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My mother Radhika owned by Mahmudullah Hossain

Mahmudullah Hossain, The son of an MLA, and a local goon, enslaves my Mother, Radhika Sarma, to the charms and power of his Huge Cock.

Mahmud got up and lay on the bed. He saw her blouse lying over the bed. He picked it up and cleaned his Circumcised cock with it, and put it beside the pillow. Radhika came out and moved towards the bed. While moving towards the bed, she tied her hair in a ponytail. She lay beside Mahmud on the bed. She kissed his chest and put her head on his chest. He clasped his Circumcised cock very tightly in her right hand. They were making small talk. After some time Radhika lifted her face and kissed Mahmud. Wow! Mahmud was lying flat on bed. Radhika was lying on his side, her right hand tightly clasping his Circumcised cock, her left hand holding his face, her right leg over his legs, her Mangalsutra lying on Mahmud’s chest and her lips locked with Mahmud’s. After some time she moved downward. As she was moving her face downward on his body, she was spitting on his body and then licking it with her tongue, just like Mahmud was doing to her yesterday. Finally she arrived at his cock. She spit on it. And then spread her thick saliva on the entire length of Mahmud’s 11” Circumcised cock with both her hands. She did this 4-5 times. Then she took her tongue out and traced the entire length of Mahmudullah’s Circumcised cock with the tip of her tongue. She licked her balls as well with her tongue as well as her lips. Her action made Mahmud’s cock erect again. She took the entire 11’’ cock in her mouth. She was giving Mahmud a deep throat. Her hair had opened up and it was falling into her mouth while she was blowing Mahmud. But she was so engrossed in giving Mahmud a hard blowjob that she didn’t bother. Radhika sucked Mahmudullah’s Circumcised cock with his luscious lips like a lollipop and licked it with her tongue like an Ice Cream. Mahmud then said something to her, in a hushed voice. I couldn’t hear clearly. Radhika then did the most beautiful thing. She took off her Mangalsutra and wrapped it around Mahmudullah’s 11’’ Circumcised cock. She then tied her hair again in a ponytail. And proceeded to give him blowjob again. Oh the sight. Her Mangalsutra, the symbol of her marriage, wrapped around the Circumcised cock of Mahmud, while she engulfed it in her mouth. It was then I realized that Mahmudullah had won my Conservative Brahmin Mother Radhika with the sheer power of his 11’’ Circumcised cock. Here she was, My Hindu Brahmin Mother, Radhika Sarma, giving blowjob to a Circumcised Cock of a Muslim man, Mahmudullah Hossain, wrapped in her own Mangalsutra, on the same bed where she spent countless nights with her legal husband, while her husband was in jail due to the conspiracy of the same man whose Circumcised cock was she sucking with such enthusiasm now. Yesterday she surrendered her body to Mahmudullah as a token of sacrifice, while today, her action of sucking the Circumcised cock of the same man, that was going to ruin her marriage, was an act of pure depravity. She moved her head on his Circumcised cock up and down, up and down with great passion.

Finally Mahmudullah ejaculated in her mouth. She took entire semen in her mouth. For next 15-20 seconds she didn’t mouth. It was as if she didn’t want even a single drop to be wasted. But she didn’t swallow it in. Radhika lifted her mouth. He mouth was so full of Mahmudullah’s semen that it dripped out over her lips. She then put some of his semen on her left hand and rubbed it over her erect nipples. She took some more out of her mouth and again put it on her left hand. This time she picked some of Mahmudullah’s semen with her right hand and applied it over her forehead where she used to apply vermilion as a symbol of her marriage. She now covered it with his semen, showing she was Mahmudullah’s sexual slave now. She put more on her left hand, rubbed her hands together and applied it all over her face as if it were fairness cream. She swallowed the last bit. She then lifted his Camcorder. She moved towards Mahmudullah’s cock that was still clad in her Mangalsutra. She then directed Mahmudullah’s Mangalsutra clad cock near her pussy and touched the red bulbous tip on her cunt. She recorded the video (holding the camera like taking a selfie). She continuously rubbed her cunt on the large reddish tip of Mahmudullah’s Circumcised cock wrapped in her Mangalsutra. After this depraved activity, she unwrapped her Mangalsutra from his Circumcised cock, licked it clean by taking it into her mouth and wore it back. She then lay over Mahmudullah’s body, her breasts pressing hard against his chest.

Animal like banging and the affect of alcohol made them to drift into sleep immediately. I wondered how shamelessly Radhika was sleeping over Mahmudullah’s muscular body on the same bed where her still alive legal husband used to sleep with her, the Circumcised cock of Mahmudullah still oozing some juices on her thigh. There was a sense of relief on her face as she slept. It was as if she had released decades of pent up sexual tension from inside her. She had unleashed her pure animalistic instincts with no care for the consequences. That was the reason Radhika drank whisky with Mahmudullah, took thick virile semen from Mahmudullah’s 11’’ Circumcised cock in her cunt without using any protection.

