My Muslim Knight

I am Anupriya 26 year old girl who was born into a hindu family. This happened a few years ago when I was 22 years old and was studying at JNU. There was a close friend of mine in the class she was a muslim girl though her I got to know Mohammed Arslan another class mate of mine who was a muslim guy.

If I were to describe my looks and by body then this pic is a perfect example

There were many good things about Arslan apart from good looks, lean and mean body, he was also nice to talk to. He was a part time muslim rights activist on social media. He used to mock love-jihad and hyper nationalism.

Our friendship was just restricted to university campus, cafeteria and occasional chat on the phone, but after a few months I started hanging out with him outside the university premises. It felt as if the bird has left the cage.

He gifted me a hijab on my birthday, it was really a surprise for me. I actually wore that hijab the next day in the evening while hanging out with him.

Someones in the evening if we felt like eating somthing he used to take me to his favorite halal restaurant. The cooks there were all muslims and it was clearly written there on the board that food served here is 100% halal, it was all non-vegan mainly beef, chicken and mutton. I didn’t eat beef so I was left with either chicken or mutton dishes. The food there was so delicious that even a 5 star hotel would fail, still I used to eat a little as I wanted to be in the best shape. On the other hand Arslan ate like an animal. Everytime he used to ask the waiter for some butter. It was amul butter cut into half which the waiter used to bring and all that went inside the Nihari which Arslan used to eat.
I was like; that is fuking half the slab of butter how do you even digest that. I asked him that day and he said he works out.

It was a cloudy day but nothing could stop us, I was on his motorcycle going through the lonely road where there were no shops or buildings on the road side and suddenly rain poured down heavily, there was no shelter and we were wet in a matter of seconds.
Then we saw a building on the road side and we found shelter there. It was a half constructed shop with no paint only cement and a big doorway with no door.

We went inside. There was not a soul there, completely lonely. We were standing there waiting for the rain to stop. Arslan touched my arm and said “you are cold”. I said I am all right.
He didn’t leave my arm. My hairs were mostly wet, my fancy t-shirt was wet and tightly clung to my body, which made my figure look even more sexier in his eyes.
He came closer to me, I knew he is about to kiss me and I closed my eyes. I though for a brief second if i should move away but I didn’t. I let him kiss me, he kissed my lips and then the neck. I started feeling warm.
He held me even closer and tighter. I felt it near my groin, his dick crushing against me while it was still inside his pants, would have been so damn hard, it was yearning so bad to fuck me and to feel the touch of my hands and lips. Oh ! Gosh is he going to fuck me now and here, I though and I wouldn’t have stopped him if he did. I was going crazy.

He started pressing my boobs. It was my impulsive behavor taking over. It was a spontaneous reaction I was now doing things without thinking, I grabbed his dick from outside his pants. It felt big. It pleased him greatly as he kissed my lips even more intensely.
As soon as he started taking his dick out we heard some voices, the rain had stopped. We gathered ourselves and moved out. Saw some people outside so we moved out of there.

With him now I was going to his private place, but unexpectedly his phone rang and Arslan’s father called him, it was something very important and urgent so he couldn’t say no. I was a bit sad such a thrilling evening it was going to be but now it has come to an end. Arslan assured me that he would meet me tomorrow evening.

That night I could hardly sleep. It was the after effect, I was in heat, rubbing and fingering my pussy thinking about Arslan. I could still feel his dick in my hand as I wondered how I grabbed it. I imagined him ramming my pussy with his dick while I was finger fucking myself.

Eventually the new evening arrived, I was with him and he took me to a private room. After the lovers talk we couldn’t keep each other away for too long inside the lonely room, every inch felt like a kilometer. He kissed me again just like the other day and I closed my eyes, then wrapped me in his arms and caressed me. I wanted to feel his cock again.
He then started undressing me, removed my t-shirt and then my bra. He fondled my boobs and sucked them while pressing them with both his hands.
He unbuttoned the shorts I was wearing and then removed the final barrier which was my panty. Next his lips were all over me kissing, caressing and toying with my naked body.
I started unbuttoning his shirt. He had a very nice physique. I was hungrily kissing his chest and biceps while he played with my pussy with his fingers. I enjoyed touching his strong and muscular body.
Next he removed his pants. I saw a huge bulge in his underwear and I sensed something big waiting to devour me.
Arslan: You grabbed it yesterday since then it hasn’t been able to sleep properly. Would you like to unwrap it yourself ?
I moved my hands forward and dragged his underweard down. There popped out a marvelous piece of organ, his colossal circumcised dick. It looked so sturdy and hard and when I touched it it felt even harder.

Mohammed Arslan’s grandfather was from the land which is now the present day Iraq, he settled in India way back. Somewhere he also had Arab genes inside him making him look a bit different and may be that is also a secret of this big dick.
I was fascinated by his big one, a cock like that 9 out of 10 times only a muslim man could have a dick like that in India.
I was stroking his dick slowly, then moved my lips closer and kissed his cock head while looking at his face, the expression on his face was a living proof of how much he enjoyed that.
Then I rolled my tongue all over his thick cock head, then softly bit his shaft while moving my tongue down towards his balls. I sucked his balls nicely then took his dick deep inside my mouth as far as I could which made me cough and a bit of cum dripped down from my mouth. I continued sucking and playing with his unyielding dick.

Next we were on the bed, he was all over me using my body as he desired. He started putting his dick inside me but at first his thick cock slipped and didn’t go inside my tight pussy. Then he grabbed his cock firmly and applied some pressure, it pained a bit at the beginning but after the initial stage pain disappeared and pleasure took over.

The girth of his cock made me spread my legs wider as far as possible, it was thick and now he was banging my pussy hard. My pussy got really wet and now his dick was moving to and fro without any problem.
He was continuously fucking me in a rhythm and driven by great pleasure I bit him on his biceps and hugged him firmly. I was breathing hard and moaning. His cock was pleasing every pleasure point inside my vagina. In ecstasy I said in his ears your dick is so big Mohammed, it is tearing apart my pussy which feels so good.

Arslan grunts every now and then in pleasure while working his dick inside me.
After fucking for quite long I felt I am about to reach an organsm I started panting and moaning harder. Next my pussy clenches and I am filled with a huge explosion of pleasure as I reach the organsm.
I was feeling a bit dizzy while Arslan was still fucking me continuously. My hands fell to my sides I was completely satisfied after that Arslan also emptied all this cum load from this testicles into my pussy as I felt a huge surge of his cock juice inside my vagina.

Next evening we met again. I was feeling as if I am getting addicted to him and his big cock. He couldn’t stop himself from fucking me again and I wanted it just as bad as he did. We were in a middle of a conversation, I said I could do anything for you.
Arslan came close to me and grabbed me while pressing my boobs.
Arslan: Anything, say for example ?
I can convert for if you want.
Arslan: No, I want you to stay the way you are.
Arslan: (smiled and said) I like to fuck you as a hindu girl.
ummm really ! Am I the first hindu girl you have fucked.
Arslan: No
But you wont leave me like the others.
Arslan: I didn’t leave them we just got separated due to certain circumstances.

We kissed hungrily and undressed each other.
I used to call myself an Agnostic Atheist but now it had all changed. I never enjoyed calling myself a Hindu girl so much as I was now. I grabbed his dick and while gently stroking his big circumcised dick I whispered in his ear “baby I a hindu girl yearning to be fucked by your big muslim cock, fuck me my muslim knight.” After that he went berserk and fucked me like there is no tomorrow.

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