My hindu mom Sonia owned by Ali

My name is Rahul 20. After my fathers death it has been difficult for us to manage the finances. I and My mother took a Tenant in our house. It was Alibhai who had come from Deoband in UP. He paid us very good rent. My mother was thankful to him for all that. He was always eager to help. I was very fond of him. Mother too, liked him very much. He is only 30, tall, very strong, dark and always with a nice smile. My mother Sonia is 40. She is a very beautiful woman with a very fair complexion and a body which is the dream of every man. She has big tight juicy breasts, Round curvy buttocks, smooth sexy belly and a deep navel. She is so sexy and cute.

My Mamaji objected to a Muslim staying in our house. One day he came with some of his friends but Ali and I beat them up and they run away. That night Mom was very scared and requested Ali to stay back and sleep in our drawing room. In the middle of night all of a sudden my sleep broke and heard noises from mom’s bedroom. I saw Ali on her bed. He was kissing Mom, and she was moaning uuhh ahhh, mmm. She was wearing her white blouse and petticoat with out any undergarments beneath.I could see the dark nipples of her boobs through the thin material of her white blouse. Ali was in his shorts only.

He was holding her tight; I clearly saw her breasts pressing against Ali’s chest. He was kissing, smooching and licking Moms lips, cheeks, shoulders, neck and the large cleavage of her milky boobs. Mom started breathing heavily and got restless. Ali then lowered his shorts and took his tool out. Mom was looking at Ali’s giant cock in disbelief, She exclaimed, ‘Uui Maah,itna bara he tumhara’ He smiled like a champion and got on top of Mom, pulled up her petticoat,put her legs wide and positioned his massive cock on her wet chut, She glanced at the door and said to Ali ‘nehi nehi munna jag jayega’ chalo tumhare kammmm’ she could not finish her words, Ali grabbed her lips with his and put a juicy French kiss. Mom gave a horny smile which made him mad and he inserted his large garam lund into her wet naram chut…She started moaning “uuii me maar gayi ahh aah, aaoou e uuu e dhire dhireee uu ah ah ah..lagrahaa hey ah uu uu” She put a soft slap on his face and was replied with a heavy smooch on her lips. Now Ali started humping her with force and she started enjoying it and started to give upward thrusts.After about half an hour of animal like banging both came together. Both of them were wet with sweat.He took his lund out, they both became silent and he was lying on her.

After sometime Mom got up her back was turned toward the door and she took off her wet blouse wet with sweat put the petticoat up her and tied it upto her breast. Just then Ali got hold of her hand and pulled her to him. He sat up made her sit on his thighs with her legs wrapping his waist from either side and embraced her.His hand were on moms ass , he was pumping her ass cheeks & kissing her lips mom was moaning ahh mnnnn .Then Ali got lund out.lifted Mom up holing her buttocks and put his rod in her hole. Mom was literally sitting on his cock.They madly kissed each other .Then out of excitement they stood up ,Ali holhing mom and walked up to the wall opposite the bed,his cock inside her cunt.

He supported moms back against the wall and started fucking her even harder. She just wrapped her legs & kept on moaning.They fucked in that position for about fifteen minutes and then he took his dick out & held mother tightly and spurted lot of sperm all in her cunt. Then then came back to the bed smooching and fondling each other. After some time Ali gave mom a deep kiss and left for his room.

Next day was Sunday. In the afternoon after lunch, I was pretending to have a nap and as expected heard noises from Mom’s bedroom. I peeped inside and saw mother was on the bed with Ali. He was wearing only a Lungi and was lying on my mother. Both were smiling. My mother was in her usual blouse and white petticoat. Her sari was on the floor. She doeas not wear bra or panty inside house. Ali kissed her lips, squeezed her boobs over the blouse and started kissing, licking and smooching the cleavage and exposed area of her breasts. She moaned oooh’. Then he again moved up and kissed all over her beautiful face that has turned red from pink due to the excitement.He was kissing and sucking her lips while squeezing her boobs.

