My Sister Naishi

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This story is about my beautiful virgin sister Naishi Shah. My name is Sandeep Shah and I was studying B.Tech my sister has completed her graduation and was staying home. My father left us an at early age my mom Kala is beautiful widowed women working as a nurse in a private hospital, whatever she is earning as salary is the only source of money we are a below middle class Jain family living in a small 2 rooms house in Hyderabad shameerpet. My sister Naishi has got my mom features and color she looks like an angel for me, but for others she is a live sex bomb with ripen mangoes beneath the dress which are ready to be plucked. Without the father, family is not the same and everyone wants to use the opportunity to try and fuck my sister and mom two beautiful and hot figures of our colony. My Sister was always treated like a sex object and this made my sister hard at heart and she will not care about other persons she was very conservative and orthodox. But I was opposite to my sister, I was a dumb and stupid fellow who can’t fight for anything.

Coming to the story


We were supposed to attend to marriage of our close cousin but my mom was having night shift so she asked us to go the marriage alone to hi-tech city. being from a lower middle class family we were not rich to buy better clothes but my sister didn’t wanted to wear my mom saree so she called her best friend Hanisha who is running her own beauty parlour and asked her help. She was very happy as she could help her friend to get a nice makeup in her beauty parlour. Generally my sister used to say no to her beauty products as she didn’t want to get extra attention. But that day her friend convinced her. The dinner was at 10’o clock & marriage was at 1’o clock so we decided to attend for dinner wish the couple and come back at 11 as my mother was not there we did not want to stay there. So my sis went to her friend at 7 and I was supposed to pick her ay 9:45 in an auto. When I went there I was shocked she was wearing a white and blue half saree, her pallu was transparent and blouse was very tight since her friend was slim than her and blouse was covered at the back by only a strip. She wore silver colour bangles and she was shining with all the makeup in the moonlight and she was looking like a sexy angel in white and blue. She wore bright pink colour lipstick. And she was wearing heavy junkas to her ears and artificial diamond set on her neck. When she was walking her payal were making sexy sound.

We reached the function at 10:45.She was star of the party even dominating the bride. Everyone including bride groom had a hard on seeing my sexy sister in the marriage in her best dress. We had dinner in the marriage and started back to our house at 12:15am. Our last bus to our home is at 12:00 but we were waiting at the bus stop with a slight hope that that bus might be late and we can board it to home. we were not comfortable in going in an auto alone. I was sitting on the platform in the small platform and my sister was standing at the end of stop waiting for the bus.

Scene 2:: psychopath SI(Asif) along with his pc(Wasim) were patrolling hitech city area and were fully drunk. Asif is a bad cop and a womaniser and always gets young girls from brothels to satisfy his sexual needs and to fulfil his fantasies. Knowing his weakness, Wasim to impress his sir and to become head pc he used to contact various brothels and used to handpick girls for his sir. They both have good rapo and off same age so they were more like rouge friends. Time was 12:20 am and SI was angry as his senior officer gave him the patrolling duty which he never liked. along with Wasim he started making rounds in the police jeep and came near to the bus stand and saw Naishi and they were amazed at her beauty Asif started rubbing his muslim muslim dick and told to Wasim” a high class sexy whore is waiting at the bus stand lets get her.”

PRESENT: I was sitting on the platform in the small platform and my sister was standing at the end of stop waiting for the bus. One Muslim police (Asif) came and stood beside her and started speaking with my sister I was not able to listen to them clearly, he was asking her where u have to go? My sister told shamerpeet. He immediately asked will u come with me I will drop u in the morning my sister understood the double meaning in the question she looked at him seriously and said I will go in bus. SI has left from there but after 2 minutes PC (Wasim) came and sat beside me and was looking at the Hansika poster near the bus stand. he sat there for 2 minutes and later he started to move at that time I noticed that his purse has fallen from his pocket so I picked it and I was about to give it to him, he hold my hand and started calling me thief and abused me, how dare u will pickpocket from a policeman I will take u to the police station. I was startled and my sister got confused about what was happening. He immediately called the SI, SI came with handcuffs to arrest me, he came to me and say we are waiting for u since 3 months u, u robbed around 10 lakhs, I will make sure u will not come out of prison. I didn’t understand anything and I was startled at the moment and tears were rolling down my eyes, but my sister was sharp and understood the situation and what SI wants and told him that she will come.

