My hindu mom is slave in Saudi

My name is Rakesh and I am a Hindu. I am 22 years old and my mom is 46. 10 years ago, my mom went to Saudi Arabia looking for a house maid job but she is now a slave to a rich hotel owner shaikh.

She performs belly dance in his hotels showing off her body and legs, with very little clothes, in front of the rich guests.

She is known as Mallika-e-hindustan there. Since she is not allowed to leave, I went to visit her and saw how people get sexually aroused when she shakes her breasts and hips.
When I asked her about returning, she said that she likes it there. Since she is getting old, this will be her last year dancing, and she is going to convert to Islam and stay with her master.

One thought on “My hindu mom is slave in Saudi

  1. mujhe Is site ne aisa bna diya h ki ab to me kisi b hindu lady ko dekhta hu t sochta hu ke ye b muslim se chude chahe wo meri family ki ho ya koi unknown
    meri kik id 222akhil

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