Mother said’uuh Ooh suno toh!,munna a jayega,aab choorbhi do” Instead, of stopping, in a flash Ali spread mom’s legs, pulled up mom’s petticoat,opened his lungi,took his huge cock out, put his hand under Mom’s buttocks to lift her cunt up and pumped his huge lund in her pussy. My mother almost screemed “uuiiimaaa! Maar daloga kyaaa??”, by the time mom could stabilize herself, He started giving shots like a bull,it was clear that my mother was paining but at the same time she was enjoying it too. He asked mom’kaisa lag raha hai sona’ mom screamed in pleasure uuimmaaa, aaah mardala! Mmm and both started rocking.After 20min mom had a orgasm and she discharged but Ali was still fucking her.He fucked her for 40 min.After that Ali discharged his semen deep in mom’s cunt. He carried on kissing mother even after the fuck.

Then Mom got us and I rushed back to my room. She came and checked if I am asleep. Then she went back to him. I silently went back to watch. Ali picked up mom on his arms and carried her to her bed. He planted a kiss on mom’s lips and laid her down on his bed. I took a position with a safe angle. Completely overcome by his lust, he grasped her shoulder and bent down to kiss her face. He lowered his head further and planted kisses on her cheeks, chin and lips. He kissed her a number of times, all noisy, wet kisses that reflected the great lust he was having for her. Then he straightened and looked at her briefly He placed his palm on her smooth sexy belly, on the smooth, warm area just below her navel and started to move his hand up.

When he reached the navel, he dug his middle finger into it and circled it around a number of times. Then his hand began to journey to her breasts. His palm gently cupped one breast and moved in a circle all over it. Finally his palm rested at its tip and he squeezed the tit pressing up as he squeezed. He did the same with the other breast. Though my mother tried to stop him by holding his hand a couple of times, she was in reality enjoying it all. But she was frightened. Frightened that I may wake up. My mother whispered to him,”Suno,Munna Jaag geya to?” He ignored her completely. She kept on breathing fast and she gulped a number of times between her moans, as if her mouth was watering. Ali now started unhooking mom’s blouse. She glanced outside timidly, then she looked at his hands which were patiently undoing one hook after another as the thin material of her blouse began to strain because her breasts seemed to be growing bigger and bigger every second. Finally, as the last hook was undone, my mother’s big boobs seemed to jump out to their freedom.

They are big and juicy like ripe mangos. Soft yet tight with big pointed nipples asking all out for a man’s love. Ali was licking and biting them like mad and my mother was enjoying it like hell. Ali would hold both boobs in a firm grip and try to lift them up. First he would seem to succeed, then the smooth tits would just slither out of his hand. He then ran the flat of his palms all over the boobs greedily and kneaded them, first gently and then, as his passion grew, a little roughly. He took the nipples between each thumb and forefinger and pulled them up vigorously. My mother moaned, “Umm aahhh” Then he lowered his head and started licking the nipple and the surrounding area of one breast. He opened his mouth wide and took the nipple and also a large portion of the breast itself into his mouth. Then he slowly lifted his head, letting the breast and the nipple slither out. He repeated this several times. Then he suddenly asked my mother to take off her blouse completely. She hesitated and threw a glance outside. Then, raising her torso, she peeled off her blouse. She looked like a sex goddess now. Her long,hair hung loose and seemed to cover her back completely.

