My one night stand with another member from interfaithxxx

Hello everyone.

This is my story of meeting a Hindu Women from this website and how we had a one night stand. This was probably one of the best and steamiest fucks I have ever had. I will withhold her name for privacy issues.

It all started on Interfaith chatroom. We started chatting and started to roleplay. She is 29 years old and married and I am 26. The roleplay was too good. We hit it off immediately and decided to stay in touch via kik. We continued to roleplay for a few more months and eventually got very comfortable with each other. After our steamy roleplay sessions we would talk about ourselves a little bit too. I found out that she was very frustrated with her sex life as her husband would leave often for work and that’s why she needed attention. We started getting more and more kinky in our roleplays too. We started sharing pics and small videos with each other.(she loved to see videos of me cumming a lot and that really turned her on) This continued for a few months, eventually we were talking almost every night and she would always say how much she wanted my cock.

One day by chance I had to visit her city for some work. I messaged her and asked her if she would be willing to meet for coffee, she was a bit hesitant at first but agreed. We met at a local coffee shop. She came wearing a salwar suit and honestly she looked much more sexier in real life than she did in photos. We talked for sometime, she seemed nervous so I did not want to force myself on her. After sometime she asked me which hotel I was staying at. I knew she wanted me then, I told her let’s go there. We sat in an auto and left for my hotel. Once there we went on our way to our room.

On our way in the lift I started to grab her ass and slowly kissed her neck from behind, she let out a little moan. She pushed herself on me, her ass was touching my dick. She started moving her ass. She was desperate and horny, more than anyone I have ever seen. We made our way to my room. As soon as we got in I locked the door pushed her towards the wall and started kissing her hard. Her tongue was out like a bitch in heat, I thrust my tongue in her mouth, we were both salivating in each others mouth and we were dripping saliva out. She grabbed my head and pulled me closer to her. Our bodies were writhing with ecstasy while we kept kissing.

After that, I grabbed her and threw pushed her on my bed. I remembered she once told me that no guy had ever licked her or gone down on her so I wanted to do that for her. I pulled down her soft cotton pants, i then started to kiss her thighs and lick it. I then bit her on her panties and caught them in my teeth and pulled it down with my mouth. She seemed prepared for today, her pussy was well shaved and it was wet already. I started to lick around her pussy, she started moaning. I then put my tongue inside and started to lick each wall one by one. I kissed her pussy area thoroughly eventually going up to her clit. My beard was wet with juices. She was flowing like a waterfall. I started to lick her clit and she started to moan even more louadly. She grabbed my hair tightly and pushed my head in. Her legs tightened around my head, she had me locked. I could feel her gushing, my lower face completely drenched with her juices. All the while I kept complimenting her. How tasty her juices were, how I loved to lick that wet pussy of hers and also dirty talked in hindi. It turned her on even more and she came a lot, it seemed she had lost her mind and was out of control. She pulled me up by my hair and started to kiss me again, she licked all her juices from my wet face.

She then turned me onto the bed went down on her knees and unbuttoned my pants, I was already extremely hard from licking her. She took out my cock and exclaimed how big it was. It was the first time she had seen a circumcised cock up close. She started to lick and suck the top part of it, she could take it all in as she had never had tried but she gave it her best. I guided her a little and it was amazing.

She then proceeded to put a condom on my cock(Safety first Kids) and then came up and sat on it. She still didn’t take all of it in as she hadn’t had anyone other than her husband. It was the tightest pussy I had ever fucked. I couldn’t believe she was married. She was tighter than a virgin. Her walls squeezed me so hard and her juices poured all down my cock making it wet and slippery. Her head was rocked back her eyes rolled up in pleasure, she seemed lost in ecstasy. I couldn’t control myself anymore. I turned her around and started to pound her senseless. I pushed as hard as I could, My cock was hitting her womb I could feel it. She was flobbing around like a fish out of water. I picked her up while continuing to fuck her( she was 5’2″ and skinny and I am 6′ tall and athletic), she grabbed my neck and started to kiss and lick my mouth, her legs were trembling, she was wet till her thighs, and had made the sheets drenched as well. I threw her back onto the bed and turned her around and fucked her like a dog. I grabbed her soft boobs from behind while biting her neck, she had no energy left and could not continue in that position so I turned her around again and fucked her missionary, She crossed her legs on my ass, it was as if she wanted me deeper. I obliged pounded her harder, her nails etched my back, she was in so much pleasure she had lost control of her senses. I told her I was gonna cum, she said she wanted it all over her body, I pulled out my cock took the condom off and sprayed here chest and pussy with her body, I had never cum that much. She rubbed her chest with her finger and tasted my cum saying it was yummy, she then fingered her pussy and licked up our mixed juices like a dirty little slut. I laid down beside her, we were both breathing profusely and a little bit sweaty.

We started to kiss each other again passionately and talked a bit as well. I then asked her if she wanted to shower together, She agreed. In the shower she again sucked my cock, I could see she wanted me to cum, she kept sucking until I came again in her mouth. She gulped it down like a thirsty slut. I tried to reciprocate but she said she can’t handle anymore. Her pussy was sore and she could barely stand. We then dried each other off kissed a bit more and then she left as it was getting late.

I left the next morning for my city. I don’t know if we will ever meet again and that if the circumstances will allow us to get back together for another tryst. We still continue to roleplay from time to time and she always says she misses my cock every time her husband fucks her.

I hope you all enjoyed this story, I hope to meet many more interesting women through this website. I will keep posting about all my interfaith adventures.

Yours Truly,
kik : ali.a987

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