My hindu mom and her lover suleman

The political condition between our country and our neighbors was boiling. Talks of an upcoming invasion filled the air. Our village, CHOOTGANJ, was situated on the ocean borders of the two countries on a very small land mass of island. Our village was mostly at peace and majority of the population was Hindu. Very small population of roughly 60 Hindu families was there on our Island village. So our villagers were always waiting for any piece of news on the fragile peace between our two countries.

I was born to my Hindu Brahmin dad Khokan Mishra and Hindu Brahmin mom Minu Mishra soon after they married. At the time of the story, I was six years old and I had no brothers or sisters. I still remember my dad citing to mom, the cause of not having other children to the bad economic and political situation of the country. We were a happy little family although my dad was a very stern but polite man. Mom and dad were not very highly educated but they knew the minimum to read and write. This was the case with most of the villagers because our village was far away from the mainland and we had to travel a lot to get to schools to mainland. This was why my father, including other villagers had a great respect for the Hindu priests, prophets and the clergy in general.
Mom was always a Hindu Sati-Savitri to dad. Dad was like the master and boss of the house. Mom never objected and I could always see the acceptance in her beautiful blue eyes. Mom was 31 years old back then with very milky white complexion, twenty years younger than dad. Her long black hair flowed over her shoulders and her slender figure matched with her medium height of 5ft 3 inch. Mom was blessed with a pair of big breasts that were very hard to conceal and were complemented by a big firm ass. Her figure at that time would have been 38 boobs 30 waist and 34 buttocks.
On the other hand, my father worked in the fields all day and sold the vegetables every few weeks to make a living. We were the richest farmer family in the small island village, with almost 5 acres of land, 8 good health white cows and many other cattle, and as a result we enjoyed attention in small day to day village affairs. Dad’s hard work made him stay in good shape for his age. He was around 5ft 7inch tall, which was considered tall in our ebony village group. A few months later after my sixth birthday, I witnessed a big black stud arriving in the village. He was a real masculine man with 6ft 3inch height and all his muscles in the body could be counted. Broad muscular shoulders, broad cupped chest, 12 pack abs, masculine legs, he seemed like a He-Man to me. With his black complexion he seemed to me like a Muscular Iron carved big man. When the villagers first saw him in the village he was building a Masjid by her own hands. He told the villagers that he was a prophet and preaching Islam to distant lands. He introduced himself as Sulemaan Maity. The villagers at first did not pay any heed to that big man and ignored him. But, whenever my Hindu mom looked at the Big Man’s iron sold muscular body, I saw in her eyes a glistening and shining lust for that man. And when all the other Hindu families in our village stayed away from that Muslim Big man, my mom always arranged food and water for him. My pious, gentle, kind and attractive Hindu mom was already attracted by the Muslim Big- man’s physique.
I knew that she will not remain Sati-Savitri to my Hindu dad anymore.

All the Hindu ladies and girls in the village wore very revealing clothes. No bra and petticoats, and only long huge saree wrapped around their bodies to cover up their attractive assets. They went to the local temple like that, they remained in their home dressed like that, when any guests and relatives came they did not have the courtesy to be decent and not too revealing, they bathed like that in the broad sea shore, in fact after they bathed, they travelled with wet stained clothes to their homes, proclaiming their milky buckets, juicy buttocks and even sometimes hairy Hindu pussy. One evening, my mom was bathing on the seashore, due to high tides she was washed away. I was with my mom, I cried for help but there was nobody. I was crying and sobbing thinking what will happen to my mom as I did not know how to swim then. Luckily, the Big Black Muslim stud, Sulemaan, jumped into the ocean and saved my mom from getting drowned. But mom’s saree was washed away by the tides and she was all naked when Sulemaan carried her senseless in his muscular arms and landed her on sandy shores. Sulemaan’s pajamas were stained by water and I could sense the huge bulge in his pelvis. I assumed he was huge and his potent package underneath was mammoth than any normal man in the village. He was petrified and stupefied by mom’s angelic beauty.
My mom had only her wedding ring in her hand and a locket in her neck in which our family photo was laminated. Her vermilion covered maang and bindi in forehead, was washed by high tides. Her colorful bangles on her hand dazzled after being washed in sea water. Her entire body was stained with wet sands and she was looking daamn sexy in her naked sandy body. I shouted why my mom was not breathing. Sulemaan got back his senses and started to voluptuously press my mom on her chest and her huge milk buckets. With every force that landed on my mom’s milky chest, I saw Sulemaan’s biceps and triceps veins stiffening. Within 20-30 seconds my mom’s white
milky chest turned apple red and my mom vigorously coughed, gagged and threw up water.

