My mom Shikha and her relationship with Salim

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I want to tell you everything that happened to me and my family specially my mom. My name is Sudhansu and my mom’s name is Shikha. I am 19 years old and my mom is 35. She got married to my dad at a very young age and gave birth to me the next year. To tell you a little more about my mom, she was a very attractive woman with a very beautiful body which she maintains by daily morning yoga. She was a homely woman and apart from a few years working she didn’t go outside much. While going outside she used to dress modestly either in a sari or a salwar kameez, and at home she generally wore a nighty. One of the best features of mom’s body were her boobs. She had the most gorgeous set of boobs I had ever seen. They were pretty big and in most of the clothes she wore, her cleavage would be nicely visible. Whenever she would bend down to get something I would get a very nice view of her breasts, I just cherished those moments. However when I was in college the relation between my mom and dad went bitter. Dad had an affair with mom’s sister, (my mashi) and mom became really sad. Dad had been going off to meet mashi in the weekends for quite a few months. They argued for quite some time and finally divorce was the only option left for mom. However dad managed to convince the court that the divorce was mom’s fault as she was the one who had lost interest in the marriage. I knew this was a lie because mom was a kind of woman who always needed someone. She would often go and touch dad and kiss him but dad would completely ignore her. In the end mom ended up with next to nothing. She managed to hang on to her clothes, her personal belongings and the car.

However in the end dad had managed to convince everyone including everyone in the family that mom was to blame for the entire failure of the marriage. Everyone began to distance themselves from mom and even stopped picking up her phone calls. Mom tried calling everyone for help but everyone refused. I had decided to stay with mom and I was also in the same boat. We just had a few days to live in the present apartment before we had to move out and we didn’t have any money or any place to stay. Finally mom thought of her boss from the company she used to work. His name was Salim and he lived alone in a big flat in a nice posh part of town. I didn’t remember him too well but I knew he was a big guy who used to come to our house regularly before. He was around 60 years old and was now a widower. Mom had lost touch with him for a few years but she was hoping that he might be able to help her out. I was a bit skeptical and asked mom whether he would help us. Mom quietly replied “Nischoi help korbe, aamake khub bhalo kore chene. Salim jaane je aami bhalo meye”. (He will definitely help me. Salim knows I am a very good girl). Next day we went to meet Salim. I noticed mom dressed up quite nicely before going there. She wore a blue sari with a sleeveless blouse and she was exposing her cleavage a little more than usual. She tied her hair in a pony tail and wore high heels, something which she rarely did. Moreover she applied a little more than her usual makeup. She was looking quite nice and it felt real nice whenever someone would stare at mom through the car window.

Finally we reached his apartment. We had a hard time explaining the security guards the reason for our visit. The guards were basically ogling at mom and finally we were allowed to go upstairs. I noticed that mom was a bit nervous as we rang the doorbell. I was opened by a guy around 16 years old whom I assumed to be the servant. He was also looking hungrily at mom when he opened the door. After introducing ourselves we were told to wait in the living room while he went in to bring Salim. Salim came after a while and his eyes brightened up as soon as he laid them on mom. He was a big guy something like 6”4 and was very impressive. He was balding but he had a nice personality. He came and hugged mom tightly and said “Shikha tumi koto din baade aamake dekhte aasle. Tumi to bhule gecho aamake”. (Shikha you have come to meet me after so long. Seems you have completely forgotten me).

He soon asked as to sit down and told the servant whose name was Irfan to bring in some drinks. Mom told her entire life story to Salim who was listening very intently to her. He soon wrapped his arms around her shoulders and began to console her. He was basically touching her face, her arms and her thighs. Looking at a 60 year old man touching my young mom gave me an instant hardon. After hearing everything he said “Tumi bhoy peyona Shikha, tumi aamar songe thakbe. Aami tomar dekha shona korbo. Tumi aar tomar chele kalkeye aamar barite shift hoye jabe. Shudu ja dorkar ta niye esho, aami tomake baki shob kichu debo”. (Don’t be scared Shikha, you will stay with me from now on. You and your son can shift to my house. Bring only what you absolutlely need, I will buy the rest of the things for you). I could see that mom was extremely relieved to hear this. She hugged Salim tightly and kept on thanking him. Salim kissed mom lightly on her lips and said “Shikha tomar moto eto sundar aar sexy meyeke keno help korbo na. Tomar husband khub boka jeye tomar moton sundari ke chere diye onyo kayuke chudche. Tumi aamar ekhane khub khushi thakbe”. (Shikha, why should I not help such a beautiful and sexy girl like you? Your husband is stupid that he is fucking someone else other than you. You will be very happy here with me). I never thought that Salim would start flirting with mom right there, this all made me wonder what he was going to do with mom once we had moved in with him. After this he insisted we have lunch with him and ordered Chinese. After a while the food came and we sat down to have lunch. During lunch Salim began to get even closer to mom, he would often eat from her plate and do the vice versa. He asked mom personal questions about her marriage. I cold see that mom was a bit shy but she really had no option but to answer to the best of her ability. I understood Salims intention of helping mom was her young body. After lunch when we went home mom was still blushing from all the attention Salim had bestowed on her. We packed everything up and got ready to leave by next day morning. That night I masturbated twice before going to sleep thinking about Salim and my young mom.

