My mom becomes muslim leader’s mistress Part 3

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It was the third day of our trip to Goa, for the last two days, mom remained naked in the room. She shamelessly sat on the couch naked while jamal clicked pictures of her. The same couch where I sleep at night was stained by mom’s juices leaking from her wet hindu pussy. Jamal ordered mom to take various poses so that he can take pictures of mom. Mom didn’t refuse either, staying naked before the eye of her young son was not a big deal for her. Neither me seeing my mom naked was. I enjoyed seeing my mom naked and being handled by Jamal. Jamal never let go of my mom. Mom was like a toy for him only made of flesh and blood. Only things mom had on were her ornaments, bangles, mangal sutra and her payal.

Today we were gonna go for a sightseeing tour. It was 7 in the morning, Jamal and mom were not fully recovered from last night’s exhausting fucking. Neither I had slept because I had jerked off 2 times. A hunky muslim man ravaging the body of my hindu mom was giving me visual orgasms. The room service knocked on the door and had brought in tea and refreshments. Since jamal and mom were asleep, I received them. After a while, I went into their room to wake them up. Jamal got up first and tried to wake my mom up. But mom was still tired and was yawning.

Mom: jamal jaanu chalo fir se so jaate hai naa.
Jamal: dekh tera beta kya laya hai.

Mom then woke up and saw with dim eyes I had brought breakfast and tea for them.

Jamal: Tera beta hoshiyar ho gaya hai aaj kal. Apni maa aur abbu ka ache se khayal rakh raha hai.
M: Thank you so much beta.

Jamal now sat beside my mother and gave her a good morning kiss. Even the morning kiss was turning me on. Both of them were sitting naked in the bed and having breakfast. Just like every time, both were eating from the same plate and feeding each other while joking and laughing. Jamal was kissing mom lightly in between too. Mom had placed her legs on jamal’s lap and jamal holding on to mom’s waist. Jamal was sometimes going down and smothering her ass.

Then they both went in for bathing as they always do.The bath room door was glass so I could see their impressions. Both rubbed soap on each other and bathed themselves. All the time, mom wrapped around jamal’s body like a serpent. They emerged out of the bathroom clean and naked. Jamal was a perfect specimen of how a muslim male looks. Bearded, muscular, tall and broad shouldered with a long dick. No trace of ageing or fat present in the body. On the other hand my mom was the perfect specimen of how a hindu woman looks. Hot sexy figure, round and firm tits, thin waist, flat belly with no trace of fat, round hips and perfectly shaped ass. Armed with natural beauty and looks, she was looking just like a goddess. Both of them made a deadly combination in bed and nobody knows it better than me.

We were going to leave for the tour, Mom put on a skimpy tight brown crop top with no bra and white stretchable shorts. There was no clothing on her belly and navel. The flat belly and thin waist is an envy of every woman. She had the perfect body even teenage girls didn’t have. The shorts just covered her ass. Her ass was round and wide. Perfectly apple shaped juice booty. Rest of her legs was uncovered. She had waxed al her hair from her milky white body. Jamal put on a cotton shirt un buttoned. His body was visible and a three fourth trouser. Our ride had arrived. Both had put on shades to avoid getting recognized because if somehow they are noticed, it will be bad for their political careers. I sat on the front seat with the driver while jamal and mom sat on the back seat.

The driver was also aroused by my mom’s looks. He tried to see my mom in rear view mirror but I gave an angry look to him. So he stopped. Jamal had his hand on my mom’s shoulder while mom had her hand on jamal’s lap. They were enjoying the natural sights of goa. We got out near a church and were visiting it. I was tired and was sitting on a bench. Suddenly jamal kept his hand over my shoulder. When I turned back.

Jamal: Mmaza aa raha hai goa me beta?
Me: han bahut. Bahut sundar nazare hai yaha ke.
J: Sundar nazare yaha zyada hai ya room me?