When she recovered herself from what just had happened, she was overwhelmed and astonished to find herself completely naked in front of a Big Black Muslim stud. She tried to cover her milky buckets on her chest by her hands. She tried to cover her married Hindu pussy by crossing her legs. Within seconds her white milky white cheeks transferred into apple red due to shame. I cried- “Mom are you ok! Uncle Sulemaan just saved you from drowning! You must thank uncle Sulemaan!”. Seeing my Hindu Brahmin mom almost paralyzed in front of him, Sulemaan was beginning to experience his greatest hardons for the day. My mom started to cry and said that she was Sati-Saavitri and it was not fair to see a married Hindu wife and mother naked by other males, other than her own husband. I tried to console mom and said that if Sulemaan uncle was not there she would have drowned and she must thank him for whatever he did to save her life. Sulemaan called my mom “MINUJAAN” and tried to console her saying that he was trying to save her life and that it was not his fault that my mom’s saree got washed away in tides. My mom was again crying and sobbing and said how she would return to her home. What will happen to her and her family if somebody finds out that she was totally naked with a Big Muslim stud in sea? Sulemaan said that he will carry my mom in her arms to her house through the backyard road and nobody will ever find out what accident took place. Seeing no other option in front and approaching night my mom obliged. Sulemman uncle lifted my mom in his mighty arms like nothing and she covered her milky buckets by her crossed hands and her Hindu married pussy by her crossed legs. I did not pay much attention to what Sulemaan uncle was doing and thought that he was only trying to help her. As Sulemaan uncle was walking through the backyard road to our home, my mom was discharging her love juices from her love spot in between her legs. After all she was a woman and any woman would feel a jolt of electricity running through her entire body if she was with a Muslim Muscular stud like Sulemaan. Sulemaan uncle did not let go this situation to test how much my mom was aroused to be in his muscular arms.

Sulemaan- “MINUJAAN it seems that you are leaking honey from your honey pots. I feel my arm stained. Is everything ok? You can share with the man who just saved your life.”

My mom was completely blushing in shame; her heart must be pounding a million times within a second, she couldn’t even look into Sulemaan’s eyes and have the courage to give him a satisfactory reply. Sulemaan sensing my mom’s awkward situation chuckled mischievously and lustfully replied- “MINUJAAN you are no longer a Sati
Savitri. No Hindu woman can be a Sati-Savitri once her entire body lands on a big muscular Muslim stud’s arms like me.” When we reached home, Dad was not in home either as he was in the local village hall for some meeting. That was indeed a blessing, did not know what dad would make out if she found her wife totally naked in the arms of a Big Muslim stud like Sulemaan. Sulemaan uncle landed my mom from his muscular arms and my mom could not even take a look on his face as she was blushing in shame. That man was huge; gigantic in fact and my mom’s height was only to his naval region. Sulemaan uncle scrutinized my mom’s entire naked sand toned body that she was trying to cover and said – “MINUJAAN look at me !” My mom would not dare to lift her gaze to another
man other than dad. Sulemaan uncle again insisted- “MINUJAAN please look at me !! Would you not keep a simple request from the man who saved your life? ” After such polite request, mom was compelled to lift her gaze to Sulemaan uncle’s face and he replied looking straight into my mom’s eyes – “MINUJAAN you are the most beautiful, kind and seductive Married Hindu Brahmin woman that I have ever met. You are like JANNAT ki HOOR to me !! I am thankful to Allah that he gave me the chance to save such a beautiful Hindu Woman. I must warn and advise you that you must leave this village as soon as possible because things are going to be messy here for you Hindu Brahmin married women.”

