My mom seen nude by my muslim friend

During summer vacation we had gone to our native place Ratnagiri in Konkan region. We had appeared for our twelfth exams in college and wanted to relax. My father was away for work and I accompanied my mother. We had some marriages and social functions to attend during this summer vacations. I also had a group of five friends and a servant boy of our age accompany us to our native, as it would have been a great fun. Although my mom belonged to that region originally, she was born and brought up in Mumbai. She was not used to the rustic life of villages. In those areas houses are big but the toilets and bathrooms are located on the rear side. One day after roaming at the beach we all had settled in the backyard playing cards.

It was a very hot and humid day and nobody wanted to go out till evening. I saw my mom going to the bathroom to have bath. This bathroom was almost 20 feet from the place where we played cards. The bathroom had a large window at a height of five feet. That means anyone passing near the bathroom could have a clear view inside. Usually the women in those area bathed with sarees or petticoats wrapped around their bodies. I noticed my friend Feroz and Sonu, the servant boy were looking intently at something behind me.

I glanced behind following their gaze and could see mom’s clothes and undergarments hanging in the window of the bathroom. I admonished Feroz and said Don’t even think about it. They all called her MILF or hot mom. Feroz had expressed his wish to see my mom’s tits may times but I scolded him. I used to say first I wish to see your mom Shaheen’s tits first. This was the way of teenagers that time. Nobody succeeded first. His mom Shaheen is a Konkani muslim bombshell and my mom a Maharashtrian Brahmin. Apart from six of us there were some farmers working in the paddy fields. All of a sudden the door of the bathroom crashed open and my mom came running out with great agitation. All of us were speechless to see her.

She was stark naked and wet, her long hair strewn all over her body. She stopped some six feet away from where we played cards. Now she bent over and supported her hands on her knees for support and started breathing heavily. All the eyes were on her shaking tits and trimmed pussy. They exchanged glances and suppressed their laughs. Feroz took the chance and went near mom and said Rohini aunty what is the matter? By now she was conscious and tried to cover her privates with both her hands. Then she pointed towards the bathroom, still unable to speak properly. Feroz again said what?She said one big lizard fell on her body while bathing. I immediately recalled her aversion for lizards or any reptiles. By now the farmers also saw her condition and were looking at her nude body. I was extremely embarrassed.

The thing which I never wanted to happen for Feroz, had happened .He wanted to see her boobs and got to see her in her birthday suit. I could even see a hard on in Sonu’s pants. Mom couldn’t rush inside house as it was full of people. I rushed to the bathroom. Sonu also followed me.The dirty lizard was still on the floor. I threw it outside. When I came out I was astounded to see my mom freely chatting and giggling with my friends. She was tying her hair above head . That again exposed her boobs and pussy. They all were looking at taut nipples,when I told her the lizard had been thrown out. Without a word she went to the bathroom again, this time without bothering about covering her body. All five pair of eyes were on her shaking ass cheeks. Later this incident led to a series of disastrous incidents involving my mom, aunt and Feroz.

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