My hindu mom and her lover suleman Part 2

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In the morning, after fucking my mom and running her senseless, SULEMAAN got out from our house. SULEMAAN ordered dad that since my mom will be with him for so called exorcisms, dad must take over the charge of all the household duties and leave my mom only to SULEMAAN. My naive Dad shook his head in acceptance. He also ordered that I must be his postman as he would need to send some urgent news to his friends who were waiting on ships on the shores outside our islanded village. I had no courage to oppose or deny a potent Muslim Masculine stud like SULEMAAN. He handed over a letter to me and said that I need to deliver it to a Masculine stud like him who would be waiting by then on the rocky cliffs by the shore. I took the letter started to run in one breath reaching the rocky cliffs of our village. I saw a man standing there. He too, was also enormously built like SULEMAAN, I had never seen him earlier in our village. He chuckled as he saw me panting and approached me. I handed over the letter that SULEMAAN gave to me and he laughed like a demon lifting both his hands in air and saying – “Allah Huh Akbar!! “ After celebrating his victory, the reason of which I was completely unaware then, then he handed over a packet of dates, cherries and cashew nuts to me and said – “Allah will bless you my child for your good deeds. Soon you will be a part of our holy army”. He also handed over a letter to me and said that I hand it over only to SULEMAAN. I asked his name and he replied Zafar. I was happy to have the dates, cherries and cashew nuts and as I tasted my reward I turned my foot towards my home.

As I returned home I saw my  pimp dad kneeling, crying and praying in front of SULEMAAN for over some reasons.

Dad– ” Please!! Please in the name of God!! Don’t make me do this!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing to save my wife. But if I do this, I will be thrown away from my community. I will be ruined “.

At this SULEMAAN was outraged and started to beat my dad with a broom stick.

SULEMAAN– ” You know you pimp !! You impotent bustard !! How much effort it takes to fight off evil spirits !! And you want me to feed only on vegetables and fruits like you pimps and bustards do !! No no way. !! I will have beef now !! And you will be the pimp who will get that for me, cook that for me and feed that to me !! Do you understand me you pimp !! “

SULEMAAN kicked my dad on his belly, punched him on his face, beat him with the broom stick on his back. My dad tried to fight off SULEMAAN, but his vegetarian strength was unmatched to the beef fed demonic strength of SULEMAAN. Through the window of bedroom, peeping through the curtains, my mom was watching his legally married husband beaten by her new Muslim potent lover, and she did not even protest. Seeing her new Muslim potent lover getting mad at her own married husband, my mom took charge of the situation.

Mom– ” Oh come on dear husband !! Can’t you even fulfill the request of a true man who is saving your wife from the clutches of the evil spirits !! Please honey !! Give SULEMAAN what he is asking for !! There is no harm in serving a true guest !! SULEMAAN is working hard on your own wife in your own marital bed !! Please keep him happy !! SULEMAAN took pity on dad and said- ” Don’t worry !! I know a secret technique by which I can breed !! I assure you after I breed your best cow, you will be a different man and you will have no upsets in your life.  Only if my naive  dad had known that SULEMAAN was pointing to my Hindu mom as he said her dad’s best cow, and he would breed her for Muslim studs. SULEMAAN ordered me to take care of my mom and to give her a shower and make her ready for next stage of exorcisms, while he would go out in the courtyard and do some exercise. As I saw him exercising in the courtyard, I saw his muscles flexing and bulging like that of any body builder, and he was bathing in sweat. Meanwhile I handed over the letter to SULEMAAN that Zafar gave to me. The entire environment in our house was turning very insane; SULEMAAN had become the new master of the house. And I and my dad were his slaves. Our house was his harem. My Hindu mom was his bitch in harem. I entered in the bedroom which once belonged to dad, found my mom lying on the bed with a saree somehow wrapped to cover her assets. I was shocked to see my mom’s SINDURI MAANG and hair all messy, she had love bites on her cheeks, neck, forehead, arms, scratch marks on her back. The marital bed on which she enjoyed SULEMAAN’s Sultaani Salaami was stained by cum of SULEMAAN and my mom’s. The entire room smelled hard and toxic due to the potent beef fed cum of SULEMAAN. I started to weep seeing my mom in such a situation. Mom consoled me and said that she, for the first time in her life was having the pleasures of seventh heaven and SULEMAAN was her true potent lover who really knew how to pleasure the assets of burning womanhood. Mom requested me to help her to go to the bathroom. I saw she was limping on her foot and hardly able to walk by the pounding Hindu married womanhood received from her Muslim lover’s manliness. As I mentioned before that in our village, the bathrooms used to be outside main building, so as I was helping my mom to go to the bathroom, dad came out of the kitchen and too was completely shocked to find his own wife’s compete manhandled look. Before he could talk to her, SULEMAAN stood in front and thrashed my dad on his face and reminded him that as long as he was in the house, my naïve dad Khokan will not dare to talk to my  mom, MINU. I saw a complete disgust and disgraceful look on my mom’s face and I knew that dad’s position as her lover was taken by potent Muslim stud, SULEMAAN. I did not even have the courage to stare at my mom in front of SULEMAAN. SULEMAAN ordered my mom to be dressed like a newlywed Hindu bride, to which mom obliged. SULEMAAN was sweating in heat and excitement as he entered the kitchen and enquired dad about his beef. He tasted it and praised dad for being a good cook. SULEMAAN ordered dad to bring food for him and my mom in the bedroom, I was amazed to find my dad and the owner of the house behaving like a slave to his orders. This time also, SULEMAAN closed the bedroom door and dad locked it from outside. I heard my mom and SULEMAAN laughing at this act of my pimp dad.

