My erotic tale of being forced into submission

My name is Pooja Sharma, this is my story how I was fucked by a Muslim guy Junaid and how I became his slave.
I stay in Bandra (my stats are 34-26-36), in Mumbai, working as a model. There is Muslim guy in my building, one night I came back from a party all drunk , it was raining heavily , as a result I was all wet , as I moved for the lift , I saw him standing He started looking from head to with lust in his eyes.

That moment the lift arrived and he let me get in first probably to looking at my water dripping back. As the lift started to move I lost my balance and the Muslim guy held my shoulder and asked me if I was okay, now I must tell u I am from a devoted Hindu family. My mom dad were staunch Hindus and my brother was part of a Hindu radical group, so I didn’t hold a good view about them.

I asked him to mind his own business and not to bother me. As soon as I said that he turned me around pushed me against the wall and all I could say was “what the……” before he placed his lips over mine. I resisted but the pressed my nose so that I would have to open my mouth to breath. As soon as I did he put his beef eating mouth over me pushing his tongue inside me and started kissing me feverishly. My lipstick was smeared all over his mouth sucking my lips completely .He kissed me for some time before the lift opened at my floor I pushed him back and tried to escape but the held my arm firmly. With the other free arm I slapped him.

I slapped him again but he kept smiling at me like the devil. I did it a third time but he didn’t bulge. I was tired and aroused so the fourth time I just placed my hand over his cheek. As the door of the lift closed he started kissing my Hindu mouth with his beef eating Muslim mouth. He kissed me so hard saliva started dripping from my mouth. As the lift reached his floor he lifted me in his strong Muslim arms and carried me inside his apartment.

His apartment had big mirrors on each wall pushed me onto one of such wall and I could see my reflection as how he was going to violate my Hindu body. He brushed my hair to one side and started kissing my neck, running his tongue all over my back. He pushed his dick against my ass and I could feel the heat coming from his dick. His kisses had pushed me over the edge .I turned around and started kissing him madly pushing my tongue into his mouth. I ran my tongue all over his face. I then found a radio next to us and pressed play.

I started dancing around him. He stared at me as I danced seductively in my messed up saree. I slowly placed his hand on my bare waist. I slowly turned around as I rubbed my ass on his massive erection and gave him my saree pallu as I danced away. It looked as though he was stripping me off. Once the saree was off I beckoned him to the bedroom. He came in and threw me onto the bed and ripped my blouse.

He started running his tongue from the tip of my neck till cleavage and back. He ripped my bra and mauled my breast covering my perky white Hindu breast with saliva. Then he moved down kissing, nibbling, and licking me till he reached my naval. He suck me there and I lost my self. When I came to my senses I was all nude in the apartment of the man I hate. He had positioned himself onto me and started teasing my pussy lips with his cock and it send shiver down my entire body. It is then that I realised he wasn’t wearing a condom.

I begged him “no we can’t do this. Stop please. I am ovulating and you don’t have protection. I can’t get impregnated by Muslim. Stop” .he laughed and said “u Hindu girl’s r born to be fucked and bred by us strong Muslim dick. that is why u didn’t stop me because no Hindu dick could satisfy u. u would beg for my cock once I am done with u. and with that he rammed his entire cock inside me .
I scream and tears roll down my eyes. I closed my eyes at the horror of what was happening. His big circumcised dick was too big for me to handle and I was in immense pain but slowly the pain receded and his dick touched places inside which were never touched before. I was in bliss.

The pleasure was out of the world. By instinct my body responded to each of his strokes. I opened my eyes and he kissed me with a victorious smile over his face. This pissed me as he had practically raped me. So I decide to have revenge sex. I slowly whisper “ah…ah… kya inta hi dum hai musalmani lund me ah… aahhh..?”. He got pissed and said “ma dikhata hu tujhe kitna dum ha mere Lund me rand” and starts to pump faster.

I feel an orgasm building and cum with a huge force. After I catch my breath I get on top of his and start ridding him since I wanted to feel in control after what he had done. I play with my boobs to arouse him and say “ugh.Mmmm….ahh.aahh…kya hau? Ah… Ah…mujhe Muslim bacche ki maa banana chahte thee na? Ahhh…ugh…bastard. Ah…ah….fuck me like ahhh…u mean it ahhh…” this made him angry and he pushed me down and started fucking me from behind. His strokes were now longer and harder.

