My hot mom sex with our driver Rahaman

I lost my father in my early age, when I was very young. My father was a high official in an oil company. After expiry of my father, my hindu mother got the job there. We have a palace like Bunglow. My mother was only 26 when she became widow. She was a gorgeous lady, very beautiful to look, very reserve in nature. She was 5.7 ft in height, her vitae was 34-28-36, her nose very sharp, with rosy lips and beautiful big black eyes, fair silky skin.

Every gentleman surely likes to have a look to her, but due to her reserve nature no one dare to talk with her without any reason. I’m the only kid of her, she loves me a lot, I used to sleep with her. Days were passing, I was growing up. My mom left the house with her car about 8.30 AM every day, when Rahaman Chcha enters the room to lift mom’s bag. Rahaman Chacha our Driver, about 30 years, tall about 6.2 ft, strong and stout black man.

His mother was African Muslim from Zambia and father from Bangladesh. He is now in India, our driver from the period of my father, he is very faithful to our family. Our house is a palace type. All the servant quarter including the driver’s quarters is in the ground floor. All the day I pass my time with our servants, they love me so much. With the time I am also grown up. The secret story of our family today I’m going to share with you. My physical changes are going on.

In my age of 18 first periods started. Gradually my boobs were growing. In our school we the friends started to talk about sex. Mating of male and female etc. and the curiosity also was super. After the death of my father my mom and I sleep together in my mom’s bed room. From the period of my father, our dinner time is 8.30, after dinner all the servants returned back to their rooms, till now the time schedule is same.

I noticed during few months my mom, after returning from office, she keeps her busy in make up her. Always she keeps her tip top. Every evening my mom take a bath and then she dried her hairs and put her feet in hot water and after that polished her nails and others. She used to do waxing very frequently to keep skin very silky and polished. She used different types of cream and oil in her body and used Kajol in her eyes and used body spray before go to bed.

After all the things she wears her night gown, very silky, from that gown her all the parts of the body becomes visible. During the last days, I never thought about these or look this seriously. But now days I peeped from bed to her body and become proud of my mom and thought why the men want to make a look to my mom. Some times I try to think why mom did all in bed time, but could not to ask. All these thing take so many time, so every time before mom’s coming in to bed I slept.

In morning around 5.30 she makes me wake to ready for school, as my school is morning school. Days are going, one night around 3.30 at night I wake up and observed that mom is not in bed. Thought she may goes to bathroom, but after 20-30 mnts she had not returned. I started to think where she may go but in her night gown she never comes out from her bed room. In this thinking I become little bit afraid what I have to do.

I could not sleep again, in the mean time the clock said it is 4.45 AM, and heard the foot sound of my mom which I know very well. She entered the room, and I saw her night gown’s upper potion is opened; her bobs are almost visible, in her hand her black color panty and bra, and she directly entered in bathroom and after some time she came in to bed and laid down beside me. She could not guess that I am observing her.

After 10-15 minutes she called me to wake up. I’m also did all as usual as I have not seen anything. But the questions arise to me where she was all the night. Ok, I’v decided to observe her in next night. The secret story starts here. That night as usual I come to my bed, my mom was doing her regular jobs, around 10 she come to the bed and put her hand in my forehead and kissed me, and called my name in a low voice, are you in sleep?

I’ve not replied, mom thought that I’m in sleep, she again left the bed and opened the door and go out from the room without light on. Taking the opportunity of darkness I followed her and observed that the gorgeous lady my Mom is going to the backside of the house that is the way sweeper uses. I’m also following her, and she almost rushing towards the backside North-West corner of the house, that is the backside of Garage the Driver’s room only in that way.

Ultimately she entered the room of our driver, Rahaman, in that room, light was on and the door was opened. As soon as she entered the room, Rahaman hugs her from the back-side and started to kiss passionately. Mom, said, “Wait, wait, let me close the door, entire night remains for you darling. Rahaman replied, don’t bother for it, no one will come here, except you, can you remember that evening?

If the door was closed was it possible to get you my Mam? Telling this he was laughing, and my hindu mom was also smiling and she also hugged him and their lips were locked instead of door lock. Her slick fair fingers with redish nail polish were holding the head of Rahaman. The contrast of color was so good to look. Rahaman’s 6 ft 2 inch healthy black body was half covered by mom’s milky fair body. Rahaman Got his physique from her mother side I think.

That night I saw his complete nude body, that is a Black African body, I observed that his hair also curly just like an African Nigro man. It was tolerable to see my mom with this dirty man. But it was the reality. My mom said, “ya, darling I can remember that nice day, before 4 month, it was Sunday, afternoon, for an urgent work I want to go out, and for this purpose, I phoned you but your phone was not responding, as Sunday usually your holiday, our servants were also not there.