Sensing the opportunity they immediately took us in the police jeep and I was sitting at the back while Naishi and SI were sitting in middle and Wasim was driving. SI put his hands on her thighs and was talking slowly in her ears, due to vehicle noise I was not able to listen to them but my sister was staring angrily at him. His hands slowly started moving upwards and rested them near her navel relishing her smooth skin exposed b/w blouse and saree. Naishi was trying to keep his hand away but all her efforts are in vain as he explored more and more of her navel. He was causing ripples inside her with his touch and my sister was shaking uncontrollably and her bangles were making a sweet noise. Wasim was observing all this from the rare view mirror and was adjusting his groin. The drive continued for 15 minutes and we reached a guest house just at the outskirts near to shamshabad airport. It was big and Wasim took the car inside directly.

There was some faint music coming inside from building but SI and Asif were in different world to observe things happening around them. We got down from the Jeep and headed towards the rare entrance of the building. SI was holding Naishi by her waist and was enjoying her smooth skin while Wasim was walking behind her enjoying her ass swing inside her tightly wrapped half-saree giving the shape of her awesome ass but little did they know that a major shock is awaiting for them inside the building.

Part 2:

Feeling her soft skin Asif asked Naishi How many times have you been with men, She didn’t respond SI pinched her soft tummy and told I will not ask twice My sister was bit afraid and told “I Come from a good religious family, I have never done this, I have never been with a boy, Why are you forcing me to do this?” She cried while she was saying this. But Asif was not interested in her crying but was more interested in what she had said. He realised my sister was a cute sexy Jain Virgin girl waiting to be explored and He was feeling out of the world. To fuck such a beauty is everyman’s dream and here this dirty police got that lucky chance without much of an effort. Sometimes god gives them as an extra bonus boons to them may be like beauty to my sister and Luck fuck to SI to fuck my traditional and beautiful sister in her prime youth. While SI was in his own thoughts my sister was still crying, He came out of his thoughts took my sister closer and cleared her eye drops with his tongue and told her you will have best night of your life saying this he adjusted his muslim muslim dick over his khaki pants.

As soon as Wasim opened the door they saw Aslam the MLA of our area was sitting on the sofa with a local whore sucking his huge muslim muslim dick. Aslam at the age of 55 is a prominent bad personality, Goon, and a Bad ass politician involved in every type of possible crime. But with his rich Muslim background and influence and Fear created inside the people there is no one who has guts to contest against him. He is like an uncrowned king in that area. He has weakness for women and fucks them badly. Even at the age of 55 he looks like 40 with a well built muscular body with a huge frame over 6Ft 5 inches and a weight of around 100 kgs like a Muslim body builder. There is a talk that he possesses a king sized muslim muslim dick and has a thing for young Hindu college girls, He pays them huge sum of money or uses his force to fuck them. Being a politician he has no shortage for them and by hook or crook(By offering money or blackmailing ) He gets his desired girl.

The whore who was sucking his king sized cobra is a local TV Actress Nidhi and He was enjoying her company. His eyes were closed when we went inside but because of door sound the actress stopped sucking and was looking at us surprised. Aslam was in a different world enjoying Nidhi’s sucking, but when she stopped he came back to his senses and looked at her wondering what happened.

Following her gaze he also looked at us and his eyes directly went on to Naishi who was sizzling in her white half saree. She was much sexier than the Nidhi who was in a mini skirt and Red T-shirt showing lot of cleavage in her revealing and sexy outfit.

I heard about Aslam but I thought him being such an elderly person might help us from the situation and save our sister. On the contrary he was the first to react and asked Asif “arey Asif where did u get this high class whore?? How much u have paid?”

Asif was nagging afraid to tell the truth “S…..iiii….rrrrr she is not ” but Aslam was impatient and said “whatever do one thing I will give u 1 lakh leave her for tonight she is so sexy and at the same time she is looking very innocent and cute I like her. I like these cute Hindu bitches” Asif and Wasim were so happy to listen to the offer but they were not showing that out.

They told sir she is a virgin Hindu girl we bought her after a lot of effort sir. Aslam immediately stood up and went to his room and bought four 500 Rs bundles and throwed them on SI and asked SI to take TV actress to the next room and enjoy the Night.

Asif was happy with 2 lakhs jackpot and bonus Nidhi, He told to my sister baby don’t worry there is lot of time for us to enjoy. Now go to daddy and cooperate to him without being a cry baby. Saying that he took the whore actress and went to the room.