Next day we went to Salims place and took the entire luggage upstairs. It was a hot day and we were both drenched in sweat. We set all the luggage down in the living room. Salim instructed me to keep all of mom’s stuff in his master bedroom and mine in the servants quarter. It seems Salim had already decided where mom would be sleeping. After I had kept my stuff in the servants quarter Salim called me to the bedroom. I went in there and sat down. Mom was sitting on the bed and Salim was sitting beside her rubbing her hands. Mom was quietly sitting there not objecting to anything. I knew she was feeling really awkward about being fondled by an old man in front of me but she had no choice. After a while Salim handed mom a towel and told her to take a bath. “Shikha chan korar pore shudu towel pore baire esho, aami tomake natun jama debo porar jonno. Aami chai na tumi tomar purono kapor aamar barite poro”. (Shikha come out wearing only your towel after completing your bath. I don’t want you to wear your old clothes anymore). Mom quietly got up and went to take a bath. In the meantime Salim began to go through his cupboard, which had a lot of womans clothes. He told me that these belonged to his ex wife. I noticed that all the dresses were extremely skimpy, they were all sleeveless and most of them were very thin. He took out a black dress for mom and kept it on the changing partition. The dress was quite thin and had a spaghetti strap. He looked at me and said “Shikha ke ei dress pore khub sexy lagbe. Tor maar figure ta khub sexy, tor baba kokhono tor maar bhalo bhabe dekha shona kore ni”. (Your mom will look really sexy in this dress. She has an amazing figure. Your dad never took proper care of her). After a while mom came out of the bathroom draped only in a towel and stood before Salim as if asking for permission for what to do next. Salim got up and after sliding away the hair from her face kissed mom on her lips for some time and said “Shikha tomake dekhte khub mishit lagche. Kalo dress ta pore nao tarpor tomake aami ekta gift debo”. (Shikha you are looking really sweet. Wear the black dress, after that I will give you a gift). Mom smiled at him and changed into the black dress. Mom looked absolutely stunning in that dress. It was low cut and mom’s beautiful cleavage was nicely exposed. Mom was feeling a bit shy and was keeping her hand on her cleavage out of modesty. It turns out the dress was thinner than I had expected. Mom’s entire figure could be made out through the dress. It was ok in the shade but in the light everything was clearly visible. I could clearly see mom’s ass when light shone upon it. I could also make out that mom had some hair on her pussy. The dress was upto mom’s knee and her gorgeous legs were exposed. Salim told mom to sit down on the bed and pulled up her legs up on his laps. He then took out two silver anklet bracelets from his pocket and put them on mom’s legs. These anklets really complemented mom’s sexy legs and Salim said “Shikha tomake eita pore khub sundar lagche. Ei gulo aamar bour chilo, ekhon eta tomar”. (Shikha you will look real nice wearing this. These belonged to my wife, now they are yours). After that Salim told mom to walk around to show her nice feet. Mom walked around the bedroom and both Salim and I feasted on her beautiful sexy body. I guess this turned on Salim as he kept on touching mom everywhere and complementing her. After a while Irfan came to the room to announce that food was ready. I guess even he got turned on by watching mom in the sexy dress and was soon adjusting the front of his shorts.