She raised her arms to tie her hair and I watched in delight how her big bobs joggled up with her movements. Now Ali couldn’t hold any longer. With his free hand he pulled away mom’s petticoat and also his lungi. Underneath they had nothing else on. Both were stark naked! I saw his large penis again. He started kissing her cheeks and lips noisily as before, but now with double the passion. My mother glanced outside nervously once or twice. I watched as he caught the fat lower lip of my mother between his teeth and pulled it gently.She let herself be overcome by passion, completely. She threw her arms around the man and began to rub her cheeks with his, her eyes shut, her mind completely relishing the pleasure he was giving her. She began to moan in abandon, not caring at all her adult son was awake in the next room. The flat of her palms continuously traveled up and down his back; speaking the message that now she was completely his. Ali, too, was breathing hard and softly moaning like her. They hugged each other in a loving embrace, feeling for each other’s body with hands that were restless. I saw Ali’s hand come to rest on my mother’s buttocks and mother kissed Ali on the cheeks and neck. She stroked her cheeks on the hair on his chest. Now Ali held her shoulders and made her lie down as she had been lying before. He was going to fuck her.
She moaned and looked at him in anticipation. She spread her thighs and he kneel down between them, holding his penis. With his fingers he gently stroked and pulled at the hair on her pussy. She lifted her pussy up to him. Here, take it all, she seemed to be saying. Now he touched the tip of his cock to her cunt. He pushed and let his cock into my mother’s cunt. She moaned a long moan of simply unbearable pleasure. He caught hold of her shoulders to balance him and started to move his pelvis back and forth, back and forth, They fucked for twenty minutes or even more.

Then, when their passion was spent, they lay down exhausted in each other’s arms. But, in another ten minutes, they were ready for one more go. Ali started sucking her boobs like a child. Ali placed his huge dick on my mom’s wet pussy and started stroking slowly at first and then faster and faster. Both were really enjoying. After half an hour finally Ali increased his pace and soon both of them came. They lay together on the bed for some time after which Ali was telling her he wanted more. Mom said that she was very tired. But Ali wouldn’t listen. Now he wanted to fuck her ass. Mom was scared and said she hadn’t done it before.Ali said that it will be fine and he took out some oil from the lamp and applied on her asshole.He raised her waist and slowly inserted his penis.I could here her scream.Ali told her to be quiet or I will wake up. Finally he was completely inside her and after five minutes loaded her ass with semen. They lay there kissing for some time and then fell asleep. I thought this was the end but actually this was the beginning.

They kept rocking all night.In the intervals they were kissing, fondling each other. He licked mom’s pussy and finger fucked her then mom gave him a blow job, they fucked in doggy style, and then her ass again,she was moaning like a cow and just before sunrise they had a marathon chudai with mom lying on her back and Ali mounting on her and humping her hard. They were both so hot and looking so horny that I could not resist my hands on my Lund. After about 45 minutes they finally came together and were completely exhausted. Then they fell asleep side by side locking each others body tightly with arms and legs. From that day onwards Mom was completely his. He won over my conservative orthodox Hindu Brahmin Mother with the power of his Lund. Their love play continued and soon became the subject of discussion in the locality. So I decided to pair them up officially.This Diwali Ali cooked some great vegetarian dishes.After dinner, out of the blue I suggested that they get married. Both sat spellbound looking at each other and staring at me. I smiled and came to my room.A little later I saw them smiling very romantically. Ali lifted mom in his arms, took her to her bedroom and locked it. I went out quietly and decided to peep through the tiny gap of the window in the dark passage and enjoy the fuck scene live. Mom really looked very sexy, Ali sat beside her and kissed her cheek, Ali put his hand through her hair, kissing her all over her face. I could see Ali’s Lund getting harder and bigger. Then he planted a kiss on mother’s lips and said. Mom kept her soft hands on his lips. Then he lifted her on his lap and started kissing her madly, it was really an erotic site to see such a huge rough Man making love to my soft and delicate mom. It was so erotic to see him just suck those lovely lips of hers, and just kept kissing her and put his hand around her bare waist his fingers pushing into her navel and then cupping her ass globes and squeezing them. Then Ali broke off the kiss in a whisker removed his kurta and slid down Mom’s anchal and moved on to her waist and held the saree where she had tucked it in near her navel, he pulled off her saree fully and threw it away and it landed on the floor!

