My fiancee was addicted to a kashmiri muslim guy

I am engaged to a girl who is also a hindu from the same caste, the only reason for it is that I have a good job that’s the way I see it. Recently while I was digging through some of her very old posts, I learned that during 2015 she had a muslim boyfriend named Abrar.

In one of the pics in Abrar’s account which dates back to 2015 they both were together and she had commented I love you baby <3

Abrar is a good looking kashmiri muslim guy and going through his posts it was clear that he likes pak but since he was very handsome and hunky like many Kashmiri muslim guys many hindu girls like my fiancee don’t care or they get overwhelmed. She had liked most of his posts even the controversial ones. He looks more like a foreigner arab-afghan.

She told me that she had a boyfriend with whom she was in a deep relationship for 2 years.
I told her its ok I have no problem. Now I definitely know that she enjoyed muslim circumcised cock for 2 years. Abrar must have widened her pussy, its feels erotic to think that she likes muslim cock and there is no doubt that she used to mount herself on Abrar's cock.
I asked her about her boyfriend if she is still in touch with him. She said now they are just friends and talk occasionally.

6 thoughts on “My fiancee was addicted to a kashmiri muslim guy

  1. Hi dear, you are very lucky that you are getting such a sexy wife who is already been with Muslim. You would enjoy a lot after your marriage dear.

  2. It is so nice that your would be was enjoying a muslim dominant cock. I wish you allow her to continue same even after marriage.

  3. Same with me.I am about to engaged (arranged)to girl (distant relative). She was with muslim guy in college.I secretly hope that she must have used by Muslim her Muslim bf and her every hole is stretched. I hope it’s true.

    1. now how will u satisfy ur wife?
      r u sure? ur dick is sufficient for her needs and holes, already streched beyond limits..
      what is future plan now?

  4. Me and my Gf Alka both are Brahmin and we both were committed fr marriage we nvr had sex only smooch she said sex aftr marriage bt she broke up in 3ed yr. Wn I came to know she is in relationship wd my Muslim friend rehman who fucked her like a whore I fought wd her dn she said to me first control ur Brahmin mother who use to get fuck by rehman dn try to make me understand.Nw call me sister nt Alka m nt ur Gf anymore.I completely shattered on dt day my best friend rehman fucked my mom and my girlfriend.Wt should I call him father or Jijaji. I saw him fucking my Brahmin mother as a slut who is 18yrs.elder dn him. I can’t do anything. I just hate him.

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