I did not want to miss any sexual acts between my Hindu Married Brahmin mom MINU and her  Muslim lover SULEMAAN, so I again positioned myself in the backyard barn. My mom was dressed only in transparent silk saree. She was looking extremely lustful. Hardly the transparent saree could hide her all bodily assets which by then were already invaded by SULEMAAN. SULEMAAN praised my mom’s beauty stating her “Jannat ki hoor”. My mom was hungry, so was SULEMAAN.

SULEMAAN– “Come on my whore ! You do not have any shame when you enjoyed my Sultaani pounding in your married Hindu Honey-pot, on your very own marital bed !! You did not have any hesitance when you ate my dense hot thick Muslim beef fed protein shake from my Sultaani cock !!
She was really growing insane just because of the lust of SULEMAAN’s Sultaani cock.

SULEMAAN– ” So my bitch !! My little whore let’s get back to the next stage of exorcisms and stab some demons in your body. Or else your pimp husband will say that I did not work hard on your body.”

My mom was chuckling mischievously and lustfully at the words of SULEMAAN. Her lust was growing to limitless, her cunt was burning with fires of desires and lust and she knew that without her Potent Muslim lover SULEMAAN’s Sultaani cock drilling, she would not be able to cool her burning lusts and desires.

Mom– ” So what is it, that my Sultaan wants from her slut in his harem. “

SULEMAAN– ” Show me how you can pleasure your Sultaan !! Make yourself worthy of my harem !! “

As my mom started to remove her saree, her milky white complexioned body revealed the love bites and scratch marks on her breasts, shoulders and back, those were implanted by her Muslim lover SULEMAAN during the previous intercourse session and watching a Hindu married mother behaving like a professional slut, was making SULEMAAN horny. My mom’s rosy petals in between her legs were flooding with juices because of excitement and erotica. SULEMAAN stood on my dad’s marital bed with his potent Sultani Salaami poking in his patloon. The idea that he was drilling the honey-pot of a married Hindu Brahmin mom on her own marital bed with the permission of her own legally wed pimp husband, was giving SULEMAAN the hardest of hardons. My mom’s face and eyes were flooding with lust and insatiable desires. She was biting her lips by her teeth as she saw the bulging in her Muslim lover’s pelvic region. She knew what that package in between her potent Muslim lover’s legs contained. Unknowingly, she started to pinch her own nipples and maul her busty milk containers. My mom had just then graduated as a slut, as her acts were making SULEMAAN’s huge black mamba poke hard and harder in his patloons. As SULEMAAN took out his Sultaani Salaami, she was completely shocked to find SULEMAAN’s 12″ long and 10″ fat Sultaani Salaami already rock solid and fully erect like a baseball bat.
biggest cock
SULEMAAN- ” This time, I want you to show me your caliber without your hands !! . Yes just your mouth, lips and tongue worshipping my Mandingo manhood !! No hands !! Or else I will punish you just as I punished your husband !! “

My mom abided to all the orders of her lover word by word. Worshipped the black Mandingo manhood of her Muslim lover. Mom gasped in her excitement. SULEMAAN’s big black cock darted forward and slithered on my mom’s soft tongue. She kissed her lover’s cock head and started to consume the huge potent shaft slowly and slowly.