Then they kissed madly and Ali pulled her on him and from behind pulled her petticoat up and put his hand on her ass and pressed it and I saw my beautiful moms juicy thighs and ass, Ali got his fingers in her panties and started finger fucking her chut. she was aaaaaaaahhh aahhaaaahhhh, he pushed it in and out and she just kissed him and was shaking, she must have had an orgasm, Then he laid her on the bed and got on top of her, and opened her blouse to enjoy her juicy ripe breasts , they were kissing while he removed her blouse. She was wearing a bra, it looked so beautiful and then Ali put his had behind her back and unstrapped her bra and pulled it away, her tight but soft breasts spring out and with huge dark brown nipples, it looked so beautiful.
Ali was just looking at it and then he opened his mouth and lowered it on to her breasts and started sucking and biting on it while he pinched the other nipple mom moaned aaaah , ooooh no aau no please… And then this went on for some time after which they kissed again, this time more passionately and my mom was completely his, he sucked her again and went down and kissed her navel and her belly and kissed her between her legs on her chut I guess, she just put her head up and bit her lower lip and moaned like anything, the sexiest cries from my mom really turned me on. Ali put his hand underneath her petticoat and pushed it up to her knees and she did not resist one bit, instead she was moaning, he kissed her knees then he pushed it higher up and was kissing and licking and biting her thighs, that’s when mom did the most beautiful thing, she herself pinched her nipples and pushed her petticoat higher up until I could see her red panty hiding her beautiful bushy chut, Ali simultaneously untied the petticoat and his pajama and both landed on the floor where the other clothes were piled up.

He was completely naked now and his monster was getting harder and bigger. He gave a naughty smile To Mom who replied with a horny look which was interpreted as a go ahead and before Mom could bring her hand on her chut the panty was swiftly being taken off her smooth legs and Lo!! My Mom was lying completely naked on the bed waiting for her giant lover to fuck her. Ali buried his face on her chut and she spread her legs and put it on Ali’s shoulders and caught his head and pushed it deeper into her and she started moving her head from side to side and moaning like anything and was repeating the words I love you! I love you !! Ali was licking and sucking her chut and she was moaning like anything, pressing and pinching her breasts. This went on for a long time and Mother was moaning, please… Uuh please, I love you. Then Ali came up and I could see my Moms beautiful chut, it was reddish.Then Ali got up and told her to suck his lund, she got up immediately and started sucking. After 5 mins Ali made her lie down.
He got on top of her with his monster lund hanging and then he put moms legs on either side of his shoulders and kissed her, she kissed him back and then he positioned his monster lund on her wet chut and pushed it into her chut, what a beautiful site, I could see her chut open up to take him and it was really stretching, and mom cried out, aaaaaaahhhh noooooo oooooh uuuaaahh oooohh, she was literally screaming and crying, he pushed more and she was crying and pleading like anything, Ali was very gentle, but mom was screaming aaaahhhh please!! Nehii !! moaning too and pinching her breasts and touching her chut where he was entering, she put two fingers on either side of her chut and was pulling it apart, trying to take him in, then suddenly Ali pushed more in nearly half way when she really screamed, with tears flowing and she bit her under lip and down it was a beautiful sight to see her little chut being invaded, it stretched out and was tightly holding against Alis huge lund.Then he gave a damn hard push and I could see his balls collide against her lovely chut, and my mom really screamed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh vv!Aliiiiii it was a terrific sight.A dark giant man on top of a very fair slim woman, pushing a huge monster size rod into a little juicy hole and the rod seems to go all the way to her navi from inside. He was being very careful and smooth but the enormous mass of his flesh going into my sweet mother’s thin and delicate chut was a spectacle and I always wondered how Mom took the huge lund in her. Then with another slow but firm thrust ‘s lund totally disappeared inside mom’s nectar hole.

