My beautiful hindu mom nailed by muslim studs

The weather outside is murky and bleak but I am having fun as I am alone after a long time after a hectic year and I decided to take a break and so Shimla seemed a perfect place to start with and it’s quite a healthy proposition if you’re looking for a peaceful calm and chilly summer and perfect if u want to pen down a story a real story and I have been following sex stories for a long time and hence wanted to share something with all other readers.

This story is about my mother Padma an Indian beauty. She always had that X thing and I always have been a big fan of her assets a perfect family woman taking care of her family a good mother and a faithful wife seems complete but there is always an if and a but and it all started when I was just 10 years old and since then and I remember each and every encounter quite vividly.

She is a beautiful woman with a very fair complexion and a body which is the dream of every man. She has big tight juicy breasts round curvy buttocks, smooth sexy belly and a deep navel. It was the winter of 1998 and we used to live in a 2 BHK flat in kolkata which was quite comfortable given the size of our family. Dad was in a government service and mostly used to be busy with his work and was oblivious to the needs of my mother.

We had a neighbour his name was Arif Khan and he used to live with his friends Jamal and Mohammad. All three of them were in the same office as my dad and hence we had quite a healthy friendship with them but surprisingly all three of them were bachelors they often used to come in the evening to chit chat with my dad and sort of presented a good neighbour type image in front of my mother.

We also thought of them as gentlemen as they were well mannered well behaved and very helpful. My mother Padma was a beautiful homemaker who devoted her time in the well being of her kids and her husband and a conservative Indian woman who used to dress in sarees and salwar kameezs and who was totally unaware of the prowess of her beauty and her sexuality.

She was easily the most beautiful and hot woman in our neighbourhood completely unmindful of the fact that her tight dressing sense was giving hard on to almost everybody who had attained puberty. I was on the cusp of puberty but had no idea of sex or sexuality till that evening which changed everything. One day my dad told us that he has to leave tomorrow on an official trip abroad.

The trip was long and hence he informed our neighbour Arif to take care of us. My mother wasn’t happy but she had no choice but to spend next 2 weeks without my dad after my dad left Arif used to come daily in the evening to ask if we needed anything and I was pampered with lots of chocolates and he seemed a nice guy and my mom felt the same way so they became a little more friendly and the hesitation slowly withered out.

This continued for almost a week and everything was normal accept that Padma missed my dad obviously a young beautiful woman has her needs but she was helpless. The same weekend on Sunday there was a get together in our society and everyone was invited and the party was organised in a park just in front of our flat so there was no rush.

My mother that evening picked a red saree and a tight red blouse for the event and when she was finished with all the make ups she looked like a goddess her tight blouse outlined the size and shape of her boobs and they looked in shape and they looked massive her ass cheeks jiggled with her every movement must have kicked a lot of dicks out every man was ogling at her in the party but they were with their wives.

So it was little they could do except Arif Mohammad and Jamal.I was busy playing with other kids but a number of times I saw mom talking to Arif and Jamal they looked friendly and at ease. The party went on till midnight after which all of us went back to our abodes tired and filled and I was quite exhausted so I slammed on my bed early while Padma was watching telly she never used to sleep without talking to my dad and so there she was waiting for his call.

I don’t remember when I slumbered into deep sleep suddenly and I woke up hearing the some noise which was not very reassuring and I hurried towards the drawing room but there was nobody and the front door was open. My mother was missing and I went outside looking for her and I heard her voice from the next flat it was uncle Arifs flat and the door slammed in front of me but luckily nobody saw me and just above the door there was ventilation window and I climbed and peeked inside to get the shock of my life.

My mother Padma was on the floor only in petticoat and blouse her saree had already been peeled off she was sobbing eyes filled with tears and fear as there stood three Muslim studs drunk what do you want why are you doing this and leave me sobbed Padma my mother but those bastards giggled and said we want to fuck you and we have always wanted to bang you bitch and tonight we show you how a hot bitch like you is nailed.

Your husband is not here you must be hungry for cocks and well we are here to serve you just enjoy said Mohammad meanwhile Arif pulled my mother up by her hair and started licking her neckline and pressed her boobs from behind my mother struggled and with all her effort freed herself and tried to run towards the door but Mohammad was quick to grab her by her hair and threw her on the floor.