After having lunch mom and me were sitting in the living room watching TV. Salim came and stood beside use for a while and then told mom “Shikha 2 minuter bhetore bedroom e esho” and then walked away. Both of us knew the exact reason of him calling her and mom was visibly embarrassed. She simply nodded her head and left after some time. I could hear her close the bedroom door behind her as she entered the bedroom. As mom entered the room Salim was sitting on the bed and indicated her to sit in front of him. As mom quietly sat in front of him Salim slowly began to stroke her face and said “Shikha tomar moton sundar meye aami onek din dekhini. Aamra aajke khub moja korbo”. (Shikha I have not seen such a beautiful girl like you for a long time. Today we will have a lot of fun). Saying this he began to kiss mom on the lips and began to slowly fondle her boobs. Mom was smiling quietly and was enjoying all the attention from Salim. Salim slowly slid down moms dress straps and exposed her beautiful boobs. Salim fondled them for a while and then began to suck on them really hard till they were red. Still fondling her boobs Salim told mom “Shikha tomar mai gulo khub mishti. Eto sundar mai aami onek din baade dhorchi”. (Your boobs are really sweet. It’s been a while since I squeezed such nice and beautiful boobs). Saying this he began to kiss mom all over her body, her boobs, her navel with his hands squeezing her ass. Mom was now moaning and quietly enjoying herself. She lay down quietly next to him and Salim began to slide up mom’s dress. After he slid up mom’s dress a bit her hairy pussy was visible. Mom tried to cover it with her hands but Salim was quick to remove it and then he brought his face near her pussy. He kissed it once and said “Shikha tomar gude khub chul aache. Aajke bikele chan korar somay kete nebe. Aamar tomar gude chul bhalo lage na”. (Shikha you have a lot of hair in your pussy. I don’t like it. I want you to shave it in the evening). After that Salim got up and lowered his shorts. His dick was already erect from all the foreplay and was sticking out. It was huge and cut and was around 8” long. Mom was amazed at its length and said “Salim tomar nunku ta koto boro. Aami kokhono eto boro nunku dekhi ni”. (Salim your dick is so huge. I have never seen such a huge one before). Saying this she soflty touched the tip of Salims penis and stroked it lightly. Salim closed his eyes and allowed mom to stroke his dick for some time. Salim then smiled and kissed mom for some time while pinching her beautiful nipples. He then said “Shona ekhon theke ei nunku ta tomar. Tumi jokhon chao eta nie khela korte paro. Ekhon shue poro dekhi, onek din dhore tomake chodar icche aache. Aajke shei icche puro korbo”. (My sweet heart, from now on this dick belongs to you and you are allowed to play with it anytime you want. Cmon now lie down, I have wanted to fuck you for a long time. Today I will get my wish fulfilled)

Saying this he lowered his face to mom’s pussy and began to lick her clit. This was an entirely new experience for mom and she began to moan softly. After licking on mom’s sweet pussy for a while Salim began to flick the tip of his cock on mom’s pussy lips. Mom knew that Salim would put his cock inside her very soon and told him “Salim please aaste kore dhukiyo, aamar gude eto boro nunku kokhono dhokeni. Aamar husbander khub choto nunku chilo”. (Salim please go slowly. My pussy has never experienced such a big dick before. My ex husband had a very small penis). Salim smiled at mom and said “Shona aamar, purono husband ke ekhon bhule jao. Ekhon theke ei nunku tomar gude roj dhukbe. Khub aaram debo tomay”. (My dear, forget about your ex husband now. From now on my dick is going to enter you everyday. You are really going to enjoy it). Saying this he lifted mom’s legs on his shoulders and slowly put the head of his penis inside mom and kept it there for a while This sensation thrilled mom a lot and she let out a load moan. Salim then kept pushing his dick inside mom little by little till his entire length was inside mom’s tight little pussy. In the end he gave a final push which mom wasn’t expecting and she screamed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Salim soon began to fuck mom in a steady rhythm and initially mom was in some pain and kept on telling Salim “Please aaste chodo aamake, aami aar parchi na. Aamar gude batha korche”. (Please fuck me slowly, its really hurting. My pussy is not big enough). Salim simply smiled at mom’s pain and kept on fucking her deep and told her “Tomar gud ekhono khub tight aache. Mone hoye tomake keu bhalo kore chodeni. Bhoye peyo na Shikha ami chude chude tomar gud loose kore debo. Koyek dine ei batha chole jabe ar aarame bodle jaabe”. (Seems like no one has fucked you properly. Don’t worry I will soon make your pussy loose. Soon you wont experience anymore pain, only pleasure). This was true and pretty soon mom was moaning in pleasure. This continued for quite some time until Salim came inside mom’s pussy. Mom also had her orgasm at the same time and she screamed out in ecstasy. Salim kept his dick inside her pussy for some time and after kissing mom for a while took it out. Salim had cum a lot and as soon as he took his cock out of mom’s pussy his semen trailed out of her.