Aslam took Naishi into his master bedroom and locked the door from inside. I was Worried what he will do with my sister. Suddenly I remembered observing a Window on the side to that room while coming inside, so I quickly ran there, to my luck there was a small opening in the window as door was only closed partially and I could see the entire room from that narrow opening provided the lights were put on. They were inside the room my sister was sitting on the bed and Aslam went to washroom and came back. He sat beside her and asked her how she got into this like he was genuinely conserned about her, My poor sister explained him what happened at the bus stop. Aslam Listened to her and told It was not her misfortune it was her luck that she got here and told her that he is very rich and he will look after our family all she need to do is to satisfy his hunger once in a while and he also told her that it will be kept secret and after a while she can happily get married and he will bare all the expenses. That bastard was very good at words and he was playing with my sister weakness.He also promised to give a nice job to me. My sister Naishi knows all the troubles my family is going through at the moment and thought it might be the best way to come out but she was afraid what if he will not stick to his promises. My sister was silent and was looking down. Aslam Understood her dilemma took her chin and Made her looked into his cruel eyes and told her she is very beautiful and will not make her cry.

You have a very pretty eyes my beautiful baby I will do anything to be with you. You are such a precious beauty and I don’t want to loose you. Saying this he moved forward and took her beautiful face into her hand and kissed on her forehead, He slowly came down kissing her eyes and later went to her ears and whispered “I will give you the best fuck of your life and for sure you will want more every day Naishi, Enjoy to the core as if it is your last day Today ur virgin pussy will be torn and I will make u a women and mother for my babies ” He was licking her ears while whispering “We shall have beautiful babies together”. He came back licking her cheeks than to her nose and stopped at her lips gave a small peck on her lips and took his face back. My sister was trembling, she was lightly tensed with all the things happening around her in a single night.

He watched her trembling rosy luscious lips which were radiating lust and desire with extra lipstick applied on her pouting lips, He was watching and enjoying her beauty. He bought his lips towards her took her lower lip and sucked it with his lips and Started giving a

French kiss to my sister he was holding her head in his hands and was pulling her

towards him and he was keeping his tongue inside her mouth exploring her

nuke and corner inside her mouth enjoying her sweet honey tasted rosy lips sucking the life out of them. My sisters closed her eyes and was taking the assault of Aslam’s Lips and tongue. My sister was fair with beautiful lips for which everyone will crave for and on the other hand Aslam was looking like a big black beast with his bad breathed mouth was enjoying my sister. He slowly bought one hand down and rested them on Naishi’s young lovely boobs.Aslam Being a tall man had a large hand. His hand was covering her entire boob. He started pressing her sponge like perky boobs over her blouse while continuing to kiss her lips.

He was enjoying her boobs and was pressing them hard causing both pain and pleasure to my sister at the same time. He slowly moved towards my sisters neck kissing all the way down and kissed her exposed skin over the neck one hand was pressing her boobs while other hand was playing with her navel sometimes he was pressing her both the boobs over her dress or he used to play with her navel inserting his thick finger inside her navel while pressing and rubbing her boobs with other hand. My sister did not like what he was doing but was not able to withstand all the pleasure of his rough hands on her young boobs and was moaning sometimes and sometimes she was cursing herself for the situation.

She was going through the struggle that she should not enjoy this while the pleasure of foreplay was driving her to another level which she never imagined that it exists. Her eyes were closed but her facial expressions were changing with his playing. Her cute face with hot expressions and her sweet voice was driving him crazy. Aslam was looking like an expert sex pervert and was varying his pace and pressure of pressing her boobs making her moan in excitement. He pulled her pallu down and cleavage exposed in her tight blue blouse was out for display. He brought his lips to her cleavage and licked her like a mad dog dripping his saliva on to my sister. Her skin was glowing with his saliva. This beast was feasting on Naishi’s beauty. He removed her hooks one by one while kissing and biting her boobs. He removed the blouse from her and her push up bra came out he pulled the cups down and took her nipple into her mouth while pressing her other boob. He was sucking her boobs and nipples as if trying to get the milk out of them. He was going mad on her boobs pressing them biting them while my sister was monaning crazily “uuuufffffff ahhh slowly yesssssssssss ahh ammmma ohhhh goddd ufffff ha sssssssllllloooowly uffffffff…. ummmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ahh aha ha ahhaaaa ahhha hhaaaaa ahhhh haaa”.

He was biting the nipples slightly, pinching them playing with her nipples using his fingers and was crushing them with his

huge palm.He played with her boobs for half an hour and Her whole boobs wer covered with is saliva and teeth marks. Then His eyes fell on my sisters navel and his eyes glowed like a child when they see there favourite ice cream he straight away went to her navel and kissed her on her sexy navel. He inserted his tongue into her navel and played with her navel. She was shaking continuously like a pish out of her pond. She has never witnessed this kind of pleasure in her life time.

