My girlfriend Pooja and landlord Karim Part 2

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After the door closed behind my girlfriend and our dirty old muslim landlord I sat frozen for a few minutes not really sure what to do. The spell was soon broken though by the sound of bedsprings. The rickety old bed made a real racket at the best of times, but by the sounds of it the fat and heavy Karim chacha had just sat down quite heavily on it.

I moved quickly and as quietly as I could over to the bedroom door to see what else I could hear, the first thing I heard was Karim chacha laughing.

“He’s listening at the door now, I can see his shadow.” he chuckled, “I bet his little prick is hard.”

Pooja joined in laughing but the bed creaked again and her laughing was muffled and turned once more to moans, I could only guess but it sounded like they were kissing again and that he had his hand in her knickers.

My stomach was in turmoil and my cock was raging hard, so I decided that I might as well play along and unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my boxers down to my ankles. Grabbing my cock I leaned against the door my ear pressed up against the wood listening in to the sordid sex session my eighteen year old virgin girlfriend was having with our fat, balding sixty odd year old muslim landlord.

“Oh my god it’s so huge!” I heard Pooja exclaim

I realise he had taken his pants down and was showing Pooja his cock

“hahaha I bet your sissy Brahmin boyfriends cock is tiny half of this isn’t it?” Karim said with pride in his voice

Pooja just giggled.
“Go on take it in your hand feel it it’s all yours baby”: Karim
“Oh no it smells so awful. Dont you take bath” Pooja sounded a little disgusted by the smell
“Dont worry about the smell bitch take it in your hand NOW” For the first time Karim sounded a little angry and commanding.
Then there was a silence for a moment, surely a clean hygienic girl like Pooja would storm out at the disgusting smell of this old muslim man’s groins.
“Oh my it’s so hot and hard and so huuuge I can’t even hold it in my hand. Ooooh”: Pooja said with a big sigh.
WTF was going on…
I heard her bangles clinking and realised she was rubbing it with her hands. There were wet sloppy kiss sounds in between.
“Oooh sweety your hand is so soft wooow feels so good honey. Thats it rub it from base to the tip” : Karim said grunting
It went on like this for a long time, with passionate kisses. Pooja’s moaning and squealing in between because of what i could only guess as karim squeezing her ass and boobs.
“Now I want you to take it in that sweet Brahmin mouth of yours baby” Karim said grunting
“Oh no thats not going to happen its so dirty and unclean I cant take it in my mouth” Pooja said there was slight anger and annoyance in her voice.
“aaaaah my hair stop it hurts” I heard Pooja scream in pain. I realised he had held her by her braid.
My heart was racing I thought I should do something now the guy was hurting my love, who had never been hurt in her entire life.
“You will take it in your mouth you bitch. Dont think I am your wimpy hindu boyfriend. It’s not a request IT’S AN ORDER UNDERSTAND” Karim’s voice was raised and very frightening now
I heard Pooja sobbing and was about to intervene and bang the door. That’s when I heard

“That’s it baby,” Karim grunted on the other side of the bedroom door, “lick up the length and then suck it into your mouth…oh fuck that’s it, good girl.”

I could hear slurping and sucking noises and moans from my girlfriend’s throat as she sucked Karim chacha’s cock on our bed.

It was so shocking for me that my shy conservative girlfriend and future wife who never took my cock near her mouth was sucking on this dirty fat old muslim man’s smelly cock

He laughed again and she broke off giggling, “Sorry sweety my belly gets in the way a bit doesn’t it?”

The bed springs creaked more, and I guessed he’d lain down, “There you go, get this in your mouth,” he told her.

“Mmmm you dirty old old man,” Pooja giggled before resuming the slurping and sucking sounds I’d heard earlier. I desperately tried to keep a slow pace to my wanking as I didn’t want to cum too soon, but I was having a really hard time of it as I listened in.

There was more creaking from our bed as Karim chacha told Pooja to move around a bit, “Hang on a sec let’s get these off,” I heard him say.

A few moments later she gasped, “Oh fuck yeah lick my cunt.” Then giggled, “Ooh that’s dirty you can’t lick me there! Oi! I didn’t say stop!”

They both broke into laughter again, then the sucking and slurping sounds resumed only broken by the creaking of the bed and moans of delight from Karim chacha and my girlfriend. I didn’t know how much longer I could last without cumming and it took a superhuman effort to stop myself .But I couldn’t hold it anymore I grunted as I shot my load all over myself, the carpet and our bedroom door. I still remember it was one of the best orgasms of my life and I’m sure I nearly passed out.

The sucking went on for what was like 45 minutes.

“Oh you dirty slut!”

