My fiance hooking up with her muslim friend


This is the screenshot of message i received from my fiance today.
I live in Delhi and unable to meet her regularly as she works in Lucknow. She insisted me to meet her last week and I refused since I lack free time. And today she is hooking up with her college friend Mousin.

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  1. My story is somewhat similar, my close friend v******* who is a H female her muslim friend works in Dubai (i dont like that guy), He comes back every now and then for a few days and my friend always waits for him. She isn’t outgoing but when it comes to Masood her muslim friend the story is totally different she yearns for him to come back to India and shez the first one to meet him, they go on a night out every time, must be getting banged by him for sure

  2. It’s a matter of concern she’s over considering her distant Muslim friend over that nearby poor hindu guy.
    What matters at the end is performance & her satisfaction from us…

  3. well this is very common. it is a fact. can’t deny it

  4. Gaytri u r right. My elder sis also in affair with a muslim man. She is married but she cheat her hoby for muslim man. I know but can not stop.

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