Arif slapped her hard and she started crying. I told you its better you cooperate or else it’s going to be very painful said Arif but Jamal had too much he jumped on her pulled her behind grabbed her boobs with his big palms and squeezed it hard it was a cry of pain from her mouth he pulled her hair and forced his lips onto her and his hands were squeezing her large melons like anything while he sucked her lips like a hungry bear.

My mother was helpless in front of these animals and her fate at least for tonight was decided. Jamal manhandled her like a doll and she could only manage ahhhhs and uhhhhhs, he grabbed her ass while he sucked her mouth dry. My mother’s back was facing me so I could see how Jamal ruthlessly crushed her ass in his hands and they were engrossed in a violent smooch after 10 minutes or so he broke the kiss and then he slapped her again her white cheeks turned red.

She could barely manage a breath ,but Jamal was in no mood to show mercy he grabbed her blouse and with one jerk tore it apart it did not take much time for him to take her bra out and there she stood topless my own mother in front of me and in front of those hungry animals for the in my consciousness I saw her boobs they were milky white round firm and massive.

I just could not imagine how she managed to keep those jewels inside a blouse all these years. Jamal could not wait and he just pounced held her boobs in his hands and dragged her towards him and she just managed a big aaahh before Jamal smooched her again. He probed inside her mouth with his tongue while he squeezed and massaged her melons in his hands

And the erotic scene unfolding was too much for Arif as he could not wait and grabbed her petticoat and pulled it down thereby giving me a glimpse of my mother’s round and fleshy ass. Arif slapped her ass cheeks a number of times before he placed his tongue in her ass crack licking her ass hole and plummeting her ass cheeks with his hands. The round and fleshy ass cheeks turned red with the treatment it got it was an awesome view with Jamal sucking her lips and mauling her boobs while Arif was busy down and under.

I could only hear her moans which slowly turned softer indicating that she was giving in it were after all inevitable. I wanted to help my mother but my moral radar betrayed me maybe I was an animal like Arif and Jamal in the making it was a view of the century and hormones were raging inside me and I was like my mother totally helpless after Jamal had enough ,he threw her on the floor and slowly undressed himself his huge 8″cock sprang like a snake.

My mother maybe had not seen a monster like that before so her eyes bulged in amazement she was petrified please don’t do this ,I am a mother and a faithful housewife and she cried but it was pointless. Lets teach this hindu bitch a lesson said Arif to Jamal She was lying naked on the floor ,Arif undressed himself spread her legs wide and placed his lips on her pinkish pussy she tried to resist but Jamal held her hair and placed his dick on her mouth.

He slapped her again and forced his long thick dick inside her mouth it was a lovely sight a long black dick disappearing in a beautiful ladies mouth Jamal was sitting on my mom’s face so he was totally in control and he pushed his dick in out and started fucking her mouth while Arif was probing her love tunnel with his tongue ummm was the only sound that emanated from her mouth her pussy was being licked and her mouth was being fucked.

She just could not manage such a huge dick in her mouth she was struggling but Jamal was in no mood to show respite ,he just forced his monster inside her mouth and gagged her slowly he increased his rhythm and I could see his hips moving vigorously on Padmas face. Arif was slurping the juice that my mom’s pussy oozed out his cock could not take more he just positioned his dick on her pussy and smashed it in one go and she just screamed with pain and pleasure but Jamal again pushed his dick inside her mouth.

It was amazing Jamal was pounding her mouth and Arif banged her pussy they picked rhythm and speed and started fucking her like a cheap slut meanwhile Mohammad was sitting on the sofa and watching everything they continued the bangimania for another 10 minutes and moans grew louder um suddenly Jamal jerked and spewed loads of cum in my mom’s mouth he did not withdraw instead forced her to swallow every drop.

Jamal withdrew his cock but Arif was setting the pace banging her love hole now her mouth was free ,so the moans grew larger ahhh The sound was erotic and it made Arif mad with lust he just increased his speed and lowered himself on her kissing her boobs and lips. He sucked her boobs and squeezed it while his dick pumped her cunt. The noticeable change was that now she was cooperating and her hands slipped on his butt.

She was pushing him in and moans were indicative that she was enjoying. ahh filled the room he banged her and she enjoyed ,they were in each other’s arms in missionary position he sucked her lips and her boobs ,they were red hot ,they were fucking like husband wife after another 15 minutes Arif gave some large and hard thrusts and collapsed on her filling her cunt with his seeds.

It was an orgasm of the century she just screamed in pleasure ahhhh and scratched his back with her nails and they lay there for 2 minutes but suddenly Mohammad came and asked Arif to move aside it’s my turn now. Padma had not even relaxed when Mohammad just held her and flipped her over and made her stand on her four limbs and placed his dick on her ass hole before she could even realize what he is up to.

