My innocent looking cousin sister loves moslem’s dick

Before telling the story I am just showing the proof that its written my me or some ignorant people might think its written by some musl!m. For the most part H guys like to see h1ndu girls on musl!m lauda.

So I am a h!ndu guy and here’s my real story

Anisha is a 19 year old girl and she is my cousin sister. She looks like a super cute teen and is studying in first year. In fact she looks so good that few times even I couldn’t help myself thinking about her sexually. But I am no muslim and I can’t get into relationship with my cousin.

Anisha lives in a big house situated in a nice peaceful location with a lot of vegetation. The place is not very far from my home, it takes 30 minutes drive.
I sometimes go there to relax and freshen up my mood. It was sunday and office holidy. I am 24 and I have a government job. After having my breakfast I went to her place.
Anisha’s parents had gone out of town for 2 days. I reached her house and went inside to meet her. It was all very quiet. I moved further inside towards her room thinking that she would be in her room on her computer. I was close to the door suddenly I heard some voices, she yelled “kya kar rahe ho.” I was sure that someone is with her. The door looked shut from the inside and I didn’t have the courage to open it. I started peeking through the keyhole in a curious manner. There was a guy double the size of Anisha and he was kissing her rapidly.
Anisha also looked aroused she hugged him tightly and the guy began loosening his jeans. His big dick popped out, Anisha grabbed his cock while they were both kissing each other.

He removed her top and sucked her boobs. The boy’s face was now towards the door and I could see him clearly. I wondered if this was the same guy whom I saw on facebook. I am on Anisha’s friend list along with another relatives. Anisha often shares her pics with her friends on facebook. On few of her pics I saw a guy like that but I wasn’t sure if its really that guy and I didn’t even know his name.

I moved away from the door and went outside where my car was parked, I also thought that its wrong of me to see her having sex. I couldn’t help myself I took out my smart phone and opened her facebook account. I checkout out some of the pics where she was with a guy that looked like him. She had tagged him along with other friends. I checked out the guy’s profile and only after seeing his other pics I became certain that it is indeed the same guy. His name was ********** and he was a Muslim. He always wished Jumuah mubarak and seemed like a staunch Muslim. After seeing his pics there was no doubt left in my mind that it was indeed the same guy with whom Anisha was having sex.

One side of me was telling me to drive back home and the other side was compelling me to see the action. I chose the latter. I went back in, the door was still shut, I started peeking through the keyhole again. They both were completely naked now. Anisha was on her knees sucking his big dong like crazy. His dick was big and circumcised. The muslim dick below resembles his dick, close enough.

moslem fucker

She was biting the hard shaft and then licking it. She was enjoying the thick dick head like a delicious lollipop.

The heat of the situation was getting into me. I though this bitch couldn’t find anyone but a Muslim. It was driving me mad at the same time I realized that my dick had got so damn hard, infact it was the hardest boner I ever felt in my 24 years of existence.
As cute and innocent she looked from the outside she seemed as hungry for that cock from the inside. The muslim guy on the other hand had a sense of joy on his face seeing the Hindu girl going wild for the muslim meat.
For his staunchness, allegiance and the friday prayers that he never missed he had now been rewarded with the kufr h!ndu girl who was ready to be the slave of his muslim dick.

His beefy dick was so damn hard, she turned it down with her hand the dick slipped and sprung back up again with great speed. She was being naughty with his dick, from the side she placed his shaft between her teeth and tried to bite it, but she couldn’t. She looked at him and smiled indicating that its so fucking hard.

After some time he was on the bed with her. He moved on top of her as Anisha spreads her legs opening the doorway to her pussy. The muslim guy enters his dick inside her yoni as she hugs him tightly with her hands behind his back. He starts ramming her and I knew it isn’t the first time she is taking his big dong. It was clear she had got used to it.
All her slutiness was unfolding right in front of my eyes, the euphoric expressions on her face was a clear proof of how much she was enjoying that muslim lauda without condom. She was equally supporting him by kissig and biting his check and any other part she could reach. In between he smootched her and she also sucked his lips, she doesn’t care no matter if he just had a bowl of beef and is releasing all the heat.
I saw it all he fucked her in different angles and positions, she looked like a teen doll in front of him.

And so he fucked her long and good. At the end he released a big cum load on her face. He smiled with her face covered with his muslim cum.
I quickly left the house and drove back home and that day I masturbated more than 5 times I felt so aroused as if some sexual beast inside me had awakened.

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