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My first encounter with a hindu girl

Hey everybody,
This is the story of my first hookup with a hindu girl. My last post was received really well by you all so I am writing another one. The original story was a mix of Hindi and English but for this article I will keep everything strictly in English so that’s it’s easier for everyone to read. I hope you’ll enjoy this one as well.

It all started at a college fest in my first year at college. I had a girlfriend before this but she was a muslim. After school we shifted to different cities for our studies and didn’t carry on the relationship. At the college fest a few people from our batch were participating in a football tournament. Our team reached the semi-finals and there was a nice crowd built up for that game. Luckily, I scored a couple of goals and was man of the match, after the match this cute girl wearing jeans and a striped shirt came up to me and congratulated me on my win. I was all hot and sweaty and my jersey dripping with sweat, I took it off to cool off
a bit, she jokingly soft punched me telling me that I played really well. I thanked her again for her word and then started talking to my teammates. It had become late so we decided to leave. I had a pulsar at that time which was the cool bike for everyone. On my way out i saw the girl who congratulated me. This time I checked her out properly, she was a proper babe. She was walking alone so I went up to her and asked her if she needed a lift. She said yes and hopped on.

For her age though this girl had an amazing figure. I asked about her and found out she had moved here recently from another city as well and was living with a roommate in a flat near the college campus. On our way there she was sitting quite close to me. Her boobs slightly touching my back and legs slightly wrapped around the back of my thighs. I decided to be a bit naughty and would constantly hit the brakes really hard so that she would jerk on to me, doing so her boobs would press hard against my back and she’d get closer to my ass. To my surprise every time I did that she kept getting closer to me, almost clinging on to me romantically. I was still hot and sweaty from the match but I don’t think she minded that at all. She was enjoying the bumpy ride as much as I did.

We finally got to her home, I wanted to spend some more time with her but was too shy to ask directly so instead I asked if I could use her bathroom to clean up a little and if she could spare a towel for me to dry up. She said she would have to talk to her roommate first. She called her and she wasn’t at home. We went up to her place, I had a spare t-shirt in my backpack so I took it out went into the bathroom and started to cleanup a bit. I intentionally left the door wide open for her to see. She was sitting on the bed and staring at me. I could feel her gaze upon me, she was watching my every move. I avoided eye contact but could see her stare from the corner off my eye. I came out my hair wet and face were wet, wearing no jersey and topless. I asked for a towel which she already had ready with her. I dried myself up and thanked her. I changed and then asked her some more personal questions like how much rent she paid for this apartment, how they managed with food and other normal stuff. The conversation was quite cordial when things took a drastic turn.

Suddenly, out of the blue, she asked me, “Are you muslim ?”, I was taken aback with the question as it had nothing to do with our conversation. I nodded my head as if to say a yes. She then asked me if she could ask me a personal question if I didn’t mind. I told her it’s not an issue, so she proceeded to ask me if my dick was circumcised or not? I knew she was curious so I said of course almost all Muslims have circumcised dicks. I saw her interest growing, she proceeded to question me some more. She asked if it hurts and did it hurt when it was done? I replied that it doesn’t hurt, on the contrary if feels really good, and when it was done i was a small baby so I don’t remember the pain. She then asked if the hood of my penis gets bigger. I answered yes again, saying it does when it is aroused.

I knew she was a lot more curious but was feeling shy to question me further so I took the lead and asked her if she would want to see it? She was taken aback by the offer and said that she wouldn’t mind if I was ok with it. I took of my shorts and my briefs, My cock was semi-hard. She watched in amazement commenting on how it’s the biggest one she’s seen in real life. She asked if she could touch it to which I agreed, she took it in her hand and said it’s heavy, while examining the hood of my cock, it’s girth and other such features. She asked me if I could expand the hood of my penis? I said I need to be aroused for that to happen. I touched her left boobs with my index finger and said seeing these would arouse me a lot. She giggled, and started to unbutton her shirt revealing a black sports bra inside. I got harder and my hood and entire cock in general expanded while she was holding it.

It was as hard as a bone, I knew there was no going back here. I squeezed her boobs from on top the bra, she let out a slight moan and squeezed my cock. I let out a little scream as her squeeze hurt. She didn’t know what she had done wrong, I could see she wasn’t experienced with this sort of thing. I asked her if she was a virgin, she said no but that she had only been with one other guy a few times before and she wasn’t used to foreplay with him.