She began taking it in her mouth inch by inch, till she reached the root. She engulfed the complete 12″ Sultaani Salaami in her mouth. She took her lover’s potent shaft out of her mouth and started to suck and lick the cock-head. She swung her tongue over and over her lover’s cockhead just like a little girl sucking a lolly-pop. She licked the entire 12″ long Sultaani Salaami from top to root again and again.

She took her lover’s chocolate pop in her mouth and began to gobble it up. She had to open her mouth wide, wider than she ever had before to get the head in. The sides of her mouth felt as if they were going to split. This was just incredible. My mom, MINU couldn’t believe this was actually happening to her, finally again in her own marital bedroom. Her eyes got damp with the glory of it, as she sank her mouth down farther onto SULEMAAN’s huge potent Sultaani shaft.

“Mmmmmm, you taste soooooooo good,”

 my mom mumbled to her lover SULEMAAN with her mouth full. She sucked the big orange shaped balls of her lover over and over again. She would repeat these steps over and over again untill her Muslim lover and master certified her pro-services. My mom was moaning and slobbering over her lover’s Sultaani Salaami as dribbles and loads of saliva lubricated her Muslim lovers big shaft . If only dad could see what the exorcism obliged mom to do.

SULEMAAN– ” That’s my slut !! You look good worshipping that big long Muslim dick !! Don’t you !! I believe that you have fallen in love with my Mandingo dick !! You know how to suck a cock, don’t you!?”

My mom MINU, instead of replying with words proved her worthiness to her lover as she continued her slutty services. Pre-cum continued to ooze from the tip of SULEMAAN’s cock into my mom’s mouth while she tried to deep throat his huge member. Her face and mouth was aching and she believed that the Sultaani Saalami of her lover was tearing her mouth; she was so wet with her own juices in her rosy petals in between her legs. Yet her insatiable lust and desires provoked her to continue her services to her lover. Dribbles and loads of saliva from her mouth was lubricating her lover’s cock once again so that it could drill the nectar from the honey pot in between her legs. I know she wanted that badly. SULEMAAN was going mad watching a Hindu married mom sucking his Sultaani shaft in her own bedroom. His hormones must have hit his head as he started to fuck my mom’s mouth violently. SULEMAAN had already ordered  my mom MINU, not to use any hands during the blowjob session. But his Sultaani thrusts in my mom’s mouth not only made my mom choke on his shaft but also compelled her to use her hands to prevent any further mouth fuck. My mom coughed, gagged and vomited loads and loads of saliva on her lover’s potent manhood, seeing which SULEMAAN laughed mischievously. She was panting like hell as SULEMAAN’s huge potent shaft had pumped the air in her lungs out. She requested a time to breathe and regain her strength but SULEMAAN was outraged seeing her defying his orders.

SULEMAAN– “ I told you bitch !! Never defy my orders !! I told you not to use your hands !! And yet you used them to stop me to mouth fuck you !! You are a very bad  whore !!”

Mom– “ You were chocking me like hell !! It felt like you were crushing my windpipe with that Sultaani Shaft of yours !! I had to !! Please forgive me !! ”

SULEMAAN– “ No you defied my orders and in an harem whores are punished for defying the orders of their masters !! So what, I choked you with my cock!! You betrayed your husband for enjoying my cock !! No you are a very bad whore !! I need to punish you !! I need to teach you a lesson !!

SULEMAAN took the same broom stick by which he beat my dad the morning in front of my mom, and enquiring whether my mom remembered the broom stick, started to  hit her on her white ass cheeks.  Powerful animalistic swings and swings of broom hit my mom’s ass cheeks till they had the marks there which made my mom scream. My mom  pleaded to forgive her, but as SULEMAAN was the owner of the harem (our house) and mom was his whore, he taught her well the results of defying orders. SULEMAAN made my mom count how many times he beat her ass cheeks so that she can remember the lesson. My dad was tensed hearing my mom scream and cry too hard; he knocked the bedroom door and enquired whether any other devil possessed his wife. To this, SULEMAAN increased the frequency of swings on my mom’s ass cheeks. My mom like an experienced slut knew what SULEMAAN meant and she replied- “No no Hubby !! Please leave us alone !! It’s like I made a mistake and SULEMAAN is teaching me a lesson !! Please don’t interfere !!”. After 15-20 odd beatings, my mom’s ass cheeks were painted with marks she received for defying the orders of her master in harem. Years, later I came to know that beating any subordinates during sex is called BDSM- bondage, dominance and submission, sadomasochism.