As he finds my g-spot I am pushed over the edge “ah… ah…ahha…junnaaiiiddd…aah fuck me harder ah… fuck me faster”. He abuses me “a gae rand aukat me, tum saali Hindu ladkiya bus banti sati savitari ho, bas jab asli mard tumre samne ata ha, tum apni aukat me a jati ho”. I dug my nails in the bedsheet and completely surrender to him. “Ouch…owh ….ahh…ahhhh….yes…yesss…Junaid…im all yours. Bana hi liya tune mujhe apna. Ah…ahh. Just keep ahhh….ahhh….fucking me right there.Ah…ahhh…aj se main tere hog ae.

Mujhe bas tere musalmani lund se hi chudwana ha” is all I could say before he told me he’s going to cum. He cums with full force sending jets of cum deep inside my Hindu fertile pussy which pushes me over my limit and I have an earth shattering orgasm. He pour all his Muslim seeds into me. My Hindu pussy is filled with Muslims beef eaters cum. When I come back to my senses he is lying beside me. I go and snuggle up to him, touching my breast to his chest and giving him a wet kiss on his lips. He kisses my forehead and smiles knowing he has made me his slut for life. I keep my head on his chest and sleep with a smile of satisfaction on my face.

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  1. Part 2 plz

  2. I wrote this and cant believe its here

  3. Pooja will be elated

  4. This site is very sedactive.Hot idea and concept.If anyone want to talk about such fantasy/idea,Please contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]

  5. very very erotic…bt the story should b prolonged more [email protected]

  6. Lol wth pooja this was the role playing we had done a month ago.. Tune story bna Di exactly.. U bitch.. Wase good one(BTW I know your secret)
    My new I’d.. [email protected]
    Mail kr rand.

  7. Who the fuck r u @nawab rasul

  8. Wowwwwwww great, aik baar Musalman Mard hum hindu aurto ko bistar banate hai to hum hamesha Musalman mARD hi dhundti hai

  9. Megha chudna ha tujhe mujhse to contact kar [email protected]

  10. Hi junaid muje bhi karo naaaaa.

  11. Rupali apni id do , ya mujhe contact karo

  12. Hiiii kik me aman1549

  13. Part 2 please!!

  14. wow kya syory thii, I LIKE IT UMMMMM…

  15. Very erotic love story. Would definitely love a part 2 or a different story about this couple. Junaid seems too good to handle!!

  16. Ankita tumhe hangouts pe msg kia hai dekh lo

  17. this site is misguided people and insulting Hindu girls even goddess sometimes. Which is completely wrong
    No girl will be seduced so soon with a stranger. These are all made up stories

  18. Not soon neha it too needs efforts
    And planning
    Unfortunately most hidu girls do seduce by chatting only
    You can try

    Maim me at [email protected]
    Or kik. yousuf012
    If you dont agree
    I will let you know how it starts

  19. No need I am fine

  20. This is true story neha , events very not this dramatic but it was close, cause d guy in d story is me ,and me and my gf wrote this together

  21. Neha, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but just because you dont agree doesnt mean its not true. I for one, have had a pretty similar experience with a muslim guy in my college last year. So stop turning a blind eye to real hard facts!

  22. This was the best story i read!! So hot… Junaid bhai ne lagta hai mast maal pata liya….. mubarak! She sounds like a fuckable bitch!!

  23. Neha, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but just because you have not experienced, doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. I for one, can vouch for a better and happy life with Musalman since I started dating one in my college last year. So stop worrying.

  24. Lagta hai Junaid bhai ne ekdum kadak item ko choda hai! Ek hindu model larki!! Bahot maaze liye honge…Akhir ye ladkiya hoti hai hum musalmanon ke liye pyaasi. She sounds totally fuckable sexbomb!!

  25. Junaid does know a way around hindu girl’s mind and body 😉

  26. U want me to fuck u too , contact me at jakhere69 at kik or email at junaidakh[email protected]

  27. Will there be part 2 and 3????

  28. Can someone help with my wife? Making her a whore

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  30. juned help me to make my elder sis ur whore.

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