Sulemaan uncle did not stay a second after he said these words and turned his back and left. I saw my mom sobbing. She moved to the bathroom in the garden and started to take a bath. I went to my room trying to make up what the hell just happened. I was sitting beside the window in my room when suddenly I saw someone peeking over the bathroom. Our garden bathroom wall was not big only 5ft 10 inch high covered on all four sides with no ceiling. I carefully tried to guess who the hell that much tall can be to peek through the bathroom wall when my mom was bathing. I came out, hid myself behind the bushes and saw it was no other than Sulemaan uncle. He was masturbating and watching my mom bathe. His eyes were glittering seeing a married Hindu Brahmin lady bathing naked in front of him and he was looking lustfully towards my mom. I could not sense the size of his potent male baby-maker in dark. After approximately 15-20 minutes, he appeared from the dark to light and deposited loads and loads of potent Muslim protein juice on the bathroom door. He shot for almost 3-4 minutes and as the door was of tin each time his dense, thick, creamy protein shake hit the bathroom door some sound was made. What was leftover, he stained the bathroom staircase.

My dad soon appeared and asked for my mom. Sulemaan uncle was a quick athlete to vanish in the d
ark as soon as he heard my dad’s voice. My mom finished her bathing came
out of the bathroom and some sticky potent smell het her nostrils. I saw my mom was turning pale in excitement. She was standing on the potent Muslim Milk Shake that Sulemaan uncle just deposited on the bathroom staircase. She investigated and found residues of dense, thick, potent Muslim beef fed cum staining her bathroom door. She looked here and there, got assured that nobody was watching her and then without any hesitation started to lick the bathroom door and taste the potent Muslim cum of Sulemaan uncle. That was so horny, sexy and hot. A married Hindu Brahmin woman licking cum residues of a Muslim stud!! She tried to take as much as cum, she could from the leftover and unknowingly her hand started to rub her pussy. She was getting aroused. She sat on the Muslim beef fed cum stained bathroom stair and started to finger her pussy vigorously. It did not take much time before she liberated her love juices from the rosy petals. What I then just saw, I could not believe. Sulemaan was arousing bit by bit, the bitch, hidden in my Hindu married Brahmin mom for years.

That night, mom had sex with dad in their marital bedroom. Though I never interfered before, while they were engaged in love making, I thought to make a peek this time. My mom was all naked on dad and riding his cock like a horse voluptuously and vigorously. She was panting hard, punching her nipples and trying to enjoy every inch of my
dad’s pencil dick. My dad did not last longer as usual, and deposited his cum in my mom’s honey
pot. Even after that my mom was not over. She was trying to keep on the motion. I believe
she was making love to her husband but thinking of Sulemaan uncle’s hu
ge masculine physique and potent baby-making seed that she tasted the evening. Dad shouted-
“Stop! Stop! Darling what are you up to! You will break my penis!! Please stop honey!! I can’t take it any long!!” She was really disappointed and annoyed. Dad kiss
ed mom and went to snoring as usual. My mom again went to the bathroom staircase, sat there and started to finger her pussy till she had her orgasms. What the hell was happening to my Hindu married Brahmin mom? She was falling for a Big Muslim Masculine stud!! I could not believe that.

I could not sleep all night. As our village was very small, I sometimes used to roam in the village streets at midnight. That day also I decided to do the same thing and just started to think what mom had got her into. She was turning into a complete Hindu slut hungry of Muslim Big cocks.