He started pulling out slowly and pushing back in and mom was still in pain, but she kissed him a lot and wrapped her arms around him, then he started doing it faster, and mom was moaning aaaawww, aaaawww, aaaaah,, aaaammm… Oooohh, aaaaaiiii, aaaaahhh, aaaahhhh, aahista please, I love you aaahh, mmm and then he started hammering her damn hard and her chut lips was damn red, but Ali’s lund also was shiny, guess its lubricated well, he pulled it all the way till only the head was in and then push the whole lund inside, she was crying and moaning and kissing. I was so happy to see mom enjoy and get the fuck of her life from a man who loves her, she was moaning and screaming, dhireee please nehiiii, aaahh ooooh and kissing and kissing, Ali bit her nipples from time to time and then when he was fucking her hard it was wonderful to see moms breasts bounce up and down so violently and she was moving her head side to side and moaning and opening her mouth and biting her lips and kissing Ali and it was wonderful to see her chut lips tightly clench Ali s’ lund and milk it out, aaaahh ahhh ooohh.
Unbelievebly this went on and on and on over a full hour of fucking Ali was still going on and mom tightly clenched

Ali and bit herself, I guess she came many times, she said please stop karoo nehito mey mar jaungi. Ali just kept on mercilessly ramming in and out of her and she was full with pleasure. Then he said I’m going to come and she wrapped her legs tightly around him and put her arms around him so tightly, finally I heard Ali grunt aaaahh, and mom was aaaaaaaah….. Aaaaahhhhh, aaaaaaahhhh mmmmm…and slowly Alis thrusts slowed down and I knew he must have come deep inside my mom and he kept coming for nearly half a minute, and mom’s womb was full with Ali’s semen, they kept kissing and kissing and then I could see semen leak from the sides of her chut and then with a final kiss Ali got up and pulled out his lund, oh my God, my moms chut was stretched so wide and Ali’s semen was flowing out of her chut.

They kept lying naked on the bed and kept on fondling and kissing each other. After about ten minutes Ali sat uplifted mom and took her on his lap. She buried her face in his chest and held on to him like a little girl. Ali reciprocated Mother’s submission with love and care. He arranged her long hair and put it in front of her left shoulder covering her left breast, going down to her left thigh. Her right breast was squeezed into his left chest and his shrinking lund was still giving out juices that drenched Moms right thigh but she did not bother at all. Ali then planted some sweat kisses on her face and forehead and gently rubbed his palm all over her body. After some time Mom seemed to get back some strength and looked up to Ali who planted a long French kiss. After that night I saw both Ali and mom behaving like husband and wife as he shifted to mom’s bedroom and they were staying together. In night I use to listen to her moans. Ali was fucking Mom day and night and when I was not at home they used to be half naked most of the time. They just could not keep their hands off each other.

To the disbelief of all, they really got married. They went to the registrar’s office for a proper marriage followed by a dawat organized by friends of Ali. That night Mother ‘officially’ slept with Ali for the first time. Ali went in there room which was decorated b’fully and they closed the door I thought to see them and I put an stool and stand on it looked inside mom was on bed. He took mom, and placed his hot, wet lips on her’s and kissed her deep. After a few moments, she responded with a sigh and opened up to his mouth, kissing him back as ardently. It was ten minutes before the kissing ended and during this time Ali had got rid of mom’s sari. With a shy smile she started opening Ali’s kurta buttons, while he was removing the buttons from her blouse, and by the time she came to his last start button he had unhooked her blouse. Both their upper body were naked.He cupped her left breast in one hand, and kneeling down took the nipple of her other breast and gently started sucking it. She was in total bliss, and heaved a long, hot sigh, and clasped his head close to her, saying, “Chuso, Chuso aah aaahh, aur joorse , dat lagake chuso ahhh . He gently lead her to the flower clad bed. He went back to sucking her nipples, and kissing her huge juicy breasts and the lovely valley between them. Mom was consumed by pleasure. She must have got wet below and as if realizing that, his hands went down slowly, and removed her petticoat. She was now totally nude.