He just slammed his dick in her butt hole it was painfull she screamed with pain and tried to run but Mohammad placed himself on top of her and held her boobs in his hand he squeezed her boobs and gave another thrust to dig inside her screams filled the room ahhh uiiii mat karo please tears rolled down her cheek but Mohammad gave another push and finally his dick was inside her virgin ass has been deflowered.

She was on all four like a bitch and Mohammad started moving his dick in and out slowly and the pain was excruciating but slowly it subsided as Mohammad picked up speed and her painful screams turned erotic. He shoved his dick deep inside and started ploughing her ass hole with long hard thrusts slurp slurp slurp was the sound that emanated when his balls hit her ass cheeks and I was wailing inside the room.

He mauled her boobs from behind and banged her mercilessly as Jamal was getting ready for another round. Mohammad smashed her ass for another 10 minutes before he loaded his cum in her hole and collapsed on her. Jamal immediately mounted her from behind and shoved his dick in her asshole there was no respite for her as these hungry bears were totally ruthless he pumped her with great vigour smashing his balls on her ass cheeks,

Arif could not wait either ,he placed himself below her and entered her pussy. Now my mother was lying on Arif with his dick inside her pussy and Jamal was on her with his dick inside her asshole it was double penetration with just a thin membrane separating the two dicks they shoved their cocks inside her like there will be no tomorrow banging her and she just could scream and two huge dicks ploughed her with brutality which only I can vividly imagine.

The whole room was filled with ahs and uhs and sounds of cock smashing inside her holes as if it was not enough Mohammad came with his erect dick held her hair and shoved his dick inside her mouth. It was amazing now all the three holes were being fucked simultaneously and I thought my mother would die today it was really amazing how she managed all three monsters in her holes simultaneously.

They fucked her banged her and nailed her for another 15 minutes before all three of them loaded their seeds inside her respective holes. She lay there totally tired and spent her whole body was red and blood oozed from her butthole they left her on the floor and themselves went to sleep putting off the light and I went back in my room and masturbated for the first time in my life.

Next day when I woke up she was sleeping in her room quietly and I woke her up as I had to go to school she could hardly walk she was struggling when I asked her what happened she replied that she is sick that’s it but I knew everything and did not I. The next week ,it was usual business for everybody Arif Mohammad or Jamal did not show up for next few days on Sunday and I went to play with my friends after an hour or two when I was returning and when I was close to one of the windows.

I heard a soft scream so you can imagine if that was audible outside how loud it would have been and without any doubt it was my mother’s voice suspicion was natural so I decided to peek through the glass on the top of the window vow it was my mother Padma leaning against the wall facing the wall and Mohammads huge cock was inside her Asshole and he was pumping her from behind

Well she was getting smashed against the wall as his thrusts pushed her forward. Fuck you bitch randi and was Mohammad shouting with each thrusts with my moms uhhhhhh and he was ruthlessly banging her and my mother was enjoying every bit fuck me fuck me chodo mujhe chodo mujhee I am your bitch you’re so big fuck me jaanuhhhhh. So the slut in her had finally been tamed give me more chodo mujhe.

Mohammad squeezed her boobs from behind mauled it as his dick ploughed her hole they were on cloud nine. Mar dalo pelo mujhhe pel do mujhe aajjuf. The whole room was filled with moans and noises and they were talking she was really behaving like a bitch after 20 minutes of swashbuckling fucking Mohammad gave a huge thrust and loaded his cum in her hole. The orgasm was so powerful that they shivered for minutes.

He smashed her against the wall for 5 minutes they kept panting searching for breath she turned facing Mohammad and kissed him. He in turn held her in his arms like a lover and smooch her hard after 5 minutes of sucking each other’s lips Mohammad left in fear that I may bump in and they had turned my mother Padma into a slut. The next day I went to school but the school was off at 10:30 am only because of some function so I came back around 11 when I was about ring the bell.

I saw that the room was locked from inside it was odd and my mischievous mind started jostling through and I hurried towards Arif uncles room. I tried the ventilation but I could not see anything but I could hear the noises and moans of my mother Padma. She was really making out her affair with Mohammad Arif and Jamal continued for another one year whenever my dad was not there and they used to bang my mom like animals and they had many gangbangs. The Muslim studs nailed my beautiful Hindu mom.

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