I told her that if she were to lick my cock it would feel better. ( I had never had a blowjob myself either ) I could see she was reluctant so I put my cock closer to her face, out of compulsion she kissed to hood of the cock. It was an amazing feeling I had never felt like that before. I asked her to keep going and she could see I loved it, she kept kissing it and then started to lick it. It wasn’t like a usual blowjob either, she was licking it like you would a an ice cream but it felt amazing. A little while later I was rock hard, I asked her to strip as well as I was feeling awkward being the only one naked. She stood up in front of me, she pulled her pants down while I unhooked her bra. We were now both both naked standing in front of each other. My cock rock hard, and her round stiff boobs touching my chest. Our breaths were heavy and we both wanted to devour each other in sexual ecstacy.

Luckily I was experienced enough to know some weak points of women from my last relationship where we had experimented a lot. I knew what to do, although she looked a bit out of sorts she didn’t stop me from anything. I gave her a light kiss on the lips, exchanging a bit of saliva. I then kissed her cheek and made her way the her ear lobe.( tips for men reading, a women’s ear lobe is very sensitive and also her neck try it out and see the magic unfold) I nibbled on her ear lobe a bit, she liked it a lot and grabbed my hair I slowly moved down
to her neck then giving her little bites and sucking on her neck. This seemed to driver her crazy coz she was grabbing my ass and head with her arms very tightly. I kept going downwards making way to her boobs, massaging them gently and then giving it a hard bite. Her moans kept getting louder. She pushed my head towards her pussy, it was already dripping a few drops. I stuck one finger in and licked her side walls slowly going up to her clit to suck it. Her legs tightened around my head her body trembling relentlessly, she could barely stand and a few moments later came really hard. She couldn’t control herself and fell on the bed moaning in sexual ecstasy.

I now started to dominated a bit I got in top of her and stuck my cock in between her boobs and started to tittyfuck her. I told her to open her mouth as well. The hood of my cock going in her mouth while I was fucking her boobs. She kept spitting on my cock making it nice and wet and hard enough. I was ready to take her pussy. I went down and slid my hood in between her lips. She was really tight I could not slide in properly. I had to force my dick in her with a deep thrust. She let out a small shriek as I did that, her walls were clamping down on my cock as if someone was tightly gripping it. It was the wettest pussy I had ever had. I slowly increased my pace. She started to enjoy it too moving her hips in tandem with mine. I spread her legs more with my hands giving my cock some more room to work with. All this while I was talking dirty to her which she enjoyed a lot, I called her a bitch a sexy slut and cumslut cock whore ( a lot was in Hindi) she reciprocated as well talking dirty with me too. I didn’t realize that talking dirty would be so erotic as the sex I had before this was always very lovey-dovey.

We switched positions, I took her like a bitch next in doggy-style. I grabbed her neck in a chokehold pulling her towards me while my thrusts were pushing her away. She had her tongue out and eyes rolled up. It was like she had totally submitted towards my perverted ways and was enjoying every bit of it. Constantly moaning, her dirty talk also stopped as she kept making pleasurable noises, her thighs shaking and her body and mine moving as one. While in that positions I played with her boobs, slapped her ass till it was pink, pulled her hair back and all other things I could imagine. There was a time I had to slow down as well so as to let her rest. Also I didn’t want to cum as I didn’t have a condom on.(I was young and stupid)

She was out of breath after having multiple orgasms. I stopped with the relentless fucking as I could see she couldn’t handle it anymore. Being an athlete I had good stamina so I could keep going but she wasn’t used to getting worked up so much. I turned her around and started fucking her tits again. Her chest was sweaty so it made it more pleasurable for me since the first tittyfuck. I kept going as earlier sliding my dick in between her boobs while my cock’s hood met the licks of her tongue. This was enough for me and I came like a horse. I was spurting cum everywhere. I got her tits drenched with my cum her face, her hair, and body covered with my fluids and I was covered in her fluids from the thigh down.

I laid down beside her, both gasping for air. I will never forget the smell that day. The lustful concoction of our cum mixed in each others. She told me to get dressed quickly as her roommate would be back soon. I said I needed to shower she asked me to make it quick as she needed to shower as well. I grabbed her hand picked her up and took her to the bathroom, it was a quick shower where we cleaned each other up that was a little playful( A bit of fondling and kissing) I got ready and left.

That was the first time I had an encounter with a Hindu girl. Hope you guys enjoy the read. I had many other encounters with this sexy babe but those tales are for another day. I appreciate your comments and feedback on my experiences so feel free to contact me.

Kik: ali.a987

email: [email protected] (It’s a work email that I use for writing other articles but I always respond on it)

Instagram : ali.a.writer

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