My mom becomes muslim leader’s mistress Part 2

Part 1

Hello friends, I hope all of you have already read my first story “ MY MOM BECOMES A MUSLIM LEADER’S MISTRESS”. Now the story is set two years later. Now Sadiq Jamal was an MLA and my mom a Mahila Morcha leader.My father was sitting in a prison while my mom was enjoying her life with her muslim bf. Now she enjoyed more and felt less exploited like in the first story.

Outside the house they behaved just like seasoned politicians. They both dressed elegantly in Khadi suits and sarees. But in home, the scenario was completely different. Sadiq Jamal always roamed around the house in his shorts and sometimes wore sando vests while my mom was always dressed in deep neck tops, sleeveless tops, shorts, minis, track leggings or hot pants. Ssadiq had installed various fitness equipments in our house so that they could work out. Now we were living the life of rich and my mom seemed to enjoy this life a lot.

My mom did a lot of cardio in the morning while Jamal worked out with weights. With age generally, women become fat and ugly but regular exercises and good healthy diet made my mom look leaner and sexier than before. All her chubbiness was gone and she looked now just like a super hot model, completely toned. Jamal had massive chests just like brick wall. Whenever Jamal and mom roamed around in shorts or skimpy clothes, I felt ashamed of their super model like physiques.

Jamal had helped a business man to get a plum tender and got Rs 1 crore as a bribe for his contributions. Such large amount was difficult to hide so Jamal planned a thing.

Sj: Anita Darling, maine suna hai saal ke iss time pe Goa ka mausam bahut mast hota hai. Chale kya jaanu?
MOM: Goa aur abhi, itna kharcha kyu kare?
SJ: mere rehte hue tujhe paiso ki fikr kabse hone lagi. Chal parso ki flight se chalet hai, 7 din ka tour karke aate hai.
M: Aakhir aapko man hua hai toh chalo fir.
SJ: Tujhe man nahi hai kya?
M: Maine kabhi socha nahi thha is bare me. Aur Naresh ka kya kare?
SJ: use v le chal, goa ghum aayega.

Upon hearing this I was very much excited and when mom came to me for talking about the trip, I quickly persuaded her to go. And at last she also made up her mind to go.

Jamal booked tickets for three of us. We were packed and all set for our trip. On the day of leaving, mom had dressed in a tight skin hugging shirt. Her boobs were popping out of the shirt and it was difficult to button her shirt’s top buttons. So she left first two buttons unattended. Her cleavage was clearly visible. Only her mangal sutra covered the tip of her cleavage. Complementing her shirt, she wore a tight skin fit jeans. Her thighs and buttocks had a gorgeous shape and were looking amazing in the jeans. All her fitness and cardio combined with natural beauty made her look like a supermodel. Jamal dressed in casual t shirt and jeans. His solid body was every man’s envy. We left for air port in delhi, boarded the flight for goa. All the way, mom had her hands wrapped around jamal’s massive arms. Jamal too returned favor by wrapping his arms around the waist and occasionally fondling her. They had shades on so that they are difficult to recognize as they were public figures. They completely ignored my presence just as they do in the house.

We landed in Goa and went straight to a holiday resort with beach view from the windows. Jamal asked for a premium suite, my mother wrapped around jamal’s body like a serpent.
When the manager asked for name, Jamal replied Syed Sadiq Jamal.
The manager was also shocked because it was clearly visible that mom was a married hindu woman because she had sindoor, mangal sutra and a number of bangles in her hands but had come to Goa with a muslim man.

But the Manager soon got over it and showed us into our room. It was a luxurious suite with a master bed room, a living hall and a bath with Jacuzzi bath tub. It was clear for me that mom and jamal were staying in the bedroom and I was gonna sleep on the couch in the hall. It was something I was accustomed to.

Jamal and mom kissed each other while I was keeping all our stuff in the room and unpacking them. Mom wrapped her hands around Jamal’s shoulders and her boobs pressed against his massive chest. Jamal’s hands were on my nom’s waist and one hand was caressing her sexy hindu ass. Whenever she moved her arms , the bangles in her arms clinked and made sweet sounds. The small peckings now turned wild. Jamal was biting my mom’s lips and mom was moaning in pleasure AAH.. Mom too reciprocated back to jamal and they kept kissing.

I was seeing all this happen and my dick was also erect by then.
M: This place is lovely jamal. Thank you for the trip.

SJ: Chalo kucch khaa pee lete hai.
M: Han chalo.
SJ: Pool side me ek restaurant hai, waha chalte hai.

We left for the restaurant and got a table for three. Mom was sitting close to jamal and I was sitting on the opposite side. Mom and jamal were having breakfast from each other’s plates. Jamal used to feed mom and mom did the same. They were all laughing and jamal was fondling her some times while she shook her hand off telling him to stop.

Jamal liked handling my mom’s silky white body more than anything. She was like a drug to jamal. All this while, they ignored me or all others. Some people were also noticing their activities but unlike Ghaziabad, goa is a liberal and open minded place where public display of affection is not a big deal.

Mom noticed the swimming pool of the hotel and said yeh humare pool se v bada hai na jamal?
SJ: Utarke dekhte hai. Chalegi andar?
M: Tum to pool me utarte ho toh tumhare andar ka janwar bahar aa jata hai. Ab yaha sre public k saamne thodi yeh sab karenge jo ghar me karte hai?
SJ: Jaanu tu itni fikr kyu karti hai. Chal room chl ready hoke aate hai.