Being an independent girl, she never had many thoughts about sex. Now she was enjoying the pleasure of sex and She started moaning loudly. Her

sounds can be heard inside whole room. Aslam played with her navel

taking her to new heights of pleasure, while his tongue was roaming in and

around her navel his hands were exploring here bare waist. He removed the

other end of her half saree from her petticoat and removed nada of her etticoat and he pulled the petticoat down exposing her creamy white thighs big round ass and her black satin panty. The beautiful angel lying with a panty in front of Aslam. He kept his fingers inside her panty touching her virgin pussy sending shivers down her spine. He was getting the feel of her petals. Her pussy was already wet with all the foreplay. He could not resist more got up and removed his lungi His cobra came out hissing. He turned 69 on her and started licking her pussy, while his muslim muslim dick was near her face. He took her hand and directed it towards his muslim muslim dick and asked her to stroke while he was licking her clit. He was licking sending chills in her. She slowly held that big black muslim muslim dick and started stroking it.

He pushed his muslim muslim dick on to her rosy lips while sucking her pink hairless pussy. He kept his fingers inside her pussy while sucking her outer pussy making her moan.

He kept his muslim muslim dick inside her mouth and asked her to suck the muslim muslim dick. She was resisting but each time when he gives a nice smooth stroke inside her pussy my sister was moaning and using this opportunity he was inserting his muslim dick in her mouth. With his continuous licking, Naishi also enjoyed his licking and also started sucking the muslim dick to make him suck her pussy more and more. Both were enjoying the oral sex moaning in ecstasy. My sister was the first to reach the orgasm being her first time and with his experienced licking and with his rough hands finger fucking her virgin tight pussy she could not hold it for long. She

reached an violent orgasm and spread her honey all over his mouth and face. He

Licked her clean eating her honey savoring the taste while she was still sucking his muslim dick but not with previous vigor as she already reached her orgasm.

Exactly at the same Chowdhry Ji’s Phone rang at the time, he lazily got up from the bed and attended the phone. It was phone from delhi head office and he was requested to come to delhi immediately. with this news he was bit disaapointed as need to go immediately to catch the next flight to delhi. But he was having a raging hard on which was left in middle at first by the tv actress and secondly now by my sister alekhya. He wanted to cum once to have a happy trip. So he called Naishi and asked her kneel. His muslim dick was exactly reaching her face and He asked her to suck his muslim dick again. But this time when she started sucking he also started giving strokes inside her mouth as if fucking her mouth and enjoyed her tight virgin mouth which was sucking the muslim dick for the first time in her life. My Sister Nadhini could not take his big fat muslim dick inside her mouth and was struggling to contain his strokes. She was gagging “gaaaaaa gaaaa gaaaaaa goooooo gooooo goooooo” and her saliva mixed with precum was dripping down her mouth along with his muslim dick. My sister was looking like a whore getting fucked up by a bully. He was enjoying her tight mouth and was giving strokes like a monster and my sister was not able to breathe properly and sounds like slluuupppp…oppp… Ooopppp…yoooooppppppkkkkk..yopppkk kk.. came . He fucked her mouth for 2 minutes giving hard strokes and cummed inside her mouth giving her the taste of cum for the first time in her life. He cummed so much that my sister was not able to take the complete load inside her mouth. Half way he removed his muslim dick and sprayed remaining on her face, lips, hair, boobs. He made her swallow the remainig load in her mouth and made her clean his muslim dick and he immediately left for bath. My sister was very tired and slept on the bed with cum all over her body.

Naishi was very tired and fell asleep like that for half an hour. meanwhile Aslam left for airport closing the bedroom door from outside. By the time she woke up room was dark, Aslam put off the lights inside the room. She woke up from the bed nude and went searching for switchboard nude. she found it hard to find the switch board and her legs were banging against the furniture after lot of struggle and noise she found the switchboard and turned on the lights in the room. She picked her jacket, petticoat, panty and Bra and went into bathroom and was having a shower. Meanwhile inside the hall Wasim awake with the sounds inside the bedroom and wanted to check

what was happening inside bedroom. he tried to unlock the door and found that door was locked from outside. He was surprised and went inside and found that someone is there inside the bathroom. He inspected the room and found no clothes of Aslam and understood that he must have left from here while he was sleeping and Naishi was inside bathroom having shower. He thought this is the chance to fuck her, but he thought Aslam must have destroyed her pussy badly and she might need some energy. He came out of bedroom and went to kitchen and he found nothing inside to eat readily so he prepared her maggi and brought juice from fridge. Poor Naishi who was not aware of Wasim who is lurking outside her bedroom waiting for her fresh virgin pussy, she was having a shower to clean cum discharged by Aslam and get fresh to leave to her house.