“I am close now. You will drink all my cum like a good slut, Pooja. I don’t want to see a drop wasted”

“oh yesssss take it drink it drink it all. Thats good. Ypu are a good sucker you swallowed everything i gave you, you whore. Let me give you a facial aaah yess you look beautiful now wonder what that hindu boyfriend of yours will say when he sees ur face covered in my muslim cum?

I heard Pooja saying “yesss oh it feels so nice give me more you muslim beast”

“Now lick my cock clean” Karim ordered

“Tats it lick the balls the groins clean everything”

I looked down at my cock to see that I was instantly hard again, but I didn’t want them to come out and find me like this so I zipped up and cleaned up as best as I could, getting done just as Karim chacha opened our bedroom door.

He was shirtless, his big hairy belly hanging over his pajama which he was just tying up. He shut the door behind him, “Sit down,” he told me. So I did.

I expected Karim chacha to sit down too but he didn’t, he stood over me a gloating look on his face, his hands running through his long beard. “Enjoyed your wank?” he laughed. “Just make sure you clean up after yourself, I don’t want your spunk stains all over my floor.”

At this point he lit a beedi.

“You know you shouldn’t have let her hear when I was fucking my wife. I realized she had heard it from the way her attitude towards me changed, she started smiling at me. I started plotting this from that day. And you’re stupid friends gave me the opportunity hahaha. And the dumb sissy wimp that you are, you sent Pooja to talk to me, it was like sending a gazelle to an hungry lion’s den” He roared in laughter

“Now you can stay, but as I said only on my terms. So listen carefully” He continued

I’ll be back to fuck your sexy little girlfriend later, today I am going to fuck her sweet little Brahmin pussy and take her virginity, I want you to help her cleanup and get ready, I want her to look as she looked on your festival, in that traditional dress, do you know how horny I was when I saw her like that, the long well oiled hair, the jewellery, the saree and the smell of the flowers? My wives got some extra rough fucking that day hahaha. So get her ready in the evening and no touching until I’ve finished with her, she is mine from now her pussy belongs to me understand?”

I nodded unable to meet his gaze and looking down at the floor.

“Good lad, but it doesn’t stop there. She’s well up for it the dirty little slut.” He nodded towards our bedroom door, “So I’ll be up here most days and while I am and unless I say so, your bedroom is out of bounds, you understand?”

I nodded again still unable to look him in the eye.

“Right,” he started putting on his kurta, “as I said I’ll be back later to give her good shagging, you never know we might even let you watch.”

With that he laughed and turned towards the stairs “See you later baby!” he called to my girlfriend. She called out something back that I couldn’t quite make out but Karim chacha laughed as he climbed down the stairs.

I sat there feeling an odd mix of emotions, I felt miserable, nervous, horny and sick all at the same time and didn’t really know what to say to Pooja. I sat there for a long time thinking whether to enter the bedroom or not dreading what I would see, finally I made the courage and opened the door. I saw Pooja’s clothes on the floor, her skirt, top bra and panty. The bed was completely messed up. Pooja was lying on it completely exhausted. He beautiful face covered with sticky cum, some of it dried some still wet. It had sprayed over to her hair too, which was dried now. Her neck had scratch and bite marks. Her boobs red and looked swollen. She realized i was there and opened her eyes slowly.

“What you looking so miserable for?” she asked me as she as she sat up. “We both got what we wanted.” she fell back onto the pillow and exhaled.

“Did we?” I asked.

“Yeah, you got to have a wank while you listened to me getting a good seeing to off some old muslim perv and I got the best cock I have ever seen. He’s a right dirty old man and he’s got a lovely cock.”

I looked up to see her smiling to herself now, probably picturing that fat old bastard on top of her pounding his cock into her tight cunt, my cock twitched again it was still rock hard. She looked over at the lump in my pants, “See you fucking loved it didn’t you? Karim chacha said he might let you watch sometimes, imagine that.”

“So your’e going to let him fuck you?”

“Yeah, he’s coming over later to give me a good seeing to,” she laughed.

“What about his wives though?” I asked.

“They do as they are told just like you. He said he might well fuck them as well in between he’s a real fucking stud. Can’t wait to get his cock up me later.”

“And I heard him telling you to get me ready, so go get my half saree and buy jasmine flowers from the market.”

With that Pooja shuffled off into the bathroom, the door closed and I heard her singing as she ran herself a bath. She’d only sounded that happy after I’d licked her first time, now she was doing it the first time she sucked our fat landlord and he was coming back later to fuck her and take her virginity and I had to help her get ready. It was like first night for her. I just hoped they’d let me watch this time.

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