All this time when mom was getting fucked Irfan and myself were sitting in the living room watching TV. Irfan had muted the TV volume and we were able to listen to mom’s moans when she was getting fucked. He was evidently enjoying himself and after mom’s moaning stopped he looked towards me and said “Tor ma khub bhalo chodani khelo Salim sirer kach theke. Aawaj shune mone hoye magi take onek din keu chode ni. Ekhane thakle Salim sir roj chudbe tor maake”. (Your mom just got the fucking of her life from Salim sir. Hearing her moans it seems no one has fucked that slut in a long time. If she stays here Salim sir will fuck her daily). Hearing Irfan talk about my mom like that made me a little angry but also turned me on a little. After a while Irfan went to the bathroom and I knew exactly what he was doing in there. It was quiet for quite some time after that and even I couldn’t resist but go and masturbate in the bathroom. I guess it was after a couple of hours, I was relaxing in my room when my mom entered and sat on my bed. She couldn’t look directly at me and said “ki korchis ekhon”. (What are you doing?). I just mumbled some reply and mom didn’t ask me anything else. I am pretty sure mom knew that I was aware of what was going on but we didn’t really talk about it. Mom was still wearing the cute black dress and had the smell of sex all over her. I could see that mom had red marks all over her neck and shoulders. It was evident that Salim had used mom rather roughly. I decided to break the tension and told mom ‘Mummy, tomake khub sundor lagche kalo dress ta pore’. All this time my little penis was extremely hard and as soon as mom had gone I went and pleasured myself again in the bathroom.

After that mom and I went to watch TV in the living room. Mom didn’t talk much and was quietly staring at the TV. I on the other hand was very excited; I had just heard my own mom getting fucked by a relative stranger a few hours ago and now she was sitting besides me dressed in only a skimpy black dress. Moms sexy face, her exposed cleavage, her nice long exposed legs were all turning me on. I could see from the corner of my eyes that mom would smile to herself once in a while. Mom had obviously enjoyed the rough fucking from Salim. After a while Salim came out and sat beside mom.

He put his arms around her and kept one of his hands on mom’s thighs. Pretty soon he was stroking mom’s hair and softly fondling her big round breasts. Salim then softly told mom “Shikha aami chai na je tumi tomar purono jinish use koro. Aami aajke shob phele debo. Tumi shudu aamar kena jinish use korbe”. (Shikha I don’t want you to wear your old clothes anymore. I will throw out everything today. You will just wear whatever I give you). He took mom by her hand and went to the bedroom. I followed them after a while and saw that Salim was sifting through mom’s bag. He was laughing at all the stuff mom had brought along with her. He looked at mom and said “Shikha tomar kache to kono bhalo jinish nei. Tomar husband khub boka lok, tomar moton sundari ke to ranir moton rakha uchit”. (Shikha I am surprised that someone like you doesn’t have anything nice. Your ex husband is very stupid. You should be kept like a queen). I observed that mom had a lot of old clothes and it was obvious that dad never really bought anything nice for her. Salim just kept a few of mom’s expensive clothes and threw the rest away. Mom did not say anything when Salim was throwing all her stuff away. Among the stuff he had kept there was a sexy baby-doll lingerie top. Salim picked it up and showed it to mom and asked “ Shikha eta to khub sundar. Tomar husband nichoi khub pochondo korto eta”. (Shikha this is very beautiful. I am sure your husband liked it a lot). Mom blushed and said”eta ami shudu ek baar porechi. Aamar husbander khub lojja peto aami jokhon erokom dress portam”. (I only wore it once. My husband was very shy. He used to get very uncormortable when I wore this dress).

After all the separation had been done Salim told me leave the room and winked at mom. It was quite evident that Salim was excited again and I could see that mom was blushing furiously. I quickly left the room and went to the living room and I could hear the bedrrom door shut behind me. I pretended to watch TV whereas I was actually trying to listen to my mother getting fucked again. After a while I could listen to my mom moaning again and this time even Salim was making a lot of noise. Soon Salim gave a loud grunt and said “Shikha tomar ei gud shudu aamar jonno banano hoyeche. Aamar nunku eto aaram onek din baade pelo. Tomar gud chude chude phuliye debo”. (Shikha your pussy has been made just for me. My dick had never experienced such pleasure before. I will fuck and ravage your pussy). Salim and mom came out after a long time and moms face was really disheveled. It was quite clear that Salim had been extremely rough with my young mom.