I called my maid Arati, but she also was not there, but the work was so urgent, so I straightway come to your room to call you, your door was opened, so I hurriedly, entered your room, as soon as I stepped inside to your room, I slipped as I was in hurry, and same time, in my face some hot matter splashed and the love story started darling, I got you, for whom God made me only. What is love sex I realize from you only Darling. Now I can’t live without you.

Honestly my Ex-husband never could satisfy me. He was a very weak man, rubbish fellow, was not ability to do sex properly with his tiny rod. Telling this my mom snatched the Lungi (Man used to wear) of Rahaman, he becomes completely cloth less. I saw a black man of 6 ft 2 inch, was standing nakedly infront of my mom. I saw a complete black rod of 7 inch more in a soft condition with him, my mom took this dick in her hand, wrapped it with her sexy finger and kissed it.

The rod was more black then his body and the fore head of this cock was blackish red and it was also huge and thick. Due to Rahaman’s religion his dick was circumcised and my mom pulled the skin in the bottom of it. Rahaman also opened my mom’s gown from her body, I really locked at her. She was in a red bra and red panty that night, her beauty was just like a full moon radiating light. Her lips became wet; Rahaman lifted her in his strong arm just like a baby,

And she also kept her hand in the neck of Rahaman. Rahaman laid her in his dirty bed, where two dirty pillows were kept. I can realize, my mom every night pass here only. Rahaman said, Darling, do you know in that day where was your maid Arati? No, I don’t know, after that incident occurred, I’m in dream, I never thought. Yes Madam, I’m also in dream, that afternoon, I suddenly saw, Arati was going to the room of your cook, Gopalda.

I thought, Gopalda last month send his family to his native place, he is now alone, why Arati entered there. About, 15-20 minutes passed, she not come out, with a curiosity, I went towards the room, door was closed, but I heard the voice of Arati, “Gopalda, Dhire, Dhire, lagta hein, apka lound bahut mota hein” ( please slowly, your dick is too thick). Gopalda replied, “Shali, nakhra karti hein, lound mota hein to tujhko maja ayegi (you are flattering, you are enjoying thick dick.

I peeped through a hole and saw, Telling this he was fucking Arati vigorously and with tremendous speed he was giving stroke to her, and pressing her bobs and licking the nipple, Arati was moaning, Ahhhaaa, aur jore, aur maro gopalda aaaaahhaaaa. In this way they enjoyed more than a hour, and made me so horny, I returned to my room and started a blue film CD and started to masturbating, before you’re entering.

I cum out 4 times and all the cum was splashing out in the entrance of the door and as soon as you entered, and as you were in speed, your lovely softy sexy feet stepped on that cum, you skid and in the same time my fifth time sperm was splashing out which falls in your face and you could not control yourself and fall down on my chest. My mom told, ya darling for a moment I lost my self, and while I realize myself, I feel a huge meat was pitching my bobs area, my stomach.

I was holding you tightly. Yes, Mam, I’m actually masturbating only thinking you and you come to me and while I found you on my wide open chest, my dick was pressed by your sexy silky body and holding me tightly, I could not control myself, my dream, my queen of sex, Geodes of sex in my arm, for a moment, I thought, you have seen me in a such necked condition, you may expel me from my job, it was nothing to lose, everything to get.

I kissed you, you initially, protested, I forcefully kissed your lip removed your share and then you were just like a pigeon in cage, I loved you passionately, and within few moment you also reacted in favour of me, and I can realize you are thirsty in sex. It was not in my sense that you also wishing me. It never comes to my mind that madam is looking at me. While you told it I could not believe. That evening was prefixed by Allah to meet with you, Madam.

Please don’t call me madam, I’m madam for all, but for you only Mona Darling. Watching this scene I became very sad. From which seed I’m in this world, he is no more; his wife is slipping with an man who is not in a standard of her. I really, become so sorry, for that woman, from whom womb I came in this earth, that lady is fucked by another man with her wish. But later on their love making make me so crazy about them.

My mom was laid in the bed of Rahaman, and he was kissing my mom’s feet, which was really so sexy, her feet nails were very nicely maintained, Rahaman taken her feet finger in his mouth, and chewing them like a ice-cream, now slowly he was licking my mom’s silky feet, thigh, and now he comes to the bobs area and now he removes her bra and her two white color melons were visible and those were smashed by two dark palm

Her nipples are now erected, he placed his tong on it, and he encircled his tong on the pink erected nipple. Now he put the nipple in his mouth, and sucking it, mom is now started to moaning, he realizing one taken another, and now my mom loudly moaning, Rahaman now suddenly removed her panty and sprading her leg he put his tong in the woman hole of my mom. The woman most secret part the pussy was very neatly shaved.

