My sister married a muslim and our relatives boycotted us

I am  a Hindu guy aged 27. My elder sister married a muslim guy. We were a family of four – mom, dad, elder sister and me.
After some infighting my parents reluctantly agreed to the marriage. The muslim guy whom my sister married most people would perceive him as not good looking from the outside but he has a good enough job. I didn’t invite any of my friends in my sister’s wedding because I knew my friends aren’t very liberal I was afraid that they would laugh at me behind my back, how could my good looking sister marry that guy and that too a muslim. The wedding reception took place far away, only a few of our relatives went to the wedding.

From the outset most of our relatives were against this marriage. After the marriage most of them started boycotting us as we come from a conservative background.
My relatives said that no one from the town who know about this would  give their girl to my family because my sister is married to a muslim and as we now have muslim relatives. One old man who happens to be our close relative said “these muslims marry marry their own relatives why would any family marry their daughter to you, establish links with you and sit with you only to get their girls mixed with and eyed by more muslims.”

I know many of my relatives look down upon me as I did not stop my sister from going to the muslim man. One such relative said to me in private – I feel sad that your sister betrayed her parents and married a muslim, you should have done more.

My parents say that if nothing happens for me then they would go to the village, find a girl for me and then get me married. Love marriage is out of the question for me moreover I am not good with girls and never had any real female company.

So far my sister in laws has treated me better. One of the muslim relative says that he would find a girl for me. He says I just have to recite the shahada, be truthful and loyal then I would be ready to do nikah the muslim girl who would teach me everything.

I feel resentment sometimes especially against that old man I mentioned above who is a close relative. He is a total nutcase his son also seems to be like him. He has a granddaughter Shraddha (name changed) around 22 years old. I know a Muslim relative Shadaab (name changed) who is from my sister’s muslim relative’s family. He is of the same age and is in the third year in the university. Shraddha is nice looking girl and I gave her facebook and her number to Shadaab and today I submitted this post in happiness that Shadaab finally managed to get into a relationship with Shraddha. Now she is his girlfriend.
Before giving her number and facebook id to Shadaab we were talking about girlfriend. He said he has none at the moment. I said to him that I have a girl for you just about your age. I showed him her pics shadaab was totally stunned. I gave him her mobile number and facebook only on one condition that he marries this girl and Shadaab said anyone would marry this girl let alone me.

Now Shadaab tells me that she is in love with him and is even ready to elope. Shadaab told me that Shraddha says grandfather doesn’t like muslims and she has heard him and even his father sometimes saying things about them. So she doesn’t think her family would agree to their marriage.
Shadaab had already told her from where he got her number and facebook id. He told her that I gave it to him. Shadaab also said to me that Sharadda wanted to come to my sisters wedding but her grandfather did not let her.

It would be great to see their faces when Shraddha married the muslim guy, or may be they should hear Shraddha’s erotic moans when she enjoys the muslim lund and the throbbing sound when the strong muslim lund beats her pussy.

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  1. it’s normal married elder sister is leave my jijaji and now she is wife of a 38 yrs old muslim.i don’t know what is special in muslim and why my beautiful Fair sis kickoff my well employed Jijaji.

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