My beautiful sister Naishi came out of bathroom. she was looking fresh with shower and water droplets on her skin making her shine. Since she could not get a towel she could not dry her properly and water was dripping down her silky hair and was wetting hr jacket. She came to the bed and wore her half saree and adjusted her clothing. This time she was wearing her dress such that it covered her navel, but because of wetness of her body dress has become transparent and skin tight and It was hugging her body tightly and she was looking really hot in that dress. Suddenly Wasim opened the door and my sister was least

expecting him at that time but seeing the juice and the bowl she thought Aslam might have sent him inside so she did not react much. Wasim gave her the juice and told her I thought U might need it after the hot session with Aslam and also gave her the Maggi for her to eat. My sister was bit hungry and had few spoons of Maggi and had the juice and she was feeling relaxed while Wasim was enjoying her hot body in the tight dress. She finished her juice and asked Wasim to drop her at house but Wasim smiled at her and said Night is still young Picture abhi bakhi he meri jaan. My sister was not ready for this and told she was tired but Wasim told if you co-operate I will finish quickly before SI and I will drop u at home. My sister who thought her virgin pussy was intact was now in a position where she cannot escape her fate. If she shout Asif will destroy her and Wasim will also enjoy her. If she doesn’t shout Wasim will fuck her virgin cunt. Wasim told he will be gentle and will finish quickly as he was waiting for his turn from the night and he promise to drop her and he will not disclose the address to anyone so that she can escape from Aslam. Little did he know that my sister co-operated with Aslam. My sister was already hot with Aslam’s mouth fucking and now Wasim is trying to seduce her. While she was thinking Wasim told her that U r young and I am young we have the energy why do u want to remain as a whore for Aslam instead u can enjoy u r youth with me saying that he held her hand My sister woke up from bed but did not move. Wasim understood she was reluctant but she also want to enjoy.He made her sit on the bed. My sister looked sad and disinterested. But Wasim was very happy and took her hand and kept it around his shoulder and pulled her towards him and started kissing her pretty lips while his hands were wandering on her bare back skin. he moved her hairs and pulled her neck more towards her and was kissing her passionately. He was creating passion inside my sister Naishi also and she too started responding to his kisses. he was chewing her lips and enjoying her smooth skin. he brought her hands on to her boobs and felt her smooth and fleshy boobs. He moved his hands over to pallu for the first time and started removing the pallu exposing her low neck jacket while his lips were still sucking honey out of my beautiful sister Naishi. My sister hands were still behind his neck and she was pulling him towards her passionately. He pressed her boobs with fire while kissing her lips. my sister started enjoying his muscular hands which were giving her a lot of pleasure much better than that old man Aslam. He removed the hooks of her jacket and now my sister bra and cleavage of her sexy boobs were out for display driving Wasim crazy and he was pressing them madly and was kissing here with more passion sucking her honey. He stopped kissing her for a moment and was enjoying the beauty of my sister.

He was rubbing and feeling her smooth skin and fleshy boobs over her bra. Her nipples were erected and Wasim was playing with them with his fingers. Again he started kissing her this time he came down and was kissing her long neck while pressing here milky boobs. My sister was feeling shy with his deeds and kept her head on her shoulder leaving her body to Wasim. He removed her jacket completely from her shoulder and my sister was cooperating to him to remove her jacket without any shame. He again pulled her back towards him giving a passionate kiss to her lips and he came down and gave kisses to her cleavage and started kissing and sucking her milky boobs over her bra. My sister was moaning kept her head back enjoying Wasim’s sucking and pressing of her boobs. He was alternatively sucking her boobs. He was enjoying her beauty and again went back to her lips while pressing her boobs. He was raising the fire inside my sister and my sister was passionately involved in love making and removed his shirt over his shoulder. Wasim’s muscular black body was in display in contrast to my sister’s milky white skin tone. Wasim’s body was strong and Muscular while my sister’s body was soft and fleshy making them a perfect love making couple. After removing the shirt they again started kissing each other. he was running his hands over her boob while kissing her. This time he pulled her on to his laps and was pressing her pussy over her petticoat while still kissing her lips. They both were involved in passionate kissing exchanging there saliva and sucking their tongues. He moved his hands to her boobs pressing them hard. He then pulled her on to him such that my sister was facing him and her legs were crossed to his body.