After teaching his whore a lesson, SULEMAAN again started to fuck her mouth. This time like an obedient girl of a daddy, my mom was obliged to take the huge thrusts of SULEMAAN’s Sultaani Salaami. Her hair had gone all messy and SULEMAAN continued moving her mouth up and down over his thick long shaft, letting her tongue massage the underside as it glided past. She was chocking, gagging and coughing. Loads and loads of saliva dribbled over SULEMAAN’s thick and long shaft, aching my mouth, throat face and lips.

Soon she felt the head of her lover’s cock getting bigger and bigger as he tried to push his pole all the way down her throat. She gagged, but then swallowed down on him and was able to open her throat up to take him in. She dropped her jaw down, let her tongue conform to the bottom of her mouth and made an “o” with the back of her throat.

SULEMAAN– “ Yes !! That’s my number one whore with a mouth fuck !! A few more strokes more bitch
!! I am soon going to feed you for your services.

SULEMAAN did not take long after that to deposit his potent beef fed cum in my mom’s stomach.
Streams and streams of dense, hot, thick, protein shake fed my mom. She must have felt that SULEMAAN was directly shooting in her stomach. Of course, she could not swallow all of it, but what was left over, SULEMAAN deposited on her face, hair forehead. Ultimately, SULEMAAN made my mom behave like a two rupee cheap slut.
I must say that SULEMAAN’s potency was huge. Even after feeding my mom with his thick, hot and dense beef fed cum, and spreading the leftovers on her face like a facial cream, SULEMAAN was rock hard like a stallion. My mom was completely out of breath after this marathon session of mouth fuck and BDSM. Her face and hair were messy by her lover’s cum. She had broom stick marks on her ass cheeks which were still aching by then and above all her rosy petals in between her leg was dripping wet by her own juices. That meant she really enjoyed being a slut in SULEMAAN’s harem and her desires were burning her cunt. She really enjoyed being treated like a hindu slut in a muslim harem. She really enjoyed being totally humiliated, beaten and violated in the hands of her  lover. SULEMAAN laughed and laughed at the messy look of his whore and was really enjoying what my Hindu married Brahmin Mother was doing to satisfy her insatiable lust and desires.
My mom though out of breath, panting hard, taking deep breathes frequently had no courage to defy the orders of her master or else she did not know what was waiting next for her in the form of punishment. SULEMAAN dripped his rough, long course fingers in my moms’ wet, smooth and gentle rosy petals. He started to finger fuck my mom’s cunt to which my mom’s body arched and felt the pleasures like she never experienced before. After measuring the fluids in my mom’s cunt, SULEMAAN was convinced that the iron was hot and it required only a hard hitting. His big long thick shaft was already well lubricated my mom’s saliva and his cum to pound my mom’s little married Hindu cunt. Like a bee preparing to sting nectar from rose, SULEMAAN positioned his mammoth Sultaani shaft in between my mom’s rosy petals. There on my mom’s own marital bed, I found my dear mother, MINU, on all fours all naked her thighs wide apart moaning a deep moan from her chest. Behind her, like a king like a stallion, the muscular black stud SULEMAAN was mounting my mother like a horse mounts a mare, like an Afghan bull breeds an Indian cow.
SULEMAAN, my mom’s Muslim lover was fucking my mother’s cunt with his 12 inch cock aggressively. I didn’t believe what I heard. My mother was begging this Potent Muslim man that was fucking her cunt to fuck her harder, to give her his precious cock, to give her his hot boiling cum. With every invading strokes from SULEMAAN’s Sultaani Salaami that conquered mymother’s cunt, my mom’s busty milk buckets on her chest swayed to and fro like a pendulum. SULEMAAN was fucking my mom’s brains out with each and every Sultaani thrusts onto my mom’s cunt. My mom was screaming, moaning in pleasure and erotica and not only the bedroom but the entire house rocked hard as she screamed and moaned due to the pleasures of seventh heaven. She spread her legs and ass cheeks as far as she could so that she can allow her Sultaan to penetrate her to the pit of womanhood.

