My Fantasy Came True

Hi all, This is a follow up post of my previous post

So the good news is, Yes it happened. I must thank the site admin & others who are associated with this site, who allowed my previous post. I would request you all to post this message along with how it happened. Here is the full details of what occurred after my last post.

As I had mentioned earlier, we are from Kolkata & I was just looking for something to spice up our sex life. After I posted here, I had to go through a line of interviews of prospective candidates. At the same time I was also trying to convince my wife for it. After a lot of discussions, she somewhat agreed but came up with some of her own conditions. She said that she can do it only when if she gets to finalize the date & place. Also she wanted to choose the candidate along with me. I was OK with it. After all, it was her body. My wife secretly joined me while I was having chat with candidates. Basically I was typing & she was asking lot of questions. We came across many guys. I also created a account in kik to involve as many guys as I could. Finally we selected a guy on kik after he agreed on all conditions. My wife appreciated the physique of him. He was smooth, well built & nicely educated. He claimed to be well experienced in sex & pleasing women. He made my wife feel cosy enough to open up & convinced her fully to go in bed.

We had couple of video chats where he showed his massive 9″ dick & gave us a demo by jerking off. My wife also showed her body & the guy went mad about her. We settled for last weekend as the date for our little adventure. My wife set the condition that he should not jerk off for at least a week before fucking her. We kept our baby to my in laws & travelled to a nearby holiday spot. We booked two adjacent rooms in hotel on different names.

We met the guy face to face on Saturday morning in hotel. He was really good looking & tall as me. I allowed my wife & him to go for a walk while keeping a bit distance. They walked & talked. Things were really smooth between them. After sometime he asked if he can kiss her. My wife asked me for permission & I said OK. He kissed my wife passionately in front of me. I was a little jealous seeing them like that but it was OK. After all, this was what we came for. While kissing, he was rubbing his hands on my wife’s back & hips. After that they walked a bit. My wife & he asked me if I could give them some time alone. I asked them why & he told me that he wants to talk with her alone. I thought they want some more liplocking so I gave them an hour. I came back to my room & waited for the to arrive. All that time I was imagining what they were doing in that time. My wife came back after some time & told me that he wanted to press her boobs & lick them. I asked if they have done anything else and she said no. He also came to our room & asked me about the plan ahead. I told them that if they are comfortable then they can start the action. My wife said they will but after lunch.

I was rushing through my lunch. I asked them to sit together at table. My wife later told me that he was pinching her thighs & rubbing it the whole time. After lunch he asked me if he can set a condition. I said OK. He said my wife needs to dress up traditional Bengali Hindu attire; with bangles, sindur, saree etc. He also cautioned me that he will fuck her roughly & I should be OK to hear my wife screaming in pain & moaning. I looked at my wife & she told me that he had already asked her about it while they were together. She said yes & asked for an hour to get ready.

It was around 3.30 PM when my wife finished getting ready. She was looking beautiful in that green transparent saree with olive blouse. She had sindur in her head, marital bangles in both of her wrists. I was stunned to see her, she was looking that good. Her perfume was mild but tempting. The guy soon came to our room & they started kissing each other. He started to shed off his clothes. Once he was done we saw his well built body. His dick was semi erect but size was good. He also took off all clothes from my wife’s body. Soon they were completely naked & holding each other. They started rubbing each other’s bodies. He started sucking her boobs, squishing them hard. Soon they were cuddling each other on bed. Then after sometime he started fingering my wife. She was moaning heavily. The guy inserted 3 fingers at once & she was loving it. Soon he started to lick her whole body & then her cunt. My wife had her eyes closed, taking full pleasure. She came hard after some time. She started to suck his dick & soon took it inside her mouth. He was throat fucking her mercilessly. After sometime he made my wife lay on her back & invaded her pussy with his tool. He started with slow strokes but went fast after few minutes. My wife was breathing heavily. She was moaning like a bitch. After that he fucked her in doggy style & slapped her ass many times. She was moaning & screaming like a true bitch.

After that they went to missionary style again. The guy asked my wife if he could cum inside her. She said yes. Again after many hard strokes, he came inside my lovely wife. As soon as he started to cum, I saw my wife’s face had already turned red in shame & fear of what she had allowed this man to do with her. She started crying looking at me & said sorry many times. I said it was OK as she was on pills. I asked the guy to make sure that all cum stays inside. He kept his dick inside my wife’s pussy. My wife was still crying. I warmed up to her & said that it’s OK. Once they were done, I checked her pussy and found most of the cum has vanished inside her. Few drops were coming out. Both of them were exhausted & I asked them to sleep together.

This was just Saturday afternoon. The action spanned for 2 days & they fucked for 6 times in total. While returning back I had asked the guy to arrange 2 – 3 more guys for next time, so we could arrange a gangbang. My wife had a beautiful weekend & thanked both of us for it. Now she is ready for the next time. I will share that experience once it happens later.

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  1. Lovely experience. Great to be a wimp Hindu cuckold hubby. Wish it happened with my shy, conservative Brahmin wife too.

    Keep it up!

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