I was smiling shyly.
J: Teri maa ko jo har din tere saamne chod raha hu, tere dekh ne ke liye hi. Kyuki mujhe pata hai teri maa ko nangi dekh ke teri lulli khadi ho jaati hai. Aur teri maa ki chudai dekh ke tu muth maarta hai.
Me: aapko kaise pata?
J: Yeh icchha har hindu mard ko hoti hai, apni maa behen ya aurat ko musalman mard ke baaho me dekhna. Bas tu khus naseeb hai teri icchha mai puri kar raha hu.

He was absolutely right. Watching my hindu mom being used by a muslim hunk gives a feeling far better than anything else combined.

Me: mom aapko bahut pyar karti hai.
J: uski tan ki jwala jo shant karta hu. Tere bap se yeh kaam nahi hota thha kabhi.
Me: Ab toh woh aap ko hi pati maanti hai, aapke naam ki sindoor lagati hai aur mangal sutra v pehenti hai.
J: Mujhe v woh issi roop me achhi lagti hai. Modern hindu naari.
Me: Aapne kabhi kisi aur hindu aurat ko choda hai mere mom ke siwaye?
J: Bahut se hindu aurto ko choda hu. Sirf aurto ko hi nahi, 18-19 saal ki ladkiyo ko v choda hu. Par teri maa jaisa maza kisi aur me nahi hai. Jaise logo ko sharab ka nasha chadhta hai, mujhe teri maa ke jism ka nasha hota hai.
Din me 1 baar atleast agar teri maa ko na chodu to pura din bekaar lagta hai.

I was amazed to see such sexual power and stamina of a 50 year old man. Men while reaching 50 are not even being able to make their dicks stand up, on the other hand there was jamal, a clearly sex addict who could not manage without sex for even a day.

J: jab teri maa ko pehli baar dekha thha tab se hi mere man me uski jism ki numayish karne ki icchha jag uthi thhi.
3 – 4 baar tere uss ghar me v jaake tere maa ke sath maze kiye the maine.

Upon hearing this I remembered what I saw two years ago when mom and jamal were wearing clothes after having sex in our old house.

Fir maine tai kiya kyu nahi teri maa ko hamesha ke liye meri bana du.fir maine tum logo ka ghar jaan puch ke tudwa diya taaki tu kog aake mere saath reh sako aur mai teri maa ka acchee se khayal rakhu. Tu samajh raha hai naa.

Now I realized everything was jamal’s handiwork, from demolishing our house to sending my father to prison for life.

Just then jamal saw mom’s ass and said teri maa ki gaand aaj bahut mast lag rahi hai is shorts me, aaj raat teri maa ki chut nahi gaand maarunga.

I was scared at first on hearing this. I was imagining what damage jamal’s 9 inch monster muslim cock would do to my mom’s delicate hindu ass.

J: teri maa ko mat bolna, aaj usko surprise dene wala hu. Tere liye ek kaam hai.
Me: kya abbu?
Jl: tu ek Vaseline gel ki bottle le ke aana jab wapas aayenge thik hai.
Me: kyu?
J: aaj raat ko pata chal jayega tujhe.
Me: okay abbu. Pakka le aunga.

After that mom came to the place we were sitting and asked jamal “ kya baatein ho rahi hai zara mujhe batao”
J: kuch nahi baap bête wali baate hai, he winked at me.

Mom: (laughing): thik hai thik hai mat batao.

I was happy that atleast jamal thought of me as his son.

We were roaming around while a tattoo parlour caught my mom’s attention.

Mom: please jamal mujhe ek tattoo karwani hai, please jamal.
Jamal: kya tattoo karwaegi?
Mom: tumhare aur mere pyar ki nishani wali tattoo.
Jamal: arey waah, chal fir nek kaam me deri kaisi.

We went in to the parlor while mom laid down inverted on her back on the tattoo artists table. She wanted to make a heart with the alphabets A and J inscribed inside it on the centre of her waist.