His muslim dick was touching my sister’s pussy over her petticoat and was kissing her all over his face and Naishi was hugging him tightly crushing her boobs to her muscular chest. He was groping her ass and was keeping his hands inside her petticoat feeling her flesh and while my sister was kissing him all over his face and neck. Both of them were passionately kissing and touching there bodies. He pulled my sisters ass closer grinding his muslim dick on to her pussy and was kissing pressing her boobs passionately. What a sight it was My sister with her black and thick long her covering her bare back while she moaning uncontrollably when his black lover kissing and sucking her lovely boobs and grinding her sweet virgin pussy. He pulled her bra straps away lowering her bra, her sweet pink nipples were out for display. Like a hungry dog he started kissing her lovely boobs and sucked the juice out of her nipples. He was alternatively sucking both the nipples while playing with the other boob. My sister was moaning continuously and was pulling his head more and more on to her boobs. He was loving her boobs and was enjoying the juicy fresh fleshy boobs of Naishi to his hearts satisfaction. He was playing with her pink bra straps pulling and releasing it on to her skin while playing with her erect nipple as causing her pleasure and pain.

My sister Naishi was getting super exited and was moaning loudly with each and every sucking driving him crazy. He was pulling her boobs with his teeth making her moan like a bitch in heat. Naishi was not able to control her feelings and was behaving like a true whore. She pulled his head on to her lips and gave him long mad kiss releasing her heat through her sexy kisses. My sister was moaning loud to fuck her sweet virgin pussy. Wasim got the signal from Naishi and He pushed her down to bed His eyes went to her deep navel, He placed his lips on her sexy navel and started kissing her gorgeous deep navel while his hand was roaming on her juicy boobs and the other hand was busy untying her petticoat. He pulled her petticoat knot and pushed her petticoat down. For the second time in the day my sister was down to her little panty but this time she was enjoying it completely. She was pushing his head more and more into her navel while she brought her own hands onto her boobs and pressed them hard and was deriving intense pleasure from her own hands. His rough hand were roaming on my sisters smooth and sexy inner thighs and her pink panty came to light and it was already wet like well.

He touched her wet virgin pussy and held her pussy with his rough hands and made her moan in pleasure and he rubbed his hands on her delicate pussy making her moan loudly. He was kissing her navel and was playing with her tender pussy with his hands. She was moaning like a bitch in heat. He played with her navel for 5 minutes and came down slowly to her pussy. He removed her panty with his teeth and pulled it all the way down.

My sexy sister covered her pink beautiful pussy with her hands. He came on top of her started kissing her and gaining her confidence and meanwhile he slowly moved her hands and came down and had a look at her young delicate virgin pussy. He immediately kissed her pretty pussy and started sucking it with his tongue. He was enjoying the taste of her pussy. He kept his tongue deep inside her pussy exploring her pussy, her pussy walls were getting excited and were leaking lot of fluids. He was tasting her nectar. He made her legs more wide and pushed them to her shoulders making her pussy spread wide and Started inserting his index finger while licking her pussy.

His index finger touched her Hymen, he immediately realised that she was a Virgin and was happy and excited and sucked her more and more passing his energy into her. She was like fish outside the pond and was moving like a snake on the bed moaning continuously for his sucking and pushing his head deep into her pussy. He inserted one more finger and pleasure was too much for her and she reached an orgasm immediately. He ate her pussy for some more time enjoying each and every drop of her honey and later he moved upwards kissing her lips making her taste her own cum.

Both were kissing passionately my sisters passion and love increased for her new lover and he took her smooth hand to his muslim dick. She unbuttoned his trouser and inserted her hand into his jockey and took her muslim dick into her hand while Wasim was pressing her mangoes and sucking her pink nipples. They continued their kissing and he was pressing her mangoes hard and strong making her moan in pain and pleasure. Then he changed his position and lied on his back with his big muslim dick facing the ceiling. My sister went on top of him and planted a kiss on his new love tool with lot of affection and moved her tongue from the tip of his muslim dick to his balls licking and kissing the black muslim dick. The she took the muslim dick into her juicy pink lips and started taking it into her mouth. my sister has learnt so much from Aslam’s muslim dick sucking and was showing her experience with Wasim. she was sucking his muslim dick and She tried to take the entire lenght of Wasim , She was gagging but she never gave up and she took the muslim dick until it touched her throat and was using her tongue to maximise his pleasure. Wasim was moaning in pleasure with my sisters amazing cock sucking skills. She used her hands to play with his balls giving him more pleasure. He enjoyed her sucking while he played with my sisters boobs and then he pushed her down to lick his balls for which my sister obediently accepted and licked his balls by taking them into her mouth and sucked and licked them. He was in verge of Cumming so he asked her to stop and pulled her on to him and sucked her juicy boobs once again while pressing the other boob. He moved from the bed and Stood up on the floor and made my sister kneel on the floor and kept his muslim dick inside her mouth. My sister started sucking his muslim dick but Wasim has different ideas. He pulled his muslim dick out and hit her cheeks with his muslim dick and pushed his muslim dick deep inside her throat and made her gag. He tried to push his entire muslim dick into her mouth and touched her deepest part of her throat and fucked her pretty mouth. He took out his muslim dick and hit her tongue with his tongue and made her suck it.

