My first photoshoot with Muslim Hunk Photographer

Myself Ananya ..I am a young hindu brahmin girl from,population of muslims is high(I am lucky enough) I know a lot of my friends who prefer muslim boys..there jawlines..there straightforwardness…and ofcourse the feeling of taboo when they make u do things..its just pricelessAnyway..Nowadays..there is a trend of photoshoot..I had one such photoshoot with my dear friend Akram ..and we all know what happens when we brahmin girls show our skin to the real men so this is how it goes He grabbed my ass and made me stand like this..(in my own house..I was surprised..) He said he is professional and wilk bring out the real beauty in me ..Beauty of a slut which he knows exists within me


He challenged me if I am gutsy enough to trust him and show what lies under my bra..I was a bit horny ..I stood like this thinking what he will make me do next


HE NOW RECOGNIZED ME..he knew I was his slut ready to obey ..He told me that hindu girls are opressed a lot by our cuck dads..He asked me to set an example for other girls ..Gently kissing me..He said..Wel..I want my little Hindu brahmin model in modern clothed behind the railway station tomorrow..okay? I nodded like a good slut ..Next day came..He first told me how I would set example for young hindu girls..that we should not hide oursexy body but show it to the world .we should act independent and have any man that we want..whuch is obvious muslim man ..While teaching me all this he seduced me as he held my ass and caressed my neck and I was ready to become the example..evenhis rough touches made me horny .

I wanted to seduce him..make him mine..I just could not let this man go without getting banged by him(dream of every hindu girl like me)..I tried seducing ..but he got angry..he said”Apne baap ke aage khadi hai kya..ab jaise main tujhe krwanunga waise pose kregi tu..samjhi?”.I nodded yet again


Now thats like a good girl..he said..spanked me ..and said this is how u should go to college everyday so that I could grab and take that ass..He meant it as a joke ..but I gotaroused..I knew he will take me today Well..tu mere saath judi reh ..teri tits ko badi kaise?He came squeezed my tits..and put my hands up..aise..ab yuhi baith ..

I wanted to take the lead..I was topless now ..but was hiding my tits


he took a pic and said..well thats like a goodgirl..then we got in the flow


Long before I knew..I was in his bed..fucked and owned by this man..He then asked me..who are you?I said to please him”Your hindu slut” (but I could feel thefeeeling of excitement while I said that)

(later at his house)From that time..we have been friends for benefit (This was my first ever story..I hope u liked it)

5 thoughts on “My first photoshoot with Muslim Hunk Photographer

  1. Well..there were lot more pics when I sended the story 🤔🤔..
    Anyway..message for my hindu sisters==Suck those muslim cocks and show them that we are the sexiest there are

  2. Model Photographers mostly muslim hi hote hain. main bhi kuch mahino k liye model banne gayi thi.. main 17 ki thi aur bahot khujli thi modelling karne ki. 4 mahine rahi aur kam se kam 25-30 photographers k pas gayi. sabne mujhse wahi kaha tumhare me potential hai model banne ki aur khub choda. last me main ghar aa gayi hehehe no modelling ab job me hu.. but maza bahot aya tha..

    hangout: [email protected]
    kik: deviarti

    1. Well..its all about experience…Muslim mard kaha mauke chhodte hain hum masum ladkiyo ko use krne ka ..

  3. yah to alag hi experience hota h …musalim mard jb photography karte h specially jb hm jaise hindu aurto ka to asse asse pose m khara karte h ki …hm sanskari aurto ki jism m apne app current lagta h …muslim mardo ke pose or uske unki sanskari bate …uske touch photo ko or lusty bana deta h …or phir 2-3 ghate ki janwar jaise chudai..10 inch beefy kate hua lund …hamari sanskari chut ke jaan nikal deta h ….ohhh god… Love you muslim mard
    Hangout : [email protected]

    1. Haa Priya ..I love them too..Aslam nam ke mera BF

      he fucks me like I am his bitch..still I continue to be his slut..Disgrace krta hai..zaleel krta hai..and agar subah mil jaun to blowjob deni padti hai even ..vo temsion nahi leta kuch kehne mein..and uske orders mein give in krti hun main ek sanskari ladki ki tarah

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