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My story of ending up in a Muslim man’s harem Part 1

Muslim men had always been a turn on for my body. I guess it’s my natural lust towards virile muscular men who always strike me as capable fuck-machine. And they’re the only ones who could satisfy me.
My name is Nisha Singh Rajput. I’m a 25 years old Hindu Rajput Girl. Though my family doesn’t belong to any royal community, we’re still the boiling blood. This is a story how I lured toward Muslim dicks. I was not always into Muslim men. It happened four years ago when a friend of my brother introduced me to a Muslim man who turned out to be the turning point of my life. My brother Pritam is five years older than me. So basically, his friend, Vaani, was also five years older than me. She is 30 now, and married with a man from same caste. She belongs to a Shukla Brahmin Community.

She was studying with brother, Pritam, since they were in bachelors. When I got my first experience with Muslim Dick, they were doing masters and I was in my bachelors. I was 21 then. Apparently, she had also become my friend. In fact she used to come at our home too often and our entire family had become close.
One day our family had to go to attend marriage of our close relative. But I was stuck due to my exams. My externals were going on and I had just two days gap between two papers. Apparently, the marriage was in another state. So it was impossible for me to go with them. So my brother came with an idea of me staying with his friend Vaani at her place for few days while they were out of state. Because it was unsafe for me to stay at home alone for four to five days, especially when I’d be busy in studying. Everyone agreed with him and I was sent to Vaani’s place with my luggage.

Vaani lived with her mother here. She had lost her father when she was a child. Now her mother worked at an insurance company while Vaani was on her way to complete masters. Apparently, when I reached at her home, I came to know that Vaani’s mother was away for two days too. But Vaani was used to live by herself since her mother had to go out often to on work purpose. She had been used to it for years now. So that was not a big problem for her.
That day when I came to Vaani’s home and rang the bell, she opened the door with a big smile on her face. I saw her wearing a white t-shirt and blue tight jeans. Being 25, she was a grown lady. Her bust were able to fill a bra of 34 with the cup size of C. And with tight t-shirt like this, she looked ever more bustier than she actually was. She had fair skin and well-maintained figure. Her waist measured 28 and her hips were 35. That pretty much gave her an attractive look. I noticed her ponytail jiggling as she greeted me.

“Hello, Nisha! How are you?” she greeted with a big smile.
“Fine. What about you? You look really hot,” I winced at her, looking at her outfit. Being friends with each other, we used to joke around and have fun. So this was me, joking around with her. That way we could bond together.
“Still not as hot as you,” she laughed, pointing at my faint line of cleavage.
I, myself, am quite pretty as well. At that time my breasts also 34C and they had naturally grown that big. And my waist was around 27-28 while my hips were 34. My body was quite lean as compared to Vaani. She was quite fleshy. She had meat filled in her body exactly at right places which gave her a fabulous look. I had hoped to get a body like her.

I was wearing a blue low-neck top and a blue jeans. And a faint line of my cleavage was visible. I shrugged and pulled my top at its place while laughing.
“You’re growing so hot by every passing day,” she said, walking inside her home. “I bet you’ve boys lingering around you like ants.”
“Not actually. I don’t have,” I replied, sinking in the sofa while she sat beside me. I had already thrown my luggage away.

“Maybe you don’t see them lurking around you. They must be checking you out in hiding. Don’t you even have a boyfriend?” she asked.
“You’re older than me. Why don’t you still have a boyfriend?” I chuckled.
“Waiting for the right one,” she said, leaning back in sofa, while her busty breast looked spectacular as they jiggled. “Boys are jerks these days. Can’t really trust them.”
“Do you think same about my brother too?” I asked. I had suspected something between her and my brother earlier. But I never talked about that with any of them.
“No. Of couse, not,” she shook her head. “He is a decend guy. That’s why he is my best friend.”
“So don’t you find him attractive?” I asked softly, considering the sensitivity of this conversation.
She glanced at me with a stern look. I got scared a bit. I wished I shouldn’t have asked that question. It was so unfair to directly ask her about her feelings for my brother while I knew that they both were best friends. I dropped my gaze shamefully.

“Has he told you anything?” she asked in a low voice as she leaned forward again.
I sensed some kind of secrecy in her tone as if I knew something that I shouldn’t have known. But I didn’t know how to use that against her in order to make her spill out the truth. So I had no other option but to just deny it. I shook my head quietly. And she sighed as if she was relieved about something.
“Is there something I should know?” I asked.
“Nothing,” she said quickly. “Not at all.” And she smiled. I was clever enough to recognize her fake smile at this moment.

We didn’t talk much after that. I went directly into the room that was given to me and started studying. It was almost 7:30 at evening when she knocked on the door of my bedroom. The door was already open. As I gazed up I found her standing there by leaning against the door and flaunting her hip out. I noticed that she had changed her clothes. She was not wearing a white stop with thing strips on her shoulders. It was also a low-neck top. But not so low to reveal her cleavage. But the most fascinating part was below her waist. She had worn a sexy blue jeans short. It revealed her milky white thighs and her shiny legs completely. For a girl like her, it was not so forward. But I had some limitations at home. So it struck me as quite forward. Although I had to admit, it looked extremely good on her. She smiled at me as she saw me noticing her outfit.
“So what do you want to eat?” she asked.