The very next day, I remember that a gas leak accident took place in the village and lead to the tragic dryness of all the fertile lands in the village. Even the booming farmlands in the village were barren. I still remember that dad and mom were very upset as was the whole village.
Sulemaan conveyed in the village gathering that its Allah’s anger on all Kafirs, and if we did not accept Islam we will be doomed in hell, and what just happened is a mere demonstration of what was about to follow. Sulemaan uncle explained that he warned my mom the last evening about this doomsday and yet she did not convey the message to the villagers and as a result of this most of the crops were ruined, cattle were dead and fertile land turned into barren. All the villagers cursed my pious Hindu mom; some even threw stones at her. Some even called her a witch and unholy spirit. Sulemaan uncle took charge of the detoriating situation and said that she was possessed by devil and she must be exorcised and cleansed by this Messenger of Allah!! My mom was completely stupefied at the suddenness of the situation and started to cry and sob. She pleaded to dad that she had fallen into a trap and that dad must help her as she was his wedded wife. Sulemaan wanted an explanation from dad about anything surprising regarding my mom last night. My naïve bull headed Hindu Brahmin dad explained what happened in between him and his wedded wife in his marital bed the other night. Sulemaan uncle explained that only a woman possessed by a devil will behave like that insane even with her wedded husband. Sulemaan told dad that he will carry out extensive exorcisms and cure my mom from the clutches of devil. But for this our family must be one sided from the entire village. All the villagers must not meet with us and villagers accepted the conditions of Suleman and chanted the name of Allah!!
Dad greeted cordially Sulemaan uncle in our house as we had an empty guest room. But Sulemaan insisted that since my mom was too much insane in her marital bed, he must be with my Hindu Brah
min mom in dad’s marital bed and room.
Dad accepted the condition and said that the Sulemaan, being a messenger of Allah and staying in our home would be a blessing for our family. My mom was still sobbing and crying from what she had to recover, dad tried to console mom but he was scolded heavily by Sulemaan saying that he had mystic powers to fight off the devils and any normal man like dad and me if talk to mom, the devil will engulf us as well. My naïve and horn headed dad did not knew that time had come when a much more potent male will replace him as mom’s lover.
Sulemaan also instructed dad to lock him with his Hindu Brahmin wife in his marital bedroom and no matter how hard and loud the sounds be, dad must not open the lock unless Sulemaan gives his orders.

I had already assumed what the hell was to going to happen to my Hindu Brahmin mom. I had not the fortune to see how my Hindu mom reacts, when she was with her then only lover, my dad. But that day was my lucky, as I had already made my plans to see how Sulemaan uncle bedded with my Hindu mom. In the pretext of leaving for a walk in the village, I convinced my naïve dad that I will not stay in the house. Actually I positioned myself in the barn just behind my dad- mom’s bedroom and was having a clear view how Sulemaan treated my Hindu Brahmin mom as his whore. Sulemaan uncle locked with my Hindu Brahmin Mom in my dad’s bedroom. Mom was still
crying and sobbing sitting at the other end of the bed. Sulemaan uncle approached towards my mom. My mom tried to flee herself from his clutches, but his gigantic size and animalistic strength restrained my mom in his arms again.

Mom- “Please!! I am begging you Sulemaan!! Don’t do this to me!! I will be ruined.”
Mom cried and sobbed. Sulemaan- “Whatever bitch!! You are my whore right now!! Shut up!!  You know your husband is a pimp!! He allowed you to breed with me on his own marital bed. Stop being a Sati-Savitri!! You know that with this potent Muslim physique I can breed your fertile hindu womb and you will ride the pleasures of seventh heaven.”