He got up and looking at her said, “You look like an Apsara! And you are even more .beautiful when you are naked in a few moments, he too was without a stitch on him. Then he turned towards her, his manhood in full glory, erect and proud. “Aliii!” She whispered and drawing him close, planted a kiss on the head of his erection. He gently took her face in his hands, and bending down, again kissed her full on her lips. From then on, it was a sheer play of love, lust and uninhibited sex for almost an hour. He kissed Mom wet allover; he sucked her tongue and her breasts and kissed her in the armpits while she played with his erect manhood; he knelt down and started kissing her feet, and then sucking her toes. He turned her over and kissed her on the arse, and then going up, kissed all over her back and then between her shoulders. She was no longer able to control herself when he caught her two breasts and started teasing the nipples gently and then at her prodding, rough. he turned her back, and pulled him to her, kissing him again thrusting her wet tongue into his mouth and slurping away. Slowly his hands came down, and once they reached the junction between the thighs, he started gently rubbing her there, wanting her to open up for him.He again kissed her deep in her mouth, with his tongue tucked in. He started kissing her all the way down, lingering at her breasts, and then at her belly button, kissing them more deep than elsewhere. She was on fire. Slowly his hands went down between her legs and parting her thighs, he opened her cunt lips, and gently massaged them. She hugged him tight. And he then inserted one finger into her vagina and started probing. He then inserted another finger in, and with two of them his probe was around. She was kissing him all over his face, all wet kisses.

A little later she started squirting more juices. At this, he removed his finger, and brought his mouth down. At last his face came down between her thighs and lapped every drop that she was squirting out. She felt embarrassed but liked it. He said her that she is like a lovely goddess, and he enjoys every moment and every inch of her.” Saying, that he parted her pussy lips and gently blew there. Gently he dipped his face down, and with his moist lips, kissed her there and then started lapping away at it. His tongue started probing in and every slurp of his made her ooze more. Mother locked her thighs on to his head and thrust her cunt more into his mouth. He took her from below, raising her on her arse and his mouth was deep into her cunt. After some time ,he came up and they kissed each other deep.
Mom was roused when she tasted her pussy juice in her mouth. Then he put his face down onto her breasts sucking and teasing her nipples, one by one. By now, both were at their peak. He pulled her to the edge of the bed, and then lifting her up, positioned his pole right in front of her hole. A gently thrust and he was deep inside. It was like a hot knife going through butter.And then he started thrusting inside, gently at first, and then she lifted her legs and wrapped it around his waist. He went wild and it was like a piston gone wild. I am sure mom could feel him in her womb.Every now and then, he would bend down and kiss her deep, or suck her nipple. About half a hour of humping his load started spurting into her cunt. Her arms were around him and her legs clasped around him as he emptied himself deep Into her womb. After the animal in them went to rest, both lay naked, locked to each other in a tight embrace with Moms juicy breasts crushed in his hairy chest. Ali has become her beloved husband with the power of his lund.

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  1. hamari aurate hamari mother bhi muslim ka hi lund leti hai,,,,unka itna aacha hota hai ki bus dusara koi lene ka man hi nahi karta

  2. if i become pime minister of india…frist i will marry a pakistani guy and proved hindu cuckold that power of Muslims

  3. Such a nice story. A very similar thing happened to me and my mom. After her divorce she had a couple of affairs with Muslim guys. She finally got married to one of her ex boss who is also a Muslim guy. He is slightly older but fucks mom very nicely. She faithfully changed her religion to Islam and her name to a traditional Islamic name.
    I have always felt submissive to muslims and this incident only made my feelings of submissiveness more. I hide everyday and watch my strong Muslim step dad fuck my mom in every position. I feel very satisfied that my mom is finally getting a strong Muslim dick inside her everyday. If someone wants to talk more please contact me at [email protected]

  4. My pure vegetarian Brahmin mummy owned by firoz nw we have to accept it not only our wife and sisters r crazy for Muslim’s even our mother’s are ready to become Muslim’s rakhail

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