“Anything,” I answered.
“I was thinking of going out for dinner,” she said with a sexy smirk on her face.
“I don’t know. I have to study,” I shook my head in uncertainty.
“Hey! Come on… Your exam is two days from now. You’ve got plenty of time. Besides, it’s out first night together. Don’t spoil it,” she insisted.
“I’m not listening to any ‘but’. Get your butt off and come along,” her tone sounded like a command.
I had no choice but to agree with her.
“Okay,” I nodded quietly.
“That’s the spirit,” she grinned.
“But I’m changing my clothes,” I said.
“You don’t have to, darling. You already look so damn hot,” she winced before turning around. “I’m waiting for you outside. Be quick.” And she left.

An hour later, we were standing at the ice-cream store. We had just eaten Chinese food. And Vaani suggested that it’d be nice to have an ice-cream. Therefore, we were standing here, outside the garden, where we spotted this vendor.
“So which one?” she asked excitedly.
“Strawberry,” I replied with a smile.
“Nice choice,” she grinned and headed to the vendor.
Meanwhile, I stood there watching her walking toward the ice-cream vendor. I saw her buttocks dancing. Her ass looked spectacular when she walked like a model on the ramp. I saw her stopping at the counter and leaning forth. Her ass moved backwards as she leaned forth. I saw the bearded vendor’s widely opened eyes staring at her breasts. He must be having a good look of her deep cleavage. But he quickly recovered himself and took the orders. Even while filling the cups, he kept looking at her breasts frequently. His beard somehow told me that he was a Muslim. Though he was behind the counter, I could tell that he was tall and muscular. As long as I heard about bearded Muslims, I knew that they are radical ones. And I could see him staring at her breasts nastily. And then he stretched his both arms with cups of ice-cream. When Vaani took those cups from his hands, I noticed him stroking his hand on her fingers. However, it seemed to me that Vaani didn’t notice that. She smiled and thanked him. We pay money afterwards eating the ice-cream. So Vaani just turned around and walked back to me. I looked at that vendor again and I caught him staring at her ass. I could also see his hand moving slowly, as if he was masturbating.
“Here is yours,” Vaani offered me my cup.

I took the cup from her hands and we stood by our car. One strange thing I noticed that there was no one here except us. Even the garden was deserted. And the ice-cream vendor was the only vendor in this area. I looked around to see anything else. But the streets were also deserted. It glanced at my watch, and it was barely 9 o’clock. It was not the time for this place to become so lonely.

“What are you looking at?” she asked me.
“Nothing. I was just wondering that this area is so strangely empty, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, it is,” she said. “No one comes here, especially in this garden. And other shopkeepers and stalls also moved at crowded places. This is the only place where we can get free space.”
“How do you know that?” I asked, suspicious about how she knew that.
“Oh! I use to come here often. I like eating ice-cream here,” she replied with a smile.
“Do you know the vendor too?” I inquired.

She looked at the vendor, who was staring at us. But as soon as she gazed at him, he dropped his gaze and pretended doing some work. “Him?” she muttered. “No, I haven’t seen him here before. But the stall belongs to Soheb.”
“Who is Soheb?” I was surprised that she knew the name of the vendor as well.
She turned to me and smiled, “Soheb is a friend. He own the stall. I think this one is his brother.”
“How can you be so sure about it?”

“Well, Soheb mentioned about his younger brother sometimes. And this one looks exactly his age. Soheb told me that his brother Aarif was 23 and looking for a job. So I told my Mom about him and met her with Soheb. Mom helped Aarif to get a job in her company.”

“And you have never seen Aarif?” I frowned.
“No. I haven’t,” she glanced at him again. “But I guess I have now.”
I felt weird to know that she, who was Brahmin, was so friendly with Soheb. If Aarif kept such beard that meant Soheb would be keeping it too. That means he was also radical. And his friendliness with Vaani seemed so strange. Besides, her mother! How could she allow such a friendly relation between them? It felt so confusing then. Meanwhile, I saw that she kept staring at him and he was trying to resist an eye-contact. I looking at her and slowly putting the spoon in her mouth and licking the ice cream. And when few drops of ice cream remained on her lip, she playfully took out her tongue and licked her own lip. Surprisingly, she as doing this while looking at him as if she was trying to arouse him or seduce him.

“Vaani!” I called.
“Hmm,” she grumbled, turning towards me.
“What was that?” I asked.
“What was what?” she pretended as if nothing had happened.
“That, what you just did. You were trying to seduce him?” I frowned.
“No,” she shook her head confidently. “But he looks hot, doesn’t he?” she winced naughtily.
“What are you talking about? He is a Muslim,” I growled.
“Calm down, sweetheart! I know that. But you can’t deny that he is hot. Tell me. Don’t you think so?” she said rather calmly.

I looked at him while he was curiously looking at us. I saw her broad shoulders and muscular chest through his tight t-shirt. His biceps were popping out of the edge of the sleeve of his t-shirt. I had to agree with her that he really was hot. But he was a Muslim! I thought to myself. It doesn’t matter if he is hot or not. I can’t look at him that way.
“I don’t know. He is a Muslim,” I told her.
“Oh! Come one, Nisha! We’re living in a modern world. Where have you been? It’s a secular country. You can say what you feel,” she said.

“He is. But we share different faith. You’re a Brahmin, I’m a Rajput and He! He is a Muslim,” I said.
“Uff!! God! You’re so behind in this matter,” she gasped, patting her own forehead. “I think you need to grow up and see things for real.”
“What? What are you talking about?” I asked in bewilderment. I didn’t know what she was talking about.
“You’ll see,” she winced and smirked naughtily.

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