My wife Priyanka is cheating on me

hindu wife cheating

Hey, my name is Rahul, I always doubted that my wife Priyanka is cheating on me, but she always denied. My wife works as project manager in a MNC. I always knew that she have an affair with her colleague Zeeshan. Because she often comes late home from office on pretext of working on some big project. I always knew that her big project
is fucking with Zeeshan after office. I quizzed her on this but she denied and said that Zeeshan is her Best friend nothing else. But I caught her few days ago when i noticed love bites on her neck. You can see in the photo I clicked in morning there are no marks on her neck but the photo i clicked in night have marks on her neck.

love bites wife affair

I asked her about these marks but she replied that which marks, then she saw in mirror and was stumped. After regaining her composure she said that these are marks are because of insect bites. But I knew that these are Zeeshan bites. Zeeshan often comes to my house on pretext of picking up Priyanka to the job or for office visits.
I have seen Zeeshan starring at Priyankas Huge boobs many times. I think he can’t have enough of them. It has been long since i had sex with Priyanka because she always tells me that she is tired from work and don’t have energy for sex. But I have no problem. Because I know Zeeshan is satisfying Priyanka. I am happy for her that she is getting what she wants.

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Thanks for posting your real life incident here and since you posted it here it means you are turned on after knowing your wife is having an affair with a muslim man.
This is not rare A woman says “I feel like the luckiest woman in the history of the world. I cheated and told my husband which turned him on.” Your wife might also consider herself lucky after she comes to know that you are also getting turned on by her affair.
Those marks seem like love bites Zeeshan is rough fucking your wife and she is thoroughly enjoying it. May be Priyanka also wants you to be a cuckold so that she could freely enjoy Zeeshan’s dick and since you mentioned that  Zeeshan comes to your house to pick her up I think he would not have done that without your wife’s approval, may be she wanted to see your reaction on seeing her with another man. She doesn’t want to keep it a complete secret at the same time does not want to reveal it straight away. One thing seems clear that your hindu wife has fallen for a musalman guy and is getting satisfied by him.

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  1. My wife is doing the same thing behind my back.Although her boss is much older muslim and one of the senior execs at her co.Now,a position has opened for his secretary and my wife has applied for it.What do I do?What happens if she is selected?

    1. Not much to do Amit.
      Muslim men really know how to satisfy women. Be prepared for your wife going to vacations/business tours with him. And one day you might find her video on a random website showing how much she really enjoys jumping on his cock.

  2. dude it’s better accept the truth and join her and let her enjoy you will also enjoy the way I’m doing. my wife is enjoying with a Muslim and i only call him home.
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