My mom on the other hand was quite helpless in this regard. She was not used to such rough use and she was in no position to refuse Salim anything. She had to agree to everything that Salim told her otherwise we would be out on the streets again. After that the evening went by quietly with mom sleeping most of the time and Salim was on the phone. I was extremely excited at what was happening around me and I had no choice but to jerk off in the bathroom. This continued a lot and one night I was asleep when Irfan woke me up and told me to follow him. I quietly went after him and he led me to the balcony where I knew he was peeping on my mom getting fucked. However tonight was a completely different scene from usual. Normally mom lies on the bed with her legs wide open or on Salims shoulders while he pumps mom with his massive dick. Tonight Salim was sitting on the couch with his huge cock sticking up. Mom was kneeling in front of him on the floor. After a while I realized that Salim wanted a blowjob from mom and she was reluctant to take his cock in her mouth. I could see that Salim was getting quite pissed of at mom’s resistance.

Mom was saying “aami kokhono karur nunku mukhe dhokai ni. Tomar ta khoob boro, aami mukhe nite parbo na” (I have never taken a dick in my mouth. Your cock is too big, It wont fit in my mouth) All of a sudden he slapped mom really hard and mom fell back with her left cheek glowing red from the impact. After a while he slowly told mom “Shikha bhalo meyer moton amar nunku ta ke chuse dao, nahole aaro maar khete hobe”. (Shikha be a good girl and quietly suck my dick if you dont want to be slapped again). I saw mom bring her face close to Salims throbbing cock and slowly kissing it. Salim then pushed moms head more and soon around half of his cock was inside moms small mouth. Even with just half of the dick inside I could see mom was having a hard time sucking it. After a while I saw Salims face squeeze and I knew he was about to cum in moms mouth. His first spurt was inside moms mouth but she removed her face and the rest fell on her face. Salim looked a satisfied man and he said ‘Shikha aami tomake amar maal khete shekhabo. Koyek diner moddhe tumi roj amar maal khabe’. (Shikha soon I will teach you to drink my cum. Within a few days you will be drinking my cum daily). Mom was sitting on the floor her face covered with cum and I saw Salim take a pic of hers in his cell phone. I realized that I had again cum in my pants without touching my dick and Irfan was grinning at me. After we went back to the room he said ‘tor ma ekhon ekdom free randi hoye geche. Salim sir ja bole tai kore. Koyek din baade aaro onek kichu korte bolbe’. (Your mom has become a free slut for Salim sir. Whatever he says, she has to obey. Within a few days he will make her do a lot more stuff).

Initially Irfan and I got along very well. We would watch my young mom getting fucked by Salim almost every night. Even after watching we would talk about it in my room. Soon Irfan began to talk extremely dirty about my mom. I knew he would talk about mom with the other servants also, which I didn’t like at all. One day I saw that Irfan was talking to one of the security guys. As I walked past both of them snickered at me and I immediately understood what they were talking about. After Irfan came home I confronted him about it, I insulted him a few times and told him that a servant should know his place. He listened to me for a few minutes and suddenly he got up and slapped me hard. Although he was much younger than me he was physically much stronger.

I was completely taken back by this slap and just stood there. Suddenly Irfan slapped me again and this time I fell down and started crying. Hearing the noise both Salim and mom came to my room. Mom was wearing a small night dress and all her curves were very nicely visible. Irfan was very angry and he started complaining about me to Salim. Salim listened to him and it seemed to anger him a lot. He kept quiet for a while and he motioned everyone to come to the living room. I stood in the center while I noticed mom standing in the corner looking very concerned. Salim finally said ‘Ei barite amar pore Irfan er kotha chole. Oke servant bolar jonno toke punishment khete hobe’.(In this house the word of Irfan comes second to mine. You will be punished for calling him a servant).

