My Second Marriage

Hello everyone! I am Anu 36 years old and my figure is 36 30 38. I am divorcee living with my 2 son in small house. I was working in private firm. I am very proud to tell you I have tight big juicy boobs and a sexy round ass with fair complexion. Rubina was my friend those days. She used to frequent our house every day and used to encourage me in my difficult situations. As you all know leading a life of a single parent is very tough. Rubina aunty always used to tell me “Anu get married. I turned all red and mumbled she continued : “during sabiha’s birth i had a problem and cannot bear another child.i want you to marry Junaid give our family more children. I was very much silent on her statement.

Days passed by and one evening rubina invited us to celebrate her marriage anniversary.I was dressed in saree. Junaid was 41, dark and handsome with a strong body, rubina was playing a matchmaker. Actually after that meeting I started to like Junaid because of his nature and manly appearance. From that day Junaid started visiting our house on a daily basis. He used to bring gifts for me and my sons. Slowly i began to like him a lot. I wished i had a husband like him. Things started to happen quickly after that. Finally I and Junaid uncle decided to marry quickly without any delay. The date was fixed for our marriage. Rubina was also thrilled and all of us helped each other in the arrangements for the marriage.

One day Junaid came in my house. He was looking in different mood. I asked him for tea and went inside the kitchen. Junaid held my shoulder and embraced me very tightly. Junaid then took my face in his hands and planted a long french kiss. I also responded accordingly and we were licking each others lips and tongues for about two minutes until Junaid lifted me in his arms, took me to my bedroom and locked it. I understood I am going to get fucked today. then I noticed a huge monster raising beneath Junaid’s payjama. The first thing I said is oh my god it’s so big!! I closed my eyes and Junaid put his hand through my hair ,kissing me all over my face trying to relax me. I could see lund getting harder and bigger. He looked into my eyes and by his eyes asked for permission to fuck me. He said from today you will have it every night . You have taken my heart and now you will tame this fire with your love. Then he planted a kiss on my lips and lifted me on his lap and started kissing me madly. Then Junaid broke off the kiss in a whisker removed his kurta and slid down my anchal and moved on to my waist and held the saree where I had tucked it in near her navel,gave a pull and my saree was loose he kissed me and in the process he pulled off my saree fully and threw it away and it landed on the floor! then we kissed madly. I am not used to wear any bra and panty in the house and he pulled me on him and from behind pulled my petticoat up and put his hand on my ass and pressed it Junaid got his fingers in my cunt and started finger fucking me. I was moaning like anything, I was moaning aahhh oohh as he pushed it in and out and I just kissed him and was shaking, I had my first orgasm, then he laid me on the bed and got on top of me, and opened my blouse to enjoy my juicy ripe breasts.

Junaid was just looking at it and then he opened his mouth and lowered it on to my breasts and started sucking and biting on it while he pinched the other nipple I moaned aaaah Junaid, ooooh no aau no please… And then this went on for some time after which we kissed again, this time more passionately and I was completely his, he sucked me again and went down and kissed my navel and my belly and kissed me between my legs on my chut , Junaid put his hand underneath my petticoat and pushed it up to her knees and I did not resist one bit, instead I was moaning, he kissed my knees then he pushed it higher up and was kissing and licking and biting my thighs, .Junaid simultaneously untied the petticoat and his pajama and both landed on the floor where the other clothes were piled up.”i want to make you pregnant darling right now”, said uncle. I nodded appreciatively and said: “oh Junaid, you are the best husband a woman can get. Come,make me your own.give me your child in my womb…. Aaahh Junaid…. I love you….darling…..”, ..he was completely naked now and his monster was getting harder and bigger. He gave a naughty smile to me who I replied with a horny look which was interpreted as a go ahead and and lo!! I was lying completely naked on the bed waiting for my giant lover to fuck me. Junaid buried his face on my chut and I spread my legs and put it on his shoulders and caught his head and pushed it deeper into mine and I started moving her head from side to side and moaning like anything and was repeating the words i love you! I love you Junaid!!

HE was licking and sucking my chut and I was moaning like anything, pressing and pinching my breasts. This went on for a long time and, I was pleading.. Uuh fuck me, fuck me please, i love you. Then Junaid came up and He then took a tube and squeezed it. Lot of gel came to his hand and he put them in my vagina. He got on top of mine with his monster lund hanging and then he put my legs on either side of his shoulders and kissed me, I kissed him back and then he positioned his monster lund on my wet chut and pushed into me, I was still in pain, he started doing it faster, and I was moaning …oooohh,, sloww, please, i love you aaahh, mmm and then he started hammering me damn hard and my chut lips was damn red, but lund also was shiny, guess its lubricated well, he pulled it all the way till only the head was in and then push the whole lund inside, I was crying and moaning and kissing. I Then he said i’m going to come and I wrapped my legs tightly around him and put my arms around him so tightly, finally i heard his grunt aaaahh, and I was aaaaaaaah……and slowly his thrusts slowed down and i knew he must have come deep inside my pussy and he kept coming for nearly half a minute, and my cunt was full with his semen,

I and Junaid got married. I changed my name to Meher.

The next time we made love was at the official suhaag raat when the entire bed was filled with red rose petals (rubina made all the preparations 😉 and we were lost in each other.

7 thoughts on “My Second Marriage

  1. Thanks Rubina di and Junaid jiju for blessing Anu with your Mehar,and making her Mehar.
    Ya allah Suhaagraat ko to khub rahmat and mehare barsegi.

  2. Yah Allah tera Shukr h jo tune anu ko junaid jaisa muslim hmsafar diiya ab Uski har raat Diwali hogi or bistar pr vo jannat ki sair krayenge

  3. Me bhi chudwati hu muslim se mere pati ka dost hai moka milte hi unke pass jati hu mst chodya wo mujhe shadi ke bol rha hai wo 46 sal ka hai aur me 41 ki

  4. We are religious doesnt mean we dont need sex. Sex is basic need of a girl. Muslims are awesome in bed so we always fall for them n spreading our legs..

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