Jmal: dard nahi hoga tujhe?
Mom: tumhare pyar k liye mai koi v dard she lungi jaanu.

Hearing this I wondered how much pain will mom be able to endure when jamal will be pumping his muslim cock into her hindu ass tonight.

After an hour of tattooing, finally the tattoo was done. It was an elegant tattoo, a heart with letters A and J coinciding each other partially.

Jamal: waah jaanu teri tattoo toh badhiya bani hai.
Mom: tumhara naam jo hai iss tattoo me jaanu, acchi to hogi hi.

Now a tattoo in the mid section of my mom was making her even more attractive. Her body had become a sex symbol for all women.

Now while leaving jamal had his hand placed on my hindu mom’s round ass and was pinching it while mom laughingly rebuked her and kept saying just- mat karo naa jaanu. I was walking behind jamal and mom and seeing all this. Every time jamal touched my hindu mother’s ass was reminder of what was to come tonight.
Jamal looked back towards me and pointed her fingers to mom’s ass. What he meant to say was that he was going to use the back door tonight and wanted me to see it too. Suddenly jamal spanked my mom’s hindu ass.

Mom: AAAUUU!!! Jamal..
J: kya gaand hai teri anita jaanu!! Mashallah..
Mom: keh to aise rahe ho jaise pehli baar dekh rahe ho.
J: jitna dekhu utna kam hai jaanu.
M: bache ban gayeho tum to ab pure.

It was evening and we came back to our suite, everyone was tired from the day’s long tour so were resting. Jamal and mom were sitting on the bed while I sat on the couch in the hall.

It was 9 o clock at night, the room service guy arrived with dinner which I received. We all sat down to eat and I was shocked to find jamal had ordered beef. Hindus are strictly prohibited from eating beef. I and mom were both shocked to find this.

Mom: jaanu tumne yeh beef kyu mangwaya?
J: kyu beef me kya burai hai?
Mom: hinduo ko beef khaana maa hai jaanu.
J: jab tu ek musalman ke saath rehti hai toh musalman ke tarike se khaana peena karegi naa?
Mom: par jaanu maine zindagi me kabhi v beef nahi khaya hai jaanu. Ab kaise khaaungi?
J: try karke dekh le meri jaan.

Jamal was chewing on the beef steak while mom was still hesitating to eat it.

Mom: chheee, yeh kitna ganda lagta hai.
J: chal ek bite leke dekh le.

Jamal cut a piece of steak and fed it to my mother, she hesitantly ate it but surprisingly found it tasty.

Mom: arey waah, yeh to achhi hai.
J: yehi to mai samjha raha thha tujhe.

I was surprised to see my mom who never ate an egg in her life was enjoying beef steaks with her muslim lover. This proved that my mom had given up everything, her pride, self respect, her husband and even her religion for the love of her muslim lover. What jamal was saying was one hundred percent true. Hindu women yearn to have muslim men in their beds and are willing to sacrifice anything to keep them in bed.

The reverse also stood true, muslim men liked hindu women to keep their bed warm. While mom and jamal were enjoying beef, I finished the vegetarian meal I ordered. It was 9.30 now. Jamal looked at me and nod his head meaning asking me to get the thing he asked for. I realized the time had come so I quickly paced down stairs to a stationery shop near the resort to get Vaseline jelly.

The shopkeeper said- garmi me Vaseline kakya karoge beta?

I was speechless and just said meri maa ko zarurat hai. Actually I said the truth but he didn’t knew that the Vaseline was going to be used for my mom’s wildest night yet to come.

The shop keeper didn’t ask many questions though and gave me the Vaseline jelly. I came back to the suite with the the jelly as mom and jamal were preparing to have sex. My heart was racing. Her soft delicate hindu ass was about to get invaded by the sword of jamal and I was going to bear witness to that.