Mom again denied complying. Sulemaan laid himself on his back on my dad’s marital bed.
Seeing no other way, my mom obliged to give Sulemaan what he asked from my mom. Sulemaan ordered her to remove her saree and be fully naked so that he can adore her beautiful body. As a whore complying the orders of her Muslim master in Harem, my mom obliged and was all naked. She was with vermilion on her maang, bindi on her forehead and a locket in her neck with our family photo laminated in it. She was seen second time totally nude by her Muslim lover Sulemaan, and the bulging in Sulemaan’s
pelvis was huge. My mom had never seen such a huge bulge in any man’s pelvic region, and her married pussy was discharging her love juices. Sulemaan then ordered his Hindu bitch for the day to make him completely naked. My mom without any delay get up her marital bed and started to undress Sulemaan.

Sulemaan- “Come my MINUJAAN and help me fend off the evil spirits that infected you.
Don’t you want me to be able to serve you?”
Saying this Sulemaan hugged my nude mom and pressed her with his full power on his chest and started to kiss mom on her lips violently. Sulemaan had made my mom sit in her lap. My mom had known what a violent kiss felt, and as she was kissed continuously by Sulemaan, she shivered in excitement. Sulemaan kissed mom on her forehead, cheeks, neck, and shoulders and then started to play with her juicy and milky boobs. If he would suck, kiss and bite on one of her nipples and boobs, he would hard press and maul the other one. With every activity
that Sulemaan performed on my Mom’s body, she felt her erotica and
got roused bit by bit. Her hidden desires and lusts were set on fire. She would then kiss her Muslim potent lover again and again on his lips and allow him to maul and violate her boobs. As Sulemaan was huge on physique, my mom seemed only a tiny little girl on her muslim lover’s arms.

Sulemaan- “Now my chinaal Hindu raand, show me how you can pleasure a man?”
My mom laughed lustfully, knelt to his pelvis and removed Sulemaan’s boxers.
My mom could not believe what she saw. It was a size of a horse dick fully grown 12 inch. Pitch black and balls were as big as fully grown oranges. Mom’s small hands could not hold on to that long, heavy and fatty Muslim meat with both her hands.
Sulemaan- “Come on MINUJAAN! It won’t bite you.”

Saying this, Sulemaan thrusted my mom’s soft lips on his long horse dick.
Without delay, mom engulfed the salami in her mouth, moaning and slobbering over it as some dribbles of saliva again stained her married Hindu boobs. If only dad could see what the in the name of so called exorcisms, Sulemaan obliged mom to do with a Muslim Big Black Mamba. Sulemaan- “ Yeah bitch !! Take this holy black rod in your throat. Don’t stop till it feeds your stomach !! Choke on my dick bitch !! Vomit on it !! You are doing excellent the first time.”
Mom approached to service this hunk, the manly smell of Suleman’s freshly stained salami filled her nostrils, making her small cheeks and lips ache and her cunt lubricate with her hot juices. Like a child waiting for her present, mom looked with passion in her eyes as she started to feed on Sulemaan’s Muslim Salaami vigorously and violently. She penetrated the Black Muslim Mamba as deep she could in her throat. But she had penetrated only a third of the Big Black Muslim Cock. She got chocked and vomited loads and loads of saliva on her Muslim Master’s cock. The huge Muslim cock cut the air to her lungs, mom began choking and she hurriedly held the black monster out of her mouth as she coughed.

Sulemaan laughed at mom’s ordeal as he watched her kneeling in front of him holding the cock that nearly choked her. When she was again chocked my mom panted like an asthama patient and coughed and vomitted loads and loads of her Hindu Saliva on her Muslim Master’s BIG BLACK COCK. This would be repeated several times and with every loads of dripping saliva from my mom’s mouth, the BIG BLACK COCK of Sulemaan will get lubricated even better for a sting in my mom’s honeypot.
Sulemaan- Fuck it bitch !! You are doing damn good !! I knew you had a lust for big Muslim Salaami’s and today you have got one !! Keep doing the good job my whore !! I am about to deliver you your payments !!
Almost 20 minutes later, mom’s jaw was getting sore from the thickness of the cock and her busty boobs were already stained with saliva and precum. Mom had engulfed her entire Muslim Salaami till her stomach as her little lips kissed the roots of her Muslim Master’s cock root. She was gagging and vomitting loads and loads of saliva vigorously.

