My sister is going to elope with her muslim boyfriend

I am from Hyderabad, a 23 year old guy. My 26 year old elder sister since one year is having an affair with a Muslim guy. Now she wants to marry him and every day we have quarrels and heated discussions in our home. My father is totally against the marrage and he is not willing to change his mind but my mother on the other hand supports my sister, so its my sister and mom vs my father. I don’t say a single word, I just try to remain aloof and neutral without interfering.

My father filled with anger refers to the boy as katva, just out of curiosity last night I was searching for muslim katva cocks and some of the results led me here.
Previously from some hindu men I had heard that musim dicks are very small and they cut their dicks. Katva is used as a slur indicating small and abnormal muslim penis which is cut but here it seems its not small.

Yesterday my sister was sleeping in the afternoon and I heard a message beep from her phone. I knew the pattern lock of her phone which is just a simple z. I read the message and came to know that next week she is going to elope and marry her musalman bf. I am now in dilemma whether I should tell this to my parents. I think my sister has told this to my mother who is very supportive of this marriage as she had told her that she would get her married to the boy she loves whatever it takes but my father is definitely in the dark and knows nothing.
So should I tell this to my father ? And why is my mother so inclined towards my sister and is willing to do anything to get my sister married to the boy Mohd. Irshad.

No you shouldn’t your sister has every right to marry the musalman mard and the thing is that katva penis is liked by majority of the girls so the term is kind of used due to penis envy and anxiety to make it seem like something abnormal but h!ndu girls know its power.
Secondly Why your mom is going against her husband to get your sister married to the musalman mard ? Some extreme hardline zealots would say because most of the h!ndu females are not cultured they are secular and traitors and are not loyal to the faith.
But the thing is h!ndu girls are just going for something better which every human tries to do we all strive to get something better which makes us happy, your mom fights with your dad and doesn’t support his views, she is not happy with your dad and doesn’t want her daughter to go through the same thing thats why she wants to get her married to a real man with whom your sister would be happy. Or may be your mum also had a musalman boyfriend during her days in the past and understands that there is nothing wrong. Furthermore the pleasure girls get with musalman men is fairly well documented and has also been said by a great personality that muslim men give real anand to girls.
Besides if you want peace then your sister has to leave your house and go with her musalman lover because as long as she is with you quarrels will never stop as she is completely swept away and captivated by the supreme prowess of the musalman mard she dearly wants.

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  2. Thanx to muslim jo hamari bahan ko chod chod kr mast kar rahe h. Aur lucky h wo bhai jinki bahan musalmano se chud rahi h. Kas meri bhi married bahan ko koi musalman chod de. 30 sal ki gori mal h.

  3. Yar jane de na apni hindu bahan ko musalman k pas jannat ki sair karwayega musalman. Meri to marrid h lekin ek maulana se fasi h. Maine khud apni bahan ko maulana se faswaya. Roj jati h us maulana k pas chudane. Bobs aur ass badi ho gai h meri bahan ki. Meri bahan ko pata h ki maine hi use maulana se faswaya h. Isliye ab to mer samane hi maulana se sexy bate karati h. Kai bar to mai bahan ko maulana k pas chhod kr aata hu. Aur chudwane k bad le kr aata hu. Maulana bahan k devorce krwana chahta h aur bahan bhi mere hindu jiju se devorce chahati h.

  4. Mai bhi mullo se chudwati hu bhai janta hai mera

  5. Tu mujse bhi chudwa le neha or rajj teri bhen ko bhi chod dunga
    Kik me 96kha

  6. Neha pahale to bura lagata h jab bahan musalman se fasati h lekin bad me bahut maza aata h musalman ko bahan pr chadate huye dekh kr. Meri bahan bhi janati h ki jab musalman se chud rahi hoti h to mai chhupkr apna lund hilata hu.

  7. To muj se kab chudwa o ge ??? Rajjj

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