When I entered the bedroom, jamal and mom were engaged in kissing each other. Jamal was kissing and biting her lips while while mom was moaning and saying AAH. Mom too bit jamal’s lips but slowly. Now jamal was turning wild. They both French kissed each other for 5 minutes wagging their tongues in each other’s mouths.

Jamal undressed my mom. He took her crop top off while mom lifted her hands to help him get rid of the top. Now mom was stimulating jamal’s erect muslim cock from outside while jamal was playing with my hindu mom’s milky white boobs. He fondled them and pressed them first gently and then hard.
Mom was going mad with the pleasure. So was I. seeing my hindu mom’s body getting fondled by jamal’s strong and massive muscular hands and thinking of what was about to come was turning me on. The aroma of sex filled the room and was also making every one go wild.

Jamal was kissing my mother’s boobs and sucking the pink nipples on her white round boobs. He was sucking and pressing those sweet meats of my mom while my hindu mom was going crazy over it.

J: Kya mast mamme hai tere anita, jitna v dabau ya chusoo, kabhi man nahi bharta.
M: dabao, chuso, masal do, jo karna hai karo . mere mammo pe bas tumhara haq hai jamal.
J: waah anita.

He kept kissing her boobs and was squishing her meaty white boobs.

M: zor se maslo jamal. Aur zor se.
J: pakka?
M: han, jitna zor hai laga do in dono me.

Now jamal had turned the beast mode on, his strength was incredible that if he squished a rock, it would also break. My hindu mom’s soft milky boobs were far too delicate than the rocks. Jamal was now squishing her boobs with all his might and strength, heavily biting down on her nipples.

Mom was feeling the pain but this pain gave her immense pleasure too. She just screamed loudly AAAH, OMG, AAAHH, FUCK, JAMAL, AAH.. KITNI TAAQAT HAI TUMHARI BAAZUO ME JAMAL,, AAAH..

J: Aur chilla hindu raand. Teri yahi aawaz mujhe sabse acchi lagti hai. Chilla saali..

Mom was screaming and moaning in pleasure uncontrolled.

After pressing her boobs for half an hour, mom was done. Her white boobs had turned red due to the immense pressure and strength of jamal’s strong hands. Her boobs also carried various bite marks of jamal’s teeth.

Jamal now stood up and took off his pant. Mom knew what to do.

She quickly started kissing the tip of jamal’s circumcised muslim cock and then inserted the whole muslim cock into her hindu mouth.

J: mast chusti hai tu lund aah.. ek dum randi jaisi.. saali puri hindu raand hai tu.

Mom was turning wild with all the abusive and demeaning talks of jamal.

J: Hindu aurat ke muh me musalaman a lund hi shobha deta hai.

Just then mom bit down jamal’s cock and jamal screamed sharply aaahh.. jamal had a very harsh and deep voice, typical of a muslim macho man.

Jamal held mom’s hair in his fist and pulled it. He was jerking mom’s head to make the to and fro motion to make her suck the monster muslim cock. Jamal took out his cock from mom’s mouth. Mom was craving for more.

J: aaj bahut garam hai.
M: jamal jaanu nikal kyu diye?
J: mere tatte chaat.

It was something I was witnessing for the first time but mom did it just like a prostitute. Mom was licking the balls of jamal like she was licking lollipop. She cleaned the balls of jamal by licking them. She even swallowed jamal’s balls in her mouth and made jamal moan. One thing was sure my mom was in full mood for the night. She was going to fuck him as if there is no tomorrow.

Jamal also made sure he got every fantasy from my hindu mom and please her sexy hindu body with his own muslim one.

Jamal now brought down mom’s shorts and panty too. This was the beginning of something that was going to happen for the first time. Only the small piece of shorts and panty were the only barrier between jamal’s muslim cock and my mom’s hindu ass. Now even that was down. So I knew it was almost time.

Just then jamal called me into the room.