Mahmudullah woke up around 4. His movements awoke me too. I was in such a trance watching my Mother Radhika sleeping naked in arms of Mahmudullah, that I don’t remember when I came down and slept. Within 5 minutes he was out. I climbed on the ventilator again. Radhika was still asleep stark naked. It was the affect of alcohol. An idea occurred to me. I came down and entered her room. The entire room smelt of sexual aroma of their juices. I looked around and noticed her blouse. Her violet blouse had thick white marks of Mahmudullah’s semen. I took couple of photographs from my mobile. I took some more photos of her bra and underwear that were wet with her juices and Mahmudullah’s semen. These were my souvenir’s of that wild sexual orgy that I had just witnessed. I came back and slept.

This was the routine for the next one month. E ach night Mahmudullah would come into her room through the terrace, and they would immediately begin their depraved activities. Radhika was a totally different person now in Mahmud’s company. She had become a slave to Mahmud’s Circumcised cock. Mahmud brought her lot of stuff, new sarees with revealing sleeveless low cut and backless blouses, new necklaces and jewellery, fancy lingerie and underwear, mobile phone etc. Radhika would dress in such revealing outfits, she would spend an hour after dinner to dress up and get ready for her lover for the night. They would get drunk and then fuck like no one is watching. One night after some initial foreplay, they came out of her room and went outside. I followed them after some 5 minutes. They were not there on the terrace. I went towards the gym. I glanced inside and some dim lights were on. Mahmud was fucking Radhika on the treadmill. Later on Mahmudullah was telling Radhika about various Gym machines and which body part it helps. They were walking around the Gym buck naked at 2AM in the night. They fucked twice on the floor of the Gym and I guess once in the steam bath, because I was not able to see them inside the bathroom, But Radhika and Mahmudullah spent over an hour in the steam bath and I guess Radhika would have Mahmudullah’s Circumcised cock in her vagina while lying in the pool of hot water.

On another occasion, in fully inebriated state Radhika said to Mahmudullah, “Make me forget my Husband.” That was a huge turn on for me, I guess for Mahmud too. The same night she did something even more depraved she had done till then. She was lying naked on bed, her legs spread wide giving full view of pink brownish cunt to Mahmudullah, who was sitting on his knees in between her spread legs and rubbing the red bulbous tip of his giant Circumcised erection on her cunt to make it ready to receive him. Radhika sat up, she spit on her hands, rubbed them together and massaged his Circumcised cock. Then she took off her Mangalsutra, spit on it a couple of times, asked Mahmud to do that too, Mahmud to spit on it and then she wrapped it on Mahmud’s Circumcised cock just above his balls and said, “Fuck me now and make me forget my husband.” It was delight to watch, their pubic areas united, separated only by her Mangalsutra. Radhika was fucked by Mahmud’s Circumcised cock wrapped in her Mangalsutra on the same bed on which she celebrated her Suhaag Raat, lost her virginity and became a woman from a girl. And now with this act, she had transformed from a respectable woman to slut, from respectable wife of a doctor to a moll of a political goon. And it was to become a ritual in all their subsequent sexual unions. Radhika and Mahmud would spit on her Mangalsutra and then she would wrap it on Mahmud’s Circumcised cock before he rammed it in his pussy.

I noticed with that those erotic and passionate encounters with Mahmudullah in bed every night she was very cheerful, I’d never seen her so happy before. After one month, my school started and I was in 10th grade now. As the first week progressed in school after the vacations, Mahmud stopped visiting her in the night. I wondered what had happened. I thought whether Mahmud’s obsession with her body was over? Then one day while sitting in class a thought flashed across my mind What if they are fucking during the day. I developed immediate boner in my pants, I tried hard to hide it. But this thought stuck in my mind. Radhika was as cheerful as she had been since Mahmudullah was showing her heaven with his Circumcised cock. Surely Radhika is fucking Mahmudullah during the day so that they don’t have to take the risk of waking me up during the night. I now planned to see their session during the day.

Next week I pretended to develop an acute stomach ache and requested the teacher to grant me leave. I was granted leave. With adrenaline running high, I paced towards my home as fast as possible so as to not miss any action. Of course I had to be very careful not to get noticed. So i came from the bylane in the back of our clinic and the gym. I climbed the stairs in the back of the gym and reached the terrace. I slowly came down to our terrace and then downstairs to the yard in the back of our rooms. I carefully opened my room and locked it from inside. I climbed the ventilator and saw what I’d expected. Radhika and Mahmudullah were sleeping naked on her bed. Their clothes were lying on the floor nearby. I could see Mahmudullah’s semen marks on Radhika’s tummy and navel. Mahmudullah’s head was on Radhika’s naked chest, her nipples were erect even in her sleep, and her hands were in his hair, as if she was caressing his hair and singing him lullaby and put him to sleep. Surely they would have had multiple orgasms. Mahmudullah left around 2:30PM before the scheduled end of my school at 3:00PM.