Mom– “Fuck it SULEMAAN !! You are huge !! Your every thrust is blowing my  womb !! Oh dear !! You are filling me up !! I never knew this position could be so good !! I never tried this with my husband !! Fuck me !! SULEMAAN !! Give me what you have !!”

That was really insane. My  mom was behaving like a two rupee slut and complaining to her lover about her unsatisfied married sex life. That was not only humiliating for my dad, but insulting as well. But it was my naïve dad that surrendered his married wife in the hands of a potent Muslim Stallion. Henceforth, I could not blame my mom. SULEMAAN laughed at the insanity and slut-ness of a married Hindu Brahmin Mother. He knew that my mom will never feel her pimp husband inside her. He knew he had conquered  a faithful mother by his potent manhood. With each and every heavy thrusts that raged from SULEMAAN’s huge shaft, my mom’s tiny  cunt was resized and stretched to the limits. She had already orgasmed a few times in erotica and ecstasy. But SULEMAAN was rock hard and still then continued his Sultaani thrusts from his big long hard manhood.

Mom– “Yes fuck my cunt with your big black mamba SULEMAAN !! Dig my hole !! You are tearing me into two halves from my cunt !! Ahh !! Yes its making me so wet !! I am cumming again !!
Ahhhh !! Fuck !!

SULEMAAN– “ Fuck you MINUJAAN !! You are the tightest cunt that I have ever fucked in my life !! It seems that your cunt is chewing my big black mamba !! It feels so good !! I have fallen in love with your married Hindu pussy !! I am the owner of this pussy !! You know that whore !! ”

Mom– “ Oh yes !! My  cunt is in love with your Sultaani manhood SULEMAAN !! You are my king !! You are my Sultaan !! You own my cunt !! Breed my womb !! I want to feel your hot cum inside my pussy !!

SULEMAAN– “ You are so tight MINUJAAN !! I will need to perform few more exorcisms to resize your cunt. You have my word, I am going to fuck you in front of your horn headed Hindu pimp husband and your bastard son. You will like it whore !! ”

My mom cummed hearing SULEMAAN’s idea to fuck her in front of her own husband and son on her own marital bed. She requested not to do that. But SULEMAAN objected saying that a whore like my mom did not posses shame, she was possessed instead by her insatiable lust and desires. Sometimes, SULEMAAN, would finger my mom’s ass-hole and my mom would go crazy with the sensation of both her holes getting filled up, something which she had not experienced before. The velocity with which

SULEMAAN was invading my mom’s cunt with his  manhood, his big balls were hitting my mom’s ass cheeks and the sweet flapping sound was produced, something which my mom never experienced before.

Like animals, their black and white bodies heaved in sexual frenzy until SULEMAAN bellowed like a bull, the light shining on his gorgeous muscular biceps and abs. His big balls were shaking as his cock engorged inside my mom’s fertile womb and he deposited his seed deep inside her cunt, a place reserved only for dad. No woman can resist a muscular body and a big cock like SULEMAAN’s.

After they finished, I saw the trail of cum form mom’s hole as SULEMAAN went to clean himself. Not only that, due to the hard rocking of SULEMAAN’s Sultaani dick in her tight little cunt, her cunt was swollen. She was again senseless in pain, pleasures, erotica and ecstasy. My mom’s marital bed was stained by SULEMAAN’s cum overflowing from my mom’s honey-pot.

SULEMAAN knew that my mom needed some rest before the final fucking session in front of her husband and son and he also needed time to fuck out an idea to keep my dad and me in the bedroom while he will be fucking my mom’s brains out. He knocked the bedroom door and my dad opened it. He was sweating hard, and his patloon’s pelvic was stained by his potent cum and my mom’s honey juices.

SULEMAAN– “ I did not knew that your wife is possessed by a very powerful monster. To free her mind, body and soul and to completely purify her, I only have one method left. You and your son must be with me in the night in the bedroom while I perform the final treatment to free your wife from devil.

My naive dad was overjoyed that SULEMAAN would be finally able to cure my mom and accepted SULEMAAN’s condition without knowing the underlying meaning of it.

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