J: dekh tera beta tere liye kya leke aaya hai.
Mom was surprised and said kya laya hai?

I handed jamal the tub of Vaseline jelly and jamal said- yeh dekh jelly laya hu mere lund ke liye, aaj teri gaand maarunga.

Now mom was also scared hearing this. She never ever had anal sex in her life.

Mom: nahi jamal, maine waha kabhi nahi liya hai.
J: aaj ki raat anokhi hai jaanu, jab tu tere gaand me mera muslamani fauladi loda legi.
M: par usme bahut dard hota hai jamal.
J: isiliye to tere bête se kehlake yeh jelly laya hu. Tera beta v samajhdar ho gaya hai anita.

Mom was still doubtful of this and pleaded jamal not to fuck her in her ass but jamal was in no mood to listen to anyone. His resolve was even stronger than his cock. Anything he wishes to get, gets it by hook or crook; just like he got my hindu mom to become his mistress.

J: anita darling, samajhle tu kuwari hai aur yeh teri pehli raat hai. Tere choot ki seal todne ka such to mujhe haasil nahi thha par teri gaand marne wala pehla aadmi mai banna chahta hu.

Mom now seeing her requests go in vain tried not to argue any more and just agreed saying thik hai par dheere dheere karna jamal.
Jamal also comforted her saying kuch nahi hoga jaanu, mere liye tu thoda sa dard seh lena.

Now the words of my mom- “mai tumhare liye duniya bhar ki dard seh sakti hu” was coming back to her.

J: ghodi ban jaa anita.

Mom complied to her command and now was on her all four limbs on the bed. Jamal got down from the bed and stood beside it. Anita was waiting for jamal’s muslim cock to invade her hindu ass. She was filled with terror which I could see in her eyes. She looked in to my eyes as I was sitting beside her and I just gave a shameless smile.

Jamal ripped the seal off the Vaseline jelly tub and was massaging his 9 inch long muslim cock with Vaseline to lubricate it. He also applied a little Vaseline on my mom’s hindu ass hole and was parting the cracks to make it more wider. He now smacked my mom’s hindu ass very tightly. Mom screamed AAAAAHH..

This was turning hot with every passing moment, my small hindu dick was now at its peak.
Jamal was now going to enter my hindu mom’s ass. The scene was incredible. It was like a high thrilling movie scene. Adrenaline rushed through my veins and I was shaking, my heart beat getting doubled at that moment. Just then jamal winked at me and held mom’s thighs tightly and brought his hard steel like muslim cock to the edge of the only virgin hole of my mother.

He firmly held mom’s thighs and now began to enter. His large mushroom like bulbous tip entered first. A very sharp and shooting pain went up mom’s entire body. She screamed and tried to move out but jamal held her tightly. Even though she mustered all the strength to get out, it was no match for jamal’s super human strength. My mom could not even move an inch as jamal tightened his grip around her thighs.

Mom was crying and writhing in pain. It was a pain she never experienced before. All her face and body had turned red. Even though she applied all the strength to get out, jamal was digging in deeper. What she could manage to do was plead jamal to leave her.

Mom: please jamal jaanu chhod do, bahut dard ho raha hai. Please
J: thoda she lena baby.
Mom: aur nahi saha jaata jamal,mai mar jaaungi.
J: kucch nahi hoga jaan, kuch time dard hoga fir maze aa jayenge.

This clearly showed jamal was not going to stop at any cost. My mom was wiggling like a fish brought out of water. Even I was scared.

Now jamal held her shoulders and pumped the entire length of his muslim cock into mom’s hindu pussy.
Mom screamed and writhed in pain just pleading to let her go all falling on jamal’s deaf ears.

Now jamal began thrusting his muslim cock into her ass slowly. Till now mom was almost going to black out due to the pain. Now mom also realized the best option was to wait for it to end. But she was in for a very long night.

