My female muslim friend encouraged me to have sex with muslim

I am a 23 year old hindu girl who studies in a college. I have a close female friend Areeba who is a muslim.
Being close friends we talk about everything including sex.
One we were talking about men and sex and she told me muslim men have more sexual power.
I thought she was joking but she believed it.
She asked me about my pervious boyfriends. I told her my two previous boyfriends were hindu.
She asked me about my sex life with them.
I told her my first bf was more interested in playing games we rarely had sex, the second one was ok nothing special (kaam chal jata hai bus).
She told me casually that may be if I ever have a muslim boyfriend I would feel the difference, then she shared her stories with me.
Once we both made a plan to go to a movie that day she brought her 24 year old cousin Mohd. Tahir with her. Tahir and I got to know each other.
Next day she told me that her cousin Tahir likes me and he was asking for my number. Areeba asked me if she should give him my number. I said ok.
After talking on the phone for few days we met each other and after 2 weeks I was in his bed. He fucked me without condom like a beast. His dick was bigger and he wanted me to suck it like a bitch. He fucked me again again for a very long period, I was overwhelmed and reached an organsm. He is always hungry and ready for sex with me. I never had so much sex in my entire life as I did with him in just 2 weeks.

7 thoughts on “My female muslim friend encouraged me to have sex with muslim

  1. Great idea for girls those who are shy but loves, dreams, wishes for best fucking to feel real women hood, make muslim girls as friends and take lund of their Brothers and cousins.

  2. Ishita aur gaytri aap dono meray saath add hoo , magar ap log feel scared hesitate in chat. apni darshan / dedaar bi nahi karnay daiti hoo.

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