Sulemaan- Hold on bitch !! I am about to discharge my beef fed muslim cum in your  stomach !! Oh Fuck Yeah !! Oh yeah deepthroat my big black Muslim cock bitch !! Here I feed your stomach !! Mom heard the muscular potent Muslim lover , Sulemaan bellow as he began discharging his cum inside her. As she opened her mouth, she felt endless gobs of cum filling her mouth and going through her throat to her stomach. The potent Muslim lover , Sulemaan’s biceps flexed as he kept injecting mom with his cum.
Sulemaan- Yeah that shit !! Eat that fucking muslim cum.
Sulemaan filled mom’s Hindu stomach with his potent Muslim cum. She couldn’t take
anymore cum as she was panting and gagging, yet she did not waste a single drop of her Salaami. Burning wads of Sulemaan’s manly sperm fed her stomach as she moaned in lust at the defiling act.

Sulemaan- You ate all of my fucking muslim cum !! I love your little nasty Blowjob !! Bitch !! You are the best cocksucker I have ever met. Mom- Ummmmp !! Ummm !! Thanks for the lunch !! My Master !!
My naïve dad heard all the sounds of my mom’s and her Muslim lover’s
eroticas and orgasms and thought like a horn headed Hindu husband that Sulemaan was helping his wife to come out of the clutches of possessive demons. Only if he had known that the real demon was within his lustful Hindu wife and her Potent Muslim lover, who are performing the duties of husband and wife on his own marital bed.
MOM- I can’t believe I not only took the whole big black Muslim dick of yours in my throat, but also ate every bit of that tasteful beef fed Muslim cum !!

Sulemaan- Put those milk buckets together around my muslim potent meat !! Look at those fucking pink nipples of my cow !! Daamn !! Mmmmm !! This gonna be fucking good !! Next time you gonna beg for some titty fuck from my Muslim potent meat !!
Mom- Mmmm !! Yes !! Fuck my tits with your big black Muslim Dick !!
Looking at my Mom’s cum stained love-pot in between her legs, I thought my mom must be thinking that her pussy gets so wet when she is with this Muslim Big Black Cock holder, Sulemaan. Her honey petals were leaking cums from the previous eroticas !! She had got into a mess in between her rosy petals.
Sulemaan- Yeah !! Work those fucking titties bitch !! U love Muslim meat !! Don’t ya !! You know how to use your busty milk buckets to serve a Big Black Muslim Dick !! Deepthroat that dick !! That feels so good baby !! Yeah Ali !! That’s it titty fuck and suck my cock !!

Mom- Oh Yeah !! Fuck my tits with your monster Muslim meat !! How come you are so hard even after you feed me buckets of cum !!
Sulemaan- Bitch !! because that’s real Muslim beef fed Arabi horse power.
Mom- Your age is 45 !! But your potency is immense !! I would have never bred with a pencil dick if I had met with you before !!
Sulemaan- You are right bitch !! But since you have already bred with a pencil dick of your hubby I needed to prove you what it feels to be breeded by a big muslim cock !!
Mom- Oh yes !! Breed me Sulemaan !! Breed me with your big black Muslim meat !! Show me how it feels to be a true hindu bitch of a Muslim Hareem !!
God what my mom was onto. Of couse she is a woman afterall. And after all her hard work onto my best buddy Sulemaan’s Muslim dick she was thinking from her cunt and not by her head or heart. Also she was dying to feel the pleasures of seventh heaven with her Muslim Master.
That day, my once faithful Hindu mother laid on the bed with her new Muslim lover Sulemaan, her new Muslim Lover. My mom opened her thighs wide and waited for the black Muslim potent baby maker to conquer her to penetrate the place that is reserved to her husband. She wanted Sulemaan’s black cock in her cunt.
As soon as the precum covered and saliva dripped head of Sulemaan’s big black cock touched my mother’s married little cunt lips, a jolt of electricity shot through her whole body form her toes to her head.

