My moms dirty secret gets unveiled in front of my eyes

My name is Ashish Jain and I am from a rich hindu family. This incident took place when I was 16 years old studying in 10th standard.
There was this guy whom I called Masood uncle. He was a mature married muslim man 40 to 50 years old.
Masood was like a friend and a well wisher of our family who used to visit our home quite often.
My father had a business he used to leave home every morning at around 10 and used to come home around 8 o’ clock at night.
Masood uncle also had his own business.

Like I said I was in 10th standard back then. It was like any other day I was in the school. That day there were some speculations about a strike / bandh that schools would remain closed but the school in which I studied was open. Suddenly at arould 11 AM some protesters forced themselves inside the school gate and called for the school to be closed down immediately for the day and that was it the school was prematurely over. I was happy. I reached home at arould 12 o’ clock. There was an unusual silence. My mom was no where to be seen. My dad had gone on a business trip. I went to the kitchen she was not there, checked some other rooms too, then as I approached her bedroom I heard some noise, I proceeded without making any noise. The door was closed.

The door was right in front of me and I heard faint moaning sound. I checked through the key hole and saw my mom’s saree and bra lying on the bed and on the bed my mom was naked having sex with none other than Masood uncle. He was banging my mom like there is no tomorrow. He was pounding her with full force, my mom hugged him tightly as he flexed his big circumcised lund inside my moms hole.
For a moment it felt like I was in a dream but soon I realized that it was real. I don’t know from how long all this was going on, my mom being banged by an older muslim man in the same bed on which she sleeps with my dad.

I watched the whole thing after fucking her for like 20 minutes he cummed her face with a big stream of cum load that rushed out from his big penis.
From that day I started seeing my mom differently. I couldn’t even think of talking about this to my mom. I thought it would be very embarrassing and we would not be able to look into each others eyes. So I kept it a secret and may be my mom was not getting it from my dad so she spread her legs in front of masood uncle. My mom was a beautiful women and still is. She is also very well educated. My mom is a vegetarian but she loves muslim meat inside her.  She likes being Masood uncle’s dirty slut in the bedroom. Literally she loves muslim louda, it satisfies her the most.

5 thoughts on “My moms dirty secret gets unveiled in front of my eyes

  1. Ashish dear, yeah normal hai, jab bhi koi Hindu aurat kisi dominant Muslim Mard ke contact me aati hai to wo apne aap ko rok nahi pati hai, chahe kitni hi innocent ya religious ho, Hindu aurat ka khubsurat kaam vasna she bhara hua jism apne Hindu pati ya bf se sexually satisfaction nahi hota hai
    Aali sexual satisfaction kewal musalman mard ki hard rough aur zalalat wale chudai she hi multi hai

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