They both went upstairs to the suite and came out 10 minutes later. Jamal was bare bodied. He looked like a hunk. His chest and arms were massive and complimenting his flowing beard and tall physique. Mom now dressed in a yellow two piece swim suit. She wore all the essentials of a married hindu woman but in a swim suit. She looked gorgeous. Fitter than ever and beautiful with shades on her eyes. Both of them sat down beside the pool clinging on to each other, kissing each other. Mom kept rubbing Jamal’s chest with sun screen lotion while jamal applied the same on my mom.

Jamal jokingly tried to pull my mom’s bottom piece swim suit while mom resisted laughingly. Both helped each other get sun screen on their bodies. They were basking under the sun for a while and then decided to get into the pool. Inside the pool, they both were inseparable. It was like pool was their sanctum. They were kissing and making out in the pool in view of scores of people. I overheard some peoplesaying dekh dekh kya mast maal hai swimming pool me mast chipak chipak ken aha rahi hai apne pati ke saath. Kaash ye maal mujhe mil jaata. Some were also saying my mom was a characterless woman who was making out in open.

I felt angry but then controlled myself because I knew the truth and also knew that the person she was making out isn’t her husband but a muslim man who made her his mistress. In the pool, jamal tried to untie mom’s swim suit but luckily mom resisted and did not let him do it. I went to the room to rest.

20 minutes later, mom and jamal both made their way into the room madly kissing and caressing each other. It seemed they were doing it from the ground floor. Now in the hall, mom turned back and jamal untied mom’s bikini top. Her milky white boobs were in the open. Jamal held them from the back and kissed her neck while pressing them. Mom was screaming in excitement aah and gasping. Jamal kissed the neck of my mom while pressing her boobs. He turned her towards him nad now was kissing her boobs. The pleasure she felt was visible from her face.He bit her tender nipples as mom screamed loud AAAHHH… Now he sucked and bit her nipples harder and went down.

He now got rid of mom’s bottom piece and mom was completely naked only clad in her bangles and mangal sutra. Jamal took his own shorts off too. Both were butt naked in the hall. Water from the pool dripped down their bodies. Jamal kept kissing my mom’s entire body as mom ran her fingers through jamal’s hair mad in pleasure.

Now jamal made mom sit on the couch with legs wide open over his shoulders. He now brought his mouth closer to my mom’s hindu pussy as he rubbed his beard on it. It was a clean shaven pussy with no hair on it. Mom was losing her senses. Jamal now kissed the lips of her pussy just like he kisses the lips on her face. Mom was now going mad and screaming out loud.

To conceal the noise, I switched on the TV and raised the volume. Suddenly, both of them looked towards me and jamal said beta sabash….

Mom also smiled and jamal kept doing it. Mom was losing her senses from jamal’s actions. Every time she moved her arms her bangles clinked. It was turning me on even more.

Now jamal stopped and got up. Mom too got up and sat on the couch naked. Jamal’s 9inch circumcised Muslim dick was near my mom’s face as jamal ordered her to suck it.

Mom got the dick into her mouth first slowly licking and sucking it, lubricating it with her saliva. Now mom was holding his dick in one hand and sucking it with her mouth like an ice cream. His red bulbous tip was now soaked with mom’s saliva. Jamal told mom to let go of her hands and do it only by mouth. Mom took her hand off from his dick and now taking his cock in her mouth. Jamal moved his hips to push his dick further into mom’s mouth.

Jamal was now moaning in pleasure as mom was taking his cock into her mouth. After a while, it was over and now mom was on the couch and jamal over her. She now placed her legs around his hips crossing them as jamal was getting ready to fuck her.

Suddenly jamal lifted my mother and took her to the bed room. It was a show of jamal’s massive strength and manliness. He lifted her like a trophy and walked into the bed room, put her on the bed and crawled over her.

When she asked bedroom kyu? Hall me maza nahi aaya?
Jamal: sofa toot jaata toh ?
Mom laughed so loudly.
It was again a reminder how hard jamal fucks mom as it would even break a strong furniture like a couch.

Now on the bed with white bed sheet, jamal was on top of my mom. He inserted his massive monstrous muslim manhood into mom’s hindu pussy. Mom was now in cloud nine with pleasure.


JAMAL: (gasping and breathing heavily) chilla kuttiya chilla…

After fucking my mom for 20 minutes, he was about to ejaculate. He pulled his dick out and spread all his thick semen over my mom’s face and breasts. Mom was licking the cum and now he inserted his semi erect cock to mom’s mouth so she wipes it clean. Mom swallowed all cum from jamal’s dick as it eventually shrunk into its flaccid state.

After the fucking, jamal got into a towel and mom was still naked.
Mom was going to wear a new top when jamal pulled it away from her hands.

Mom: jamal do naa.. pehen na hai..
Jamal: tu ab 7 din tak room me kucch nahi pehnegi. Jab bahar jayegi tabhi kuch pehnegi bas.
Mom: par kyu.?( mom was also feeling uncomfortable)
Jamal: ghar aur goa me honeymoon me yahi farq rakhna chahiye jaan.

After moments, both got out of the room, jamal in his regular shorts while mom was naked . when I saw her, jamal said:

Naresh, teri maa aaj se nangi rahegi yahan. Yeh teri zimmedari hai ki who nangi hi rahe.
Imagine a son taking responsibility of keeping his mother naked.

Now jamal and mom were done for the day. We ordered some food. We sat on the table for dinner. Mom was butt naked while serving all the food. Even I got mesmerized by mom’s physique.

Jamal: lag rahi hai na teri maa kamal ki?

I just laughed and nod my head.

Rest of the story to follow in next parts…

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