Wasim then climbed on to the bed. He looked towards Naishi. She was desperately needing a good fuck. Wasim caught her by hairs and started kissing her juicy lips. Naishi too was co-operating and fully responding to Wasim’s kiss. He was kissing her passionately….tongue to tongue. Tasting each other’s saliva. They just doing it madly. Wasim then started kissing her over neck, he reached her ears and gave a gentle bite on it. She was getting more turned on. Wasim was a seduction expert and exactly knew how to arouse any woman.

He came down kissing to her boobs, then to her belly, her navel, her fleshy thighs, till her feet. He was then licking her foot. She was getting more heat, more vibration. He kept licking her from down her feet to up again till her boobies. He caught her left tit and gentle pressed it.

A loud sound came through Naishi’s mouth.

Naishi: Aouchhhhhhhh………!!

Wasim smile and looked to eyes.

Wasim: I promised you, I’m going to crush those boobies….I’m going to drink all your big round fresh juicy Mangoes..!!

Naishi (seductively): so who stopped u……..they are all yours!!

Wasim just jumped on her tits and started pressing it, slapping it, biting like a hungry devil.

Wasim: its firm….

Wasim then started licking her boobs like a little baby.

Naishi: yaa…

Naishi was loving it..she liked someone dominating her in bed. Then Wasim held her nipples and gave tight twist…causing her to moan loadly. But, she was loving it all.

Naishi: Wasim… don’t tease me more…uh…uh….take me….take me!!

Wasim: So my fucking queen wants it hah?? But, not this way….!! You gonna tell me what exactly you want??

Naishi: oh…pls… it na…ummmah…..ah!! Fuck me…fuck ur bitch……make me ur Whore…pls.!

Wasim: ok, then get ready for the ride….you bitch…!!!!

Wasim completely gets nude holding his 10 inch long, 3 inch wide cock.

Wasim lift Naishi’s legs, spreads it apart, positions his cock and inserts it it Naishi’s wet pussy.

IN her own words

He whispered you are really the goddess of beauty. He started rubbing the monster head on my wet cunt lips. Oh, I couldn’t bear the touch; my cunt was swollen so much and was sensitive. Now he knew what to do. He was rubbing my clit hard with his cock. I felt his cock nudge my cunt lips. I bit my lips in Anticipation of the huge cock penetrating my tight cunt. “Haaa,” I screamed as the massive cock thrust into my tight cunt, ripping it apart. I felt as if a burning steel rod had been thrust into my cunt. I felt my cunt walls stretch so much I felt they would tear. I screamed margaye……. Aaaahhh… I groaned in pain… It was like a hot thick rod which was invading me through the walls of my pussy. It was paining very much. I was crying no…. Please….leave me…….. But he was entering his muslim dick slowly bit by bit. The pain was unbearable I screamed please……. Leave me. He then took out his shaft and solaced me “don’t worry you will enjoy after some moment, just be patient”.

As Wasim strokes in,I shouted………ahhhhhhhhhhhh..!! Wasim was only half in. He increases his pace and tries to penetrate deeper.Wasim kept on stroking and I kept on shouting ah…aha…ahahahahh! I was struggling to take Wasim’s huge organ.

Me: no Wasim…..i can’t take further….pls….pls…..for god sake stop i…hah..hah..ah..!!

Wasim was sweating and fucking with great speed.

Wasim: baby…..u can take it….u can…only little….littte..!!

He was applying huge force. His cock was goin…goin…goin…. And gone…!! He was totally inside me.

Naishi: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !! I was beathing heavily, moaning, shouting and then silenced.

He had completely penetrated his 10 inch muslim dick in My cunt..!!