My mom is now started to moan more loudly aaaaaahhhhha uuuuhhhaaa Rrraaaann my darling eat my pusssy more vigorously it is only for you, I maintain it for you only aaaahhhaaa. Now she released her juices and feel relax. Rahaman drank all the juices, and cleaned and dried the lovely pussy of my mom. Now suddenly, she sat in kneel down on the lap of Rahaman, she taken the dick of Rahaman, in her mouth, it is now almost.

10 inches she was licking it like a lollipop, and caring her finger the ball of the Rahaman which is round shape, cricket ball. Her fingers are playing with two seed shell of Rahaman, she suddenly taken one shell in her mouth and Rahaman started to moan aaaaaaaaa Sona darling my sperm are coming out oohhhoo my mom placed her mouth on the Rahaman’s dick face, and a huge amount of white sperm splashed out in to her mouth, she drank all very nicely with full satisfaction.

Both of them my Mom and Rahaman, was exhausted and my mom keeping her head in the chest of Rahaman, and Rahaman was caring her hairs slowly, after certain period my mom planted a deep kiss in the Rahaman’s lip and and Rahaman also reacted accordingly, now Rahaman inserted his tong in to mom’s mouth, after certain period she also inserted her tong in to Rahaman’s mouth and suck the saliva of him, they were enjoying with this sourts of oral sex.

Rahaman was simultaneously squeezing my mom’s melons and was playing with the soft dick of Rahaman which was not less than 7 inches and gradually it becomes stiff and thick, now mom placed her 69 position on the Rahaman’s body and started to suck the rod and within few moment it becomes about 12 inches long and 4 inch thick almost, which was so visible to me, and I thought how this huge Monster dick can be accommodated in my mom tinny pushy.

I’m become too crazy to see the climax. Ultimately both of them become too hot, my mom shouting, Darling please insert your dick in my pussy, Please Please aaaahaa Rahaman also telling ok Madam, let me push it in your lovely love hole. Oh dear, no Madam, only Your Mona. Please take me in your arm and smashed me. Now Rahaman laid my Mom in his dirty bed and he placed his dick in the opening of my Mom’s love hole, and press it towards the lip of hole, my mom cried, ohh slowly, dear.

Ok, Darling, telling, this Rahaman placed some white saliva from his mouth in that lip and again plakced the dick and all on a sudden he pressed it. Mom cried out ohhh my God, it is paining Rahaman kept him in this position for little bit and again suddenly give a thrust and three fourth it entered and my mom cried out nooooo more please now Rahaman become ferocious and told I shall fuck you hardly to pulled out all the water from your womb.

Telling this he again gave a huge thrust and all the part is now entered, and he kept his hip fixed and kissing her lip, bobs, nips one by one, in this way about 5 mnts over, now I saw my Mom placed her sexy milky white legs on the back of Rahaman, and wrapped him tightly. Now Rahaman started his body movement to and fro, My Mom was moaning loudly ahhh more more in deep more thrust, torn my pusssy oohhhaaa.

Rahaman also telling, today I shall placed my seed in your womb, to make a baby, you are my sluite, you are my slave, I shall drill your pussy just like my female dog. Kutti aj tera chut ko far dunga (my dog, today I shall tear your pussy) my mom also telling, Mera Mard aj tor Ghorar mato dhone die amay chude de. You bastard, aro jore karo tomar Mona r Gud Fatiye dao (My man, fuck me hard with your horse like dick.

You bustered, apply more force to smash my pussy? You can not fuck your women properly) this sort of slang word from my mom was unbelievable. My mom is a decent cultured lady, how she can use these words! How she can did this with her driver! All the things make me so unhappy, but both of them using more slang to each other and in this way near about 1 hour they continued and enjoying sex.

After a long pumping, Rahaman telling, “Kutti mera mal nikal rahi hein tujhe ma banane kelie, ahhhh aaaaahhh (My! I’m cuming out, in to you to make you pregnant) Mom also telling, meri harami kutta chud mujhe aur jorse ahhha aahhhhha apna begam ban le, apna bachha de de mere gud me.”(My dirty, fuck me more hardly, make me your wife put your baby in my womb) I become so sorry am hearing the slang words from my decent mom.

But reality is that both were enjoying telling those words during sex. Both of them relaxed and the huge body of Rahaman lay on my mom, she also not feeling ugly or bad. They now lay down side by side. Both of them were sweating. They slept hugging each other. As the door was open I saw all the things in my own eyes. And realize that in sex, the relation, vanity nothing can play any role.

Only a man and woman are the criteria. My beautiful sexy mother was thirsty with my father. She got her real partner, but due to social bindings, she fulfilled her desire, in such a manner. My mom teaches me in this way about sexual feelings. I know every one learn from their parents. I learned from my Mom that in sex female should be slave to get the real enjoyment.

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