Next day I played a new trick. Mom was taking bath at 8:15AM. I told her in loud voice I’m leaving and instead hid in my room. She came out 5 minutes later, dressed only in a towel, her wet hair sticking to her shoulders. Immediately she called Mahmudullah on phone.

“What do you want me to wear today my love?”

Talking to him for 2-3 minutes, she dressed up to receive her illegitimate lover. She dressed in a revealing black saree with sleeveless blouse. She put on some make-up, mascara in her eyes, lipstick and lip liner on her lips etc. Mahmudullah arrived at 8:45AM. And immediately they were lost in their world of lust and passion. They were drinking whisky at 9AM in the morning, even a hardcore drunkard would drink in the morning. They had a very passionate love making session.
They fucked in sitting position. Mahmud was sitting in the centre of the bed, his legs stretched, Radhika was sitting on his lap, Mahmud’s Circumcised cock in her tight vagina. She had encircled Mahmud’s waist with her legs, and moving her hips forward backward, and sometimes in circular fashion to increase the contact of Mahmudullah’s Circumcised cock with her pussy walls. Mahmud’s hands were caressing her back and occasionally her ass globes. Mahmud also touched her asshole with his finger to prod her. I loved the sight of my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Radhika Sarma, sitting buck naked on Mahmud’s lap, her fair back covered in her long hair, mercilessly humping the Circumcised cock of a Muslim man on her own bed, her breasts with erect tits pressed hard against the broad masculine chest of Mahmud was a sight to relish. My Brahmin Mother kissing her illegitimate Muslim lover ardently full on lips, licking his lips with her own lips and tongue, inserting her tongue into his mouth, begging his illegitimate Muslim lover to spit in her mouth and spitting back in his mouth, joining her mouth with his with so much passion as if to melt their faces together, all the while humping his Circumcised cock wildly, moving her ass on Mahmud’s Circumcised cock like a pro, made me have an intense orgasm. The good thing about their daytime encounter was that they were moaning loudly. Radhika need not care about teenager son listening to her moans while she humped on that Circumcised cock, as she thought I was in school.
Radhika’s world now revolved only around Mahmudullah’s Circumcised cock now. She could anything and everything to lay her hands, lips on it or wrap her Mangalsutra around it before Mahmudullah inserted it inside her organ. Thus life moved on. I couldn’t watch much of their sessions now as I couldn’t absent me from school much. Yes sometimes on weekends Mahmudullah used to come in the night. Apparently there wasn’t a single day when My Brahmin Mother Radhika could stay away from the Circumcised Cock of Mahmudullah Mahmudullah’s Circumcised cock had indeed made her forget her husband. Even after 6 months there were no signs of his release as the investigations and case against him dragged on.

But there were consequences. She had grown bolder now. She had started to go out with Mahmudullah. Of course tongues were wagging and people were talking about their relationships. One day she was out of the house. I was searching for one of my books and I thought of checking it in her room. In the drawer I found a medical report. It was from Gynaecology department of the Dhubri Medical College. It was a pregnancy report. The report mentioned healthy fetus of twins. Radhika was already 4 month pregnant with Mahmudullah’s twins. She didn’t even tell me. I wondered what her next step would be? It would be blasphemous in this small conservative town for a married Brahmin woman to give birth to her Muslim lover’s love child, while still being married to her husband. What was she doing with her life I wondered?

Next week she announced we are moving to a new town. I never enquired much about why and what about father. I had already heard gossip of her pending divorce with my father and settlement of father’s guilt free acquittal if he signs divorce papers. We moved to nearby place called Goalpara. Radhika bore twins to Mahmudullah. One a baby boy called Asadullah and another baby girl called Meher. Mahmudullah got her a job in Goalpara General Hospital as a Paediatrician. She never married Mahmudullah but he still visited her, often every weekend. Whenever he visited, Radhika and Mahmudullah would spend their entire weekend each other at the local 5 star hotel, owned by one of Mahmudullah’s political associate. Mahmudullah never married as well and was focussed on his political career. My step siblings were in custody of Mahmudullah’s Grandmother and rarely met them.

I have since then moved on to my Engineering. But it still befuddles me why Radhika did what she did? She was living a perfect middle class dream. Ok may be she wasn’t having a fulfilling sex life in her marriage, but was it worth it to risk entire life for sexual pleasure. She was lucky it didn’t turn out so bad for her, Mahmudullah arranged for her comforts, got her a job and brought her gifts and never deserted her, but things could have been otherwise. Mahmudullah might have turned out to be a monster, and could have thrown her away after he satisfied his hunger and lust for her body. It would remain a mystery. I had seen Radhika making love to her husband as well as her lover. She was a completely different lady when she was naked with Mahmudullah in her bed. Probably living on the edge and risking everything for achieving pleasure may be more fulfilling experience that routine. Having a lover and engaging in promiscuous affair is more adventurous than mundane married sex life. Anyway I think Radhika never regretted that she gave up everything to be with Mahmud. She was happy being a ‘keep’ rather than a wife.

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