My love for muslim men- Part 1

Hi, I’m Sunita Yadav. 29 years of age, divorced. Since childhood i lived in neighborhood which had lots of muslims. My childhood friends were more muslim than hindus. I was born in a rich family and lived in a plush society. But my society was right next to a slum. Our maid was from there and she loved me like her daughter. This made me go to her home in those areas. I made a few friends there. I was 9 when i made my first muslim friend. At that age it didn’t matter about religion. His friendship made me enter his group of which all boys were muslim.

There were two other girls, one hindu one muslim. Interestingly, both the girls were just like me. They were rich, and their maids lived in the slum. Our friendship grew very very close. When i was 12, i remember, one of the boys, Mustafa, who was then 16 called me an item. That was the start. Slowly the other boys in the group too used to call me names, used to hold me closely, and talk dirty. I learnt very vulgar words and things related to sex, which a girl of my rich class isnt supposed to speak apparently.

A few days later the boys asked me to come to the riverside, which was our spot to meet. That day i wore just a skirt and a top. My breasts were in the growing phase and so was my bum. But my body was milky white. And maybe thats what made the guys drool over me that day. Two of them, Muzammil and Shahrukh were so much in heat they held me tightly. I knew they were getting dirty but those were usual.

I, in a heated mode, kissed both on the cheeks. This made Shahrukh so heated he asked me to kiss on lips. I did that. He held my head n started kissing me, like a liplock. I didnt know what to do. I was just laughing slowly, when suddenly my eyes went down and saw him stroking his cock while doing that. I asked him kya kar raha hai. He smiled n took me close. I kept looking at his dark cock.

It was as fat as my arms then. Then Muzammil said, Sunita zara yaha dekh, ye or bada hai. It wasnt much bigger but it had more veins. I smiled surprisingly, i asked, tum ye hila ke nikalto ho na kuch. Sultan, another guy said, haan bataya tha na tujhe jab mast ladki dekhte hain to hila ke malai nikalte hain. I said yes, but kya me itni acchi hu. Mustafa then said, sunita, agar seekhna hai to bol. Aurat ko kya kya karna chahiye sab sikhayenge. Before i coukd answer, Muzammil took my hand and made me grab his cock. It was hot. He told me, ghutne pe ho ja or hila. I did that.

In a flash all other four came to me with their cocks. Mustafa asked me to kiss all their cocks as that is what all good women do. I kissed them hesitantly. Shahrukh quickly pushed his cock in my mouth. My eyes started to water that very moment. Before i could gobble, he started to mouthfuck me. One by one all did that. My jaws were paining, and so was my throat. They asked me to open my top.

I said no but Shahrukh forced my too while someone from behind pushed my skirt up. I was a animal type pose with my little ass peeking. They masturbated on me and then they cum on their my body or ass wherever they wanted. When they finished they asked me to clean up and go home. I did. But kept thinking about all that. I was so fond of the smell and taste, since then when they told me for sucking, i did it. This went on for long. When i was 14, one day the boys came to my place. I was in my room.

Suddenly i heard my father screaming. He hated muslims n slum dwellers. He slapped them n told them to go. Mustafa said, ye theek nai kiya tune. And pushed my father. My father then beat him up and warned he’ll call the police. My Father just told me never to meet them again. I did what he said, but knew the boys will do something. Little did i know they will target me. One day i was going to my school. Just as i was going to enter my school gate, the boys came in a car and called me out. They asked me to get in the car.

They said they wanted to talk. I got in the car as i wanted to meet them. I got in. They took me outside the city on a hilltop. Before i could ask anything they dragged me out, stripped me and raped me. I only remember Mustafa going in me. But i passed out soon. My virginity was taken by the friends i loved most.

When i woke up i was in the car surrounded by them. They told me to go home and not utter a word what had happened. I couldn’t walk straight. But managed to get home. The maid opened the door, i asked her to get me cold water and i gave all my strength and ran to my room. I cleaned up in the bathroom but i saw that the white cream of my body was coming out. My body was so sexually opened.

I looked in the mirror and smiled. I knew what i wanted. My friends more than anything. The very next day i went to their spot, their anger was visible on seeing me, but i talked to them. I even told them, agar chudai krni hi hai to ek ek karke ao. They smiled and Mustafa called me a kamini. I hugged all and Mustafa took me to to a shed closeby and we had a long sex. He was easy on me. Slowly pushing in. Teaching me how to endure the pain.

Since then, till my school ended, i had sex with each one of them multiple times. My breasts and butt grew to be in perfect shape. Just by the finish of my 10th class, my butt was 34 in size while my breasts were a C size.

But good things never last. All my boys took up jobs in Saudi and left for it. Mustafa, my favorite was the last to leave. He left when my 11th class was in its mid term.

(Ill share my further experience with all depending on the the response from the community.)

Regards, Sunita Yadav

11 thoughts on “My love for muslim men- Part 1

  1. I am not a randi. I have a love for muslim men so respect that. I have a loving muslim bf whom im very much faithful to.

  2. Thankx…sunita didi….ur my lovely sister didi…m also yadav didi….thankx
    ..didi ur not randi…..didi ur devi didi…………….ur so lucky didi ki tum muslim lund lekr chut aur gaand ki khujali mitakr hm bhaiyo p se bahut bhaar kam kar diya..kuki ham luli wale hindu bhai aap devi roop sundar didi ki khujali kabi mita ni sakte…jo kam muslim lund hi kar sakte h..aur aap sachai ki raah p ho..thankx didi

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