My step mom punished me

hi my name is rupak.i m 19 years old.this incident i m going to write about happened just 2 days i thought of writing down it.though i m not a good writer i want u people to excuse me if there are mistakes.
So i m a clg student. i stay with my dad and step own mom died when i was only 2 years dad and step mom are married for 17 years but no more Children. my dad is over 50 and step mom ( Molisa) is 41 years old. she works as a generally i stay at my home alone most of the times. we live in north bengal.recently there r lot of Rohingyas r coming as all u know frm Bangladesh and myanmar.they built a slum like just outside the city.we, who r city boys had a football team and played in the nearby day few boys came and started playing with was quite normal.however few of them were very strong though under my of thm was a few days he bcm a popular player of our team.i liked his day by day i bcm close to him.he said he and his elder brother with his mom stayed in the slums.though he said he was poor bt he had a gd smartphone. i asked how he got that.he didnt said bt day he introduced his brother Mustaq to me.he was over 30 yrs old.few days later my friends told that mushtaq has been caught by police.

Kashem also didnt came to play fr a few day evening whn i was coming back frm a tuition he came to me and said he need hlp.i said ok bt what.he said i hv to keep a bag in my home fr a few days.i said ok.he said he will b back in a few days with his brother and he needs the bag back.i asked whts in it.he asked me not to open it.i came bck to home and kept it in my or mom didnt noticed bcz at that time both were not at home.
2 weeks later,on about 11 am kashem came to our step mom was in home that time.he asked her to call me.i cm and he asked me fr the bag.i nvr opened it so i didnt knew wht was inside molisa,my step mom wanted to know it.she said,why did i kept the bag without knowing wht is in it.thm she forcibly opened it and we both found there r marijuana in it.she slapped me hard infront of kashem.and said she will tell dad everything. Kashem, meanwhile called someone on ph and in a few moments his brother mushtaq arrived.after he came mom reacted a bit different. she said to him ” u look mature enough,why u r putting kids in this all.” mushtaq said ” its a business. i cme out of jail today.we needed to keep this bag away frm them thats why we gave it to ur we need it back.” mom angrily looked at me and said ” these r ur friends? u make friends with drug dealers? ” mushtaq said ” look mam we hv to go gv the bag back ” ” wait” said she ” if i let u go my son will nvr learn frm his mistake.. he needs to b punished” i got scared.i urged her not to tell dad.she slapped me again and said ” u just watch. u need to b punished” thn she asked all of us to go upstairs.we entered dad’s bedroom.( i told earlier dad was not in home) she made both of them sit and sat between them.i was having no clue wht was happening and what molisha was thinking to punish me.suddenly she grabbed mushtaq close to her.mushtaq too ( may b he knew it was coming) grabbed her and they strted kissing each other.i was astonished.i shouted ” mom wht r u DOING??? ” she said ” shut up u son of a bitch if u utter anything i will tell ur dad tht u r a drug dealer” i hd nothing to say..i nvr looked her in that way though she was my step mom.mushtaq started undressing between,kashem,who was my friend also started touching was horrible bcz kashem was under my age.THEY Both made mom nude.i saw her naked fr the first time which i nvr thought. now mom got into her knees and both of them got their cocks out.well, those were really big.frankly i didnt saw any muslim dick before.those were different thn mine.apart frk being big,the upper cover was not started to suck those and it reminded of the porn films that i watched.mushtaq had gd physique and a long dick.kashem however had a fat choked and gagged their cocks deep in her throat. the moment the cocks were out of her mouth she was abusing me.then both of them put her on the bed.molisha screamed ” ya fuck me,fuck me here on my hubby’s bed.he is fucking with his small dick fr 17 yrs and still cnt make me pregnant.. ” hearing that Both of them laughed and mushtaq made mom into a doggy pose and started fucking frm behind.Kashem went to her mouth..mustaq was fucking with a lot slang in his words ” u slutty bong bitches are our whores” mom who was trying to suck Kashem ‘s dick cnt do it properly as mustaq was fucking very hard. few moments later Kashem urged his brother ” give me a chance too bro to fuck this slut” so mom went to ride Kashem ‘s dick. i suddenly thought i m not feeling sorry anymore and enjoying my mom was fucking a Muslim boy younger to me,i put my small dick out and started to stroke noticed and smiled ” yes do it just like ur dad u too had a tiny dick i knew it.. ” she can’t complete her words as mustaq put his dick inside her mouth..they fucked her for 30 minutes between i cummed Once on the floor..still i was getting horny watching them so i stroked it again.soon after,mustaq pulled my mom molisha close and asked her ” where do u want it” she shouted ” inside me plzzz ” after a few more strokes i saw mustaq stopped and whn he put his dick out the cums were coming out of molisha’s pussy..kashem on the other hand cummed on her face..though mom didnt liked it bt Didn’t stop him either..watching it i stated cumming mom came to me and said ” keep it a secret and i will keep urs too ” i smiled and said ” ok mom ” she smiled and thn came close and kissed my small dick as well.mustaq and Kashem went away with the bag and said they will come went naked with cums coming out Between her legs and face to shut the door.
it just happened 2 days ago so its still fresh in my acted normally since then infront of me and dad.we hope to keep both of our secrets intact.

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