Salim indicated something to Irfan and he immediately came behind me and tied my hands behind my back. I was totally vulnerable and started to shiver. Both Salim and irfan started to laugh and suddenly Salim landed a slap on my cheeks and was followed by a couple of others. I was totally in shock and started crying which amused Salim and Irfan a lot. Seeing this mom came to my rescue and began pleading to Salim to stop. Salim looked sternly at mom and said ‘Shikha, tumi ekhan theke jao. Side e dariye dekho tomar chele ke ki kore thik kori’. (Shikha go away from here. Stand aside and see how I correct your son). Mom however did not go and kept on pleading which infuriated Salim a lot. He took mom by her hair and told her ‘tomra Hindu meye ra kotha shunte jano na. Hindu meyeder ki kore thik korte hoye aami jani. Mone hocche tomar cheler shate shate tomakeo line e aante hobe’ (you Hindu girls don’t know how to listen. I know how to correct girls like you. I feel you and your son both need to be taught a lesson).

After saying this he told something to Irfan in the side. Irfans face brightened up and went towards mom who was now standing quietly. He twisted both of moms arms behind her back and made her kneel. Mom was writhing in pain while both Salim and Irfan were smiling. Irfan looked at me and said ‘dekh tor jonno tor maa ke ekhon shasti khete hobe. Aaj theke toder dujon ke amader kotha shunte hobe’. (because of your mistake your mom will be punished now. From today onwards you two will listen to all that we say).

Saying this he rubbed moms cheeks for a while. Suddenly after a while he landed a hard slap on her cheek. Mom was taken back but didn’t move much. After a few more slaps mom was sobbing and Irfan was standing over her with a big smile on his face. Just slapping mom did not satisfy Irfan. He got a rope from somewhere, tied it around moms neck and tied her in the room like a dog. With a satisfied look he told mom “ebare tor position thik ache ei barite” (this is your correct position in this house). Although this was an extremely humiliating experience for me I could not help it but noticed that seeing mom slapped by Irfan actually turned me on. I actually had an erection seeing my mom in this condition. Irfan was quick to notice this and he wasted no time to humiliate me further. He immediately pulled my shorts down and exposed my erection. I think this is a good time to tell everyone that I have a very very small penis. This is my little secret and till date I have never shared it with anyone.

To stand there with my little thing sticking out was very very humiliating. What was worse was that I was actually turned on seeing my own mom humiliated and slapped by Irfan. Salim and Irfan found this extremely funny and after stripping me completely made me kneel down just 2 feet away from my sobbing mom. Salim looked at mom and said ‘mone hocche tomar cheler khub moja eseche tomake ei obosta te dekhe. Dekho or chotto nunku ta kemon kore dariye ache nijer maa ke dekhe”. (Seems like your son really enjoyed watching you in this condition. Look at how his little dick is hard looking at his own mother). Irfan found all this extremely exciting and did not miss an opportunity to humiliate me and my mom further.

He got a small scale and handed it to mom and told her to measure me. Mom looked at him for a while and did as she was told. She looked at Salim and told him softly “teen inchi” (three inches). Salim then told me stay in that kneeling position and he took mom inside the bedroom by pulling the rope. This time he did not even close the door and he fucked my mom for the next 30 min. He kept the door open on purpose just to show mom and me our position in the house. I could hear mom moaning both in pleasure and pain. In spite of this I was erect throughtout that time and had actually cum without touching. After a while Irfan came and let me go after making me clean up my mess.

A few days went by. Irfan made me do a lot of house work now. He would threaten to hit mom again if I didn’t listen to him. Mom had now become a sex toy in the hands of Salim. He was extremely sex crazy and he was often needed to be satisfied 2-3 times a day. Mom had no other option but to give in to his wild demands. Since Irfan and myself followed my moms sexual encounter every night we knew very well that my mom had now become quite an expert in quite a few things like giving a blowjob, getting fucked in doggy style, drinking Salims cum etc. Soon Salim would take mom when he was going to parties as well.

He would make mom wear extremely skimpy clothes. It would range from a transparnent saree with a spaghetti strap blouse to a mini skirt with no panties. To be really frank with the kind of figure my mom has she looked extremely stunning and sexy in these kinds of clothes. After a few days Salims older sister came to visit his house. She was even stricter than Salim and did not like that 2 non muslim people were staying in her brother’s house. Her name was Shabana and she was a tall and imposing lady. On the first day that she came she made me and mom kneel in front of her and she gave us instructions how to behave in the house.

After some days Salim told mom that she was to convert to Islam. He didn’t stop at that. He said that if we wanted to stay in his house she had to change her name also. I know mom agreed hesitantly. Mom changed her name from Shikha to Taslima since Salim liked that name a lot. After a few months of staying there, due to repeated fucking mom got pregnant with Salims baby. A lot of more spicy things happened in my newly married moms life which I will try and write in another story.

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