My feminine fantasies

Hello readers.
It’s been one year since my Mom and I have moved in to live with her Muslim boyfriend Anwar Malik. Mom has already instructed me to call him abbu.I can’t resist the hotness between Mom and Abbu at night. I jerk off outside their bedroom listening to their moans and dirty talks.

But recently i have been thinking it would have been better if i were a girl rather than a boy and would also please Abbu as Mom does. I have a lot of fantasies about my encounter with Abbu if i was a girl.

I would have worn short and sexy clothes and behaved naughtily with Abbu to seduce him and he couldn’t have resisted my advances much.

While mom would be away,abbu would have called me to the bedroom by any small excuse and then locked the door. I would have readily submit my whole body to Abbu and strived every bit to please him.

My whole body would have been his play doll. He would fondle me, kiss me, lick me, suck my titties uff. I would have gifted my body to my Abbu.

I don’t want the action to be limited to bedroom, i wish abbu fucked me everywhere. Bedroom, bathroom, dining hall, kitchen, terrace, balcony and even garden. Not only that i want action outdoors too.

Really after seeing my mom with Abbu, the man inside me has died and i have become more feminine and always fantasy how much better it would have been if i was a girl.

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