He held my waist with his hands tight andpulled his cock and slammed his cock Inside once more. I almost fainted with the intense wave of pain and pleasure. I looked down at his crotch and found that the 10 inch massive cock was fully buried in my wet aching cunt. He kept his cock buried in my cunt without moving and leaning down took my nipples in his mouth and started to suck them. His hands were pressing, kneading my soft melons, while his mouth was alternately sucking my nipples. The pain in my cunt started to fade and was replaced with a feeling of fullness. I was wanting more by now. On its own my ass was starting to lift up. As he felt my ass move he grinned.Then supporting his body with his hands on either side of my body, he began to stroke. First he started almost gently. Long full strokes easing my tight cunt open for his massive cock. As he stroked in his thick cock rubbed my clit and I loved the feel of his cock in my cunt. As his speed built up I was matching his strokes by lifting and lowering my ass to take his cock in deeper. I could feel waves of pleasure building up deep inside the molten core of my pussy. I closed my eyes and let the feeling flow over me. He kept ramming into me. He began to slam into me really hard. His thrusts were moving my body up the ground, while his hands clutching my thighs kept me in place impaled on his cock. He was fucking me rapidly now. I was totally amazed by the strength and power of this old man. His ball sack was slapping into my ass as he rammed his cock in. He was brutally using my cunt now. Rapid thrusts going deep inside my cunt, his fingers dug painfully into my thighs. His bull like head was bent down as he piston his cock in and out of my wet slopping cunt.

He was grunting and groaning as he humped my cunt. Then he threw his head up and I felt his cock stiffen more I knew he was about to flood my cunt with his muslim cum.i was ready to become his Hindu bitch and I locked my legs round his back heels pressing his ass. He groaned and sunk his cock deep inside. His cock throbbed inside my cunt sending hot wet globs of cum splattering onto my cunt walls. He kept pumping so much cum I wondered when it would stop. I too had the orgasm at the same instance.i am sure I will become pregnant with his muslim cum and I was ready to raise his muslim kid. Then he collapsed on top of my body. I felt his cock still throb inside me for a long time before it shrunk and slipped out. I rolled his body off me and sat up. My cunt felt sore and full. I looked down and saw the lips all red and raw with white cum sticking to the outsides. My cunt was gaping open like a cave and there was sticky gooey cum intermingled with my own juice oozing out. He was very happy. He leaned and kissed my lips and my wet pussy. He smiled. “This was the best fucking I have had in my life, Naishi.” He said in pleasure.

Narration Will be continued by me

Both were breathing and sweating heavily. Naishi’s head was buried on the shoulder of Wasim. She was satisfied at her hearts end. She felt very happy. She leaned and kissed his lips and his wet cock.

Naishi smiled. “this was the best first fuck a girl can have my darling.” Wasim said smiling “Don’t worry, baby, there is more to come.” He lifted her threw her on the bed. She laid there straight facing upward. He caught her boobs in his hands and squeezed them. Then Wasim drove his fingers dip into her wetness and then going further down rubbing the juices on her asshole. No one had touched her there before. She found that it was thrilling and her cunt got wetter as he fingered her asshole. Then slowly he inserted his finger into her ass. “Relax…. Naishi ma, it will be pleasurable for you, and a new experience.” “Oh god surely he is thinking of entering my ass with that monster, ooohh my ass will tear apart”, she murmured with fear. His finger went in and he started to finger her ass while sucking her boobs. The pleasure was unbearable and she could sense another mind-blowing orgasm building. Then he started to use his other hand in her cunt. Fingers digging in deep groping around her cunt walls for her ‘g’ spot. “aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh” as his fingers massaged her clit and g spot her orgasm burst.

Then Wasim turn her around into doggy. She grunted and thrust her ass back to take him in fully. He held her waist tight and thrust into her cunt. Then he drew his cock out of her cunt. She moved her ass back to keep him inside. But he was aiming to fuck her virgin ass. His thick cock head was forcing itself on her asshole. She felt terrible pain as the mushroom head forced its way inside her tight asshole. She tried to crawl forward out of reach of his ravaging cock. But Wasim held her tight so she couldn’t move and thrust in relentlessly. Slowly her asshole stretched wide and he got his monster inside her. She hung her head down panting like she had run a marathon. Sweat was dripping off her. Her cunt was reacting to the ravaging of her virgin ass by dripping more. Wasim’s hands held her hanging boobs and were squeezing them. She reacted by moaning and pushing back her ass driving his cock more deep. Then he sunk three fingers into her gaping cunt and fingered her. As she moaned and groaned in pleasure he rammed her asshole, roughly ripping her insides. But Naishi was beyond caring. The cock in her ass, his thick fingers in her cunt and hands slapping her ass cheeks and squeezing her tits were all making her a wanton slut. She was begging him to give her more cock and shamelessly like a whore getting her ass fucked by his meat pole.

Because of the tightness Wasim’s cock began the slow throb on its way to cumming.

He fucked her ass for 30 minutes. And then another big orgasm hit her as his cock throbbed deep in her ass. As he shot his load of sticky cum into her asshole, she folded her hands fell on the bed and buried her head in the soft mattress as she shuddered her way to her biggest orgasm so far. She just collapsed and curled up in fetal position. Then he hugged her and kissed her.

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