She continued screaming and gasping and crying. Her eyes were full of tears. Now jamal began to get wild.

He started to stroke his monster cock at faster pace. Just then not being able to bear mom’s crying I said to jamal- please abbu dheere karo, mom ko dard ho raha hai.

Listening to this made jamal more angry and furious. He looked at me very angrily and just to demean me started to pump his cock harder making my mom scream louder. He had turned into a beast for the night. While he was holding my mom’s thighs tightly, all his muscles flexed and veins popped out. It was similar to a scene when he lifts weights. The strong beast like muslim man was using all his strength for fucking my delicate hindu mom whose ass had never been explored. I was feeling sorry for mom but if I raised any objection meant extra punishment for her. Her strength was not even a morsel of his. Even I was afraid if jamal assaulted me, I could stand no chance in defending myself.

This continued for 5 minutes. My hindu mom was helplessly screaming in pain for those infernal 5 minutes of her life. All this was done to her by a 50 year old muslim super man whom she dedicated her life and body.

Jamal: saali, hindu maal chodu aur gaand naa maru, yeh koi baat hui. Chilla hindu raand.
Tum sab ki aukat yehi hai. Tum logo ke gaand aur choot pe humara raaj hai. Saala tere hijde bête ko v dekh kaise teri chudai dekh raha hai.
Hinduo ki poori quom qamzor aur hijde mardo se bhari hui hai.
Saali tum logo ko hum hi chodte the aur aage v chodenge.

Hearing this made me think jamal as a mughal emperor who was fucking his hindu wife wildly.
Anal penetration is considered a punishment from the victor to the defeated. Here it was a clear victory of islam over Hinduism.
My mom had submitted. This also made me think even if jamal slept with a hindu woman every night, he never had any love for the hindu community. He considered us weak and inferior to muslims and our women as their property.

He never loved my mom and just fucked her like any other hindu woman he has fucked to show them their right place which was beneath a muslim man.

Now mom’s pain was slowly turning into pleasure. The screaming and crying changed to moaning. The sounds of NO PLEASE were turning to YES JAMAL!!! FUCK MY ASS!! FUCK MY VIRGIN ASS WITH YOUR STRONG MUSLIM DICK!!!

I now realized mom was completely hers. He had complete control over her mind and body.

After 20 minutes of insane fucking, the saga ended. I had cum in my pants and jamal leaked all his thick muslim semen inside her ass. Her ass hole was oozing semen. Her crack full of muslim semen. The smell of their bodily juices was enchanting. Mom lied down on the bed and jamal collapsed on top of her. I could see his muslim dick was squeezing. Both of them tired and completely exhausted after the long episode and sweaty like hell.

J: maza aya.
Mom: bahut magar ab shayad mai theek se chal v nahi paaungi.
J: teri kuwari gaand badi tight thhi. Itni tight gaand maine kabhi nahi choda. Pasine chhut gaye mere.
M: mehnat ka fal mila ya nahi?
Now both of them were laughing.
J: dekh teri chudai dekh tera beta v lund se paani chhod diya hai.

Mom looked at my pants as it was wet from the cum and laughed arey mera beta
Me: mom aapko dard nahi ho raha?
Mom: dard to hota hai beta but no pain no gain yeh duniya ki reet hai.

Ab jaa so jaa, hum log v so jaate hai.
Jamal and mom slept in each others arms and I went to the couch to sleep.

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  1. ye bilkul sach h ki agar hindu women kisi musalman se fas gai to ek din musalman uski gand jarur marega.time kuchh bhi lag jaye lekin musalman bina hindu women ki gand me lauda Dale chhod nahi sakta.meri married elder bahan bhi ek musalman se fasi h shuruaat me to musalman ne didi ki chut ko mast kr k choda lekin ab meri didi ki ass ka size kafi bada ho gaya h.pakka didi us musalman se gand marawa rahi isiliye didi ki ass badi ho gai h

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