled on top of me. I felt the soft touch of her breasts on my chest. She looked directly to my eyes and then in a very husky voice she said “Yes because you are not competent for me.”

“So what I am going to do now.”

“Nothing just let me fly with Javed and enjoy” she said without removing her eyes from my eyes.”

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