Sulemaan didn’t waste any time in positioning his torpedo between my mother’s legs and pushing to penetrate hew hungry cunt. My mom’s cunt was flooding like peaches and creams from her cum juices and her Muslim lover’s big black cock was well lubricated by her dripping saliva. Screaming like a Hindu whore in a Muslim Hareem, she was consumed by Sulemaan’s fuck pole, she felt her cunt being dilated. The only time mom felt like that was when she gave birth to her only Hindu son, Durlav. She has never felt this feeling with her husband Khokan.
Little by little, my Hindu mother sunk on the muslim cock until she was fully impaled on the Sulemaan’s black Muslim monster. My mom held on to the muscular broad shoulders of the black man impaling her on his cock. The patient bed of Sulemaan in the clinic, rocked heavily that day as he was the man taking the husband duty, slamming his Muslim torpedo in and out of my Hindu Mother’s cunt.
My mother screamed as her legs were up high in the air and the black cock pistoning in and out of her married cunt. She begged her Muslim black lover to fuck her hard to stiff her with his cock. She told him she worshipped him.

She noticed her wedding ring still on her hand the symbol of her love and devotion to her loving caring husband Khokan. But at this moment, she wasn’t thinking straight, all her mental power was centered in her cunt on the black pussy breaker of Sulemaan conquering her.

The air was knocked out from her lungs for a few seconds as the
Mom’s potent Muslim lover , Sulemaan was only the second man in her life to fuck her. The Big  muslim stud began his fucking again as he slammed into mom’s tender vagina, his big black cock filling
her completely and stretching her to limits dad could never dreams of reaching.

As Mom began to move her waist herself on the fuck pole in pleasure, her breasts jiggled and deep sultry moans escaped her throat. Mom closed her eyes as the pleasure and pain in her overstretched cunt enveloped her. Was this how a woman should feel when she was filled to the brim with a huge man’s cock? Was she missing all this pleasure during her marriage to Khokan, the father of her only child? She couldn’t decide then and there but she knew one thing: this pleasure she was feeling from Suleman’s  dirty thick cock made her sit on a cloud high above.
Each time Sulemaan’s thick Muslim cock penetrated my mom’s Hindu married cunt, I would hear the sound of his black balls slap against her ass. The moans escaping her mouth were never heard by dad while they had sex. Mom was biting her lips and closing her eyes as she receive the pleasure from the Muslim stud.
Orgasm after orgasm rocked my mom’s body as Sulemaan shoved his muslim Salaami in my mom’s married hindu cunt for his pleasure. Their lips intertwined many times as if they were husband and wife performing their duty in their bed, only the cuckold father was replaced by a stronger male.
As mom felt the her Black Muslim lover climaxing inside her, she felt her womb being filled with a burning hot liquid. My best buddy and Muslim friend Sulemaan filled mom’s fertile womb with his  seed until cum began to flow from her cunt on the bed. As he popped his cock out of her, mom tried to cover her breasts but pain from the sex bites coursed through her, reminding her of the masculinity of her great potent black Muslim lover.
Sulemaan scratched my mom’s back, shoulders, cheeks , boobs and everywhere were his strong teethmarks which he called love bites.
As Sulemaan put on his clothes again and threw mom her saree to wear again, he signaled dad to open the room as his first session of exorcisms were successfully over. He came out to meet me and dad, visibly tired.

Sulemaan- “Your wife should be better now but I am sure she will need a few more sessions, but I must warn you must not enter the room and I will arrange for her food when necessary”.
Dad was overjoyed with the result and bent and kissed Sulemaan’s hand in appreciation. In retrospect, it is humiliating seeing my dad kissing the hand of the muslim stud with the donkey cock who fucked mom senseless on his bed but my mom was happier with in the bed than she ever was with my dad.

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